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Calvinistic Methodists -- England -- Liverpool.

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Calvinistic Methodists -- England -- Liverpool.

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Calvinistic Methodists -- England -- Liverpool.

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A commonplace book,

A commonplace book containing notes by Owen Jones on Welsh Calvinistic Methodist deacons in Liverpool; Welsh periodicals; anecdotes; Liverpool Calvinistic Methodist Finance Committee, 1857; pedigrees - descendants of Owen Parry, Drewgoed, Llandderfel, and of Edward Thomas, Penygeulan; and miscellaneous memoranda.

Owen Jones.

Copies of letters from the Reverend Thomas Jones, Denbigh, etc.,

Typewritten copies of letters from the Reverend Tho[ma]s Jones (Calvinistic Methodist minister), Denbigh, to Joseph Tarn (assistant secretary of the British and Foreign Bible Society), Spa Fields, London, 1813-1815 (5 + 2 by inference) (local branches of the Bible Society in Denbighshire, the supplying of Bibles and Testaments by the parent Society, problems relating to the price of Bibles, a proposed memoir of the Reverend [Thomas] Charles in English, the writer's progress with his 'Life' of Thomas Charles in Welsh [Cofiant neu Hanes Bywyd a Marwolaeth y Parch. Thomas Charles . . . wedi ei gyfieithu a'i gasglu gan y Parchedig Thomas Jones . . . (Bala, 1816)]); an obituary article on the Reverend Thomas Jones, Calvinistic Methodist minister, of Carmarthen, extracted from Yr Efangylydd . . ., 1831, tt. 133-7; a letter from E[van] Evans from Shacklewell [London], to the aforementioned J[oseph] Tarn, London, 1814 (the establishing of local branches [of the Bible Society] in different parts of London, the illness of Mr. [Thomas] Charles, the writer' s experience of stereotype printing, his application to go to Russia with an acquaintance named Alexander Smith, under the patronage of the Bible Society, to set up a stereotype printing office); and a letter from John Roberts [Calvinistic Methodist preacher] from London, to his son Michael Roberts [also C.M. preacher] in Liverpool, 1803 (the writer's visit to London, matters relating to C.M. churches in London).

Copies of letters to the Reverend John Foulkes, etc.,

Typewritten copies of thirteen letters described in an accompanying typescript note as 'Sypyn o hen lythyrau a gafwyd ymysg papyrau y Parch. John Foulkes, Ruthyn (1802-1881)'. They include eight letters addressed to the said Reverend John Foulkes [Calvinistic Methodist minister] at Abergele, Bettws Abergele, Liverpool, and Ruthin, by [the Reverend] James Hughes, Deptford, 1832 (negotiations with Messrs. Westley and Davis, London, with regard to the publishing in Y Drysorfa of portraits of Calvinistic Methodist ministers which had appeared in the Evangelical Magazine, the writer's expository edition of the [New] Testament), [the Reverend] Rich[ard] Humphreys, Dyffryn, 1849 (the collecting of names of subscribers for recipient's [forthcoming] book [? Cyfarwyddwr Teuluaidd . . . (Aberystwyth, 1850), being a translation of the Reverend John Angell James: Family Monitor]), Thomas Jones, Amlwch, 1833 (religious and moral reflections, the usefulness of secular learning to preachers), [the Reverend] John Parry, Caerlleon, 1845 (personal), [the Reverend] Moses Parry, Dinbych, 1833 (personal, religious reflections, C.M. denominational activity), [the Reverend] H[enry] Rees, Liverpool, [18]34 (advice to recipient on the achieving of happiness in married life), [the Reverend] W[ illiam] Rees ['Gwilym Hiraethog'], Liverpool, [18]74 (acknowledging receipt of a letter of condolence ? on the death of his wife), and [the Reverend] Ebenezer Richard, Tregaron, 1837 (an unspecified matter to be referred to the Spring [C.M.] Association meetings at Denbigh and Aberystwyth); a letter from [the Reverend] Henry Rees [Liverpool], by inference to the said John Foulkes, 1867 (personal, preaching engagements); and letters from [the Reverend] John Elias, Fron [Llangefni], to [ ], 1833 (personal, religious exhortations), [the Reverend] Richard Lloyd, Beaumaris, to [ ], 1832 (testimony as to the character and church membership of William Roberts), [the Reverend] W[illiam] Morris, Ty Ddewi, to [ ], 1844 (preaching engagements), and [the Reverend Henry Rees] to [ ], [1848] (the death of Thomas Lloyd).


  • NLW MS 10845C.
  • File
  • [1856x1935].

A group of holograph letters and postcards from the collection of, and mainly addressed to, John Jones, J.P., bookseller, Bethesda. The writers include J. N. Crowther ('Glanceri'), 1906-1922; [Richard Davies] ('Mynyddog'), undated; Owen Evans, Liscard, 1913; Dame M[argaret] Lloyd George, Criccieth, to H. E. Jones, Bethesda [1935]; H[ugh] D[erfel] Hughes, 1864; Rhys J. Huws, Staylittle, 1906; [John Jones] ('Mathetes'), Llangollen, 1858; L. D. Jones ('Llew Tegid'), Bangor, 1904-1917; [Sir] Hugh Owen, London, 1878; W. J. Parry, Bethesda, etc., 1898-1899; John H. Roberts, Liverpool; [Samuel Roberts] ('S.R.'), Conway, 1882; [John Thomas] ('Eifionydd'), 1904; and Henry J. Wilson, House of Commons, 1904. Also included in the group are an English translation of a letter from John Jones to his mother, 1864, and an incomplete address by W. Jones on Sunday School instruction, 1858.


Sixteen holograph letters, some imperfect, 1802-1815, to or from persons connected with the Calvinistic Methodist movement in the early nineteenth century. They deal mainly with Methodist activities (monthly meetings, Association meetings, etc.), and include letters from [the Reverend] John Davies, Nantglun [co. Denbigh], to Mr. Ellis, Cloth Fair, London, 1806 ( personal, religious reflections, general comments on the state of the [ Calvinistic Methodist] movement), and D. Ellis, Wood Street, London (?the same as the recipient of the preceding letter), 1814 (personal, arrangements for the writer to visit London, religious activity in the writer’s own and neighbouring counties); John Elias [‘o Fôn’, as in the preceding manuscript] to the Calvinistic Methodist Church, London, 1808 ( the results of discussions at the Association meeting held at Machynlleth concerning cases where circumstances kept husbands apart from their wives for extensive periods), and [ ],1810 (2) (personal, arrangements for the writer to visit London, matters discussed at Association meetings); Dafydd Ellis, London, to J[oh]n Ellis, 1802 (religious reflections, troubles affecting the London [C.M.] Society), and Edw[ar]d and D. Peters of Caergwrley, at Mr. Rich[ar]d Jones, Wrexham, 1803 (religious reflections); John Hughes, Pont Robert ap Oliver [co. Montgomery], to ‘ Anwyl gyfeillion’ (personal, discussions at C.M. monthly meetings in Montgomeryshire regarding the attitude of parents towards their children in the matter of church membership and baptism), and Mr. Ellis (personal, a request for news, exhortations) (both these letters are on the same double sheet addressed, October 1808, to Mr. Ellis, London); Mary Hughes, Sarn, to her husband James Hughes, at Mr. David Ellis, London, 1809 ( personal, a monthly meeting held at Llithfaen, another to be held at Llanberis, local news) (Also on the same sheet is a note from J[oh]n Jones, Pen y bryn, Edeyrn, to recipient. This appears to be in the same hand as Mary Hughes’s letter); Robert Hughes, Llanfwrog [co. Anglesey], to Rice Jones, at Mr. Elis, London, 1811 (advising recipient to return from London, news of local people, the [C.M.] chapel being built at Llanfwrog, a request for books); Dan[ie]l Jones, Liverpool, to James Hughes, at Mr. David Ellis, London, 1809 (the favourable news of the [C.M.] cause in London, an account of the services and meetings being held every week in the [C.M.] chapels in Liverpool) (on the same sheet is an exhortation to recipient to beware of slanderers); Thomas Jones, Caerfyrddin, to Mr. Ellis, London, 1810-11 (3) (personal, details of proceedings at the Association meeting at Llangeitho in 1810, incorporating reports to the brethren of the [C.M.] churches or societies at Wilderness Row, Y Borrough, Deptford, and Woolwich, on the Association meetings at Swansea in November 1810 and at Llandilo in August 1811, including an account of the ordination of ministers at the latter); and [the Reverend] Eben[eze]r Morrice, Blanywern [co. Cardigan], to David Ellis, London, 1815 (personal, arrangements for sending a minister to London, a suggestion that someone from the London church be ordained, an account of an Association meeting [ at Llangeitho]), and W[illia]m Howells, London, 1812 (personal, ? arrangements for a visit to London).

Methodistiaid Calfinaidd Lerpwl,

  • NLW MS 11301A
  • File
  • 1833-1874.

A volume entitled 'Llyfr Coffadwriaeth yn cynwys y pethau hynotaf yr ymdrinwyd a hwynt mewn cyfarfodydd eglwysig a gynhaliwyd, ac a gynhelir yn wythnosol (yn gylchynol) yn y tri Chapel perthynol i'r Trefnyddion Calvinaidd yn Liverpool Mai 13eg, 1833 ...'. The contents of the volume consist of detailed entries of admissions, 1833-50; deaths, 1833-50, 1865-74; excommunications, 1833-74; and collections to relieve the debt on individual meeting-houses and towards the Bible Society, Missionary Society, etc., 1833-41. The three meeting-houses referred to on the fly-leaf are Pall Mall, Bedford Street, and Rose Place, but other meeting-houses are subsequently represented, including Mulbree (Mulberry) Street, Burlington Street, Oil Street, Pembroke Street, Windsor, Birkenhead, and Seacombe.


Miscellaneous items including typewritten copies of two letters from Ro[ber]t Saunderson, Bala, to [ ], October 1814 (the illness and death of [the Reverend Thomas] Charles and the death of Mrs. [Sarah] Charles); a typewritten copy of a letter from [the officers of] the Sunday school of Pall Mall [Calvinistic Methodist Church], Liverpool, to the Reverend [Thomas] Charles, Bala, 1814 (an account of the Sunday school); holograph notes by Daniel Jones, Wrexham, on a sermon he had heard, May 1837; holograph notes by [ Peters, Caergwrle], relating to his financial transactions with his brother-in-law David Ellis of London, 1812-1816, and his efforts to deal with claims against David Ellis's estate after his death, circa 1826; holograph notes, 1876, by Edw[ard] Peters, son of the aforementioned [ ] Peters, also relating to David Ellis and mentioning his books including 'valuable Puritanical Books'; notes of a sermon preached by Foulk Evans, Machynlleth, May 1858; a postcard sent to the Reverend D. E. Jenkins, Denbigh, from Aberystwyth, October 1905 [depicting the scene at the enforced sale of some of the possessions of the Reverend D. Treborth Jones, minister of Salem Calvinistic Methodist Church, Aberystwyth, for non-payment of a rate due under the provisions of the Education Act of 1902], and endorsed by the sender 'First Passive Resistance Sale in Cardiganshire, Oct- 3rd 1905'; a typewritten copy of a report and proposals presented by 'Pwyllgor Llawysgrifau Trevecka' ('The Trevecka [College] Manuscripts Committee') [to the General Assembly of the Calvinistic Methodist Connection meeting in London, 1915], together with a copy [in the hand of the secretary, the Reverend Morgan Hugh Jones] of resolutions passed at a meeting of the committee held at Bootle, 27 May 1914; and a copy of the words and music of a song entitled 'Annie Lisle'.

Miscellaneous papers,

Miscellaneous papers taken from the commonplace book of Owen Jones, including statistics of the Welsh population of Liverpool in 1874, a list of members of the Calvinistic Methodist monthly meeting in the 'Seiat Fawr', 1875-6; draft poetry; and a draft of an essay by Adam Friedrich Oeser.

Owen Jones.

Nodiadau amrywiol,

Notes by Edward Griffith on the Chatham Street, Liverpool Welsh Calvinistic church controversy, also on Cadwaladr Jones ('yr Hen Weinidog'), Evan Herbert, etc., together with extracts from deeds relating to property in Dolgelley.

Records of hospital visits,

  • NLW MSS 11232-11246B
  • File
  • 1896-1913 /

Fifteen notebooks containing 'Cyfrif o'm Goruchwyliaeth' or records of visits to Welsh patients at Liverpool hospitals and elsewhere, 1896-1913, by the Reverend John Evans (1847-1921), Calvinistic Methodist Town Missionary, of Beaconsfield Street, Princes Road, Liverpool. Mounted or stitched into the volumes are a large number of relevant letters and postcards addressed to John Evans, among the correspondents being J. J. Roberts ('Iolo Caernarfon'), Portmadoc, 1897-[9], Griffith Ellis, Bootle, 1898-1908, Rosina Davies, Treherbert, 1898, [Evan Rees] ('Dyfed'), Cardiff, 1902, W. Pari Huws, Dolgellau, 1904, Thomas Levi, Aberystwyth, 1904, The Religious Tract Society, 1904-7, [J. O. Williams] ('Pedrog'), 1906-11, etc.

Evans, John, C.M. Minister of Liverpool, 1847-1921.


  • NLW MSS 11247D, 11248-11252B
  • File
  • 1884-1910 /

Six scrapbooks of newspaper cuttings and manuscript notes compiled by the Reverend John Evans, Liverpool, approximately during the period 1884-1910. They contain accounts of religious and public meetings in Liverpool and elsewhere (e.g. the Liverpool Institute prize distribution, 1884, the opening of the Liverpool Overhead Railway, 1893); obituaries (e.g. Thomas Rees, D.D., Swansea, 1885, Edward Stephen ('Tanymarian'), 1885, Edward Matthews, Ewenny, 1892, John Hughes, D.D., Caernarvon, 1893, John Evans ('Eglwys Bach'), 1897, Thomas Gee, Denbigh, 1898, Dr. Joseph Parry, 1903, etc.); sermons and addresses (e.g. by Principal Thomas Charles Edwards, John Phillips, Bangor, Owen Evans, D.D., London, H. Elvet Lewis ('Elfed'), etc.); poetry, generlaly in the form of 'in memoriam' verses; portraits; rules of Rose Place Day School, Liverpool, established in 1844; a table of events in the history of Tabernacle Congregational Church, Liverpool, from 1800 to 1907; a history of Chatham Street Calvinistic Methodist Church, Liverpool, from 1839 to 1910; Brief Sketch of the past & present of Denbigh Castle (n.d.), etc. The volumes are indexed.

Evans, John, C.M. Minister of Liverpool, 1847-1921.