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Commonplace book of Robert Roberts,

A commonplace book of the period 1826-8 largely in the hand of Robert Roberts, Tyn y Gors, Hafod Elwy, Nant y glun [Nantglyn], Denbighshire. It includes prognostications of Erra Pater based on the incidence of New Year's Day; receipts and IOU's; hymns; pence multiplication tables; calligraphic exercises; 'penillion telyn' and other free-metre poetry; memoranda relating to Tyn y Gors tithes; a list of sermon texts; astrological diagrams and prognostications based on the phases of the moon and the incidence of thunder ('llywodraieth y lleaud ar gorph dyn ag anifail yn ol ei simudiad trwyr Deuddeng arwudd ynghyd ar nodau' and 'wrth anser [sic] y digwyddo Tranau'); 'englynion' addressed to Peter Roberts; land tax accounts; etc.

Llyfr cywyddau Margaret Davies,

A manuscript largely in the hand of Margaret Davies, Coetgae-du, Trawsfynydd, being a collection of 'cywyddau', a few 'awdlau', several 'englynion', and a few 'cerddi' and other poems in free metres. The collection was compiled probably during the period 1760-62, and the poets represented in the volume are Rice Jones ('or blaene'), Hugh Evans, Abram Evan, Thos. Prys, William Philipp, Mr Pitter Lewis, Lewis Cynllwyd, William Llyn, Sion Philip, Llywelyn Goch ab Meyrick hen, John David ('Sion Dafydd Laus'), Sion Tudur, Robert Lloyd ('Y Telyniwr') ('Eraill a ddywedant Iddo gael Help gan Sion Tudur'), Deio ab Evan Du, Griffith Philip, Gytto or Glynn, S. Ellis, Gyttyn Owain, Llawelyn ab Guttun, Dafydd Llwyd ab Llywelyn Gryffydd, Iolo Goch, Ifan Deulwyn, Ffoulck Prys ('or Tyddyn Du'), Tudur Aled, Llowdden, Gwillim ab Evan hĂȘn, Humffrey ab Howell, Hugh or Caellwyd, Dafydd ab Gwillim, Dafydd ab Edmunt, Thomas Jones (Tal y Llynn), Owen Lewis (Tyddyn y Garreg), Lewis Owen ('i fab Hynaf'), Rowland Owen ('ei ail fab'), Rees Cain, Griffith Parry, G. ab Evan ab Llawelyn Vaughan, Robert Edward Lewis, Mr Evan Evanes ('Ifan Brydydd hir'), John Richard, John Owen, L. D. Siencyn, Mr E. Prus, Margt. Davies (1760), Richard Cynwal, Bedo Brwynllus, Lewis Aled ab Llawelyn ab Dafydd ('o Gwmwd Menai'), Robin ddu ab Siancin Bledrydd, Robin Dailiwr, Evan Tew Brydydd, Bedo Aerddrem, William Cynwal, Lewis Menai ('Yn ei drwstaneiddrwydd'), Richard Philipp, Robert Dafydd Lloyd, and Rhys goch or Eryri. Many of the poems, especially of the 'englynion', are anonymous. The volume also includes a transcript based on 'Authorum Britannicorum nomina & quando floruerint' from John Davies: Antiquae Linguae Britannicae ... Dictionarium Duplex ... (Londini, 1632), and extensive elaborate calligraphic exercises partly in the form of transcripts of documents associated with the name of Griffith Vaughan of Pool [Montgomeryshire], 1647 and undated. Many of the pages containing calligraphic exercises, as in the case of some of the manuscripts of John Jones, ?Gellifydy, are damaged on account of the corrosive nature of the ink used by the scribe.

Davies, Margaret, ca. 1700-1785?

Transcripts by Mary Richards, etc.

A composite volume, comprising five exercise books and numerous pieces mounted therein, largely in the hand of Mary Richards, Darowen. The contents include an appeal on behalf of the 'Welsh Metropolitan Church', 1841, together with a list of subscriptions, and a brief account by Mary Richards of the origin of the movement; a prospectus of Seren Gomer, 1813; a list of subscribers to a testimonial by the laity and clergy of the diocese of St Asaph to [Edward Herbert, 2nd] earl of Powis; a prospectus of [Y] Protestant, a Welsh fortnightly newspaper [1839]; letters from Ellis Edward, Penrhos to [ ], 1786 (the will of Thomas Owen, rector of Darowen), Eleazar William, Liverpool to R[ichard] R[ichards], Vicarage, Meifod, 1855 (the death of the recipient's brother Thomas), [ ] Brithdir to [Mary] Richards, 1838 (rejecting a Madam Bevan School) (incomplete), William Owen ('Ab Owen Glan Hafren') to T[homas] Richard[s], Berriew, 1824 (an invitation to a Bible Society meeting, 'englynion' to [John] Jenkins ['Ifor Ceri']), [John Jones] ('Myllin'), Llanfyllin to [David] Richards, rector of Llansilin, 1826 (a request for six copies of the Ieithiadur of Robert Dafydd [Nantglyn] for the newly-formed Welsh Society at Llanfyllin), William Williams ('Gwylym ab Iorwerth'), [Darowen] and Llanidloes, to Mair Richards, 1827-51 and undated (the writer's education by the recipient, poetry by the writer, Denbigh eisteddfod (1828), a proposed Welsh Society at Darowen, the receipt of a grammar), W. Toleman, watchmaker, Carnarvon to M[ary] Richard[s], 1826 (engraving on two silver cups for Llanbeblig Church), J. W. Prisiart, Plasybrain to Owain William, Bwlch, Pentraeth, 1825 (the writer's health, Welsh orthography) (incomplete), David Jones, minister [curate in charge], Cyffyliog [sic] to D[avid] Richards, Llansilin, 1817 (banns of marriage), Edward Richard, parish clerk ('clochydd'), Llansilin to Thomas Richards, Llangynyw, 1830 (a proposed memorial stone for David Richard), T. Beinion, Rayto(w)n to David Richard[s], Llansilin, 1824 (personal, the writer's studies), George Sibley, Can Office to T[homas] Richards, Llangynyw, undated (the return of a pony), and M[ary] R[ichards], Llangynyw to [ ] [London], 1857 [recte 1851] (personal, the death of Aneurin [Owen], a tea at Meifod, references to friends]; poetry in strict and free metres ('englynion', etc.) by 'Elidir', W[alter] D[avies] ['Gwallter Mechain'], William Williams ('Gwilym Cyfeiliog'), [Morris Jones] ('Meurig Idris'), Mrs Mytton ('A Welsh Translation of Mrs. Mytton's Cambrians Holyday'), Evan Evans ('[Ieuan] Glangeirionydd'), R. Llwyd (Mathrafal), [Robert Llwyd Morris] ('Rhufionawg') [sic], Dafydd Richard ('Dafydd Ionawr'), [Isaac Llwyd, Mold] 'Gwyddon' (see N1922E, 22), Thomas Edward (['Twm o'r] Nant'), R[obert] D[avies] (Nantglyn), Daniel Jones (Liverpool), [William Williams] ('Gwilim ab Iorwerth'), Evan Jones (Darowen), William Jones ('G[wilym] Cawrdaf'), Rowland Parry ('Ieuan Carndochan'), Aneurin Owain, [W. Williams] 'Gwilym Bryn Mair', Thomas Lewis, E. Lewis ('E. ab Dewi'), [David Jones] ('Ieuan Cadfan'), William Philip, David Ellis (Mowddwy), Hugh Jones ('Hugh Erfyl'), D[avid] R[ichards] ('Dewi Silin'), Harri Parry (Graig y Gath), etc., and anonymous poems; a list of bards at Conway Eisteddfod, 1861; triads, 'Adar llwch gwin', 'Y Pedair Camp ar hugain', 'Naw helwriaeth', etc., from a manuscript belonging to Simon Jones; medical recipes; calligraphic exercises; etc. Some of the transcripts are dated within the period 1856-61. Among the pieces mounted on the inside covers of the exercise books is A Card, Intended to be privately put into the hand of one that Swears, written (according to an accompanying note by Mary Richards) by the Reverend John Llwyd, vicar of Hindolveston, Norfolk, son of David Llwyd, Cymerau, Tal y Bont [Cardiganshire].