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Hymns, Welsh -- 19th century

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Hymns, Welsh -- 19th century

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Hymns, Welsh -- 19th century

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Account book of Bethel (Caeo) and Bwlch-y-rhiw churches,

A composite volume of home-made notebooks containing financial accounts of Bethel (Caeo) and Bwlch-y-rhiw Baptist Churches in Carmarthenshire, 1814-29, in the hand of David Thomas (1756-1840), Llwyn (ywermwd), Llan-y-crwys. Numerous insets, also largely in his hand, include additional statistics and accounts, 1812-35; a letter of dimission, 1830; Welsh hymns; a personal and farm account book of David Thomas, 1814-18 and 1831-2; veterinary recipes; an account of money collected by Joshua Thomas, Llwyn on his bidding day, 1815, etc. Two leaves used by the scribe for the sake of the blank dorse are bidding letters from Llaewenog [sic] [Llanwenog], 1814, Cardiganshire and Llanllwny, 1829, Carmarthenshire.

Album of 'Clwydwenfro',

An album compiled by John Lloyd James ('Clwydwenfro'), Congregational minister at March, Cambridgeshire, etc. The volume is almost wholly of Congregational interest, and relates for the most part to Glandwr Church, Pembrokeshire, and to the activities of John Davies ('Siôn Gymro' otherwise 'Siôn Llethi' otherwise 'Ioan Llethi'), who was ordained minister of the church in 1827. The manuscript items include genealogical extracts in the hand of 'Clwydwenfro' (the families of Evans of Penywenallt, Jenkins of Pantyrlys, and Lloyd of Noyadd Trefawr, all in the parish of Llandygwydd, and the Reverend Thomas Nicholas of the Presbyterian College, Carmarthen, etc.); letters of dismission to Glandwr Church, 1738-1833 (one from Rhyd-wilym Baptist Church, 1785, another signed by M[organ] Jones, 'Ty Newydd, Treleach', 1833); receipts to Lewis Thomas [of Bwlch-sais, parish of Llanfyrnach, first minister of Glandwr Church] for the payment of rent in respect of the [Congregational] meeting- house at Reed y Ceised [Rhydyceisiaid], parish of Llanginning, 1738/9-1739; holograph letters to John Davies ('Siôn Gymro') from S[amuel] Griffiths, Horeb, 1836 (the distribution of 'Mr. Jones Cofiant'), Thos. and Mary Griffiths, Glynarthen, 1836 (an endeavour 'to bring things to a better order among us than they are at present'), Richard Jones, Llwyngwril, 1828 (the distribution of publications), M. D. Ioannes [Jones] [Bala, 1879] (the visit of John Thomas, publisher, Merthyr, to Bodiwan and to Ffestiniog and his proposal for the publication of the recipient's Y Proffwydi Byrion, constitutional controversy in the Independent College, Bala) (Greek), Edw[ ard] Davies, Brecon, 1851 (recommending Joseph Jervis to the ministry of either Llwynyrhwrdd or Capel Ifan [Iwan]), Ja[me]s Griffiths, Treliwyd, St. Davids, 1830 (meetings at St. Davids, etc.), G. Jones, Llandilo, [18]81 ( enclosing proof sheets), M. A. Johns Hill, St. Clears, [18]56 (a request to visit the writer's mother), Sam[ue]l Roberts ['S. R.'], from [Y] Dydd Office, Dolgellau, 1868, and from Conway, 1881 (thanks for the recipient's Llethi, a request for leading articles for Y Dydd, the presentation of a testimonial to 'S. R.' for his 'pioneer pleadings . . . for Penny Postage', comments on a libel suit), John Davies, Cwrte, 1846 (the death and burial of the writer's daughter), William Lewis and John Thomas, Carmarthen ('Late fellow student [sic] at Neuaddlwyd'), 1828 (the distribution of books), Robert Gladding, book-seller, London, 1878 (the purchase of a book), J. Jones [1831] (the distribution of publications, arrangements for the writer's preaching tour), D[avid] Pugh, House of Commons [M.P. for East Carmarthenshire], 1867 (the presentation to the House of the recipient's petition against the sale of intoxicating drinks on Sunday, and the second reading of the Sunday Trading Bill), E. Evans, Trehowell [parish of Llanfyrnach], 1847 (the first offer of Trehowell as a residence), Wm. Davies, Fishguard, undated (the recipient's preaching engagement at Fishguard) (fragment), and Jno. Williams, Castle [parish of Llanarth], [18]24 (the writer's studies, local news) (with an addition by Thos. Williams, Llwyncelyn, to Mr. David Jones, 1824, relating to the writer's application for admission to Newtown Academy); a copy of a letter from J. G. Davies ['Siôn Gymro'], 1827 (a bequest to the minister of Glandwr Church); an undated letter from the Baptist Church at Newcastle Emlyn to Glandwr Church, proposing a joint renewal of the lease of Cappel loan [Iwan] and the joint provision of a new cemetery; a copy of a letter from David Davies, Penywayne [parish of Llanfihangel Llantarnam, Monmouthshire] to J[ames] Michael [Pont-hir], 1821 (observations on William Evans's revolt and his application for membership of the recipient's church); a holograph letter from [Diana Noel], baroness Barham, to the Reverend Wm. Griffiths, Glandwr, 1822 (the recipient's health, the opening by the writer of a chapel [at Park Mill, Gower]); an autograph letter, 1897, signed by Thomas E. Ellis and T. F. Roberts on behalf of the Welsh Library Committee of University College of Wales, Aberystwyth; an incomplete draft of a letter from ['Clwydwenfro'] to the Reverend T. Stephens, Wellingborough [editor of Album Aberhonddu (Merthyr Tydfil, 1898)], 1895 (biographical notes on the Reverend John Griffiths, Hitchin, and others); a holograph letter from Marth[a] James, Raccoon, Gallia County, Ohio, to David Thomas, Velin Wern, Llanina, Cardiganshire, 1855 (the death of the writer's husband, the writer's property and stock, the improvement in living conditions, food and land prices, industrial development, references to Welsh neighbours); a holograph letter from [the Reverend] Wm. Evan[s], Llaindelin [parish of Llanfyrnach) to the Reverend Wm. Griffiths, Glandwr, 1805 (a controversy at Glandwr regarding the succession to the ministry, with copies of proposals for the use of Glandwr and Penygroes meeting-houses); receipts for books borrowed from the Trustees of Glandwr Church, 1748/9 and undated; vouchers for the purchase of wine, 1759-1767; a certificate, 1854, for procuring the registry of Glandwr as a place of worship, pursuant to 16 Vict., c. 36; rules of public worship adopted by the minister, elders, and deacons at Glandwr, 1796; undated lists of members of Glandwr and Rhydyceisiaid Churches; miscellaneous music; a probationary call to John Davies ('Siôn Gymro') ('Student, Newtown') to the ministry of Glandwr Church, 1826; a certificate of the ordination of John Davies, 1827; a testimonial to John Davies from Edw. Davies, North Wales Academy, Newtown, 1826; confessions of faith of John David (died 1756), minister of Glandwr Church, and of applicants for membership of the church; a certificate of the subscription of oaths by John Davies ('Siôn Gymro'), 1822; 'Carol Nadolig'; sermon notes by J[onah] Lloyd [Congregational minister], St. Asaph; vouchers of John Davies ('Siôn Gymro'), 1842-1879 and undated (the schooling of his children, the purchase of books, the payment of poor rate for the parish of Llanfyrnach) and miscellaneous accounts; the petition of Mary Gibbon, widow, of the parish of Llangolman, for relief as a result of the destruction of her house by fire, 1793; a bond, 1814, from Rees Edwards of Nantyreglwys, parish of Llanboidy, co. Carmarthen, gent., to Roger Griffiths of Castle Garne [recte Garw], parish of Llangludwen, co. Carmarthen, and John Morse of Graig, parish of Llanvirnach, co. Pembroke, gentlemen, for the payment of a sum of £20 and interest, being a bequest by Mrs. Edwards, mother of the said Rees Edwards, for the support of the minister of the congregation of Dissenters at Glandwr meeting-house; a draft lease [for 999 years] [1797] from the Reverend John Griffiths, minister of the Gospel, Dinah Griffiths [his wife], and John Devonald Griffiths, their son, gent., of Glandwr, parish of Lanvirnach, co. Pembroke, to Roger Griffiths of Castellgarw, parish of Langloydwen, co. Carmarthen, and John Morse of Graig, parish of Lanvirnach, co. Pembroke, gentlemen, of a piece of land, being part of Glandwr, parish of Lan[virna] ch (endorsed by 'Clwydwenfro': 'The following draft of Glandwr Chapel Deed was drawn up and is in the hand-writing of James Davies ('Siams Dafi')); an account of a controversy in 1803 between the Reverend William Evans and the Reverend William Griffiths concerning the succession to the ministry of Glandwr Church (endorsed by 'Clwydwenfro': 'Mae yr hanes dilynol yn llaw ysgrifen James Davies, Penlanfach wedi hyny o Bentregalar'); a receipt, 1839, signed by John Evans, Nantyr Eglwys, afterwards archdeacon of Carmarthen; case, and the opinion of John Williams, Chancery Lane, 1803, touching the power of the lessees specified in the deed of 1797 to lock up Glandwr meeting-house to prevent the assembly of William Evan and his adherents; certificates of the registration of deaths, 1844-1874; a certificate, 1837, of the registration of Glandwr for the solemnization of marriage; an obituary, 1831, of Betty Daniel Watkin, Blaen y Pant, Llanarth, with in memoriam verses by 'Ioan Llethi'; biographical notes by 'Clwydwenfro' on a family of four brothers surnamed Evans of Llanboidy; a pedigree chart of the descendants of Roger Griffiths, Castell Garw, compiled by Miss Norah Griffiths of Sandown, I.O.W.; a draft agreement, 1847, between David Owen of Ynysfawr, parish of Llandysylio, co. Carmarthen, gent., and John Davies ['Siôn Gymro'] of Pencalch, parish of Llanwinio, minister, for the purchase by the latter of Iet Wen, parish of Llanfrynach [sic], co. Pembroke; the will of John Davies, minister of the Gospel at Glandwr, parish of Llanfurnach, and at Moriah, parish of Llanwinio, co. Carmarthen, 1834; a letter, 1834, to the Carmarthen journal by 'J. D. De Castelle', relating to lines in Latin transcribed from a paper among the books of the Reverend John Pughe of Motygido, Llanarth; accounts of dreams experienced by John Davies ('Siôn Gymro'), 1860-1882; a letter, 1842, to the Weekly Dispatch by J. Davies ['Siôn Gymro'], Llanfyrnach, replying to an attack on Christianity; poetry by Abel Williams, 'Toywr' 'near Castlewilia', and a hymn by W. Griffiths, Glandwr; etc.

Printed and graphic material in the volume includes verses entitled 'Hen Gapel Glandwr, Swydd Benfro', 1866, by W. H. James ('Gwallter Myrnach'), New Zealand, a native of Pontygavel, Llanfyrnach; an 'Outline of Plan' of the proposed University College of Wales, Aberystwyth, 1870; a notice of 'Cymanfa Myfyrwyr Hen Athrofa Neuaddlwyd', 1851, with a covering letter to J Davies from the Reverend William Evans, Aberaeron; verses by 'M.', Milford, entitled 'Lines, Addressed by a young Lady to the Rev. William Davies, of Pencaer, in the 81st year of his age, when addressing his Son, on his settlement at Neyland; and giving an account of the origin and progress of about 30 places of Worship in the English part of Pembrokeshire'; verses entitled 'Mae'r flwyddyn yn d'od: Pennillion ar glywed Bronfraith yn canu gerllaw, Chwefror 2, 1865' by [John Davies] ('S[ iôn] Llethi'); the Humble Petitions of Thomas Davies of Bankyfelin, parish of [Llan]fihangel-Abercowin, Carmarthenshire, 1829, and Thomas Davies of Cerrig-gwynion, parish of Llanarth, Cardiganshire, 1832, for relief as a result of the destruction of their properties by fire; an address, 1829, by H. Leach, Milford, to the Freeholders of the County of Pembroke, deploring the lack of tolerance shown by opponents of the Roman Catholic Relief Bill (together with a draft Welsh translation in the hand of John Davies ('Siôn Gymro') for publication in Y Dysgedydd); a prospectus of a school to be opened at St. Asaph by [the Reverend] Jonah Lloyd, 1826; a prospectus of the first number of Y Diwygiwr, 1 August, 1835; an appeal on behalf of the Welsh Independent Chapel,Manchester, 1829; an undated paper on 'Gweddio ar Eistedd' read by John Davies ('Siôn Gymro') at the Pembrokeshire Congregational Quarterly Meeting; hymns sung at the anniversary of Ivor Chapel Sabbath School [Dowlais], 1870; an undated biography of the Reverend John Griffiths (died 1811), Glandwr, by John Davies ('Siôn Gymro'), read at the centenary services of Pen-y-groes Congregational Church [1865]; a circular letter, 1880, in the name of M. D. Jones, Bala, announcing the death and burial of the Reverend R[obert] Thomas ('Ap Vychan'); in memoriam cards, 1870-1872; Regulations of University and King's College, Aberdeen, in granting degrees in Medicine, 1840, with a covering letter, 1842, from William Gregory to John Davies ('Siôn Gymro '); A Brief View of the Operations and Principles of Temperance Societies, published by the British and Foreign Temperance Society, 1834, and addressed to 'Revd. Mr. Davies, Glandore'; an issue of Band of Hope Review, April 1853; a proof sheet of a list of students of the Presbyterian College, Carmarthen, 1818-1869, with annotations in the hand of Principal W. J. Evans; press cuttings (Rhyl National Eisteddfod, 1892, portraits and photographs of ministers of religion, eminent personages, and of church buildings, a letter by Daniel Davies, Bethesda, Swansea, 1848, relating to the removal of the Normal College for Wales to Swansea and to the voluntary principle in education, poetry by 'Clwydwenfro' and 'S[iôn] Llethi', a sermon by J[ohn] D[avies] ('Siôn Gymro'), 1874, etc.); a map of the Roman Empire drawn by John Griffiths Davies, son of 'Siôn Gymro', and given by him to 'Clwydwenfro' before his apprenticeship to a draper at Narberth; a composite photograph of seventy Congregational ministers, together with a printed key ('Enwau y deg a thrugain'); and water-colour drawings by Lily James and Rose James, 1896.

James, J. Lloyd, 1835-1919

Amryw gerddi,

A miscellaneous collection of poetry including an incomplete 'pryddest' on the story of Kulhwch and Olwen written on the backs of sheets of a Birkenhead list of voters, 1876; a carol by D[avid] Lewis ('Ap Ceredigion'); a poem entitled 'Sion fy Nhaid' and a hymn by Henry Rowlands ('Henri Myllin'); a poem entitled 'Trefaldwyn' by J. R. Williams ('Tryfanwy'); poems entitled 'Gwlaw Sdiniog' and 'Cyfrinach y Tannau' by Robert Roberts ('Isallt'); an elegy on the death of Evan E. Owen, Assheton House, Ebenezer, 1883; a fragment of a song entitled 'Priodas yr Oen'; 'englynion' on Pont y Benglog taken from Tywysog Cymru, 15 Tach. 1832; English poems entitled 'The Burial of Abel', 'America', and 'Go Forward'; and selections from the writings of Rhys J. Huws written on the back of circulars relating to his Testimonial Fund, 1917.

Barddoniaeth a hen ddywediadau,

A small notebook containing hymn stanzas, verses on 'Y pla yn y flwyddyn 1849', lines of verse by W.B. 'sef William Bifan y Gadlys Plwyf Llanwnda' and Hugh Jones, ['Gwyndaf Ieuanc'] Penygroes, Llanwnda, and 'englynion' by [David Davies] 'Tremlyn', one to Evan Jones, Moria, 1890. At the reverse end are notes in the autograph of John Jones ['Myrddin Fardd'] headed 'Hen Ddywediadau - Gwerin-eiriau', with some press cuttings.

Barddoniaeth 'Dewi Wyn O Eifion', etc.

Poetical compositions by David Owen ('Dewi Wyn o Eifion'), including 'Cywydd am Fawredd [Jeh[ofa], 'Cywydd Cenfigen a chelwy[dd]', 'Englynion i Robert Davis o Nantglyn', 'Englyn i'r Llyfr A gasglwyd gan yr Unrhyw Robert Dav[ ]', 'Dau Benill ir unrhyw', 'Yr unrhyw Lyfr a Elwid Cnewyllyn Mewn gwisg I ba un y Canwyd fel y Canlyn', '[C]arol plygain yn dangos (?)C[rist yn] D[d]uw ag yn ddyn ...', 'Cerdd yn datgan rhan o gyffes pechadur ...], 'Carol plygain yn dangos mawr gariad crist Tu ag at Ddynion ...', 'Englyn i Dduw', 'Cywydd y Farn', 'Cerdd a gymerwyd allan o'r II Corinth pen V adn 10 ...', ['Awdl ar ryfeddol allu Duw'], 'Englyn i roi ar fedd ...', 'Dau englyn ynghylch Elfan y Bardd', 'Hymn ... yn dangos crist y Siampl i Ddyn', 'Hymn ... yn Dangos bodlondeb y Duwiol', 'Cerdd yn Annog i beidio a phechu ag i Droi yn ol At ras', 'Englyn I'r Iesu', 'Carol plygain yn dangos crist yn Trechu r Llygredd ...', 'Awdl ynghylch ysbrydol gariad', 'Englyn i ofyn maidd', 'Englynion mewn Perthynas i dd[ioddefaint] Ein Iachawdwr', and verses 'Tros Wilym Huw ... 1803'; verses entitled 'Midnight Thoughts' by D. W.; three holograph letters from D. Owen, Pwllhely and Gaerwen, one to John Thomas ['Siôn Wyn o Eifion'], Chwilog (an eisteddfod to be held at Tref Madoc, 20 September 1811), and two to Ebenezer Thomas, ['Eben Fardd'], Schoolmaster, Llanarmon, undated (D. Williams has indicated to John Nichols that he does not mean to finish the translation); holograph lines beginning 'Ow mrawd bach mawr yw dy boen ...' (cf. Cywydd y Bardd i'w anwyl frawd); englynion by [Hugh Evans] 'Hywel Eryri', composed after the death of 'Dewi Wyn o Eifion'; part of a letter from Morris Williams ('Nicander') to Ebenezer Thomas ('Eben Fardd') [13 October 1858]; press-cuttings relating to 'Dewi Wyn'; transcripts by John Jones ('Myrddin Fardd') of some of the foregoing compositions by 'Dewi Wyn' and of some from other sources; and a number of loose items, including a holograph letter from D. Owen ['Dewi Wyn o Eifion'], Gaerwen to the Reverend Thomas Parry, Bangor, 1839, together with a transcript (cf. Cwrtmawr MS 412), a letter from Ellis Anwyl Owen to John Thomas ['Siôn Wyn o Eifion'], Chwilog, 1841 (the date of baptism of David Owen ('Dewi Wyn'), and a request to the addressee with regard to the date of death of '- Parry Bach Solicitor'), a copy of Yr Araith Satanaidd ar Eglwysi Sefydledig a Degymau (Caernarfon: Josiah Thomas Jones, 1835), and a translation into Welsh by R. Ivor Parry of the will of David Owen ['Dewi Wyn o Eifion'], 13 June 1837.

Barddoniaeth William Pugh,

A volume of holograph poetry in strict and free metres by William Pugh, Llanfihangel [probably Llanfihangel yng Ngwynfa, Montgomeryshire]. The titles include '[Awdl] i annerch Griffith Lewis o'r Ty-bach y mhlwyf y Cemmaes Medi 7fed 1821'; 'Englyn L. J. O'r Blue bell Machynlleth'; 'Cerdd Newydd o fawl i Mr. Edward Lloyd o'r Ty'n-twll y mhlwyf Llanfyllin Pregethwr Cynorthwyol gyda Wesleyans ... Ebrill 4ydd 1821'; 'Englyn i Arweinydd Robert Davies o Nantglyn' [i.e., Arweinydd i'r anllythyrenog ..., 4th ed., Dinbych, 1820]; 'Hymn Newydd ... Ionawr 1af 1821'; 'Ychydig o ymddiddanion rhwng Eos wnfa [i.e., Thomas Williams, 'Eos Gwynfa'] a Rhaiadar am Briodi' (mutilated); 'Awdle o fawl i'r Parchedig John Davies Vicar Llanidloes am ei garedigrwydd a'i fedrysrwydd yn golygu dro[s] Ysgolion rhad Mrs. Beavan'; 'Cywydd [recte Awdl] i annerch William Roberts o'r Brynmoel Cemmaes o achos ei ddiogu yn awen-yddi ... Medi 20, 1821'; 'Marwnad David Williams Esqr o'r Gelligoch y'mhlwyf Machynlleth yr hwn ymadawodd a'r bywyd hwn Tachwedd 25 1821, yn 82 oedran'; etc. The following biographical note has been added in pencil at the end of the volume: 'his own writing William Pugh Brynllwydwyn Landowner & Poet about 100 years old, died about 40 years ago he was them [sic] between 80 & 90 years old when he died. The old Poets Owen Trefaldwyn Morris o fon &c used to stay with him'.


A volume containing 'englynion' and other poems mainly by Robert Davies ('Bardd Nantglyn'). Pages 1-60 are almost entirely in the hand of Robert Davies while the remainder of the volume is in that of William Owen [-Pughe]. In addition to the works of Robert Davies, some of which were published in his Diliau Barddas (Dinbych, 1827), the following poets are represented in the volume: W.O. [?William Owen-Pughe] (pp. 2-3), R. B. Clough (p. 86), W. Lleyn (p. 102), and ?Gwallter Mechain, [Walter Davies] (p. 125). Apart from 'englynion' the compositions of Robert Davies include: p. 23, a hymn beginning: 'Anturiaf Arglwydd yr awr hon . . .'; p. 24, 'Cyfieithiad o Emyn Martyn Luther', beginning 'Duw mawr! beth wyf yn weled draw? . . .'; pp. 27-31, 'Marwnad . . . Morys Roberts, Mab Mr. Thos. Roberts, Gynt o Lwynrhydol, yn Swydd Gaernarfon. 1811', beginning 'Och angeu! llywiawdwr llawdrwm . . .'; p. 35, 'Myfyrdod ar y Salm CXLI', beginning 'O brysia Arglwydd clyw fy lief . . .'; p. 39, 'Deuwch attaf fi bawb', beginning 'Clywch eneidiau blin crwydredig . . .'; p. 42, 'Gweddi'r Arglwydd', beginning 'Ein Tad, yr hwn wyt yn y nef . . .'; p. 45, 'Pedwar Tymhor y flwyddyn', beginning 'Tymhor hyfryd ydyw'r Gwanwyn - wrth drefn y rhod . . .'; and pp. 49-55, 'Cywydd coffa hen Ddefodau y Cymry &c Testyn y Gwyneddigion i Eisteddfod Gwent 1822', beginning 'Rhad anian, rho di ynof . . .'.

'Bardd Nantglyn' and William Owen-Pughe.


An imperfect draft of 'Awdl Amaethyddiaeth' by David Owen ('Dewi Wyn o Eifion'); 'Gweddi ac erfyniad Miss Amelia J. Clough pan oedd yn glaf ...' by Roger B. Clough, 2 July 1821; 'Cerdd a wnaed ar yr achlysur fod Bidulph wedi ennill y dydd ar Lloyd Kenyon i fynd yn aelod o'r senedd dros y Borough swydd Ddinbych', by Enoch Jones [1807]; 'Llinellau ar Rodney March' and 'englynion' by William Hughes, 'Pen y Bont wrth y felin, Llangwm'; 'Darlun y Parchedig John Williams Llansilin ...' by Jonathan Jones, Cefn Mawr, 1836; verses beginning:- 'Wrth hanes a thôn y siarad a'r sôn'; 'marwnad coffadwriaeth am Alsy Owenes ... o Lawr Cilan' by John Cain; 'englynion' by 'Alltud Eifion', 1862; 'englynion William Jones'; 'tribanau i'r ffon'; a hymn by Peter Llwyd; and 'englynion i'r Seren'.


A composite volume of three small notebooks containing 'cywyddau', 'englynion' and English verses by 'Sioseb Nerquis', with some 'englynion' by 'I. Ddu' and 'Merddin Wylts [sic] o Nerquis'; and transcripts by Mary Richards, Darowen, c. 1861, of Welsh metrical psalms and hymns by Thomas Roberts ('Philo Cadfan'), Joseph Marpole, William Jones, John Williams (Dolgellau), and anonymous compositions. One of the hymns, dated 1861, is in memory of the Reverend James Hamer 'Offeiriad Llanfihangel [yng Ngwynfa] a Discybl i David Harris [?Carno]'.

Barddoniaeth, etc.,

Miscellaneous papers including a holograph letter from W[illiam] Edwards ['Gwilym Padarn'], Llanberis, to [John Jones, 'Pyll Glan Conwy'], 1829 ('englynion' to Eos Padarn by John Rowland, Pentir, [Richard Parr]y, Llanllechid, and John Williams, Llanllechyd); holograph verses entitled 'Penillion ar ddyrchafael Crist' [by William Edwards, 'Gwilym Padarn']; 'Carol Plygain . . . 1807' by Griffith Williams ['Gutyn Peris'], Braich Talog; a hymn by John Parry, Llanelian; an 'englyn' by [Evan Evans] 'I. D. Conwy'; poetry by J. M. Jones ('Garmon') entitled 'Lines Addressed to Conway Castle', 1844, 'To Moel Siabod', 1856, 'St. David's Day', 1858, 'Sonnet On the marriage of R. R. Griffith Esq & Miss Read', 'A Postscript, not quite so orthodox as the Parson who gave cause for it', and 'Cigfrain Carreg Walch. Chwedl Addysgiadol, Seiliedig ar ffaith hanesyddol bendant, ac wedi ei chyfaddasu i'w dadganu yn Nghyfarfod blynyddol Boneddigesau Bettws y Coed, Calan 1866'; 'Y gogoniant yn ymadael o'r Deml', being an incomplete 'pryddest' submitted for competition at a St. David's Day eisteddfod at Bethesda, undated; verses entitled 'Yr Aelwyd'; and a few transcripts of 'penillion', 'Englynion o Fawl i Dduw', etc., in the hand of J. T. Evans.

Barddoniaith Hirlas

A composite volume almost entirely in the hand of Daniel Silvan Evans containing Welsh metrical translations of poetry by Felicia Dorothea Hemans, Helen Herbert (Aberaeron), Edward Verity (St David's College, Lampeter), Lord Byron, [Johann Wolfgang von] Goethe, etc. and original poetry by D. Silvan Evans, much of it dated at Llanover, Llanarth (Cardiganshire), St David's College, Lampeter, etc. during the period 1843-7; 'Telyn Cymru', being transcripts of poetry in free and strict metres by Thomas Lloyd Jones ('Gwenffrwd'), [John Jones] ('Tegid'), ?Ioan Blackwell ['Alun'], [Thomas Edwards] ('Caervallwch'), [William Owen-Pughe] ('Idrison') and [Daniel Evans] ('Daniel Ddu [o Geredigion]'); 'Selections of English Poetry' by Mary Howitt, Felicia Dorothea Hemans, [William] Knox, [David] Vedder, Letitia Elizabeth Landon (afterwards Mrs Maclean), A. M. G. (Cheltenham; translated from the Welsh of 'Tegid'), Reginald Heber, Mathew Gregory Lewis (from the German of Goethe), Miss [Maria Jane] Williams (Aberpergwm), Bernard Barton, Ambrose Barber (Wadham College, Oxford), [Thomas] Campbell, J. H. Merivale and Thomas Moore; a list of hymns selected for Christmas worship ('Emynau detholedig at Wasanaeth yr Eglwys. Nadolig'); a carol by D. Silvan Evans (sing at Llan ym Mawddwy, Christmas 1874); 'Emynau. Salmyddiaeth y Cyssegr', being hymns composed by D. Silvan Evans during the period 1864-5 (some sung at Llan ym Mawddwy, 1865-74); a hymn by [Morris Williams] ('Nicander'); etc. The spine is lettered 'Barddoniaith Hirlas'.

Evans, D. Silvan (Daniel Silvan), 1818-1903

'Bryn Calfaria',

  • NLW MS 12052C.
  • File
  • [1850] /

The holograph manuscript of the hymn-tune 'Bryn Calfaria' composed in 1850 by William Owen ('William Owen Prysgol').

Owen, William, 1813-1893

Caneuon a thonau,

  • NLW MS 11989A.
  • File
  • [19 cent.] /

A tune book of Griffith Williams, Griolen, Llanuwchllyn, containing songs, hymn-tunes, and anthems. Eight of the compositions are attributed, seven to J. D. Jones, Ruthin, and one to E. S. Jones. Two of the compositions are written to words by Samuel Roberts ('S. R.'), Llanbryn-mair, and one to words by (Lewis (or Llewelyn?) Edwards] 'Llewelyn Twrog'.

Williams, Griffith, Llanuwchllyn

Caniadau y Cyssegr a'r Teulu

Caniadau y Cyssegr a'r Teulu, Dinbych, 1878, with manuscript notes, biographical and bibliographical, by David Lewis, including biographical notes on Morris Davies, Mallwyd, B[enjamin] M[orris] Williams, Llandegai and William Owen, Prysgol.

Caniadau y Cyssegr,

  • NLW MS 9250A.
  • File
  • 1839-1871 /

A copy of Caniadau y Cyssegr (John Roberts) (Denbigh, 1839), with additional tunes in manuscript, 1839-1871.

Roberts, John, 1807-1876

Casgliad o Salmau a hymnau ...,

A volume containing what appears to be the original manuscript of Casgliad o Salmau a hymnau at wasanaeth yr addoliad cyhoedd, ac ymarger neilltuedig ... gan Morris Davies, Llanfyllin (Bala: Robert Saunderson, 1832). The list of errata ('Gwallau') is identical with that contained in the printed volume, but the following note occurs in the margin of the subject index ('Mynegai o'r prif Faterion cynnwysedig yn y Psalmau a'r Hymnau yn y casgliad hwn'): 'Please to alter the figures to correspond with the printed Book'. The references to the supplement '(Att[odiad]'), however, do not correspond to the 1832 edition or, in every case, to the second edition, which is fuller. The numbers in the index of first lines refer to the pages in the manuscript volume.

Cell-gasgl Sion Lleyn ...,

A small volume entitled 'Cell-gasgl Sion Lleyn, 1805', containing 'englynion' (chiefly epitaphs), stanzas in free metre including hymn stanzas, and one or two longer poems (e.g. 'Awdl ar Dosturi 1809' and 'Pillion i Dwm or Nant herwydd ei Lyfr, sef Ban y Byd - Creglais o Groglofft &c, 1809, Ebrill 27') by and in the autograph of John Roberts ('Sion Lleyn'). Other poets represented are Griffth Williams('Guttun Peris'), W. Elias and O[wen] Griffith. There is also a list of unfamiliar Welsh words ('Geiriau Cymraeg dieithrol yn amlwg'), with the following note: 'Hyn a gymerwyd o gasgliadau Thos Prys Esqur, Plas Iolun, a D. Ddu a S. Lleyn'. On p. 58 is the note 'Mai 11. 1812 Priodais' [see Cwrtmawr MS 510, p. 106].


  • NLW MS 22040A.
  • File
  • 1887-1903 /

Verses and hymns, 1887-1903, by the Reverend James Tegryn Phillips ('Iago Tegryn'), Hebron, co. Pembroke, together with a few biographical details concerning him.

Phillips, James Tegryn

Commonplace book of Ieuan Glan Geirionydd,

A commonplace book of Evan Evan ('Ieuan Glan Geirionydd'), with additions by William John Roberts ('Gwilym Cowlyd'). The volume contains extracts on the constitutional conflict between King Charles I and Parliament; a list of ratepayers of the parish of Christleton, Cheshire, 1835-6; lists of ecclesiastical impropriations in the dioceses of St Asaph and Bangor; rules of music ('Things prohibited', etc.); orders of the Trustees of Jno. Seller's Charity in Christleton, 1787; poetry by 'Ieuan Glan Geirionydd' ('A mi un diwrnod teg o Vai...') (dated 'Glan Llyn Geirionydd Mai 1853'); lists of benefices in the dioceses of St Asaph and Bangor arranged according to valuation (under £100, above £100 and under £200, etc.); lists of incumbents and 1st and 2nd wardens [of the parish of Ince, Cheshire], 1773-1846 (with gaps); a transcript of a bill of sale, by way of mortgage, of a saddler's stock-in-trade, book debts, household furniture, etc. in Llanrwst, 1871, together with a notice thereof to the bailiff of the county court of Denbighshire held at Llanrwst; gardening and orchard accounts and memoranda and plans of planting, 1843-7 and undated; an undated list of books sent to be rebound and repaired; a mortgage to the Blaenau Festiniog New Benefit Building Society of leasehold property along the road from Festiniog to Rhiwbryfdir, 1861; etc. The insets include an adjudication on 'englynion' by 'Gwilym Cowlyd'; and a transcript of a mortgage of lands in the parish of Gwytherin, Denbighshire, 1873. On the inside upper cover is written in pencil a hymn entitled 'Codiad y Wawr' ('Cydunwn yn awr...'). Watermark: 1826.

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