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C. E. S. (Economic and Social Council of Brittany) Records,

  • GB 0210 CESANY
  • Fonds
  • 1971-1980 /

Planning documents and reports relating to four-year development plans: Sixth Plan, 1971-1975; Seventh Plan, 1976-1980; Eighth Plan, 1980-1984; reports on administration of the Loire, Brittany and Ile et Vilaine region, 1974-1979; minutes of C E S and sub-committees, 1974-1979; miscellaneous pamphlets and publicity material on nuclear power, 1974-1979; printed and official reports, 1971-1980; correspondence and related papers of the Amoco Cadiz disaster, 1978-1979, the 'Plan medico-hospitalier breton', 1973-1975, and protests by medical students at Rennes, 1973, C E L I B (Comite d'etude et de liaison des interets bretons) [Breton studies committee]), 1972-1978, the Institut Culturel Breton, 1972-1979; the Charte Culturelle de Bretagne, 1975-1979; the Conseil Culturel de Bretagne, 1978-1979; and 'L'annee du patrimoine', 1979-1980.

Conseil regional de Bretagne Comite economique et social

Casgliad W A Hayes Collection VI

Photographs connected with Prof Hayes research work into mushrooms and fungi. Many are of unidentified mushroom farms, also copies of C19th prints showing mushroom cultivation in France. Some photos are annotated but most are not.

Hayes, William Alfred 1939-1993.

Field notebook

The file contains a diary, itinerary and bird list compiled during a visit to France, made in response to the challenge of a BBC producer to search for a bird previously unseen, on a subsistence allowance of #25, (Condry's choice being the Black Woodpecker), list of garden butterflies, notes on Llyn Tegid and Bala, covering the bird life, geology, and history, especially the Roman road, the climate, history and bird life of Bardsey, with outline plans for talks and a newsletter, deleted observations on the African landscape and proposed discussion of afforestation in the Snowdonia National Park with official organisations.

[First World War Lantern Slides]

  • [1]
  • File
  • [ca.1916]

Fourteen lantern slides showing military scenes from the First World War. The slides have been made utilising original photographs from British Official Photographs, The Illustrated London News and unattributed sources. Each is numbered but there is much disparity in the numbering system. Numbers are in the range 36-929.

Church Army Lantern Dept.


  • File
  • [15 cent., first ½]

A book of Hours, of unidentified Use, in Latin with a few rubrics in Catalan, [first half of the fifteenth century], from Catalunya or the Pyrenees, containing Calendar (ff. 1-11 verso), Gradual Psalms (ff. 12-27), the Hours of the Virgin, the Mass of the Virgin (ff. 80-6 verso), the Office of the Dead (ff. 87-140), the Penitential Psalms (ff. 141-56), and Litany (ff. 156-66 verso).
The Calendar includes many saints whose cult was particularly important in Spain and Catalunya, including Agatha, Eulalia (of Barcelona, Feb. 12, and [?of Merida], Dec. 10), Baudelius, Quiteria, Justa and Rufina of Seville, Abdon and Senen of Cordoba, Laurence, Felix of Gerona, Theccla, patron of Tarragona, Callistus, patron of Seville, Cecilia, Barbara; similarly the Litany includes Just and Pastor of Alcala de Henares, Cyricus, Theccla and Eulalia; others, such as Radegunde of Poitiers, Tropimus of Arles and Rufus of Avignon mentioned are associated with south and western France. Prayers to St Eulalia are also included in Lauds (f. 51 verso) and Vespers (f. 74 verso). Rubrics by hand I in Catalan on ff. 85 verso-86 verso crossed out, but mostly legible, confirm provenance in the paísos catalans.


Journal, 1 September 1853-28 December 1854, 10 April-3 June 1855, of Lady Charlotte Guest (later Schreiber), in Canford, Dowlais, London, France and Italy.
Also included are loose notes for a journal, 1858-1860 (9 ff.).

Les Aventures de Tristran,

  • File
  • [14 cent.].

A manuscript of the French prose romance of Tristran, Chevalier de la Table Ronde, illuminated on vellum.

Letters to Nassau William Senior (II)

Some one hundred and twenty-one letters to Nassau William Senior, mostly from statesmen, economists and ecclesiastical dignitaries; together with a letter, 1831, to Mary Charlotte Senior (f. 433) and eleven letters, 1874-1914, to Walter Nassau Senior, grandson of Nassau William Senior, pertaining mainly to the papers of the Senior family (ff. 599-621). The letters were previously in an album, a list of the original contents of which is NLW MS 23858iE, ff. i-ii.
The correspondents are Sir James Stephen, 1848 (f. 310), James Fitzjames Stephen, 1859 (f. 312), Joshua Bates, [?1845]-1848 (ff. 314-318 verso), John Campbell, Baron Campbell, [1830s]-1850 (ff. 319-326 verso), Harriet Elizabeth Georgiana Leveson-Gower, Duchess of Sutherland, [?1858] (f. 327), George Granville Leveson-Gower, Duke of Sutherland, 1854-1858 (ff. 329-334 verso), Sir George Grey, 1854 and [n.d.] (ff. 335-337 verso), Sir Howard Douglas, 1855-1857 (ff. 339-343 verso), Edward Ellice, 1855 (ff. 344-350 verso), Arthur Richard Wellesley, Duke of Wellington, 1856 (f. 351), Henry Richard Charles Wellesley, Earl Cowley, 1857-1862 (ff. 353-357), Henry Labouchere, Baron Taunton, 1857 (f. 359), Charles Grant, Baron Glenelg, 1858 (f. 361), Sir Charles Beaumont Phipps, 1858 (f. 363), John Romilly, Baron Romilly, 1858 (f. 365), Charles Richard Fox, 1858 (f. 367), Sir Thomas Wyse, 1859 (f. 369), Sir Henry Knight Storks, 1858-1861 (ff. 383-386), Edward Law, Earl of Ellenborough, 1853 (f. 387), Sir William Erle, 1863 (f. 391), Sir Charles Bullen, [1840s] (ff. 393-394), Henry Pelham Fiennes Pelham Clinton, Duke of Newcastle, [?1840s] (f. 396), Sir Robert Peel, [?1836] (f. 398), Sir J. L. Knight Bruce, [n.d.] (f. 400), William Wilberforce, [c. 1830] (f. 402), Denis Le Marchant, [1830s] (ff. 404-406), Albany Fonblanque, [?1828] (f. 408), Miles Thomas Stapleton, Baron Beaumont, [c. 1850] (f. 410), Sir James Kay-Shuttleworth, [?1863] (f. 417), James Andrew Broun Ramsay, Marquis of Dalhousie, [?1850s] (f. 419), J. G. Ward, [mid 19 cent.] (f. 423), R. H. Wrighton, [mid 19 cent.] (f. 425), Henry P. Walford, [?1829] (f. 428), Joseph Blanco White, 1831-1839 (ff. 433-458), Thomas Perronet Thompson, 1833-1836 (ff. 459-470 verso), Thomas Peregrine Courtenay, 1836 (f. 471), Macvey Napier, 1841-1843 (ff. 475-484 verso), Edward Wakefield, 1840 (f. 485), James Pillans, 1847 (f. 487), Sir Austen Henry Layard, 1857 (f. 491), Edwin Chadwick, 1861 (ff. 495-504), Hekekyan Bey, 1862 (ff. 505-508 verso), Sir James Emerson Tennent, 1863 (f. 509), Francis Jeffrey, Lord Jeffrey, [mid 19 cent.] (ff. 510-515), Caroline Clive, [mid 19 cent.] (f. 516), Anna Jameson, [mid 19 cent.] (ff. 518-521 verso), Charles James Blomfield, 1830-1856 (ff. 522-527), Edward Copleston, 1830-1845 (ff. 528-547), Thomas Chambers, 1832 (ff. 548-551), Richard Whately, 1832-1858 (ff. 552-556), John Bird Sumner, 1834 (ff. 557-561 verso), Francis Jeune, 1850 (f. 562), William Henry Brookfield, 1858 (f. 564), William Thomson, 1849-1850 (ff. 566-569), Archibald Campbell Tait, 1863 (f. 570), Samuel Wilberforce, [1845x1864] (f. 576), Sherlock Willis, 1818 (f. 578), Peter Ewart, 1831 (f. 580), Jane Haldimand Marcet, 1836 (ff. 582-585), Thomas Ashton, 1846 (f. 590), Jonathan Mayhew Wainwright, 1838 (f. 596), Albert Henry George Grey, Earl Grey, 1894-1896 (ff. 603-607 verso), Caroline Emelia Stephen, 1874-1905 (ff. 599, 608), C. Edmund Maurice, 1912 (ff. 610-613), and Dorothea M. Hughes, 1914 (ff. 614-621 verso). There are references to Thomas Babington Macaulay, Baron Macaulay, 1848 (f. 310 verso), the death of Charles Buller, 1848 (ff. 310-311), Sir Leslie Stephen, 1848 (f. 311 verso), Sir James Stephen, 1859 (f. 312), George Sumner, 1848 (f. 316), John Sutherland, 1838 (f. 451 recto-verso), Prof. [Pierre] Prevost, 1836 (ff. 582-583), Virginia Woolf, 1905 (f. 609), Octavia Hill, 1912 (f. 610), Charles Maurice de Talleyrand-Périgord, prince de Bénévent, 1863 (f. 389 recto-verso), political events in Paris and France, 1848 (f. 316), and the Battle of Waterloo, 1818 (f. 578), and a poem by Joseph Blanco White, [c. 1830] (f. 432).

Senior, Walter Nassau, 1850-1933


The file includes a manuscript copy of a French article entitled 'Chien' apparently extracted from Histoire du Chien du Tombeaux, 1786.

Notes on castles

Notes, memoranda, sketches, and printed accounts, by G. T. Clark and others, relating to castles in the British Isles, France, Germany, and Italy.

Officium Hebdomadae Sanctae,

  • File
  • [15 cent., first ½].

The four gospels of the passion as sung in Holy Week followed by the Exultet and other chants for the blessing of candles at the Easter Vigil. Written in a large textura, music on staves throughout. A large illuminated initial at the beginning of each gospel and other smaller illuminated initials.


  • File
  • [c. 1230x1250].

The vulgate text of the psalter written in Paris, [c. 1230x1250], by one excellent hand and corrected by two others, one of whom wrote the cancels ff. 145 and 152-3, the other, who corrected one quire only, wrote the cancel f. 134. There are seven 8-line historiated initials, for psalms 26, 51, 52, 68, 80, 101 and 109; leaves now wanting probably bore those for psalms 1, 38 and 97 which would have completed a common sequence of illustrated psalms (cf. R. Branner, Manuscript painting in Paris in the reign of Saint Louis (Berkeley, Los Angeles and London, 1977), p. 20). The initials, in colour on burnished gold ground, and other lavish decoration of the book are of high quality. The figures all appear to be the work of one hand, very close in style to Branner's 'Dominican Group', notably his 'third master' (op. cit., pp. 59-60).

Publications by Robert Graves

  • NLW ex 2334
  • File
  • 1966-1967

Copies of Robert Graves, Goodbye to All That (London, 1966) and The Rubaiyyat of Omar Khayaam, trans. by Robert Graves and Omar Ali-Shah (London, 1967), both with manuscript inscriptions by Graves, dedicating them to Owen Roberts who saved Graves's life at High Wood, 20 July 1916, during the Somme offensive, when both were officers with the Royal Welch Fusiliers.

Graves, Robert, 1895-1985

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