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Hymns -- 19th century

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Hymns -- 19th century

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Hymns -- 19th century

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Anthems and songs,

A collection of anthems and songs by, and partly in the autograph of Dr Joseph Parry; a short anthem ('Holy! Holy! Santaidd! Santaidd!'), 1890; a chorale ('Inspirer and hearer of Prayer'); a fragment of an anthem ('Teilwng yw'r Oen'), 1889; 'adroddgan: Moses Bach'; 'The two Christmas Eves'; ballad: 'Gwraig y Morwr', 1870; a part-song in memory of the late Mr Idris Williams, Porth, and a hymn-tune 'Haydn'; 'Old memories: Y dyddiau gynt'; 'I fyny bo'r nod'; 'Deuawd Genedlgarol: y ddau wladgarwr; A National Duett: The two patriots'; ballad: 'Y Fam a'i phlentyn'; and 'Cloch y Llan'.

Joseph Parry.

Caneuon, anthemau ac emyn-donau

A collection of songs, anthems and hymn-tunes, including compositions and arrangements by David Lewis, D. Wylor Owen, J. Edward Williams, Sirhowy, Jos. Jones, Ty-Newydd, William William Pritchard, Tregarth, W. Reynolds, Brymbo, R. M. Hughes and William Hughes ('Alaw Manod').

'Canto y Gynulleidfa'

'Canto y Gynulleidfa, sef Anthemau a Thonau cyfaddas i'w canu yn yr addoliad cyhoeddus, gan David Bynner ('Dewi Cadfan'), Llangadfan, Chwefror 8fed 1859'. The anthems are 'Praise the Lord, O my soul', 'The Congregational Anthem', and 'Moliant Seion'. Several of the hymn-tunes have titles of Montgomeryshire association, e.g. Beulah, St Cadfan, Cannoffice and Myfod.


A collection of anthems, hymn-tunes, airs and part-songs, composed, arranged or harmonised by David Lewis, 1865-1904.


A collection of airs, anthems, duets, part-songs, choruses and hymn-tunes, composed, arranged or harmonised by David Lewis, 1854-1907.

Emynau ac anthemau

Hymn tunes, anthems, etc., some of them composed by John Edwards ('Meiriadog'), and some with words.


A collection of hymn-tunes selected by David Lewis from J[ohn] and R[ichard] Mills: Y Cerddor Eglwysig, 1846, Cydymaith y Cerddor, and T. B. Mason's Collection; 'Clod a Mawl i'r Hollalluog Dduw' by David Lewis; and a duet, 'Gwyllt Walia', by William Ellis, schoolmaster, which was awarded the first prize at the competitive meeting of the Aberystwyth Literary Society, 1857.

Hymn-tunes and anthems,

  • NLW MS 22111D.
  • File
  • [19 cent., first half].

Tune book, first half of the nineteenth century, containing hymn-tunes and anthems together with notes on the rudiments of music.

Hymn-tunes and anthems,

  • NLW MS 22118A.
  • File
  • [mid 19 cent.].

Tune book, mid nineteenth century, containing hymn-tunes and anthems.

Llawysgrif 'Ieuan Gwyllt',

  • NLW MS 12164A.
  • File
  • [1839-1840] /

A manuscript of John Roberts ('Ieuan Gwyllt') used originally as a register of the pupils who enrolled in his school at Nanteos Arms [Capel Seion, near Aberystwyth] from its foundation on 12 June to 1 July 1839. The volume was subsequently used, [c. 1839-1840], to record hymn-tunes, hymns, metrical psalms, etc., by 'Ieuan Gwyllt', and notes of sermons by John Hughes, Pontrobert, [Thomas] Richards, Fishguard, David Howels, Thos. Evans, O. Williams, and H. Hughes, Llanrwst.

Ieuan Gwyllt, 1822-1877

Llyfr tonau

  • NLW MS 8077A
  • File
  • [Mid 19 cent.]

The tune book of John Thomas containing hymn-tunes and anthems popular in the mid-19th century. Some of the titles are ornamented.

Thomas, John

Llyfr tonau

  • NLW MS 8166A
  • File
  • [19 cent.]

The tune book of Benjamin Price, containing hymn-tunes, anthems and glees by Thomas Williams ('Hafrenydd'), Llanidloes, R[ichard] Mills ['Rhydderch Hael'], Morris Davies, D. Thomas and others.

Price, Benjamin

Llyfr tonau

The tune book of John Evans, Pantgwyn, parish of Llanfair Orllwyn, 1850, containing hymns and anthems.

Evans, John, Pantgwyn, Llanfair Orllwyn

Llyfr tonau Thomas Jenkins,

  • NLW MS 12134A.
  • File
  • [1821] /

A tune book of Thomas Jenkins, Llanychaearn, co. Cardigan, 1821?, containing hymn-tunes and psalm-tunes by John [David] Edwards ('Aelod o Goleg Iesu Rhydychen') [aft. of Rhosymedre], Thomas Jenkins, Dd. J[enki]n Morgan [of Llechryd], and John Broderip ('organist of Wells and Sipton Mallet'), and numerous unattributed compositions; hymns; 'The Scale of Musick Called the Gamut'; etc.

Jenkins, Thomas, Llanychaearn

Llyfr tonau,

An imperfect volume of hymn-tunes, psalm-tunes, etc., some of which are attributed to John Davies, John Roberts (Wrexham), S. Standly, John Evans, John Jeffreys, Win. Pugh, Thos. Evans (Swansea), Robert Mills, Hugh Evans, etc. At the beginning is an incomplete list of titles.


'Absence, death to those who love' composed for Miss F. Wyndham by John Parry, junior, 4 April 1839; 'The song of Flylas', by John Parry, junior, 26 Jan. 1840; 'A Summer Midnight' by John Parry, 24 Nov. 1843; 'Smiling Spring', 24 April 1854; 'Night, or hush'd in repose', 2 Oct. 1855; 'Meeting and Parting at Sea', 14 Nov. 1855; two hymn-tunes, 'Raglan' and 'Ty Gwyn' composed for the Llanover Choir 19 Sept. 1865; 'The New-born Year', 12 July 1858; 'Rest in peace, sweet child', 15 Nov. 1858; 'Oh! 'tis pleasant to walk in the meadows in spring', composed expressly for the Llanover choir, 4 Sept. 1865; 'A Winter Night's Song', composed for the Llanover choir, 30 Sept. 1865, with words, also by John Parry, written at Ty Uchaf, Llanover; 'Glory to God in the Highest', December 1871; and undated works- 'A little hymn of thankfulness arranged in an easy form for the use of National Schools and sung by the children of Surbiton National School for whom it was written', 'The departure of the Nightingale', and 'The Sweet vesper bells of Ancona'.


A volume of dance and other music by Joseph Labitzky, Ludwig van Beethoven, Sigismund Neukomm, Theodor Döhler, Guiseppe Verdi, Felix Mendelssohn, Josef Lanner, Henri Rosellen, Louis Antoine Julien, etc., and a hymn to words by [Charles] Wesley.


Anthems, hymn-tunes, glorias, etc., some with and others without words.


A volume containing 'Rousseau's Dream' by J. B. Cramer; Swiss airs and a Swiss dance; a quadrille; waltzes by Carl Maria von Weber, Balduci [sic, for Boildieu?], Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Ludwig van Beethoven, Johan Nepomuka Hummel, etc.; a German drinking song; Gaelic, Tyrolese (one by Joseph Kuffner), Irish, French, Danish and German airs; marches; a pastorale by Franҫois Adrien Boildieu; a harp air; gallopades; a polonaise; Hungarian melody; preludes for the harp by P. M. Meyer ('Not to be copied'); hymn-tunes (to words by Thomas Kelly, William Cowper, John Newton, Joseph Addison, Reginald Heber, etc.); Scotch airs (to words by Miss --- Drinkwater); chants by Sir J. Stepenson; a psalm-tune; a Portuguese song ('modinha'); etc.

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