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Beethoven, Ludwig van, 1770-1827
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Tune-books of the Reverend Evan Lewis, Brynberian, consisting largely of hymntunes, psalm-tunes, and anthems by D[avid] James, Brynberian (partly in his own hand), Martin Luther, Jo. Smith, R. Engleburt, Dr. [John] Randall, E. Blanks, Rippon, R. Keene, D. Richards, [David Jenkin Morgan], [ J. Williams], [ ] Arnold, J. Edwards, Llangadock, [Ludwig van] Beetho[v] en, Dr. Cope, [ ] Clarke, Thomas James, J[ohn] Evan, Pencareg [near Lampeter], W. Harries, Castellnedd, Wm. Evans, T. Jarman, John Roberts ('Ieuan Gwyllt'), D. Harries, 'ger Pencader', [John] Fawcett, [ ] Hendon, [William Owen, Prysgol], etc., together with compositions extracted from 'Casgliad Roberts' and from Juvenile Magazine, 1840, the words of hymns, airs, etc., and notes on the theory of music. The majority of the compositions were recorded during the period 1844-9, but there are additional items dated to the year 1881.

Evan Lewis.


A volume of dance and other music by Joseph Labitzky, Ludwig van Beethoven, Sigismund Neukomm, Theodor Döhler, Guiseppe Verdi, Felix Mendelssohn, Josef Lanner, Henri Rosellen, Louis Antoine Julien, etc., and a hymn to words by [Charles] Wesley.


An early nineteenth century volume whose contents are described on a paper label on the upper cover as 'Harp Music & Songs'. The titles include 'Arietta' by [?Michele] Mortellari, 'Swedish Air', 'Zephir', 'Sicilian Muleteer's Song', 'Accompanyment to Portuguese Air', 'Irish Air', 'Indian Dirge', 'German March', 'March', 'Romance' by [Étienne Nicolas] Méhul, 'Additional variations to Llangollen Vale', 'Gently touch the Warbling lyre', 'Cudyn Gwyn', 'Codiad yr Haul', 'Plygaid y bedol', [ ] by [John] Parry [of Ruabon], 'Welsh Air with Variations', 'Wallace' by [ ] Weippert, 'Llangollen Vale' by [ ] Tomlins, 'Savourna Delish' by [ Johann Bernhard] Logier, 'Rousseau's dream', [ ] 'From Lord Lothian', 'Rest weary Traveller' ('var: Kiallmark'), 'Ah pria the l'impegno' by [Joseph] Gelinek, 'On this Cold flinty rock', 'Arietta Romana', 'A rose tree in full bearing' (variations by Meyer), 'Count Sax's Minuet', 'Meillionen or Sir Watkins Delight', 'Ysgin Aur', 'Rhyban Morfydd' ('Gosteg or Prelud[e]'), 'Megen a Gollodd ei gardas', 'Rondo pour la Harpe', 'Das Mädchen', 'Air in Alonzo & Imogene', 'Dance', 'Meillionen', 'Pray Goody', 'Hoffder y Gwyneddigion', 'Oh no we never mention her', 'Dunque non sentj O Barbara', 'My lodging is on the cold ground', 'Air-Count Neuburg', 'Bugle Tune', 'March', 'Sweet Richard', 'Adagio' (Mora's Love), 'Grand March in Didone' by [Michele] Mortellari, 'Caingc Llywelyn', 'Brown Irish Girl', 'My Heart & Lute', 'La Poisonniere', 'Der Tippich Kramer', 'Fly not yet', 'Go where Glory waits thee', 'La cidarem la mano' by [Wolfgang Amadeus] Mozart, 'Pastoral Sinfonia' by [Ludwig van] Beethoven, 'Romance from the Opera of Joseph' by Mehul, 'The Legacy', 'Largo Lee', 'Twas within a mile of Edinburgh town', etc.


An early nineteenth century music book containing a selection of vocal and instrumental pieces. The titles include 'La Notte. Arietta italiana', 'Ebben per mia memoria' by [Gioacchino Antonio] Rossini, 'Louise de Chimay ', 'Minuet and Rondo by Mr. Gwynne' ('Welsh'), 'Lady Alda's Dream' by Mrs . [ ] Arkwright, 'Serenade', 'Lesson' by [John] Parry [of Ruabon], 'Chorus from Iphigenia' by [Christoph Willibald Ritter von] Gluck, 'The Maltese Mariner's Hymn', 'Mac Lean's Welcome' ('from the Gaelic'), 'Mrs. Garden of Trrup's Strathspey', 'Winter's Song. Words & music by [ ] Bayly', 'Parry's lesson', 'Garth's Rondo', 'The Dusty Miller', 'Lady Shaftsbury', 'Hymmo Constitucional', 'The Coronach' by [ ] Clarke, 'Tyrolienne', 'Trio', 'La Burasca', 'Canzone' by [Giuseppe] Millico, 'Lady Mary Ramsays Strathspey', 'Countess of Lauderdales reel', 'New rigged ship ', 'Era felice un di' by [ ] Mayer, 'La Partenza', 'March of the 4th Dragoon Guards', 'Russian Waltz', 'Austrian Lindler', 'Waltz', 'Quadrille ', 'Vien qua Dorina bella', 'March' by Count Neuberg, [ ] from 'Mose in Egitto' [by Rossini], 'Minuet in the Ballet of Nina', 'Preciosa' by [Carl Maria von] Weber, 'Heu, Heu, reicht mir Nectar' by [Sigismund] Neukomm, 'Das Heimweh', 'Duo', [ ] by G. Prescentini, [ ] by [Giacomo Gotifredo] Ferrari, 'Gallopade', 'Galloppe', 'Waltz' by P. ?Upsilanti, 'Trio', 'Waltz' by Miss [ ] Smith, 'Song of Peace' by W[illiam] Carnaby, ' 133d Psalm' by Neukomm, 'Hymn for Midnight', [ ] by [Johann Friedrich] Edelman[n], 'Old English Melody', [ ] by [Johann Nepomuk] Hummel, 'The Highland Widow', 'O the gusto' ('Barcarole'), 'Lied in der Fremde' by Weber, 'Thekla' by [Johann Rudolf] Zumsteeg, 'Thekla eine Geistnstimme' by [ Friedrich Ludwig) Seidel, 'Nehmt euch in acht' by [Vincenzo] Righini, 'Les premiers Amours' by N[icolo] d'Isouard, 'Twilight' ('Welsh'), [ ] by [ Ludwig van] Beethoven, 'Rode's Air', 'Theme Allemand' by [ ] Künten, 'Vien diletto è in ciel la Luna' from 'I Puritani' by [Vincenzo] Bellini, 'Su questa man concedi' from 'U[ltimo] G[iorna] de Pompeii' by [Giovanni Pacini], 'Dans la prairie fraiche et fleurie', 'Double chant', [ ] by W[ illiam] Jackson, 'Psalm 145' (emended to 15), 'Valse', 'Funeral March in Saul', 'March' by [Henri] Herz, 'Ah Dove Sei', 'Tyrolienne', 'Round' by [ ] Bononcini, 'Minuet in Ariadne' by [George Frederic] Handel, 'Valse compose par le Baron Seymour de Constant', 'Waltz' by Beethoven (emended to [Franz] Schubert), 'A Greek Air' (words by Lord Byron), 'The Fairy Bells' by Mrs. [ ] Norton, 'Weber's last song', [ ] by J[oseph] P[ hilip] Knight, 'Y Gadlys', 'Y Ferch o'r Sker', 'Con quel occhietto' by [ Giuseppe Marco Maria Felice] Blangini, 'I come creeping', 'Our Mother's voice' by Mary Selwyn, 'The Hermitage' by [ ] Drobisch, 'Canzonet' by Capt. Harington, 'Hindostanee Air' (words by W. Kennedy), 'The Song of other times', 'Duettino' by Blangini, 'Jenny Jones', 'Waltz' by Beethoven, ‘'Deutches Rheinlied' by Nicholas Becken, 'Morning Hymn' by F[rangois Hippolyte] Bartheleman, 'In mia man Alfin to sei', 'Duet. Norma' by Bellini, 'Galoppe from the Daughters of the Danube', 'Oh the merry days', 'Monferino' ('Guitar Music'), 'Rondo', 'Words from Woodstock' by Mrs. Arkwright, 'The Song of Phillipa Cahigel of Badajos', 'Lebe Wohl', etc. On the fly- leaves are English words to 'Glan meddwdod mwyn' and to the old Scotch air of 'He's dear to me tho' he's far away'.


A composite volume of manuscript and printed music. The manuscript portion, compiled during the first half of the nineteenth century, comprises dances, airs, etc., of which the titles are 'Ruth' by Miss Davies ('E. L. C. Aug. 1840'), 'Canzonetta Veneziana' by Gio. Batta. Perucchini, 'Death Song of the Cherokee Indian', 'Hopswaltze' by [ ] Meyer, 'Lady Bruce' by [ ] Weippert, 'Waltz', 'Christmas Carol' ('Russian Air'), 'Geschwind Walzer', 'Walzer', 'Cottillon', 'Mary Anne's Waltz', 'Modinha', 'When thro' Life . . .' by R. Broadley, 'When forc'd to part . . .' [by R. Broadley], 'Air for the Harp' by James Meyer, senior, 'Serch Hudol', 'Venetian Rondo', ‘'Welsh [air]', 'Lesson' by [ ] Meyer, 'Breuddwyd y Frenhines', 'Brave Jonathan his bow ne'er drew' ('Oratorio of Saul' by Handel), 'Waltz' by [Ludwig van] Beethoven, 'Mazurka', 'Paul Garat', 'Waltz' by [Wolfgang Amadeus] Mozart, 'Wálecná, Pjsen pro Ceskau obranu', 'Pedal March' ('in imitation of a band marching thro' a town'), 'Imogen', 'Waltz', 'Slingsby' s Allemande', 'Lady Sutherland's reel' ('M[ary] T[hereza] T[albot]'), 'The Perthshire Hunt', 'The College Hornpipe', 'Garthland's Strathspey', 'The Tank', 'Mrs. McLeod of Raza', 'Awake my soul . . .', 'The Cosack', 'The Villagers', 'Danse A la Cosaque', 'Miss Flora Steibelt', 'The retreat', 'General Graham's Victory', 'Over the sunny hills I stray . . .', 'La Terza ', 'Bradalbaine's farewell to Ireland', 'The Broom of ?Cowden Brown', 'Prussian Waltz', 'An Irish Air', 'My Grandmothers hop', 'Diniweudruydd Colomen', 'A Welsh Air' ('Planxty Jane'), 'Lesson' (3), 'African Song', 'Waltz', 'Ecossaizer Waltz', 'The Rose of Aberdeen', 'Chartreuse', 'The Glen of Gorbaul', 'The Pampluna Waltz', 'Austrian Military Waltz', 'Albanian Waltz', 'Montpellier Waltz', 'Alpine Waltz', 'Slow March', 'Quick March', 'Louise', 'Elisabeth', 'March. Musquetier Regiment' by [ ] von ?Koslov, 'The Stormont Lads', 'Kin[?g] Caldrums reel', 'Prince of Saxe Coburg's March' (1814), 'Waltz', 'La Perle' by Princess Charlotte [Augusta ] (2); 'Le Sentiment' by P[rinces]s Charlotte], 'Mother Shipton', 'Moll in the Wad', 'Sweedish Waltz', 'L'Anacreon', 'Pipe de Tabac', 'Minuet in Don Giovanni', 'Albanian Waltz','Mazurka' (2), 'Ffoliad Llantrissant', 'Modinha ' ('Portuguese'),'Mazurka', ('Jane's) Mazurka', 'Rondo', 'Thro' the wood Laddie', 'Prince of Waterloo', 'Carron Side', 'Minuet to the Overture to Sampson' by [George Frederic] Handel, 'Sound an Alarm' by Handel, 'Bonnie wee thing', 'St. Patrick's day in the morning with Vars.', 'Rheinweinlied ', 'Kathleen O'More' ('Irish Air'), 'Waltz', 'in Ballet of Figaro', 'Waltz 4th' by [ ] Manson, 'Rushing' ('Irish Boat Song'), 'Cornish Waltz' ('Copied C. M.'), 'Cornet Waltz', 'Leipsic Waltz', 'Waltz', 'Lough Sheeling ' ('Copied'. 'Irish'), 'Tune. Within this Village lives a maid' ('Copied'. 'Irish'), 'Rant des Vaches', etc. The printed collections are Anton Diabelli: 'Euterpe eine Reihe moderner and vorzüglich beliebter Tonstücke . . . (Wien, n.d.), Albert [Gottlieb] Methfessel: Sechs Lieder . . . ( Leipzig, n.d.), and [Carl Friedrich] Zelter: Lieder, Balladen and Romanzen . . . 2 Hefte (Berlin, n.d.). Bound into the volume at the beginning is an incomplete list of the manuscript music.


A volume containing 'Rousseau's Dream' by J. B. Cramer; Swiss airs and a Swiss dance; a quadrille; waltzes by Carl Maria von Weber, Balduci [sic, for Boildieu?], Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Ludwig van Beethoven, Johan Nepomuka Hummel, etc.; a German drinking song; Gaelic, Tyrolese (one by Joseph Kuffner), Irish, French, Danish and German airs; marches; a pastorale by Franҫois Adrien Boildieu; a harp air; gallopades; a polonaise; Hungarian melody; preludes for the harp by P. M. Meyer ('Not to be copied'); hymn-tunes (to words by Thomas Kelly, William Cowper, John Newton, Joseph Addison, Reginald Heber, etc.); Scotch airs (to words by Miss --- Drinkwater); chants by Sir J. Stepenson; a psalm-tune; a Portuguese song ('modinha'); etc.


A notebook containing extracts by D. Emlyn Evans from the works of Beethoven, Haydn, Mozart and others, and a copy of three stanzas entitled 'Y Friallen Fathredig', translated from Goethe by 'Dyfedon'.

Welsh poetry and miscellanea,

A collection of papers formerly inserted in NLW MS 13236B. Items 1-4, 8, and 15-18 are in the hand of William Owen [-Pughe], and item 10 is in the hand of D[avid] Thomas, ['Dafydd Ddu Eryri']. The contents include: I, a collection of 'englynion' by R.D. [?Robert Davies, 'Bardd Nantglyn'], Mor [sic] ap Evan ab Dadd., and D.T. [?David Thomas]; 2, 'Flangelliad i Vardd y Glyn' by 'Twm pen y waen'; 3, 'Carol Nadolig, ar fesur o gyfansoddiad Beethoven yn Rhifyn VIII o'r Musical Library', beginning 'Heddyw y gwynfydedig ddydd . . .'; 4, 'Dau englyn ar ddyn meddw a gysgodd gyda'r bardd yn Sarn Vraint yn Mon'; 5, 'Englynion (2) er coffadwriaeth Davydd Richard Llansilin' by 'R. B. Clough Tyn y celyn Rhagr - 1826'; 6, 'englynion' (2) entitled 'At Fardd Du Nantglyn'; 7, a couplet by 'rhyw Offeiriad' and an 'englyn' by 'Owen Gronw . . . Tâd Gronw Owen'; 8, 'englynion' (3), the first beginning 'Prydydd ysgrivydd cu llon - sain ethol . . .'; 9, ['Ar hyd y nos'] in old notation followed by 'englynion', three of which are by Walter Davies, Jonathan Hughes, and T. Nant [Thomas Edwards], and several 'penillion telyn'; 10, 'Geiriau diweddaf Dafydd 2 Sam. 23' by D[avid] Thomas, 1804, beginning 'Ysbryd yr Arglwydd, ddedwydd Dduw . . .' (cf. NLW MS 325E, p. 17); 11, English verses entitled 'The Legend of Carn Tyrne'; 12, an incomplete copy of 'Padouca Hunt' by [David Samwell] (cf. NLW MS 13225C, pp. 129-36); 13, an English translation of ['Cywydd y Daran'] (cf. Owen Jones & William Owen, Barddoniaeth Dafydd ab Gwilym (Llundain, 1789), tt. 80-82); 14, epilogue of an interlude performed at London, beginning 'Wel nosdawch bawb ar unweth . . .'; 15, notes on Welsh antiquities, geographical features and locations, etc., written in part on the reverse of a printed bill of Richard Jones, King's Head Inn, Llandovery; 16, a list of English words with cognate words in other languages; 17, a letter, 1828, from W-. Owen Pughe, Egryn, to Mr. Bailey, containing draft Welsh and English inscriptions to commemorate the Eisteddfod held at Denbigh, 16-18 Sept., 1828; 18, a transcript of the title-page and introduction to Gruffydd Robert's Dosparth Byrr . . . (1567 ); 19, ?autograph of Joanna Southcott; 20, printed list of subscribers to 'Bardd Nantglyn's Memorial Fund'; 21, memorandum concerning a certain Ruth Thomas, etc.; 22, culinary recipes; 23, articles of agreement, 1836, for a lease of copper and lead, etc., under Wenallt, in the parish of Darowen, co. Mont., (part wanting), with alterations in pencil for another agreement concerning Brynmoel, Penegoes; 24-25, two letters, 1850, from John Hay Williams, Bodelwyddan, to [ ]; 26, engraving of an unidentified ?bronze object (cf. Arch. Camb., 1855, illustration facing page 273); 27, a steel engraving by T. Hodgetts, 1822, of a portrait of 'Idrison', [William Owen-Pughe]; and 28, forty printed copies of the Lord's Prayer in Hebrew.

William Owen-Pughe and 'Dafydd Ddu Eryri'.