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English poetry -- 19th century

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English poetry -- 19th century

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English poetry -- 19th century

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A Llanberis commonplace book,

An album or commonplace book originally kept at the New Inn, Llanberis. It contains a short sketch of the history of Llanberis, a note on John Closs, who died of exposure on Snowdon in 1805, with lines composed on the occasion by P[eter] B[ailey] W[illiams]; a 'Sonnet to Snowdon' by Miss Locke; odes to Snowdon, 1819; a 'Sketch of Snowdon for the benefit of sojourners at Llanberis' by Colonel Bell; a note on Evan Evans ('Ieuan Brydydd Hir') with an elegy by R. Williams of Vron near Mold, 1790; a sonnet by Kirke White; particulars of ashes carted, 1823-1827; and notes of visitors to the Inn, 1819.

Peter Bailey Williams and others.

Accounts, poetry, etc.

A volume (212 pp., several of which are blank) originally intended for use as a ledger, written in several hands and containing accounts, 1766-8 (webs, rye, butter, barley, etc. [?Dolgellau district, with references to Penllyn and Trawsfynydd]); a few medical recipes; stanzas of verse beginning 'Gwrando' nghariad ar fy nghwynion ...' (incomplete); the first twelve stanzas of a poem written by John Williams, St Athan, after the expulsion of Peter Williams, 1791 (cf. the printed version, 1793, of 'Can diddarfod'); a weaver's patterns; a copy of part of a herbal, Aneth - Pren Bocs (cf. Llysieulyfr Meddyginiaethol a briodolir i William Salesbury, ed. E. Stanton Roberts (Liverpool: Hugh Evans & Sons. 1916), p. 249; accounts, 1829-30, headed 'Account of the Factory's work from the 12 of Novr. 1829'; part of a treatise in Welsh on physiognomy (?possibly a translation as it contains quotations in English verse); and verses by Cadwalader Thomas and 'englynion' by Evan Elis 'I Factory Cefnddwysarn a adeiladwyd yn un cyntaf yn mhenllyn'. At the reverse end are notes in Welsh on the theory of music and a draft (in pencil) of the will of John Cadwalader of Tyllwyd in the parish of Llan D...., Merioneth, 1823, etc. Among loose papers are two bills (one mutilated), 1830, to Ebenezer Williams, Cefnddwysarn for spinning, etc.

'Album Camilla'

A volume, 1800-1835, containing poems and quotations in English, French, German and Italian, and drawings in pencil, ink and watercolour, all in various hands, compiled for Camilla Blachford, apparently sister-in-law of the poet Mary Tighe, and distantly related to Sarah Ponsonby. The poetry includes autograph poems by Mary Tighe ('A faithful friend is the medicine of life', f. 2 recto-verso) and Thomas Moore ('Love's Album, to Mrs Blachford', ff. 70-71 verso), both containing variants to the published versions.

Blachford, Camilla

Album of Richard Rees,

  • NLW MS 11138D
  • File
  • [1771x1857].

An album of 'memoranda, made to the year 1857', together with copious annotations and an index, by Richard Rees (born 1781) of Alltycham, Pontardawe, seventh child by the second marriage of Josiah Rees (1744-1804), Unitarian minister, of Gellionnen, parish of Llan-giwg (Llanguicke), Glamorgan. The volume consists largely of holograph letters addressed for the most part to Richard Rees, the writers including Josiah Rees, 1802-3 (relating partly to the church at Gellionnen); William Wyndham Grenville, baron Grenville, 1818 (a description of the writer's home at Dropmore, information concerning Neath Abbey); George Owen Rees, Guy's Hospital, London, 1846 (biographical notes on the writer's father, Josiah Rees); C[hristopher] R[ice] M[ansel] T[albot], London, 1848; C[onnop Thirlwall], bishop of St. Davids, 1848; Geo. Rice Trevor, aft. 4th baron Dynevor, 1838 (concerning Neath Abbey); John M. Traherne, Coedriglan, Cardiff, 1848; [Edward Copleston, bishop of Llandaff, 1848]; [Sir Thomas Phillipps, Middle Hill, 1848]; H[enry] Hussey Vivian, London, 1855 (the death of John Henry Vivian); etc. The miscellaneous documents contained in the volume include material towards a pedigree of the family of Rees of Gelligron; the certificate of ordination of Josiah Rees at Gellionnen, 6 August, 1767; poetry and ballads, including an epigram by Thomas Rees, fifth child of Josiah Rees by his second marriage and an 'englyn' to Richard Rees; newspaper cuttings, including obituary notices of Josiah Rees, 1804, Mary Rees, his widow, 1829, Owen Rees of Gelligron, 1837, and Sarah Rees, daughter of Josiah Rees, 1851; copies of letters of Richard Rees, 1846; etc.
Amongst the references are those to the election and admission of Richard Rees for Morden College, Blackheath; the Smith family of Castellau, Glamorgan; the Penllergaer estate, Swansea; and the experiences of an emigrant to Australia, 1843.


An album (260 pp.; watermark 1828) containing poetry written in several hands, c. 1830-44, with one or two prose items and a few drawings and engravings. Many of the poems are by Mrs Hemans and Byron is also represented. References to Brynymor [?Swansea], coupled with the fact that some of the items are dated in the manner of the Quakers, suggest that Anne Knight Eaton, whose name appears on a book-plate within the volume, was the daughter of Robert Eaton of Swansea, banker. One pencil drawing of an unidentified scene is signed 'Geo. Harley 1833' and a water-colour drawing of flowers is described as being by Anna Wilkinson who married Richard Sorton Darby of Hawkswood, Bridgenorth.

Amryw gerddi,

A miscellaneous collection of poetry including an incomplete 'pryddest' on the story of Kulhwch and Olwen written on the backs of sheets of a Birkenhead list of voters, 1876; a carol by D[avid] Lewis ('Ap Ceredigion'); a poem entitled 'Sion fy Nhaid' and a hymn by Henry Rowlands ('Henri Myllin'); a poem entitled 'Trefaldwyn' by J. R. Williams ('Tryfanwy'); poems entitled 'Gwlaw Sdiniog' and 'Cyfrinach y Tannau' by Robert Roberts ('Isallt'); an elegy on the death of Evan E. Owen, Assheton House, Ebenezer, 1883; a fragment of a song entitled 'Priodas yr Oen'; 'englynion' on Pont y Benglog taken from Tywysog Cymru, 15 Tach. 1832; English poems entitled 'The Burial of Abel', 'America', and 'Go Forward'; and selections from the writings of Rhys J. Huws written on the back of circulars relating to his Testimonial Fund, 1917.


Miscellaneous material including notes on legends associated with 'Llyn Barfog' and 'Llyn tri Graienyn' in Merioneth [in the hand of E. G. B. Phillimore]; 'Cân croesawiad i Edmund Buckley, esq., ar ei ddyfodiad iw oed, Mai 7ed 1882. Buddugol yn Eisteddfod Llanymawddwy Mehefin 7ed 1882' by L. Jones, Bwlch; an elegy entitled 'Dyhuddiant. Cyflwynedig i'r Parch. D. Silvan Evans, ar Farwolaeth ei anwyl Fab, Dr Tegid Aneurin Evans, Fflint. Gan J. Callestr Ellis, 23 Coleshill Terrace, Flint. Ebrill 25ain 1887'; and verses entitled 'The Bunking of Alfred Hebden and Andrew Lang'.


A composite volume, the contents including: pp. 1-2, an English prose rendering of a 'cywydd' by Tudur Aled requesting a horse from the Abbot of Aber Conwy, the first line of the original being 'Gydag un a geidw Gwynedd . . .'; p. 3, 'Names of the Horse', a list of equivalents in several languages; pp. 3-15, 'Extracts from the historical triads of Britain' followed by several quotations and extracts relating to the horse; p. 17, a formal acknowledgement, 1794, from T. W. Wrighte, secretary of the Society of Antiquaries, of the second part of William Owen [-Pughe]'s dictionary; pp. 19-44, an English translation of the beginning of Llyfr y Tri Aderyn . . . by Morgan Llwyd (for an edition of the Welsh text see Thomas E. Ellis (ed.), Gweithiau Morgan Llwyd o Wynedd, vol. 1, (Bangor, 1899), pp. 157-89); p. 45, eleven verses beginning 'Mi glowais newydd digri . . .', and an 'englyn' beginning 'Dannod lliw'r manod ai Mîn, dannod Twyll . . .'; p. 47, a list of words headed 'New Holland Language'; pp. 49-86, vocabularies, notes on languages, etc.; pp. 87-110, a Cornish-English vocabulary (A-C), headed 'from a Mss at Mr Halsells wrote about 1710' ('30 years ago' deleted), as well as Cornish versions of the Lord's Prayer; pp. 111-18, a Welsh-English vocabulary; pp. 125-56, 'Egwyddor y Prif Gristnogion Neu reol y Bywyd wedi ei adnewyddu Gyda dull o wir dduwioldeb A'r modd i brofi ein buchedd yn gyfatebol', based on Hugh Turford, Sylfaen Buchedd sanctaidd . . . (Caerfyrddin, 1773), tt. 55-103; pp. 159-68, 'Awdyl voliant i Rys ab Gruffydd ap Howel ap Gruffydd ap Ednyfed Vychan o Von', by Einion Ofeiriad [sic] dated 1280, in the hand of Edward Williams, 'Iolo Morganwg', beginning 'Rhys ap Gruffudd fudd feiddiaw rhoddiawdr rhyssedd . . .'; pp. 179-87, a holograph copy sent to Mr. Thomas Roberts, Goldsmith, of an elegy entitled 'Awdl . . . goffadwriaeth am . . . Goronwy Owain sef Testyn y Gwyneddigion . . . 1803' by 'Eliwlod' [= David Owen, 'Dewi Wyn o Eifion'] (cf. Cymdeithas y Gwyneddigion, Awdlau Coffadwriaeth am y Parchedig Goronwy Owain . . . 1803 (Llundain, [1803]), tt. [9]-18); pp. 191-3, printed proposals, 1789, for printing A Welsh and English Dictionary . . . by William Owen; pp. 195-6, five stanzas entitled 'Peace' beginning 'The Song of Peace who would not gladly sing . . .'; p. 197, a broadside containing an elegy by Dafydd Ionawr [David Richards], Marwnad y Seneddwr Enwog, Thomas Williams o Fon Esquire (Dolgellau: T. Williams, 1803); p. 199, a printed notice of an eisteddfod to be held at Caerwys, Whitsuntide 1798, under the auspices of the Gwyneddigion Society; and pp. 202-47, a draft introduction by William Owen [-Pughe] to his dictionary, most of which is crossed out, together with miscellaneous linguistic material.

An album: 'Y Sidg o Droea',

An album, begun by Sarah Wilson, 1827, containing copies of English poetry by James Montgomery, Felicia Hemans, T. K. Harvey, M. A. Browne, George Crabbe, and others. In 1883, the album was used by Padarn Davies, who copied into it the text of 'y sidg o Droea' with the following colophon: 'Gwallter Archiagon Rhydychain a droes y darn hwn o'r cronicl o Lading i Gymraeg. Ac Edward Kyffin ei ail ysgrifenodd fo i Siôn Trefor Trefalyn ysgwier pan oedd oed Crist 1577. A Dewi Siôn o Dref y rhyw yw'r trydydd ysgrifenydd yn oed ein Iachawdwr 1761, Mai-hafhing 9d. A John Prichard o Lanrwst yw'r Pedwerydd ysgrifenydd yn oed ein Iachawdwr 1775 Hydref y 9d. dydd. A Padarn Davies yw'r pymed ysgrifenydd ac ai ysgrifenodd i Gwilym Cowlyd (y ddau o Lanrwst) yn y dydd olaf or flwyddyn o oed ein Iachawdwr 1883 - Rhag. 31ain. Câr bob cywirdeb medd John Trevor Trefalyn'.

Sarah Wilson and Padarn Davies.

Arithmetical exercises, etc.

  • NLW MS 23135B
  • File
  • 1811-1830

A volume compiled, 1811-1830, by Thomas Llewellyn of the parishes of Cardigan and Ferwig, Cardiganshire, chiefly containing arithmetical exercises but also miscellaneous notes and memoranda in English and Welsh, perhaps partly composed by him and partly derived from printed sources. These include a bidding letter for the marriage of Mary Owen and John Williams, both of the parish of St Dogmaels, Cardiganshire, 1816; draft documents relating to property in Cardigan and Ferwig; love letters and verse in English, including a number of Valentine rhymes; prognostications in Welsh and English on the weather and on lucky and unlucky days, together with astrological notes; two apparently unpublished ballads in Welsh, one of them, perhaps by Thomas Llewellyn, recounting a case of alleged slander by Sara Evans, a Methodist, against the Rev. John Herring (1789-1832), Baptist minister at Cardigan; and a transcript of the title-page of The [Supposititious] Works of Aristotle (Arbroath, 1801) (not recorded in the Nineteenth Century Short Title Catalogue).

Llewellyn, Thomas, of Cardigan and Ferwig


Poems by John Williams ('Ioan Madog'), Thomas Jones ('Taliesin o Eifion'), Thomas Essile Davies ('Dewi Wyn o Essyllt') and other nineteenth century writers, transcribed by Nathan Dyfed.


Poems by Nathan Dyfed, Sion Llywelyn, Taliesin Williams ('Ab Iolo') and other South Wales poets, and some Welsh-American writers.


Miscellaneous poems, some of them written for Monmouthshire eisteddfodau, including a copy of an 'awdl' by Peter Jones ('Pedr Fardd'), elegies on Daniel Jones (Tongwynlais), and Christmas Evans; poems by John Palmer, Shrewsbury; etc.


'Galareb ... am John Parry, Bethesda, 1850' by 'Trogwy'; Pryddest: 'Abraham' submitted for competition at the Wrexham Eisteddfod, 31 December 1885; Cerdd: 'Y Gwanwyn' by William Jones 'Graienyn', 1876; 'Recollections of Castle Square'; 'Hiraeth am y Nefoedd'; a small collection of Welsh poems; 'Man the Lifeboat (Cwch y Bywyd)', 'Isaac Davies', 'Dod i'r Deml a Diolch', 'Fy mwa yn y cwmwl fydd', 'Fy Ngwraig', and 'Ar hwn yr edrychaf' by W. J. Parry; a selection of scripture passages and poetry for each day from January 1 to June 22; and an essay entitled 'Galwad yr Efengyl'.

Barddoniaeth 'Dewi Wyn O Eifion', etc.

Poetical compositions by David Owen ('Dewi Wyn o Eifion'), including 'Cywydd am Fawredd [Jeh[ofa], 'Cywydd Cenfigen a chelwy[dd]', 'Englynion i Robert Davis o Nantglyn', 'Englyn i'r Llyfr A gasglwyd gan yr Unrhyw Robert Dav[ ]', 'Dau Benill ir unrhyw', 'Yr unrhyw Lyfr a Elwid Cnewyllyn Mewn gwisg I ba un y Canwyd fel y Canlyn', '[C]arol plygain yn dangos (?)C[rist yn] D[d]uw ag yn ddyn ...', 'Cerdd yn datgan rhan o gyffes pechadur ...], 'Carol plygain yn dangos mawr gariad crist Tu ag at Ddynion ...', 'Englyn i Dduw', 'Cywydd y Farn', 'Cerdd a gymerwyd allan o'r II Corinth pen V adn 10 ...', ['Awdl ar ryfeddol allu Duw'], 'Englyn i roi ar fedd ...', 'Dau englyn ynghylch Elfan y Bardd', 'Hymn ... yn dangos crist y Siampl i Ddyn', 'Hymn ... yn Dangos bodlondeb y Duwiol', 'Cerdd yn Annog i beidio a phechu ag i Droi yn ol At ras', 'Englyn I'r Iesu', 'Carol plygain yn dangos crist yn Trechu r Llygredd ...', 'Awdl ynghylch ysbrydol gariad', 'Englyn i ofyn maidd', 'Englynion mewn Perthynas i dd[ioddefaint] Ein Iachawdwr', and verses 'Tros Wilym Huw ... 1803'; verses entitled 'Midnight Thoughts' by D. W.; three holograph letters from D. Owen, Pwllhely and Gaerwen, one to John Thomas ['Siôn Wyn o Eifion'], Chwilog (an eisteddfod to be held at Tref Madoc, 20 September 1811), and two to Ebenezer Thomas, ['Eben Fardd'], Schoolmaster, Llanarmon, undated (D. Williams has indicated to John Nichols that he does not mean to finish the translation); holograph lines beginning 'Ow mrawd bach mawr yw dy boen ...' (cf. Cywydd y Bardd i'w anwyl frawd); englynion by [Hugh Evans] 'Hywel Eryri', composed after the death of 'Dewi Wyn o Eifion'; part of a letter from Morris Williams ('Nicander') to Ebenezer Thomas ('Eben Fardd') [13 October 1858]; press-cuttings relating to 'Dewi Wyn'; transcripts by John Jones ('Myrddin Fardd') of some of the foregoing compositions by 'Dewi Wyn' and of some from other sources; and a number of loose items, including a holograph letter from D. Owen ['Dewi Wyn o Eifion'], Gaerwen to the Reverend Thomas Parry, Bangor, 1839, together with a transcript (cf. Cwrtmawr MS 412), a letter from Ellis Anwyl Owen to John Thomas ['Siôn Wyn o Eifion'], Chwilog, 1841 (the date of baptism of David Owen ('Dewi Wyn'), and a request to the addressee with regard to the date of death of '- Parry Bach Solicitor'), a copy of Yr Araith Satanaidd ar Eglwysi Sefydledig a Degymau (Caernarfon: Josiah Thomas Jones, 1835), and a translation into Welsh by R. Ivor Parry of the will of David Owen ['Dewi Wyn o Eifion'], 13 June 1837.

Barddoniaeth yn llaw Robert Williams, etc.

A composite volume almost entirely in the hand of the Reverend Robert Williams (1810-81), Rhydycroesau, near Oswestry. It contains a list of contents and a complete transcript of Peniarth MS 152 ('cywyddau' and 'awdlau' by Gutto'r Glynn, etc.), completed at Rhydycroesau, 21 December 1870; a transcript from Brogyntyn MS 2, with an English translation, of a 'cywydd' by Tudur Penllyn transcribed 2 February 1871; two copies of a 'cywydd' by Sion Kain transcribed from Peniarth MS [116], 14 November 1876, with relevant marginal pedigrees, poetry in strict and free metres by Walter Davies ['Gwallter Mechain'] from 'Cydymeth Ifiengtid; sef Cerddi Cowyddau, ag Englynion tra dewisol na buant yn Argraffedig yr rioed hyd eitha fy ngwibodheth, sef Gwaith amriw rai o brydyddion cymru wedi gasglu gan Dafydd Evans, Llanfihangel, 1785'; 'Cywyddau Cywilyddus o [ffug-]waith Gweyrful Mechain', a 'cywydd' by Tydur Penllyn and 'englynion' by Iorwerth Vynglwyd, from 'Llyfr Hir Llywarch Reynolds' (NLW MS 970) and Llanstephan MS 35; and an incomplete list of contents of Cwrtmawr MS 242. The spine is lettered 'Gwaith Gutto'r Glyn'.


  • NLW MSS 12855-12856A.
  • File
  • [19 cent., second ½] /

Two note-books containing miscellaneous Welsh verse including poems by John Williams ('Ioan ap Griffith') of Rhiwbryfdir [Blaenau Ffestiniog] (second half nineteenth cent.), and one English poem by the said John Williams.

John Williams.


A composite volume of three small notebooks containing 'cywyddau', 'englynion' and English verses by 'Sioseb Nerquis', with some 'englynion' by 'I. Ddu' and 'Merddin Wylts [sic] o Nerquis'; and transcripts by Mary Richards, Darowen, c. 1861, of Welsh metrical psalms and hymns by Thomas Roberts ('Philo Cadfan'), Joseph Marpole, William Jones, John Williams (Dolgellau), and anonymous compositions. One of the hymns, dated 1861, is in memory of the Reverend James Hamer 'Offeiriad Llanfihangel [yng Ngwynfa] a Discybl i David Harris [?Carno]'.


Miscellaneous poems, including a fragment of a poem by Hughe Hughes, Llwydiarth Esgob; a pencil copy of 'Beth sy'n hardd ?', with a translation into English ('What is Beautiful?'), 'Bedd fy Chwaer', 'Dymuniad yr Eneth Glaf', and a letter by J. H. Hughes ('Ieuan o Leyn'), Ruabon, 1887; 'Carol ar Gonceat Gwyr y Gogledd' by Edward Jones, Maesyplwm; 'Llinellau a gyfansoddwyd ar yr achlysur o briodi Mr. Jno. Jones o Lanfyllin a Miss Jones o'r Fronheulawg, yn swydd Feirionydd, Rhagr. 28, 1827' by Hugh Jones ('Erfyl'); an extract from Sir John Wynn's History of the Gwydir Family, including Rhys Goch o'r Yri's poem to Robert ap Meredith; a 'cywydd Annerch Eisteddfod Penmorfa, 1795' and 'Cerdd i'w chanu ar y mesur a elwir White Chalk dan yr enw Cwynfan yr Awen', by J. R., Ty Du; a poem by Samuel Roberts ('S.R.'), to 'Sir Watkin Williams Wynn, Baronet, M.P., and his Lady, when passing-on a fine evening-through the beautiful Vale of Llanbrynmair', with a covering letter by his father, John Roberts, 1827; 'Englynion a luniwyd wrth ddarllen Joseph, Llywodraethwr yr Aifft, gwaith Mr. D. Ionawr, Gorph 6d. 1809', and 'Englynion i Gastell Caernarfon' by David Thomas, and a copy of 'Canu penrhydd i Gastell Caernarfon' by Huw Morys; a poem on 'The Day of Judgment', by 'Bleddyn ap Cynfyn'; and a copy of 'Can ddifyfyr lawen gan y Bardd Diawen a elwir Y Coch Owen'.

Barddoniaeth, llythyrau, etc.

A volume compiled by John Jones ('Myrddin Fardd'), containing 'cywyddau', 'awdlau', and free-metre poetry, partly holograph, by Row[land] Vaughan, John Rhydderch, William Ffylip, Rice Jones (1767), Sion Tudur, Willm. Cynwal, Richd. Davies 'Esgob Mynwy' [sic], Robt. Gruffydd ab Ieuan, Hugh Llyn, Elis ab Rhys ab Edward, Willm. Llyn, [John Davies] 'Y Bardd Glas', Robt. Dafydd ('Bardd Nantglyn'), Evan Evans ('Ieuan Glan Geirionydd') (1821), Edward Charles (1798), 'Iorwerth ab Einion' (1817) (Meddyg Cyrn y ?Bwch), David Humphreys (1819), John Owen, 'Mab Evan Huw' (Harlech, 1834), Rowlant Jones, R. Jones (Penrhiw dwrch), and 'Meurig ab Cybi o Eifion' (Bangor) [i.e. Morris Williams, 'Nicander']; case in the hand of Thomas Pennant, Downing, of John Jones, son of Roger Jones of the parish of Bodvari against the commanding officer of the militia for extortion arising from the balloting of complainant for service, together with a holograph letter from T. Pennant, Downing, to William Middleton, Temple, London, 1781, and opinions of R. P. Arden and Willm. Walton both of Lincolns Inn, 1781; holograph letters from Thomas Roberts, Llwynrhudol, from London to John Roberts ['Sion Lleyn'], Pen yr Allt, Pwllheli, etc., 1801-5 and undated (3) (printed in [John Jones] 'Myrddin Fardd: 'Adgof Uwch Anghof' ..., Pen y Groes, 1883, pp. 81-2, 84-7), P[eter] B[ailey] Williams, Pantafon, Llanrug to R[ichard] Jones ['Gwyndaf Eryri'], 1823 ('Adgof Uwch Anghof', pp. 178-82), [Robert Jones] 'Tecwyn Meirion', L[iver]pool to David Lloyd, shoemaker, Llanystumdwy, 1833 (the shipment of coal to Cricieth and a complaint against the trading methods of Capt. Thomas of Chester and William Davies) (together with an 'englyn' and a stanza in English entitled 'Cymru Annwyl'), Robert Roberts, Pentre Lygen, to John Roberts ('Siôn Lleyn'], schoolmaster, Bodean, 1790 (personal, requesting news of the Association at Pwllheli, also requesting two shuttles ('dwy wenol') the one for linen and the other for cloth) (endorsed is a copy of a letter relating to the writer's elegy ('cywydd marwnad') to 'Robin Ddu' and the writer's appointment to be corresponding member ('aelod gohebol') of the Gwyneddigion), Evan Evans ['Ieuan Glan Geirionydd'], Chester to John Jones, printer, Trefriw, 1818 (Mr Parry's views on a publication, comments on the subjects of the Cambrian Society, the writer's work of translating, the recipient's 'englynion', a reference to 'Nwython' in a Bangor paper, the delivery of verses and essays at the Vicarage, Carmarthen), Ebenezer Thomas ['Eben Fardd'], Llanarmon; to Richard Jones ('Welsh Bard alias Gwyndaf Eryri'), Carnarvon, 1826 ('Adgof Uwch Anghof', pp. 209-10), and from Clynnog to John Thomas, 'Bard' ['Siôn Wyn o Eifion'], Chwilog, 1827 ('Adgof Uwch Anghof', pp. 211-14), Daf. Thomas ['Dafydd Ddu Eryri'] Waunfawr, etc., to John Roberts ['Siôn Lleyn'], 1789-1806 (3) ('Adgof Uwch Anghof', pp. 12-14, 18, 30-4) (the second letter, dated 1796 from Amlwch, contains a poem entitled 'Tragwyddoldeb'), Robt. Davies ['Bardd Nantglyn'] to John Roberts ['Siôn Lleyn'], 1808 ('Adgof Uwch Anghof', pp. 94), Wm. Williams (1738-1817), Llandegai, to David Thomas ['Dafydd Ddu Eryri'], 1806 ('Adgof Uwch Anghof', pp. 92-4, where William Williams is incorrectly identified as 'Gwilym Peris'), Robt. Jones ['Tecwyn Meirion'], Dutton St [Liverpool] to Richard Jones ('Gwyndaf Eryri'), 1833 (requests the sight of copies of Y Gwyliedydd containing the adjudication of Walter Davies ['Gwallter Mechain'] on the 'awdlau'), John Jones ['Ivon'], Aberystwyth to Ebenezer Thomas ['Eben Fardd'], 1843 (a request for poetry for publication in a proposed periodical entitled Y Cwmwl), [Thomas Lloyd Jones] 'Gwenffrwd', Dinbych to Robert Lloyd Morris, Holywell, [18]30 ('Adgof Uwch Anghof', pp. 226-8), Richard Jones ('Gwyndaf Eryri'), Caernarfon, to David Owen ['Dewi Wyn o Eifion'], Gaerwen, Llanystyndwy, 1831 ('Adgof Uwch Anghof', p. 117), John Pughe ['Ioan ab Hu Feddyg'], Barmouth to Ebenezer Thomas ['Eben Fardd'], 1841 (a list of subscribers to the recipient's [Caniadau], the success of the [Plymouth Brethren]), O[wen] Williams ['Owen Gwyrfai'], Waunfawr, to Robert Williams ['Robert ap Gwilym Ddu'], Betwsfawr, Eifionydd, 1830 (the request of 'Gytyn Peris' for an explanation on a Welsh proverb, the progress of the 'Geirlyfr' and its sale to the printer at Llanfaircaereinion), Evan Williams, Penyberth, Llanbedrog, to David Lloyd, shoemaker, Llanysdumdwy, (his concept of the muse, request for a copy of the 'englynion' addressed to the Dolbenmaen Society and for the rules of the society, etc.), [Reverend William Robert Davies, Dowlais] to Wm. Jones, draper, Rhoslan, undated (2) (a song by 'Brutus', news of ministers of religion, the Baptist cause at Garn and Capel y Beirdd, the progress of the Latter-Day Saints at Dowlais, local petitions against Sir James Graham's Bill and the Corn Laws), and Hugh Elias, Florence House, San Francisco, to [John Jones, 'Myrddin Fardd'], 1878 (the pedigree of the family of William Elias, Plas y Glyn); draft rules of 'Cymdeithas Gymroaidd Pwllheli', together with holograph copies of addresses to the Society by Evan Roberts, Robert Thomas, M[orris] W[illiams] 'Nicander', etc.; a letter from [Richard Jones, 'Gwyndaf Eryri'] to 'Mr. Gomer' [editor of Seren Gomer] complaining of injustices received at recent eisteddfodau; English verses entitled 'St David's Day, 1843. The following song was written for the Manchester Cymreigyddion Society ... and sung by the writer to the Harp, and for which he was awarded the Prize' by 'Garmon'; and a note on the pedigree of the families of Gwynn (Wynn) of Maesne[u]add; Glyncywarch, etc., with panegyric verses. Added to 'Pennillion i annerch Cymdeithas y Cymraegyddion yn 'Llundain. Y dôn yw blodau'r dyffryn' by Edward Charles is the following postscript, - 'Gresyn na fyddai beirdd Cymry yn 'r oes hon yn canu ar yr hên Geingciau cymreig fel y pennillion hyn: mae'nt hwyth[a]u yn barddoni y rhan fynycha, a'r ryw Geingciau seisnig, yr hyn sydd hollol anghyttun a pheroriaeth y Cymro'. On one of the fly-leaves is an imperfect list of correspondents in the hand of John Jones ('Myrddin Fardd'), with additions in the hand of J. H. Davies.

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