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Church in Wales
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Church in Wales,

Miscellaneous papers, mainly printed and typescript, 1890-1923, relating to the Church in Wales and to Welsh religious life more generally. Some of the papers concern the 1906 Royal Commission on the Welsh Church.

General letters to J. H. Davies,

The correspondence, 1885-1926, is very varied and reflects closely many facets of Welsh public, cultural and intellectual life during this period. There are a large number of invitations to J. H. Davies to attend various meetings, events and occasions and to deliver public lectures in Wales and beyond. He is often invited to subscribe to books and journals and to contribute to a large number of charities and worthy causes. -- After Davies's appointment as Registrar of the University College of Wales, Aberystwyth, in 1905, a large number of the letters relate to the college: its development, expansion, departments, academic staff, the convention of public lectures etc. A number of letters also concern the establishment and the early development of the National Library of Wales: its location at Aberystwyth, its building appeal fund, and the grant of a royal charter. -- Many of the letters are from academics, both historians and literary scholars, who write to J. H. Davies concerning their researches and writings. Welsh manuscripts and printed works feature prominently in the letters. There is a particular interest in his work on the Welsh ballads and his researches on Morgan Llwyd and Lewis Morris. -- Some letters concern the Calvinistic Methodist connexion and others the Church in Wales, especially the deliberations of the contentious Welsh Church Commission, set up in 1906, of which J. H. Davies was a member. There are also a few letters devoted to legal matters, particularly the running of the Cwrt Mawr estate. Several also concern local events and developments in the Tregaron-Llangeitho locality. A few of the correspondents are engaged in local history and family history research.

Gwaith Talhaiarn ac eraill,

  • NLW MS 9490E.
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  • [1836x1895] /

Holograph manuscripts of poems by John Jones ('Talhaiarn'):- 'Clod ac Anglod i Lundain', 1845, with a glossary 'for the benefit of country cousins who do not understand their own langauge'; 'Cân i fy Mam' copied out in a letter to Thomas Jones, 1852, 'the best song, in my opinion, I ever wrote'; 'To Aled [O Vôn]', 1857; 'Cymru lân, gwald y gân', 1857; an englyn to 'David Owen Williams, mab bach Eryr Môn', 1867, with an English translation; 'Photograph Talhaiarn', two 'englynion', 1863; 'Gweno fwyn gu', 1868; 'Cerdd i Lanfair Talhaiarn'; 'Mae Robin yn swil'; 'Brenin y Canibalyddion', a broadside; a group of miscellaneous poems:- 'Galar-gân ar ôl Ann Hughes, yr Harp, Llanfair Talhaiarn', by Joseph Roberts, Bryn-neuadd, 1876; 'Llef o'r Ysbyty' by Hugh Edwards ('Huwco Penmaen'), 1882; 'englynion ar briodas Meistr Thomas Hughes a Miss Ann Jones of Harp', 1847; 'englynion o ddiolchgarwch i Talhaiarn a Thomas Jones, yr Harp, am Razor' by 'Irwedd Min Elwy', 1858; 'Galar gŵr ar ôl ei wraig' by Thomas Hughes; 'Cân dewis gwraig' and an 'englyn ar briodas Owen Williams' by 'Eilydd Elwy'; 'Cân i Maria Hughes, Harp', by 'Eilydd Elwy'; a stanza to a young maiden by 'Ysbryd Glan y Gors'; 'Englynion ar ddychweliad Talhaiarn o Ffrainc'; a poem to 'Talhaiarn' by 'Aled o Fôn'; an incomplete letter addressed from Oswestry, 1836, with a poem entitled 'Tri phenill i'w canu ar hyfrydwch y Brenin Sior'; 'At fy nghyfaill Talhaiarn', 1852, a broadside, probably by 'Aled o Vôn'; 'Wanted a Clerk, a new song dedicated without permission to W. G. & Co.' and a Spanish dialogue 'Patron y Dependiente' probably by Thomas Jones, Valparaiso, 1848; and an 'Invocation to the Muse', 1895; autograph letters from Thomas Jones, Valparaiso, 1845, to J. D. Jones, grocer, St Asaph, and John Jones ('Talhaiarn'), 1863-7, to John and Maria Hughes; an account of the administration of the estate of John Jones ('Talahaiarn') by Thomas Jones, 1871; a copy of a letter by Mahomed Cassein; and press cuttings of poems by 'Talhaiarn' and Robert Jones ('Meigant'), articles on 'Eglwys y Cymry', 'Llanfair Talhaiarn', a letter by John Williams ab Ithel on the subject of the chair poem at the Llangollen eisteddfod of 1858, and a broadside reprint of the 'Reasons assigned by Cadvan and Talhaiarn for their withdrawal [from] the London Eisteddvod', 1855.

Talhaiarn, 1810-1869

Letters of bishops, etc.

  • NLW MS 21804E.
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  • 1691-1909

Letters, 1691-1909, of miscellaneous provenance, to and from bishops, mostly of Welsh dioceses, and other dignitaries relating mainly to social, personal and church matters. Among the correspondents are John Randolph, bishop of Bangor (1) [c. 1807]; Edward Copleston (1) 1844, Joshua Pritchard Hughes (1) 1909, Richard Lewis (1) 1901, Alfred Ollivant (4) 1849-1858, and John Shipley (1) 1769, bishops of Llandaf; John Owen (3) 1897-1899, and Connop Thirlwall (7) 1845-1871, bishops of St Davids; Edmund Gibson, bishop of London (2) 1731; Samuel Butler, headmaster of Shrewsbury School, later bishop of Lichfield (2) 1834; and Cardinal Herbert Vaughan, archbishop of Westminster (3) 1886-1893. Also included is a letter, 1790, from Selina Hastings, countess of Huntingdon.

Letters to Susanna Lloyd,

Fifty-eight holograph letters addressed to Susan(na) Lloyd at Hafodunos, Mold, at Soughton House (upper Soughton), Northop, etc. The writers include Ann Jemima Clough, Thakeham Place, 1797 (a proposed visit by the writer's children, news of family and friends), D[orothea] Clough [the recipient's sister], Denbigh, [1805] and undated (2) (legacies bequeathed by the wills of aunt E. Conway and aunt Wickham) (with one draft reply), Richd. Garnons [Colomendy], undated (2) (pleasantries), Eliza Griffith, Carreg-lwyd, etc., [1801]-1803 and undated (4) (news of relatives and friends, a meeting at Llangefni in connection with a proposed testimonial to Mr. Sparrow for his services in the Customs, disturbances in the Paris mines, the arrival of troopers in Caernarvonshire for fear of a rising by the poor, the discovery of copper at Ynysygwyddal, the birth of an heir at Leweney and a reference to Mrs. Piozzi, the progress of the harvest, comments on a visit to Bath), Holland Griffith, Carreglwyd, 1838 (amusement afforded the recipient by the writer's Welsh paper, hopes that electioneering differences are fast dying away in Flintshire, a visit to the writer by a multitude of Teetotalists, the letting of the writer's colliery at Berw), Richd. Howard, Denbigh and Beaumaris, c. 1817-1843 and undated (4) (news of relatives and friends, a visit to Bangor Deanery, serious proceedings arising from old Panton's will, a change in the agency of the Marquis of Anglesey, satisfaction with the writer's curate, the probable departure of Thomas Davies from Jesus College, Oxford, a new statute in the University, the rejection of three Anglesey young men for scholarships, observations on the projected division of Soughton Common, a legal action touching a mortgage of the Hafodunos estate (together with a receipt, 1815, from Richd. Howard to Susan Lloyd for a sum of £6/10/0 paid by the former on the latter's behalf to Bevan, the timber merchant, on account of Coedycra Mill), the writer's departure from Beaumaris and subsequent movements, income from minerals received for the recipient, dissension in the National Church) (one incomplete), Catha[rine] Lloyd, from Carreglwyd, from Bath, etc., [17]94-1820 and undated (26) (copious news of relatives and friends, references to threats of French invasion and to the defenceless state of the Kingdom (1795-1804), accounts of visits to the theatre and to parties and to Ireland and Bath, etc., Colonel William Shipley's success in the Flintshire parliamentary election of 1807, references to the mine at Ynnisygwyddle), J[ohn] Ll[oyd], Dublin Bay, 1801 (an account of the voyage from Holyhead and the arrival at Dublin), M. Lloyd, Bagillt, etc., [17]81-1790 and undated (9) (personal, the writer's health, news of relatives and friends, the death of the recipient's brother Ben), M. Lloyd, London, etc., 1803-1809 and undated (5) (news of relatives and friends, the health of the writer's husband, a reference to the most excellent shore at Llandidno Bay, the progress of the harvest, the writer's removal to London, visits to the 'Ladies of Llangollen' and to Cheltenham, the recipient's trouble about the writer's chaise), Phoe[be] Lloyd, from Plascoch, undated (the health of the writer's aunt), M. E. Potter, Soughton, [17]91 (personal, business matters on behalf of the writer's mother, news of the writer's mother) (with additions by M. E. Potter to Mr. Potter, touching 'home matters', with references to stock, and from C[atharine] Lloyd to Susanna Lloyd, touching armorial colours for a piece of plate), and Sarah Potter, undated (thanks for the loan of Aunt Lloyd's letter, requires a supply of ale).


Miscellaneous papers kept by Albert Owen Evans:- an order in the case of Rowland Evans, president of the Bangor Rechabites, and David Davies, a member of the society, 1853; a sermon preached at Llanfechell, 1880; instructions to local 'observers' of the Anglesey Antiquarian Society, 1912; questionnaires on the parishes of Llanfaethlu and Llanfwrog, Anglesey, by the Royal Commission on Ancient Monuments in Wales, 1915; an imitation mourning card for Hamlin H. Jones, B. A., 1898; and a circular entitled 'The Church Question and the Forthcoming Election' [in Anglesey, 1918].


Forty miscellaneous documents consisting of a record of an award of a gold medallion to the Rev. James Williams, Llanfairynghornwy, for his services in saving the crews of the 'Active' and the 'Sarah' off the Anglesey coast, 1835; a typescript copy of notes [by Lady Maria Louisa Ramsay] on the family of Williams of Treffos, Llansadwrn, Anglesey, together with manuscript annotations by Dorothea G. C. Ramsay; a holograph letter from H. H. Suard, rector of St. Paul's Church, Chattanooga, Tennessee, to [Andrew Crombie Ramsay], 1880 (an account of the death and burial of the recipient's son ?John); a list of subscriptions, 1902-1903, promised towards the raising of a fund of £1,500 to pay off a debt of £590 on [Bangor] Cathedral Church and of £285 owing to Messrs. Hill & Son for the balance on the organ account, and to provide a sum of £600 to meet the expense of urgent repairs to the building (two pressed copies); menu sheet of the Milton Club, 14 Ludgate Hill [London], 15 March, 1858 (with an unidentified photograph attached); regulations, undated, of the 'Grand Western Junction Ebenezer Peace be with thee Egg Boiling Association'; notes on the abbey of Glastonbury transcribed (with the author's compliments, 1902) from John Pryce: The Ancient British Church (London, 1878); an inscription ('Rhodd i Mrs. Ramsay dirion ...') signed by [John Jones] (Talhaiarn); miscellaneous poetry, including several holograph and draft poems by Andrew Crombie Ramsay, 1837 and undated; a printed memorial card of the Reverend James Williams, B.D., Chancellor of Bangor Cathedral (died 24 March, 1872, aged 83 years); press cuttings, including letters by M. Louisa Ramsay relating to the Church in Wales; and two proof copies of 'Cymro, Cymru, a Chymraeg', being a paper read by Mr. John Rhys, Jesus College, Oxford, at Ruthin [National] Eisteddfod, 1868.

The records of the Church in Wales,

A typescript copy of a memorandum [by D. E. Jenkins] on 'The Records of the Established Church in Wales and their Disposal by Disestablishment', in which it is proposed that, in the bill being prepared for the disestablishment of the Anglican Church in Wales [1912], provision should be made for (1) the retention of the diocesan and parochial records of that church 'as the property of the Nation', (2) the conversion of existing diocesan registries into national repositories with a salaried official in charge, (3) making the records available to holders of research permits, and (4) the granting of Treasury subsidies for the publication of parish registers, etc. Also a typewritten copy of a letter from [D. E. Jenkins] from Denbigh, to T. Huws Davies, Home Office, Whitehall, January 1912 (requesting recipient to bring an enclosed copy of the above mentioned memorandum to the notice of the Home Secretary).

D. E. Jenkins.

These hundred years

A series of six manuscript lectures, [?late 1960s], by T. I. Ellis on aspects of the recent history of the Anglican Church in Wales (96 pp.). Also included is a translation into Welsh, [1973], of the fifth lecture, by his widow Mari Ellis, for publication (see T. I. Ellis, 'Yr Eglwys yng Nghymru rhwng y ddau Ryfel Byd', Diwinyddiaeth, 24 (1973), 29-38), as well as some related correspondence, 1972-1973.

Ellis, Mari, 1913-2015

Undod Anglicanaidd-Methodistaidd

Papers, [c. 1965], relating to lecture(s) by T. I. Ellis for the Department of Extra-Mural Studies of UCW, Aberystwyth, on the subject of Anglicanism and Methodism in Wales and attempts at greater interdenominational cooperation. Also included is related printed matter and routine correspondence.

Welsh Church Commission,

Correspondence and notes, 1906-1918, relating to the proceedings of the Royal Commission on the Welsh Church. The correspondents include D. R. Daniel, 1909, T. Huws Davies (7), 1908-1909 and undated, Frank Edwards MP, 1909, Sir David Brynmor Jones (3), 1909-1911, John Owen, Bishop of St Davids, 1908, and D. Rhys Phillips, 1908.

Daniel, David R. (David Robert), 1859-1931

World Conference on Faith and Order,

Typewritten and printed replies from churches (i.e. Presbyterian Church of Wales, Church in Wales), 1928-1934, to the reports of the World Conference on Faith and Order held at Lausanne, August 1927.

Ysgrifau a thorion

A miscellaneous collection of typescript articles and press cuttings, [1950s]-[1990s].
The typescripts include pieces for a variety of publications and include articles on the following: Margaret Headley (MD 11/1), J. H. Davies and Isambard Owen (MD 11/2), tributes to academics, clergy and others (MD 11/3), literary figures in Montgomeryshire (MD 11/5), individual churches and parishes (MD 11/6), articles on books, mainly for Y Casglwr (MD 11/7) and the Celtic Congress (MD 11/9). The cuttings, from Y Llan and elsewhere, mainly relate to the Church in Wales and its clergy (MD 11/13, 17), churches (MD 11/15, 18), rectories (MD 11/20) and Welsh Society (MD 11/14); there are also book reviews by Mari Ellis (MD 11/19) and articles by Kate Roberts (MD 11/24).