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Colchester pedigree

An original bundle comprising a pedigree of the family descended from Richard Colchester (d. 1643) of Westbury Court, Gloucestershire, down to 25 Oct. 1773, and notes by Octavius Morgan on the pedigree, 1869. Jane (d. 1767), daughter of Maynard Colchester, married Thomas Morgan (1702-1769) of Ruperra. The notes suggest that the pedigree was probably drawn up by John Morgan. Also two letters, 1869, relating to Dorithea Colchester.

Drury arms

A display of the arms of Bridget and Ann, the daughters and coheirs of Sir William Drury. The 19 cent. notes include that Bridget married (2nd) Sir John Shaw of Eltham, Kent. Charles Shaw, their eldest son and heir (and godson of Charles II), married his cousin Elizabeth, daughter and co-heir of Philip and Anne Harbord of Stanning Hall, Norfolk, and their daughter Elizabeth married King Gould, esq., whose son Charles Gould married Jane Morgan (1731-1797), heiress of Tredegar, and became Sir Charles Morgan of Tredegar.

Drury pedigree roll

Armorial pedigree roll showing the descent from Drury, "a Norman gent. came in with William ye Conquerour", to Elizabeth (d. 1788), wife of William Byron, lord Byron, and her cousins Sir Charles Gould Morgan (d. 1806) and Paston Gould (d. 1782) The roll originally concluded with the generation of Elizabeth's grandfather, Charles Shaw (godson of Charles II), but is continued in other hands to 1794.

Drury pedigree roll

Pedigree roll showing the descent of Anne, Elizabeth and Sarah Harbord, the daughters of Phillip Harbord of Stanning Hall, Norfolk, esq., and Ann his wife, daughter and co-heir of Sir William Drury of Besthorpe, from Drury, "a Norman gent. came in with W'm the Conquerour". The roll is unusual in that the pedigree starts as a tree trunk in the bottom left corner of the square parchment, grows clockwise around the outside of the parchment, ending in the middle with the three sisters and their maternal grandfather's heraldic achievement.

Jones v. Morgan

The file includes a case for counsel's opinion relating to the river Ebboth, which threatens to quit its course, leaving bridges and mills useless, 1776; and pedigrees, dated 1785, of the Bodenham family of Rotherwas, Herefordshire, c.1530-1634, Katherine Bodenham (d.1587) being the wife of William Morgan of Tredegar, and Elizabeth Bodenham being his great-grandson Thomas Morgan of Machen's wife.