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English poetry -- 18th century

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English poetry -- 18th century

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English poetry -- 18th century

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Amryw o lyfrgell Owen Jones,

Miscellaneous notebooks and unbound papers from the library of, and largely in the hand of, Owen Jones (1833-99), Calvinistic Methodist minister, man of letters, book collector and bibliographer, of Liverpool and Llansantffraid-ym-Mechain, Montgomeryshire. They include a fragment of a late eighteenth century manuscript containing 'Carol Plygain' by John Cadwaladr, verses by Ellis William, Llwunc[y]nfal, etc. ('Howel Jones his Book ... 1792,' 'Howel Jones Llwyncunfal ... ber 1792'); a volume of poetry including three libretti entitled 'Samson (Cyfieithiad o waith [John] Mil[ton]', 'Deborah' ('Finis May 4th 1861') and 'Y Cread' ('11/3/62'), and Welsh and English originals and translations, 1860-3 (e.g. 'The Hymns of A[nn] G[riffiths] rendered into English', 'Gray's Elegy'); a draft list of 'Hen Ddiarhebion' [old Welsh proverbs] rendered into Welsh verse (nos 1-540; one section dated 3 March [18]63); copious draft bibliographies of prose and poetry works by individual Welsh authors; etc. The material was originally tied in a brown paper wrapper inscribed by J[ohn] B[allinger], 'Library of the late Rev. Owen Jones, notes lent to Mr J. H. Davies by Miss Janet Jones, & by him deposited in the N[ational] L[ibrary of Wales]. 15-12-[19]09'.


A volume of transcripts compiled by David Ellis, Cricieth ('Ty newydd yn Efionydd'), during the period 1793-4. It contains 'cywyddau', 'awdlau' and 'englynion' by Deio ap Ieuan Ddu, Rhys Cain, Risiard Phylip, Ieuan Tew Brydydd, Syr Robert Myltwn, Bedo Hafesb, Ieuan Brydydd Hir, Tudur Penllyn, Ieuan Tudur Penllyn, Gutto'r Glyn, Syr Rys o Garno, Dafydd Llwyd ap Llywelyn ap Gruffydd ('Esqr. o Fathafarn'), Llywelyn ap Guttyn, Bedo Brwynllys (one of the poems 'neu Gruff. ap Ieuan ap Llywelyn Fychan'), Howel ap Dafydd ap Ieuan ap Rys (= Hywel Dafi), Gwilym Tew, Llowdden, Inco Brydydd, Gruffydd Hiraethog, Sion Brwynog, Lewis Morganwg, Mathew Bromfield, Lewis Daron, Simwnt Fychan, Wiliam Llyn, Lewis ap Edward, Howel Dafi, Sion ap Felpot, Huw Arwystl, Syr Lewys Meudwy, Syr Phylip Emlyn, Syr Gruffydd Fychan, Long Lewys, Huw Cae Llwyd, Sion Tudur, Gruffydd Fychan, Gwerfyl Mechain, Ieuan Deulwyn, Tudur Aled, Gruffydd Gryg, Dafydd ap Edmwnt, Ieuan Fychan ap Ieuan ap Adda, Meredydd ap Rys, Gruffydd ap Gweflyn, Dafydd Nanmor, Ieuan Gethin ap Ieuan ap Lleision, Rhys Llwyd alias Brydydd, Gruffydd Llwyd, Dafydd ap Eingion Lygliw, Ieuan ap Rys ap Llywelyn, Iolo Goch, Ieuan ap Rydderch ap Ieuan Llwyd, Edwart ap Rys Maelor, Owain ap Llywelyn Moel, Dafydd ap Ieuan Llwyd, Llywelyn Moel y Pantri, Sion Ceri, Ieuan Prichard otherwise Ieuan Lleyn, Gwilym ap Ieuan Hen, Sion ap Howel ap Llywelyn Fychan, Gruffydd ap Llywelyn Fychan, Llywelyn Goch ap Meurig Hen ('o Nannau'), Rhys Llwyd ap Rys ap Riccart, Gwilym Hen, Hywel ap Reinallt, Thomas Celli, Ellis Rowland ('o Harlech'), Howel Cilan, Sion Mowddwy, Owain Gwynedd, Thomas Derllys, Syr Ifan, Ieuan Bedo Gwyn, Sion Phylip, Wiliam Cynwal, Ieuan Clywedog, Ieuan Heiliarth, Guttyn Coch Brydydd, Lewys Môn, Lewis Trefnant, Rhys Cain, Ieuan ap Howel Swrdwal, and incomplete poems; 'Englynion y Beddau'; an English prose translation by Evan Evans ('Ieuan Brydydd Hir') of 'Cywydd Marwnad Lleucu Llwyd' by Llywelyn Goch ap Meurig Hen, and the foregoing translation rendered into verse, inscribed to Paul Panton of Plas Gwyn in Anglesey, and published in the Chester Chronicle, 16 July, 1790, probably by Richard Llwyd 'Bard of Snowdon'; and 'Can Tâl Diolch i Dduw am yr Ysgrythyr yn Gymraeg ...' by Syr Thomas Jones. At the beginning of the volume is a list of contents ('Cynhwysiad'), an index ('Mynegres egwyddorawl') of first lines, and an index of poets ('Enwau'r Beirdd'). The greater part of the volume is based on manuscripts of Dr Griffith Roberts (1735-1808), Dolgellau (Peniarth MSS 99, 100, ?152) and on 'Cronfa Dafydd Thomas, alias Dafydd Ddu o'r Yri' (Cwrtmawr MS 72). There are annotations and additions by Owen Williams, Waunfawr, Peter Bailey Williams, Llanrug and one annotation by D[aniel] S[ilvan] Evans. The manuscript is bound uniformly with Cwrtmawr MSS 10-11 and the spine is lettered 'Dafydd Ellis MS'.

Barddoniaeth, etc.,

  • NLW MS 10893E.
  • File
  • [1650x1725].

A seventeenth and early eighteenth century manuscript of Welsh and English poetry, medical recipes, prophecies attributed to Myrddin and Taliesin, triads, and later additions of a miscellaneous nature. The volume is in several hands, and some of the additions seem to be in the autograph of Richard Wiliams, soap boiler, of Abergavenny. According to a note on the cover (see 561, below) it belonged to the Catholic Chapel, Abergavenny, and much of the contents is of Catholic interest. The free-metre poems include a satire upon legal proceedings (in a mixture of Welsh and English), a dialogue in two hundred and twenty-three stanzas of 'triban' metre between a Catholic and a Protestant, a poem consoling members of the Holy Church in persecution, a poem in 'triban' metre by Henry Williams, a Christmas carol, and an elegy on the death of David Lewis, Catholic martyr, 1679. The poems in strict metres contain 'cywyddau' by Sion y Kent, Ievan Deylwyn, Lewis Glynn Kothi, Ievan Tew Brydydd, Robin Du o Fon, Rys Nanmor and others, and a number of 'englynion' in Welsh and English, including satires upon Puritans. The English poems include 'An Hymne on our Saviour Christ's Ascension' and 'An Epitaph vpon the Death of John Pym'. The miscellaneous material at the beginning of the volume includes material of Brecknockshire interest; a presentment of Popish recusants in Monkstreet ward in the town of Abergavenny, 1709; medical recipes; and a precept relating to the House of Correction in Brecknockshire, 1670.

Commonplace book of Evan Evans,

A commonplace book of Evan Evans otherwise Evan ab Evans ('Ieuan Fardd' otherwise 'Ieuan Brydydd Hir', 1731-88), containing excerpts and extracts of prose and verse derived chiefly from English seventeenth and eighteenth century sources, e.g. Alexander Pope (translations of the 'Iliad' and the 'Odyssey'), Samuel Johnson (life of Richard Savage), John Dryden ('Preface to the Fables'), Abraham Cowley ('Miscellanies' and 'Davideis'), Sir John Suckling, William Warburton, William Wycherley, William Congreve, Joseph Addison, Samuel Butler ('Hudibras'), etc. The volume also contains 'englynion' and couplets by William Llyn, 'Theodore Alet', Sion Brwynog, Evan ab Jenkin Evan, D[afydd ap] G[wilym] Iolo Goch, Gwilim ab Ieuan hen, Dafydd ap Edmunt, Huw Cae Llwyd, Sion Tudur, and E. Evans, 'A Table of Summs in Attic Money with their proportion to english money', the first line of the Lord's Prayer in divers languages; etc.

Commonplace book of R. Pugh,

A late eighteenth and early nineteenth century commonplace book of R[obert] Pugh, [N]eston containing copious extracts from printed sources entitled 'On Assurance', 'On Justification', 'On baptism...', 'On Reformation of Manners', 'Speeches & Anecdotes of dying Criminals', 'Divine Consolation ...', 'On Overcoming the World', 'On Libels', 'Orthodox Heterodox Opinions', 'On Orthodoxy & Conformity to Ch[urch] of England', 'On the Uncertainty of the Seasons', 'on Marrying', 'Lord Thurlow' (died 1806), 'On Unity in Religion', 'Of Seditions & troubles', 'On Charity', 'Mount Aetna in Sicily', etc.; poetry, including 'On early Rising - to a Friend' by B. C. (from the Shrewsbury Chronicle, 30 October 1789), 'On the Marriage of Miss Eliza Sackville to the Honorable Colonel Herbert' by Richd Cumberland, and 'An Hymn of Praise & Resignation' by T. H., 3 October 1763; a letter from Lydia Foulkes, Machynlleth to her cousin Mrs Lees, Shrewsbury, 1814 (an account of the last illness and death of the Reverend Thomas Charles of Bala); a 'Memorandum' of the 'Conversation & Advice' of the Reverend Henry Venn, rector of Yelling, near Huntingdon to [Charles] Jerram, [Thomas Truebody] Thomason and John Havel of the University of Cambridge; and recipes for wine. There is a thumb-index at the beginning of the volume.

Commonplace Book of Rice Pierce, etc.

A composite volume consisting mainly of a commonplace book of Rice Pierce (ob. 1766), rector of Llangelynnin, Merionethshire. The contents include poetry in Welsh, English, and Latin by Rice Pierce; ecclesiastical precedents; lists of bishops of Bangor, St Asaph, Llandaff and St Davids, deans of Bangor and archbishops of Canterbury; verses by Tho[mas] Owen of Aberffraw; 'Descriptio Salsae Paludis, Wallice Pwllheli'; entries of birth and/or baptism of children of Hugh Thomas of Hendre [parish of Llangelynnin], 1685-7; lists of beneficed clergy in individual parishes in Anglesey; the 'valor' of benefices in the dioceses of Bangor and St Asaph; notes on Oxford Colleges built on the site of old Halls; a list of bishops educated at Jesus College, Oxford; notes on the founders and patrons of individual churches in Anglesey, extracted from Henry Rowland: Mona Antiqua Restaurata (Dublin, 1723); 'englynion' by Edwd. Lloyd [recte Lhuyd], Ashmolean Museum, with a Latin rendering by Tho[mas] Richards, rector of Llanfyllin; 'Cambriac Suspiria In Obitum desideratissimae Reginae Carolinae, dedicata Ad Isaacum Madoxs ... Episcopum Asaphensem' by Tho[mas] Richards, rector of Llanfyllin; etc. The section of the manuscript not in the hand of Rice Pierce contains notes on logic ('Physica non est scientia : Ergo fa[lleris]', etc.), extracts from Daemonology of James I, etc.

Composite volume of Henry Thomas Payne,

A composite volume which belonged to Archdeacon Henry Thomas Payne (1759-1832) containing the following printed works: (1) interleaved copy (title-page and preface wanting) of [A History of the island of Anglesey, ... to which are also added, memoirs of Owen Glendowr (London, 1775)], with some manuscript additions by Payne including 'Account of Parys Mountain, & the Copper Works in 1796'; (2) Evan Evans, Some specimens of the poetry of the antient Welsh bards, translated into English, with explanatory notes on the historical passages (London, [1764]), with the following manuscript note by Payne: 'This Copy was given to the Rev. Thomas Payne, late Rector of Llangattock in Brecknockshire, & Canon Residentiary of the Cathedral Church of Wells, by the author, who was then Curate of Llanvihangel Cilcornel [sic], in Monmouthshire - The Corrections are in the Authors own hand writing,' and also a printed list of '[Ad]denda et corrigenda' (insert); (3) George Richards, fellow of Oriel College, The Aboriginal Britons, a prize poem, ... second edition (Oxford, 1791); (4) [Alexander Geddes], Epistola macaronica ad fratrem ... (Londini: apud J. Johnson, 1790); (5) [Thomas Warton] Specimen of a history of Oxfordshire, second edition, corrected and enlarged (London, J. Nichols, etc., 1783); and (6) Robert [Clayton], bishop of Clogher, A Journal from Grand Cairo to Mount Sinai and back again. Translated from a manuscript ... (London, 1753). There is a brief list of contents in the autograph of Henry Thomas Payne.

Excise accounts, etc.

An excise book containing four pages of excise accounts, [c. 1799]; texts of sermons; anonymous stanzas; free-metre poetry by D[avid] Thomas ['Dafydd Ddu Eryri'] ('Aelod o Gymdeithas y Dderwen freiniol'), 1788 and undated, and T[?homas] Edwards [?'Twm o'r Nant']; verses left at the White Lion, Calais, and at the Ship Inn Dover, 'suppos'd to be written by Mrs. Piozzi'; a list (numbered 1-32) of curious flowers and plants at Trefeilir, Anglesey; an anonymous 'cywydd'; and a recipe.

Gwaith Ieuan Brydydd Hir - II,

A composite volume similar in format to Cwrtmawr MS 445 containing further transcripts by W. H. M[ounsey], 1861 (pp. 1-62, 65-80), copies (typewritten) of letters from Evan Evans to David Jones, Trefriw and to Richard Davies at Oxford and Holywell (pp. 81-127), a transcript of the poem 'The Love of our Country', 1772, and of a letter, 1767, from Evan Evans to Dr Humphrey Owen, Principal of Jesus College, Oxford, with a note (crossed out), 1868, from Evan Jones, Lampeter, followed by transcripts of other poems and letters included in the printed volume (1876). Loose in the volume are a transcript of a letter, 6 January 1777, from [David Jones] 'Dewi Fardd', Trefriw to Evan Evans and of a 'cywydd' by the same to the same (inserted after p. 127), and notes on Evan Evans in an earlier hand. J. H. Davies has written on the fly-leaves at the end of the volume: 'All printed in Gwaith I[euan] B[rydydd] Hir 1876 Except pp. 81-127'. The loose items were not printed either.

Legal proceedings,

A volume of reports on Chancery and other legal proceedings of the period 1750-51 in the hand of [Paul Panton the elder (1727-97) of Plasgwyn, Anglesey], together with additional material of the period 1782-3 in the form of stanzas, accounts, and memoranda.

Letters and papers relating to the Reverend Peter Williams,

Letters and papers relating to the Reverend Peter Williams (1723-96), including two holograph letters, 19 May 1789 and 27 June 1789, fom Peter Williams writing from Carmarthen and Gelly to his son, the Reverend Eliezer Williams at Lord Galloway's, Galloway House, Scotland; a holograph sermon in Welsh by Peter Williams on Isa. 63, 4; other holograph items consisting of verses headed 'Antichristian Tradition' and (?) part of a poem entitled 'Babilon's fall', part of a draft of a letter to Mr Jones of Llan Gan, a draft of a letter concerning bull-baiting, a draft of a letter [?1777] to [Lady Huntingdon], and drafts of a letter to [ ] praying that a day of humiliation be appointed and of a letter to an unnamed person inviting him to subscribe to the writer's edition of Cann's Bible; a letter, 1834, from William Jones, [Llan Engan], to an unnamed person containing references to the persecution and excommunication of Peter Williams; a notebook in the autograph of Peter Bailey Williams containing a 'Copy of a Letter from the late Reverend Peter Williams to the Methodist Association about 1793', a letter (copy) from [Peter Williams] 'to the Revd Mr Jones of Llan Gann. Glam:', writings by Peter Williams on the Trinity including one 'To the Leaders of the Welsh Methodists on the Trinity: or rather the author of a Pamphlet on that subject', and two other letters from Peter Williams to the Association, one in Welsh, the other in English, etc.; letters to J. H. Davies concerning Peter Williams from Rich[ar]d Bennett, Caersws, 1923-4 and undated (3, one incomplete), Tom Beynon, Caerau n[ea]r Bridgend, 1921, with copy of reply, Evan W[illia]m Edwards, Llandyfeilog, 1921, Francis Green, St David's 1922-4 (2), M. H. Jones, Penllwyn, 1921, with enclosure, T. Shankland, Bangor, 1922, and J. Thomas, Laugharne Vicarage, 1896-7 (2); verses on Peter Williams 'buddugol yn Eisteddfod Llandefeilog, 1887' by 'Pererin Gwendraeth' printed by D. Edwards, Towyn; a photograph of an engraving of the Reverend Peter Williams ('From an Engraving in the Gospel Mag. 1777'); and the 'Order of Service' and a printed hymn-sheet to be used at the memorial service [in Llandefeilog church] at the unveiling of a tablet to the Reverend Peter Williams [4 September 1923]. Unrelated items include letters to J. H. Davies from F. W. Bussell, Wimbledon, 1921, A. J. C. Guimaraens, London, 1924, John T. Jôb, Abergwaun, 1924, and Walter Spurrell, Carmarthen, 1915, a letter, undated, from Eluned [Morgan], Cardiff to an unnamed correspondent, and a letter, [19]17 from Rich[ar]d T. Greer, Llanbadarn, to [ ] Vaughan. There is also a press-cutting concerning Dafydd Jones o Drefriw.

Llawysgrif 'Robin Ddu yr Ail o Fôn',

A manuscript largely in the hand of Robert Hughes ('Robin Ddu yr Ail o Fôn', 1744-85), containing a transcript made in 1759 of 'Llyfr Barddoniaeth [y]n Cynwys Colofnau Cerdd Dafod ... O Gasgliad Myfyriad ag argraffiad John Rhydderch 1728 ...' 'Barsillai. Pregeth, a Bregethwyd Yn St Marie Aldermanburie; Yn Llundain. Gan Robert Harris; Gwyryf Difynyddiaeth. Ac a gyfiaethiwyd, o'r Saesoneg I'r Gymraeg, gan Robt. Hughes Athraw Ysgol ym Mhenmynydd', the translator's preface ('Y Darllenydd') being dated at Penmynydd 28 September, 1761; and lesser miscellaneous items, among them being an extract from 'Llyfr Y Weddi Gyffredin Yn ôl Athrawiaeth Ac Awdurdod Belzebub', 'A brief Introduction to Understand the New Invented Sliding Rule', Welsh and English poetry (of which one composition is dated 1763) and an incomplete and undated draft receipt from Elizabeth Griffith, wife of Wm. Hughes of Llanddyfnan, Anglesey, labourer, to Rowland Hughes of Tyddyn y tlodion, parish of Hen Eglwys, executor of Katherine Williams of the same, late deceased. Annotation in the hand of [Griffith Williams] 'Gutyn Peris'.

Llyfr John Morgans, Glanfrêd,

A volume containing some 'penillion' and, at the other end and largely in a different hand, late eighteenth and early nineteenth century English poetry ('On the death of Cromwell', 'On the death of Admiral Lord Nelson', etc.). Some of the English poems are signed 'J.M.' There is also an 'englyn', in yet another hand, by Catrin Morgan. Watermark: 1813.

Llyfr John Morris I,

A late eighteenth century manuscript in the hand of John Morris containing 'cerddi' and 'carolau' by Humphrey Jones (Pen y Bont), Walter Davies ['Gwallter Mechain'] (1786, 1790) and [David Jones] ('Dewi Fardd'); two religious verses in English by, respectively, David Thomas ['Dafydd Ddu Eryri'] and Edward Barnes, together with Welsh translations; 'englynion', partly intended as memorial inscriptions, by Jonathan Hughes, John Edwards ('y Prydydd o Lyn Ceiriog'), Edward Barnes, David Thomas, D[avid] Ellis (Amlwch) and John Morris, and a prayer by John Morris. The spine is lettered 'Llyfr J. Morris - I'.

Poetry and accounts,

A small notebook containing English poetry by Pope, [John Donne] and other unnamed authors in the autograph of one David Davies, c. 1750. At the beginning and end of the notebook are some accounts written possibly in another hand ('Reapers Account the year 1763', 'Account of Lime Carage [sic] 1765 from Carmarthen town' and 'accounpt of cheese selling the year 1767').

Thomas Powel[l]: Poetry,

A small volume containing 'Original Compositions' by Thomas Powell, mainly in verse, some described as having been printed in The Gentleman's Magazine. The titles include 'ode to Captain James Luttrell', 'Inscription at Strawberry Hill', 'Inscription at Gloster house, Twickenham' ('Seat of James Whitchurch Esqr & his Lady - my very good Friends both'), and 'Inscription in a rural Temple in the Grove, at York House - Twickenham'.

Transcripts relating to logic and dialectic, etc.

A volume of transcripts in three hands of texts relating to logic and dialectic and to cosmology and astronomy, e.g. 'Logicae et Dialecticae nomina indiscriminatim usurpantur, ne tamen differunt', 'De Coelo', 'De Motu Sphvrorum recto et transuerso', 'De Stellis', 'De Stellis fixis et Planetis', etc. Among later additions are a list of payments and purchases, 1746-8 (including the purchase of a 'sive at Lampeter') and verses (81 recto, 82 recto) entitled 'On Orinda & her Incomparable Pompey' and 'On Mrs. Philips her Pompey'.

Verses, etc. from the papers of Eliezer Williams,

Two volumes of epigrams, epitaphs and other verses collected and transcribed from the papers of the Reverend Eliezer Williams by his son St George Armstrong Williams in 1836. They include translations from Horace and among the other titles are 'A Tribute of Gratitude from the Peasantry of Ayron's Vale to their Landlord for conscientiously lowering their rents', 'The Sceptic', 'Ancient & Modern authors', 'The Topers', 'Spendthrifts' 'Celia (imitated from Martial)', 'Laura', 'Stale jests against matrimony', 'The National Debt', 'On a Drunkard', 'Translator', 'On a little Fellow (from the Greek)', 'On a noted Liar', 'Occassioned by some illiberal reflections thrown on Dr Johnson's memory', 'The Miser', 'Gluttony', 'On Lieut. Price's defence of th Islands of Marçon', 'On a late proposition to Great Britain of an Armistice by sea', 'On the capture of the 'Guillaume Tell'', 'On Lieut. Burke's cutting out several armed Vessels from French and Spanish Harbours', 'On a sailor who refused to give his money to a Highwayman that stopped the Dover Stage Coach', 'On a sailor who took an Ass to the Play house at Sheerness', etc. MS 61, which is mutilated, also contains an 'Extract of a Letter from Lampeter, dated 21 Decr. 1816' describing a trial at the Town Hall, Lampeter, of 'several young gentlemen of the Seminary at that place' on the charge of maltreating and murdering 'several of the offspring of one Terence'.