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Diocese of Bangor Records,


  • 1408-2009 (Creation)

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13.80 cubic metres (c. 1000 boxes, 260 vols, 18 rolls) (February 2012); 5 R-Kive boxes (June 2013)

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Bangor is the earliest of the Welsh dioceses and the diocesan boundaries have changed very little. During the medieval period it consisted of three Archdeaconries, Anglesey, Bangor and Meirionnydd. In 1844, the Archdeaconries of Anglesey and Bangor were merged and given the title of Archdeaconry of Bangor, leaving the two Archdeaconries of Bangor and Meirionnydd. At this time, the Deanery of Llyn was transferred from the Archdeaconry of Bangor to the Archdeaconry of Meirionnydd. Further changes occurred in 1859 when the Deanery of Cyfeiliog and Mawddwy was transferred from the Archdeaconry of Montgomery, in St Asaph diocese, to the Archdeaconry of Meirionnydd, in Bangor diocese; and the Deanery of Dyffryn Clwyd and Kimerch was transferred from Bangor diocese to the diocese and Archdeaconry of St Asaph.

The diocese extends across the whole of the north-western quarter of Wales, and includes the old counties of Anglesey, Caernarfonshire, Meirionnydd and the northern part of Montgomeryshire. The Archdeaconry of Bangor is now made up of seven Rural Deaneries: Arfon, Arllechwedd, Llifon and Talybolion, Malltraeth, Ogwen, Tindaethwy and Menai, and Twrcelyn; and Meirionnydd five: Ardudwy, Arwystli, Cyfeiliog and Mawddwy, Llyn and Eifionydd, and Ystumaner.

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Deposited by the Representative Body of the Church in Wales, January 1944, with further deposits by the Rev. Glyn Simon, Dean of Llandaff in 1949

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The 1944 deposit comprises mainly episcopal registers, 1408-1864; subscription books 1720-1924; ordinations, 1690-1939; appointments, 1661-1947; resignations, 1751-1935; non-residence, 1785-1919; licences to practice surgery and midwifery, 1750-1809; bishops' transcripts, 1666-1917; marriage bonds and affidavits, 1691-1931; Orders in Council, diocesan decrees, 1841-1937; terriers, 1630-1928; consecrations, 1793-1934; petitions for licences to solemnize marriages, 1841-1932; licences for divine service, 1822-1930; faculty papers, 1821-1932; dilapidations papers, 1872-1937; sequestration papers, 1796-1910; Queen Anne's Bounty papers, 1747-1914; registration of Dissenters' meeting houses, 1802-1849; returns to the Privy Council, 1814-1919; tithe documents and papers, 1685-1928; visitation papers, 1567-1942; statistical returns of Church work and finance, 1890-1938; chapter records, 1673-1937; deeds, 1449-1938; and Consistory Court papers, 1586-1917. -- Records, 1823-1997, deposited after 1944 include marriage licenses, 1823, 1924, 1950-1997; ordinations, 1939-1986, appointments, 1921-1987; licences to lay persons, 1929-1969, 1984-1985; enthronements, 1899-1991; subscription books, 1924-1959; dilapidation papers, 1877, 1914, 1931-1962; correspondence files, 1944-1975; properties and land, 1846-1987; licensing of premises to perform Divine Service and for the solemnization of marriages, 1931-1933, 1952-1969, 1989-[1990]; Orders in Council and diocesan decrees, 1911-1991; consecrations, de-consecrations and dedications, 1834, 1925-1987; memorial funds, bequests and charities, 1911-1990; bishops' papers, 1888-1994; visitation papers, 1959-1984; parish and clergy files, 1933-1994; statistical returns, 1907, 1937-1938, [1977]; and confirmation registers, 1945-1975.

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The early records transferred to NLW in 1944 are arranged by record type under Diocesan records, followed by Chapter records, again arranged under record type; the post-1944 deposits are arranged into five groups: Registry papers, 1823, 1834, 1846, 1877, 1894, 1899-1997; Diocesan Board of Finance papers, 1911-1912, 1924-1990; Episcopal papers, 1888-1889, 1893, 1899, 1902, [1906]-1924, 1926-1994; Archidiaconal papers, 1907, 1937-1938, [1977]; and Dean and Chapter papers, 1928-1990.

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Hard copies of the catalogues (4 vols) of the 1944 Deposit are available at NLW.

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Varying form of title: Bangor Diocesan Records

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Online catalogue of 1944 deposit and subsequent deposits released in Feb. 2012


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Compiled by Nia Wyn Dafydd.

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The following sources were used in the compilation of this description: Diocesan Histories Bangor, by the Rev. W. Hughes (London, 1911); the Bangor Diocesan Handbook; web site of the diocese of Bangor &, October 2004.

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  • Text: Diocese of Bangor.