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Gruffydd, Owen, approximately 1643-1730
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Achau a barddoniaeth

Pedigrees of North Wales families copied by Jonathan Jones, Caernarfon and others from collections made by Owen Gruffydd, Llanystumdwy, together with cywyddau and englynion by Owen Gruffydd, Robert ap Rhys Wyn, Thomas Prys and Wiliam Llyn.

Achau saint ynys Prydain,

A small volume written by Edward Williams, 'Iolo Morganwg', and containing (a) 1-47, 'Achau Saint Ynys Prydain o Lyfr Thomas Hopcin o Langrallo' with a concluding note (p. 47) 'Myfi Iorwerth ap Iorwerth Gwilym a gymmerais hynn o Lyfr Mr Thomas Hopcin fy Ngharwr o Langrallo, yr hwn Lyfr ydoedd gwaith Thomas Ab Ifan o Dre Brynn ym Mhlwyf Llangrallo a ysgrifenwyd ynghylch y flwyddyn 1670 o hen Lyfrau ysgrifen' and (b) 48-111, 'Achau a Gwelygorddau Saint Ynys Prydain o Lyfr Thomas Truman o Bant Lliwydd' with a concluding note (p. 111) 'o Lyfr hir Thomas Truman o Bant Lliwydd a fuassai yn un o Lyfrau Thomas ab Ifan o Dre Brynn', followed (pp. 113-4) by an anecdote in the autograph of [William Owen Pughe] concerning Owen Gruffydd [the poet] and a few lines in the autograph of Iolo Morganwg headed 'Achau Saint. Ynys Prydain. O Lyfr Twm o'r Nant'. Written on the outside of the cover are the words 'Cwtta (?) bach' and 'For Carmarthen' in the autograph of Iolo Morganwg and 'Welsh MSS', 'Achau Saint, Lives of the Saints, Sent by Mr Owen 11 Augst 1840' and [Class] 'D' in a later hand or hands. This is probably the manuscript referred to in NLW MS 13126A, p. 70, as 'An[euri]n Owen's copy sold to the record Commission'.

'Iolo Morganwg' and William Owen Pughe.

Amrywiaeth gan 'Wilym Cowlyd'

Miscellanea by W. J. Roberts ('Gwilym Cowlyd') - notes on Welsh books, literary figures, the 'chart of Queen Elizabeth for holding the Caerwys Eisteddfod, 1568', 'Achau teulu Pentref y Foelas', extracts from a Welsh pedigree book by Owen Gruffydd in the possession of Owen Jones ('Meudwy Mon') (Wynnstay MS 6), a note of reservation of a right to the Glan Geirionydd Bardic Union to hold Gorsedd Meetings at the Taliesin monument in Glan Geirionydd, 1895; and a transcript of a book of medical recipes.

Gwilym Cowlyd, 1828-1904


'Cerddi', 'cywyddau' and 'englynion' by Huw Mor[y]s, Owen Gruffydd, Thomas Prys, Mathew Owen, Robert Dafydd Llwyd, Caleb Gruffydd, William Prichiart [or Pritchard], El[l]is Cadwaladr, Ritiart [?i.e. Richard] Barru, Thomas Buttry, Wi[l]liam Phylip, Elis Roberts, John Richiart [i.e. Richard], John Edwards ('O glun Ceiriog'), Thomas Edwards ('o'r tai yn rhos'), Richiart [i.e. Richard] Llwyd ('or Plas Meini'), Edward Parry, Rhys Wynn, Thomas Morus, Edward Mor[y]s, Siôn Tudur, R. Jones, Edmund Prys, Richard Hughes, Huw Machno, Morus Wynne, Thomas Lewis, Tudur Aled, John Parry, Lewis Cynllwyd, etc. in the autograph of Hugh Jones ('cowper').


Autograph poetry by Owen Gruffydd, John Roberts ('Sion Lleyn') and Thomas Williams ('Twm Pedrog').

Barddoniaeth a rhyddiaith,

  • Brogyntyn MS II.55 [RESTRICTED ACCESS].
  • File
  • [late 16 cent.]-[18 cent., first ½].
  • Part of Brogyntyn manuscripts

A composite manuscript of loose papers and fragments of manuscript volumes. It contains poetry and prose, mostly in Welsh, much of the poetry being addressed to the Owen family of Brogyntyn and Clenennau and other related families. Apart from a late-sixteenth century awdl by Wiliam Llŷn (ff. 57-58), the other items all belong between the first half of the seventeenth century and the first half of the eighteenth century.
Fragments apparently once part of books, some of which perhaps were never bound, are: a narrow folio of cywyddau and englynion by Mathew Owen, in the hand of Nathanael Jones (ff. 20-26), written not before 1656 (see ff. 24 verso-25), with autograph englynion added by Harri Howel (f. 20 verso) and by Nathanael Jones (f. 20 verso, 23); a folio manuscript containing cywyddau to Lewis Anwyl of Parc and his family, dated 1627-1636 (ff. 38-55), written by two good hands of the first half of the seventeenth century, one responsible for ff. 38-50 verso, the other ff. 51-55; a quarto manuscript with transcripts of poetry of the Gogynfeirdd (ff. 113-122; paginated 1-20), by a seventeenth-century hand similar to that of Morris Evans (cf. ff. 93-94, 123-141); pedigrees of Welsh royal lines, the Maurices of Clenennau, etc., in English (ff. 123-141; original foliation 1-12 survives), in the hand of Morris Evans (ff. 123-127 verso, 129-134 verso) and a second hand (ff. 128 recto-verso, 135-141); a narrow folio of canu brud attributed to Myrddin, Taliesin, etc. (ff. 178-186), written by Nathanael Jones, not before 1651 (ff. 182 verso, 183 verso 'aetatis suae a 21o Feb: 1650 27'); a folio manuscript of canu brud, mainly cywyddau, by Dafydd Llwyd and others (ff. 189-207), in a poor hand of the mid seventeenth century, probably that of Thomas Edwards to judge by pentrials on f. 196 verso, who refers to Tregeiriog (f. 199 verso) and 'Llanfylling fairings' (f. 207 verso); an octavo manuscript containing poems by Robin Clidro, etc., in a seventeenth or eighteenth century hand (ff. 210-219); and a folio manuscript of autograph cywyddau and englynion by Huw Morys, some addressed to William Owen and Sir Robert Owen (ff. 222-226 verso). Poetry written on loose papers includes autograph poems by Huw Morys (ff. 12-18), John Owens (ff. 59-71; f. 69 recto-verso may be his italic hand), Harri Howel (ff. 75-76 verso, 90 recto-verso), Owen Gruffydd (ff. 84-89, 230-231), William Phylip (ff. 97-98 verso), John Morgan, later vicar of Conwy (f. 101 recto-verso, the poem incomplete and anonymous, dated 1688, the hand his), Siôn Rhydderch, 1732 (ff. 104-105, 227-228), and Edward Lloyd, Brewis (f. 221 recto-verso). There are probable autograph poems by Edward Rowlant (ff. 72-74 verso, 79-80) and John Richard (f. 81), and possible autograph poems by 'J. Ll.' (f. 26 verso), Mathew Owen (ff. 77-78, 232 recto-verso), Siôn Roberts (ff. 91-92), Huw Cadwaladr (ff. 106-108) and 'R.C.' (f. 163). Other poetry is in the hands of Morris Evans (ff. 93-94) and 'Theo: Ro:' (ff. 152-154 verso). Also included is a letter, 1652, from the antiquary Meredith Lloyd to Thomas Vaughan, the alchemist and poet (ff. 1-3 verso), followed by a copy of Hanes Taliesin (ff. 5-10 verso). The 'Cywydd Marwnad i Mr William Owen o Borkynton' by Huw Morys, beginning 'Mae gwaedd oer lem Gweddw [yw'r wlad]', discussed in E. D. Jones, 'The Brogyntyn Welsh Manuscripts', National Library of Wales Journal, 7 (1951-2), 165-198 (pp. 186-189, 196-197), has not been found.

Barddoniaeth Owen Gruffydd, etc.

Five uniformly bound notebooks numbered 1-5 containing a collection made by John Jones ('Myrddin Fardd') of the poetical works of Owen Gruffydd, Llanystumdwy (d. 1730), transcribed from Peniarth MS 124 (see 502 and 505), NLW MS 799 and other sources (?NLW MSS 18 and 11816, etc.), together with some printed items and (in 503) a few 'englynion' by William Elias. The lists of contents at the beginning of 503 appear to relate to Cwrtmawr MS 467 and NLW MS 799 respectively.


  • NLW MS 10744B.
  • File
  • [18 cent.] /

A volume of 'carolau', 'cerddi', and 'englynion' by Owen Gruffydd, Llanystumdwy, Edward Morys, Perthillwydion, Thomas Edwards ('Twm o'r Nant'), Elis Rolant, Mr. Elis Elis, 'Aulodau gwir Eglwus Louger', Ellis Roberts ('y cowper'), Huw Morys, Pontymeibion, Reinallt ap Gronw, Hugh Jones ('Huwceun s Jon'), Jane ach Kadwaladr, Hugh Hughes ('Y Bardd Coch o Fôn'), and Thomas William 'o'r Cwrtt', in the hand of Hugh Jones, cowper, of Henllan.

Jones, Hugh, 'cowper'


A volume containing two collections of transcripts of poetry, with copious annotations, in the hand of Owen Williams ('Owain Gwyrfai'), Waunfawr. The first collection, entitled 'Llwyn y Gell', includes 'cywyddau', etc. by Gruff. Llwyd ab Dafydd ab Einion, Dafydd Pennant, Aneirin Gwawdrydd, Dafydd ab Gwilym, Lewis Môn, Rhys Goch Eryri', 'N.', Sion Cent, Sion Tudur, Gwilym ap Ieuan hen, Bedo Aerddren, Hugh Hughes ('Y Bardd Coch o Fôn'), Llywelyn ab Gutun, Gruffydd ab Ieuan ab Llywelyn Vychan, Syr Owain ab Gwilym ('Person Tal y llyn'), Hywel ab Dafydd ab Ifan, Thomas Prys o Blas Iolyn, Owen Gwyn[e]dd, Deio ab Ieuan Du, Tudur Penllyn, Iolo Goch, Llewelyn ab y Moel, Tudur Aled, Madog Benfras, Dafydd Nanmor, Sion Philip, Bedo Brwynllys, Lewis Menai, Gruffydd Grug, Syr Dafydd Trefor ('Person Llanallgo a Llaneugrad'), Dafydd ab Owain, Ieuan Tew brydydd, Dafydd Llwyd ysgolaig, Dafydd Llwyd [ap Llywelyn ap Gruffydd] and Hugh Arwystl; lists of titles and of first lines of poems by individual authors in the Lewis Morris MSS in the British Museum, taken from Y Greal, 1805-7, and from the scribe's own manuscripts; and lists of contents of 'Llyfr y Parch. O[wen] J[ones, 'Meudwy Mon'] Manchester', 'Llyfr Hir Bodadden', and 'Llyfr Byr Bodadden'. The sources used by the scribe for his transcripts of poems include 'L[l]yfr ysgrif Eiddo Mr. Owen Roberts gynt o Bentraeth Mon', 'L[l]yfrau Owen Gruffydd Llanystumdwy', and '[L]lyfrau M.S. pwdredig eiddo Mr. Jonathan Jones, Colector of Carnarfon 1855'. At the beginning is a list of poets whose titles were taken from Y Greal and a list of titles of poems transcribed in full. The collection was compiled during the period 1855-9, although the fly-leaf bears the scribe's name dated 1863. The second collection, beginning at the end, is entitled 'Y Gell Gynen, ('herwydd canau cynen sydd ynddo') and contains fliting poems ('ymrysongerddi') between Edmwnt Prys and William Cynwal and Sion Philip and Edmunt Prys, together with additional 'cywyddau' by Edmunt Prys. This section of the manuscript was compiled between 1844 and 1846, but there are some additions of the period 1859-61. Recorded on the upper end paper are timber purchase accounts of Owen Williams, 1844-5. The manuscript is lettered on the spine 'Owain Gwyrfai MS'.


A small collection of miscellaneous poetry transcribed by 'G. R.' including 'Englynion Duwiol ar amryw destynneu' by Robert Pritchard; 'englynion i ddeuddeg mis y flwyddyn'; 'Coffadwriaeth am y Pencerdd celfyddgar Ellis Cadwaladr or Edeirnion yn Meirionydd' by John Jones; 'Cywydd i anerch William Elias' by Gronwy Owen; and poems attributed to Taliesin, Dafydd ap Gwilym (englyn), and Owen Gryffydd.

'G. R.'


'Carolau' and 'cywyddau' by Siôn Tudur, Doctor Powel, Ellis [ab] Ellis, Edward Wynn, Owen Gruffydd, Huw Mor[y]s, Margaret Davies, William Pierce Dafydd, Mrs Morgans, Dafydd Manuel, Robert Humphreys, William Jones, Mathew Owen, Arthur Jones, Ellis Cadwaladr, William Wynn ('o Ragad'), David Vaughan, John [Sion] Cadwaladr, Ellis Roberts and Hugh Jones ('o Langwm'); 'englynion'. Part of the volume is in the autograph of Margaret Davies, Coedcaedu, Llanfachreth, Merioneth.


  • NLW MS 10870B.
  • File
  • [1766x1790] /

An incomplete miscellany, in the form of three unbound volumes, of free- and strict-metre poetry (including illustrative extracts), compiled by David Thomas ('Dafydd Ddu Eryri') under the title of 'Golwg a'r Parnassus, a Helicon, Sef, Casgliad neulltuol, neu Bigion Dewisol Allan o Waith Prif feirdd neu Brydyddion yr oesoedd, sef y Rhannau hyny o'u Gwaith na ymddangosodd yn argraphedig Hyd yn hyn ond mewn hen Sgrifeniadau, yn Englynion A chywyddau. yn Ddwy Rann; un yn Ddigrifol ar llall yn ddifrifol. O Gascliad, Dewi, ab Thomas, Waunfawr. A Sgrifenwyd yn y flwyddyn 1781'. The preface ('Rhagymadrodd at y Darllenydd') indicates both the period and partly the source of the volume: 'Y Darnau canlynol o Brydyddiaeth a Sgrifennwyd Gennyf yn fy Ieuenctyd, Pan ddechreuais Gyntaf Gael blas, ar farddoniaeth Reolaidd Ac yn ol fy nhŷb i, y Pryd hwnnw, maent yn Brif orchestwaith, Pigion, neu oreuon, Gwaith yr hen Feirdd ... Yr a adsgrifennais wrth ymdeithi[o] yn ddamweiniol, heibio'r lleoedd yr oeddynt iw gweled fel y Gwelwch yn Enwau'r Eglwysydd'. The poets represented include Rhichard Phylip; Maredudd ap Rhys; David Thomas ('Dafydd Ddu Eryri'); Hugh Hughes ('Y Bardd Coch o Fôn') (1766); Huw Morys; Siôn Cent; William Phylip; Elis Roberts; Dafydd ap Gwilym; Siôn Phylip; Bedo Brwynllys; Tudur Aled; Gruffudd Hiraethog; Siôn Brwynog; Siôn Tudur; Edward Morys; Owen Gruffydd; and Siôn Mawddwy. The titles include 'Englynion i Sir feirionydd'; 'Englynion Iw gosod ar fedd Huw Jones o Langwm ...'; and 'Englyn i Hugh Lloyd Cynfel'. Additions in other hands include some music scores of carol tunes and calligraphic exercises.

Thomas, David, 1759-1822


A transcript by William Jones ('Bleddyn'), Llangollen, formerly of Beddgelert, of 'cywyddau' and 'englynion' by Dafydd ap Gwilym, Iolo Goch, Dafydd ab Edmwnd, Tudur Aled, Guto'r Glyn, Tudur Penllyn, Syr Rhys o Garno, Sion Cent, Maredudd ap Rhys, Lewis Glyn Cothi, Llawdden, Robin Clidro, Sion Tudur, Wiliam Cynwal, Wiliam Llŷn, Edmwnd Prys, Simwnt Fychan, Sion Brwynog, Owain Gwynedd, Gruffudd ab Ieuan ap Llywelyn Fychan, Thomas Prys, Sion Prys ('o'r Gerddinen'), Edwart ap Raff, Rhys Ednyfed, Thomas Evans, Huw Arwystli, Watcyn Clywedog, Sion Dafydd Lâs [John Davies], Owen Gruffydd, Dafydd Gwyne, Dafydd Jones ('Ficer Llanfair Dyffryn Clwyd'), Gruffudd Hiraethog, Ieuan Deulwyn, Hywel ap Dafydd ab Ieuan ap Rhys, Inco Brydydd, Gruffudd Gryg, Ellis Rowland and Hywel ap Rheinallt; 'englynion'.

Bleddyn, 1829?-1903


Transcripts by Ioan Pedr from manuscripts of Robert Jones (Tydu, Cwmglanllafar) and John Jones ('Myrddin Fardd') of 'cerddi' and 'cywyddau' by David Jones ('Dafydd Sion Siams'), Elis Roberts, Thomas Edwards ('Twm o'r Nant'), Hugh Jones (Llangwm), John Thomas (Pentrefoelas), Rice Hughes ('o Ddinam'), Owen Gruffydd, Robin Ddu, Dafydd Gorlech, John Roger, Mor[y]s ab Ieuan ab Einion, Thomas Prys, Gruffudd Hiraethog, Siôn Tudur, Guto'r Glyn, Llywelyn Goch ap Meurig Hen, Gruffudd Gryg and Dafydd ap Gwilym.

Ioan Pedr.


  • NLW MS 593E.
  • File
  • [17 cent.]-[18 cent.].

'Cywyddau' and 'englynion' by Ellis Rowland, Syr Dafydd Trefor, Thomas Prys, John Davies, Siôn Tudur, Edward Morus, Rowland Price, Wiliam Phylip, Gruffudd Prys, Owen Gruffydd, Dafydd ap Gwilym, Cadwaladr Cesel, John Roger, Huw Morus, Dafydd Manuel, Richard Abram, Mathew Owen, Edward Williams, William Wynn, Margaret Davies, Rhys Jones, Hugh Hughes, and E[dward] Wynne, [Gwyddelwern].

Prys, Thomas, 1564?-1634

Barddoniaeth, &c.,

  • NLW MS 11816B.
  • File
  • [1600x1899].

An incomplete volume (ff. 1-85, 176-243) consisting largely of 'cywyddau' and 'englynion' by Sion Kent, Sion Tudvr, Grvffydd Grvg, Meredith ap Rees, Will'm ap Sion ap D'd, Gruff' Hiraethog, Will'm Llynn, Huw Arwistl, D'd ap Edmwnd, D'd ap Gwilim, Rob't Leiaf, Rys Goch or Yri, Mastr Hari, Ifan Tew Brydydd, Gytto Glyn, Sion Philipp, Roger Kyffyn, Ievan Fychan, Sr. Davydd Trevor, Tudur Penllyn, Rowland Fychan, Tomas Prys, Evan Tudvr Owen, Ievan Brydydd Hir, William Elias, Tudur Aled, Gruff' ap Ievan, Rys Pennarth, Bedo Aerdrem, Bedo Brwynllys, Iolo Goch, Ellis Rowland, Howel ap D'd ap Ievan ap Rys, D'd Namor, D'd Ddv o Hiraddvc, Lewys Glyn Kothi, Howel ap Ievan ap Rys, Owen Gruffydd, Michael Prichard, Edmwnd Price, Hughe ap Ed'd Lloyd, Rice Kain, Richard Hughes, [Richard Davies] 'Escob Dewi', Ed'd Maelor, Ievan ap Tudvr Penllyn, Harrie Howell, Sion Kain, and Robin Ddv. Towards the end of the volume there are short texts such as 'englynion' in Latin, 'llyma gas bethav Owain Kyveiliog', 'xxiiij gwell', 'Geirie gwir Taliesin', triads, proverbs, the nine grades of kinship, medical recipes, 'Llyma henwau y pedair Caingc ar ddeg Cydwgan a Cyhelyn', and 'Henwau'r pedwar Gosdeg Cerdd dannau'. The greater part of the manuscript was written in the seventeenth century; but there are additions and marginal notes to the nineteenth century. There is an index ('Tabl y llyfr') to ff. 1--76, in a seventeenth century hand. Between ff. 4 and 6 are inserted two leaves (pp. 129-30, 135-6) of David Jones (Trefriw) (ed.): Cydymaith Diddan (Caer Lleon [1766]).

Barddoniaeth, etc.

A manuscript largely in the hand of Mary Richards, Darowen containing 'Llyma ddeall y pader ynghymraeg' ('o lawysgrifen ar femrwn cyn 1600'); 'Copi o Ramadeg Gymrae[g] rhai a ddywed Gramadeg Coronwy Owain y dechreu yn eisie'); 'cywyddau', 'englynion' and some 'penillion' by Robin ddu, Dafydd Gorllech, Guttun Owain ('Meredith ab Rhys medd eraill'), Sion Philip, Sypyn Cyfeiliog, Edmund Prys, William Philip, Howel Bedo, Owen Gryffudd, Edward Morys, Owen Robert, Hugh Morys, William Elias, Dafydd ap Gwilim, John Rogers, Ifan Tew Brydydd and Bedo Brwynllys, and anonymous poetry, the greater part of the poetry by Owen Gruffydd and copied 'o Lyfyr Owen Gruffydd'; there are later verses by 'Dewi ab Ioan', (Blaen Afon), David Charles [Carmarthen], Thomas Jones (Maes y Cerndi), J. Blackwell ['Alun'] and [David Richards] ('D[ewi] Silin'); and a copy of a letter from W[alter] Davies ['Gwallter Mechain'], 1817 (the establishment in Montgomeryshire of an Auxiliary Society in aid of the British and Foreign Bible Society). The manuscript is in the form of two books, of which one was partly used, c. 1820, by 'J. H. M. L.' to record 'Adnotationes quaedam admodum miscellaniae', including a list of titles of Welsh airs, a list of Welsh expressions and their English equivalents and notes on the accidence of the Welsh language. Used as the upper end paper is a fragment of an 18th century answer of Christopher Welcker the elder, one of the defendants to the bill of complaint of Wm. Sherlock and Frances, his wife, and James Blundell and Mary, his wife, complainants.

Barddoniaeth, etc.,

A folio volume, the contents of which consists mainly of transcripts, in a variety of hands, of Welsh verse in strict metre, including 'cywyddau' and 'englynion' by Tho[mas] lloyd Ienga, Cad[wala]dr Thomas, W[illia]m Phillip, Huw Lloyd Cynfel, John Davies, Owain Griffith, Robert Humphrey (y prydydd bach), John Richart, Davydd lloyd llewelyn ap Gruffyth (o fathafarn), Gutto'r Glynn, Davyd Nanmor, Lewis Môn, Theodor (Tydur) Aled, Robin ddu ap sianckin Bledrydd, Hugh Machno, John Phylyp, Gruffyth Phylip, Richard Kynwal, Ievan llwyd, John Owenes, Philip Jo[h]n Philip, Rys Cain, Jo[h]n V[ augha]n (Caergai), David Davies, Edm[wnd] Prys, and D[avi]d Lloyd ap Will[ ia]m. There is also some Welsh verse in free metre by Rowland Vaughan (Caer Gai). Other items include copies of a rental of chief rents issuing to the crown out of the hundred of Ardydwy ywch artro, and out of Isartro [co. Merioneth], 1623, and of a rental of assize rents in the vill of Llanaber [co. Merioneth], 1637; pedigrees of the families of Anwyll [of Park, parish of Llanfrothen, co. Merioneth], Wynn [of Gwydir, co. Caernarvon], and Wynn [of Maesyneuadd, parish of Llandecwyn, co. Merioneth ]; maternal pedigrees of several North Wales families; a copy of 'The message of king Hen[ry] the seventh, as he was on his march to Bosworth field, to John ap Meredith, as it is in Edward Puleston's Bk.'; a memorandum, 1676, by Robert Wynne, of a lease of lands called Moel y Glo to Gruff Owen; and a few lines of English and Latin verse.

Berriew Bible Society minute book; transcripts by Mary Richards

A minute book of the Berriew branch of the Montgomeryshire Auxiliary of the British and Foreign Bible Society, 1818-20, together with lists of subscriptions and donations, 1818-25, and an account of Bibles distributed in the parish, 1819-23. The volume was subsequently used by Mary Richards to record poetry in strict and free metres ('englynion', 'cywyddau', etc.) by Ellis Roberts (Llanddoget), Dafydd Thomas (Llanfyllin), Robert Dafydd (Nantglyn), J. Robert (Hersedd), [William Williams] 'Gwilym Caledfryn', Owen William ([Waunfawr] Caeryn Arfon), [Robert Parry] 'Robin Ddu [Eryri]' (Carnarfon), W[illiam Ellis] J[ones] '[Gwilym] Cawrdaf', Isaac Llwyd, J[ohn] A[thelstan] O[wen] ('Bardd Meirion'), John Blackwell ('Alun'), 'D. Huw Cynwyd', E[van] E[vans] ('[Ieuan] Glan Geirionydd), W. Edwards (Corwen), [John Davies] 'Brychan', [John Jones] 'Myllin', Sion Tudur, Lewis Mon, Mathew Owen, Owen Gryffyth, [Morris Jones] 'Meuric Idris', ?Edward Davies, ?Lewis Hughes, Aneurin Owen, David Richard ('[Dewi] Silin') W[alter] D[avies] ('Gwallter Mechain') and Robert Parry (Eglwysfach), and anonymous poems; letters from Jno. Owen [curate of] Llanlligan to T[homas] Richard[s], Llan y Mowddwy, 1786 (the possibility of receiving charitable donations, a request for a sermon, articles left by the writer at Llanuwchllyn and Nantglyn) (original letter in Cwrtmawr MS 1043), Richa[r]d Owen, Hendre Gadog to O. Williams, Bwlch, Pentraeth, 1811 (enclosing a translation into Welsh by Goronwy Owen of 'The lass of the brow of the Hill', a wedding ?at Plas Gwyn, personal), Hugh Thomas, London to John Edward, Llan y Mowddwy, 1798 (the death of the recipient's son John), 'Myfyr Nan[t]glyn' to D[avid] Richard[s] '[Dewi] Silin'), undated (poetry by the writer), [Rev.] John Humphreys, Cilyllwyn [Bodfari] to R[ichard] Richards, Caerwys, 1826 (statistics of Nonconformist membership in Liverpool, Manchester, Chester and London), Owen William [?'Owen Gwyrfai'], Waunfawr to [ ], 1845 (a request for a Madam Bevan school, with references to B[recte P.] B[ailey] Williams and [David Thomas] 'D Ddu o Eryri'), D. Hughes to D[avid] Richards, Llansilin, undated (the formation of a Branch Bible Society), Thomas Jones, Castell to T[homas] Richards, Darowen, 1835 (the payment of county rate for the hundred of Mowddwy), etc.; a statement of 'The Crown of England's Title to America', based on the discovery by Prince Madog ab Owen Gwynedd; numerical tables of sermons left by Lewis Richards, Llan Erful and Richard Richards, Caerwys, arranged under each book of the Bible; directions to apply on behalf of a blind person for an annuity of £10 from the charity of John Merlot, alderman of the city of Bristol; etc. Some of the 'cywyddau' are said to have been transcribed from a manuscript of Owen Gryffydd [Llanystumdwy].

Englynion, &c.,

A volume of 'englynion' and a few 'cywydd' couplets in the hand of David Jones, Trefriw ('Dewi Fardd a 'sgrifenodd y Mydrlyfr hwn'). Among the poets represented are Lewis alias Llewelyn Glyn Cothi (1450), David Jones ('o Drefriw'), Sion Tudur, Edward Morris (1688), Alis ych Ruffydd, Ambrose Burchinshaw, Edward Evans, Robt. Llwyd, Dafydd Nanmor, D[afydd] ap Edmund, Evan Tho[mas] ('or Nilig'), Hugh Morris ('ynghastell y Waun'), Gr. ap Ieu. ap Lln. fychan, Ieuan Brydydd Hir, Huw ap Ifan ap Robt., Sion ap Robert ('o Juwch Aled'), Richard Hughes ('or Henfryn'), D[afydd] ap G[wilym], Tho. Prys, J. D., Richd. Davies ('Esgob Dewi', 1561), Sr. John Trefor, Edm. Prys, Sion Phylip, Richd. Phylip, Sion Clywedog, John Evan (1649), Sr. Dai. Llwyd ['Deio Ysgolhaig'], Sr. Ifan, Morris Dwyfech, Howell ap Matthew (1588), Moris Pari, Lewis Lleyn, Inco Brydydd, Rowland Wynne, Watcin Clowedog, Robin Ragad, Roger Cyffin, R[obin] Ddu, John Evans ('or Ysgwyddfrith'), Hugh Jones ('o Gaer Drudion', 1744/5), John Ridd[erch], Owen Griffydd, Sr. Rys, Richd. Thomas (Pen machno), Morris Roberts, Harry Howel, Sion Cain, Ieuan Llwyd Tudur, Sion ap Edward Grythor, Tho. Evans, Rissiard Cynwal, Tho. ap Ifan, Huw Machno, Gryffydd Phylip, John Thomas, Howel ap Sion Evan (1627), John Roberts ('Book binder', 1722), Tho. Morris ('or Ddôl'), John Richard, Rowland Fychan, John Prichard, Matthew Owen, Wiliam Phylib, Robert Wynn, Elsbeth Evans ('o Ruddlan'), Wm. Cad[wala]dr ('Clochydd Caer y Drudion'), John Edwards, Richd. Morris ('y Telyniwr'), etc. A few Latin 'englynion' have been included in the margins, as well as an ' englyn' by J. Williams, 1801.

David Jones and others.

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