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John, Augustus, 1878-1961
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Article by Eric Rowan on Augustus and Gwen John

  • NLW ex 1921.
  • File
  • [1975]

Proofs of an article by Eric Rowan on Augustus and Gwen John, based on the script of his BBC Wales television film, The Fire and the Fountain, and published in The Listener, 20 March 1975.

Rowan, Eric, 1931-


Screenplay by Robert Bolt titled Augustus, the plot based on the life of artist Augustus John.

Augustus John funeral and memorial,

  • NLW ex 2890.
  • File
  • 1954-1975.

Papers, 1954-1975, of the Rev. R. M. Verity, Vicar of St Mary the Virgin in Fordingbridge, Hampshire, relating mainly to the funeral of Augustus John in November 1961 and the unveiling of the memorial to him in Fordingbridge in 1967.
The papers include letters to Verity from the John family, comprising eight letters and a postcard from Dorelia John, 1955-1969, four letters from Admiral Sir Caspar John, 1961-1967, one letter from Romilly John, 1969, and three Christmas cards and a telegram from Augustus and Dorelia, 1956-1958. Also included are Augustus John's burial certificate, Verity's notes for the memorial service [?and funeral] and printed material including catalogues, 1954, 1975, newspaper cuttings, 1954-1970, invitations, printed orders of service and a copy of the volume The Drawings of Augustus John, introd. by Stephen Longstreet (Alhambra, Calif., 1967).

Verity, R. M. (Ronald Meysey), 1901-1974.

Augustus John (Jonathan Cape) manuscripts

  • Fonds
  • [c. 1950]-[early 1960s]

Typescript drafts and proofs of Augustus John's first volume of memoirs, Chiaroscuro: Fragments of Autobiography (London: Jonathan Cape, 1952), [1950]-1951; working manuscripts, typescripts and editorial correspondence relating to the follow-up volume, published posthumously under the title Finishing Touches (London: Jonathan Cape, 1964), [1950x1952]-[early 1960s]; and other miscellaneous autobiographical fragments, [c. 1950], [?1959].

John, Augustus, 1878-1961

Augustus John,

Holograph letter, (2 ff.), dated 5 March 1945, by Dylan Thomas to Augustus [John], written in blue ink (ff. 1r, 2r) and sent from New Quay, thanking the latter for his gift and referring to Mary Keene who is staying at New Quay. Also included is a typescript copy, [1950x1970], of the letter; inscribed '511/?I/NPQ/72' and '214' in pencil in unidentified hands at the bottom of the page.

David Jones letters to Valerie Wynne-Williams

  • NLW MS 24167i-iiiE.
  • File
  • 1958-1974

One hundred and twenty-four autograph letters, 1959-1974, from painter-poet David ('Dafydd') Jones, all addressed to Valerie ('Elri') Wynne-Williams (née Price), with the exception of two to her husband Michael ('Mihangel') (ff. 54, 112-113) and one to them both (ff. 55-56), discussing a variety of topics including his, and her, health and living conditions, his work, his friends, the Welsh language and Welsh history and politics. Some letters are illustrated with coloured pencil, pen and ink drawings, mainly of animals and flowers (ff. 8, 32, 33, 45 verso, 46 verso-47, 48 verso, 76, 103, 104 verso, 152), inscriptions (ff. 9, 34, 124 verso, 128, 136 verso) and sketch maps of Harrow (ff. 143, 144).
There are references throughout to friends and correspondents including Saunders Lewis (ff. 2-11 passim, 42-188 passim), Harman Grisewood (ff. 4-192 verso passim), René Hague (ff. 42 verso-187 passim), David Blamires (ff. 160, 186, 190 verso, 192), Louis Bonnerot (ff. 123, 186 verso), Tom Burns (ff. 13, 14 verso, 48, 64 verso, 68 verso, 77, 85 verso, 86 verso, 89 verso, 110, 116, 140 recto-verso, 188 verso), Douglas Cleverdon (ff. 68 verso, 160 verso, 162, 163 verso, 187), Aneirin Talfan Davies (ff. 9 verso, 11, 14 verso, 16, 33 verso, 63 verso, 71 verso, 123, 124, 128, 129 verso, 154 verso, 162), Clarissa Eden (f. 107 verso), T. S. Eliot (ff. 51 recto-verso, 62 verso, 67 verso, 69 verso, 71, 73, 74, 85), Gwynfor Evans (ff. 29 verso, 31, 131-192 verso passim), Illtud Evans (f. 6, 11 recto-verso, 37, 46 verso, 57, 61), Arthur Giardelli (ff. 150, 151 verso, 171 verso, 186), Eric Gill (ff. 45 verso, 66, 67 verso, 68 verso, 121), Stanley Honeyman (ff. 84, 140, 154 verso, 159 verso), Morag Owen (ff. 59, 98, 140), Catherine Rousseau (née Ivainer) (ff. 36 verso-127 passim), Stephen Spender (ff. 81 verso-82, 83 verso, 91), Bill Stevenson (f. 158 verso) and Helen Sutherland (ff. 68, 97 verso, 157). There are also occasional references to Desmond Chute (f. 120 verso), Idris Foster (ff. 60 verso, 63 verso), Philip Jones Griffiths (ff. 1, 131), David Lloyd George (ff. 108 verso-109, 127 verso), Megan Lloyd George (ff. 18 verso, 20, 21-22), J. D. Innes (f. 49 verso), Augustus John (f. 85 verso), Alun Oldfield-Davies (ff. 37, 77), Tristram Powell (ff. 142 recto-verso, 144), Caradog Prichard (ff. 19 verso, 77, 108), Kathleen Raine (f. 59 verso), Keidrych Rhys (ff. 6 verso, 8, 9, 16, 30 verso, 36 verso), Meic Stephens (ff. 171, 175), Vernon Watkins (ff. 47, 128 verso), D. J. Williams (f. 106 recto-verso), Kyffin Williams (ff. 49, 63, 77) and R. O. F. Wynne and his family (ff. 61, 62, 63, 64 verso, 67 verso, 81, 94 verso, 96 verso¸ 98, 130 verso), and brief reminiscences of his experiences during the First World War (ff. 70 recto-verso, 76, 79 recto-verso, 108 verso-109, 130 recto-verso, 151 verso, 164). Also included is a copy of his letter, dated 10 August 1959, to Megan Lloyd George (f. 21; for her reply see NLW, David Jones (Artist and Writer) Papers CT3/3, f. 247); cuttings of letters to the Times by David Jones, Valerie Price and others, 1958 (ff. 193-196); and a copy of a 1959 photograph of the two by Philip Jones Griffiths (f. 197). The letter of 23 September 1973 (ff. 178-179 verso) was published under the title 'Yr Iaith' in Planet, 21 (January 1974), 3-5.

Jones, David, 1895-1974

Gwen John letters

Twenty-two letters, 1920-1925, from Gwen John, comprising one to her American patron, John Quinn, 18 December 1921 (ff. 48-50), and the remainder to his mistress, Jeanne Robert Foster, 1920-1925 (ff. 1-46), concerning personal matters and business; together with some eight letters from Foster to Quinn, 1920-1923, mainly relating to Gwen John (ff. 51-63, 67-95).
Also included is a photograph of Gwen John with Jeanne Robert Foster and Henri Pierre Roché in Paris, 1922, presented by Foster to Michael Holroyd in 1969 (f. 47); a typescript copy [?by Holroyd] of Foster's letter and notes on ff. 56-63 (ff. 64-65); and a related note from Foster to Holroyd, 3 April 1969 (f. 66). The letters contain references to John Quinn (ff. 5, 8, 10 verso, 15), Augustus John (ff. 44, 72, 73-74), Pablo Picasso (f. 49), Paul Deschanel (f. 53), the death of the actress Olive Thomas (f. 54), Henri Matisse (ff. 54, 74), Jan Masaryk (f. 70), Arthur Symons (ff. 73-74), Marie Laurencin (ff. 75, 85-86), Ezra Pound (ff. 83, 86-87) and Henri Pierre Roché (f. 93). For extracts from a number of the letters see Sue Roe, Gwen John: A Life (London, 2001), pp. 204-242 passim.

John, Gwen, 1876-1939

J. D. Innes,

Correspondence, notes, catalogues and press cuttings relating to the sale by the Leicester Gallery, London, of paintings by J. D. Innes. Among the correspondents are David Bell, Nicholas Brown, Ailleen Cole, Geoffrey Crawshay, Augustus John, Iorwerth Hughes Jones and Euphemia Lamb. The papers in this file were accumulated by Winifred Coombe Tennant and added to by her son, Alexander.

Bell, David, 1915-1959

Keidrych Rhys,

Holograph letter, dated 7 January 1938, by Dylan Thomas to Keidrych [Rhys], sent from Blashford, in which he informs KR that Augustus John is trying to contact him regarding a portrait, expresses his own frustration at KR and the publication of Wales magazine, and enquires if KR is compiling a bibliography of his (DT) work.

Letter to Michael Holroyd,

A note, 26 July 1969, from Mary Lago to Michael Holroyd (ff. 111-112) enclosing typescript extracts, [July 1969], of a letter from Mrs George Prothero [i.e. Mary Frances Prothero] to Alice Rothenstein, Rye, 11 September [1907x1909] (f. 111).
Prothero's letter contains gossip and news concerning Roger and Helen Fry, Augustus John, Dorelia McNeill, Henry and Euphemia Lamb and Charles Conder.

Lago, Mary.

Letters to Augustus John

Twelve letters, [1910]-1959, to Augustus John from various correspondents, concerning both personal matters and work.
The correspondents include Lord Beaverbrook, 26 August 1959 (f. 1), [Nora] Brownsword, [late 1920s] (f. 2), Daniel George, 10 June 1957 (f. 3), Elmer Gertz, 3 December 1932 (f. 4), Wyndham Lewis, [1910]-1952 (ff. 5-7, 12, 14-16), Dorelia McNeill, 12 November 1928 (f. 18), the Royal Academy of Arts, 6 December 1928 (f. 19), and Homer Saint-Gaudens, 7 November 1938 (f. 20). Also included are draft contracts with Little, Brown & Co., Boston, 1938, for the publication of Augustus John's reminiscences (ff. 22-33); and four letters, [1931]-1935, from Mrs Vera Fearing (later Stubbs) to her mother and husband, concerning her extended stays at Fryern Court in order for John to paint her portrait (ff. 34-46), with another brief note by her concerning John, [?1950s] (f. 47). Transcripts and notes [by Michael Holroyd], [?1970s], relating to the Wyndham Lewis letters are ff. 8-11, 13, 17. The letters contain references to Frank Harris (f. 4 recto-verso) and Henry Lamb (f. 6).

Letters to W. Goscombe John,

Fifty-eight letters and cards, 1889-1953, fifty-five of which, 1889-1948, were sent to Sir W. Goscombe John from various correspondents including sculptors, artists, statesmen and politicians, relating mainly to his career as a sculptor and to honours bestowed on him.
The correspondents include H. H. Asquith, 1910 (ff. 4-5), Lilian Baylis, 1929 (ff. 7-8), James Gascoyne-Cecil, 4th Marquess of Salisbury, 1912-1913 (ff. 12-14), George Clausen, 1898-1899 (ff. 15-18), Robert Windsor-Clive, 1st Earl of Plymouth, 1912 (ff. 19-20), Sir Cyril Fox, 1940-1948 (ff. 34-35), George Frampton, 1907 (f. 36), David Lloyd George, 1910 (ff. 39-40, 42), Alfred Gilbert, 1899 (ff. 43-44), Edmund Gosse, 1899, 1919 (ff. 45-48), Augustus John, 1928 (f. 49), Edward Burne-Jones, [1889], [?1893] (ff. 53-55), Sir Lewis Morris, 1899 (ff. 58-59), Sir Edward J. Poynter, 1917 (f. 63), Auguste Rodin, [1902] (f. 66), John Singer Sargent, [?1907] (f. 70), John Crichton-Stuart, 4th Marquis of Bute, 1937 (ff. 75-76), and Sir Lawrence Alma-Tadema, 1890-1911 (ff. 77-80). Also included is a note in the hand of King George V, 1911 (f. 38), copy letters from Goscombe John to David Lloyd George, 1910 (f. 41), and Queen Mary, 1932 (f. 57), and one letter, 1953, to his daughter, Mrs Muriel Fildes, from D. Dilwyn John of the National Museum of Wales (f. 50).

Michael Holroyd (Augustus John) Research Papers,

  • GB 0210 HOLROYD
  • Fonds
  • [1899]-2000 (accumulated [1968]-2000) /

The fonds comprises the research papers of Michael Holroyd mainly relating to his biography of Augustus John originally published in 1974-1975, other editions and the revised edition published in 1996. These include letters from the John family, researchers, British and foreign repositories, photocopies of letters from Augustus John to his family, letters to fellow artists, his writer friends and members of the Gypsy Lore Society; reminiscences of friends and family; press cuttings relating to his works; papers relating to Augustus John's autobiography Chiaroscuro published in 1952, including publishing contracts; photocopies of writings by Augustus John; publishing agreements and book reviews of the biography. Also included are exhibition addresses on the artist by Michael Holroyd; scripts written about him and Gwen John by others, papers relating to the book co-written by Michael Holroyd and Malcolm Easton, The art of Augustus John (London, 1974), together with some research papers relating to Gwen John and to other projects.

Holroyd, Michael

Miscellaneous letters

  • NLW MS 21818E.
  • File
  • 1900-1995

Letters, 1900-1995, of miscellaneous provenance. Correspondents include A. J. Balfour (1) 1916, W. H. Davies (2) 1912-1913, Lyubov (Aimée) F. Dostoevskaya (1, in French) 1924, Owen M. Edwards (4) 1900-1916, David Lloyd George (4) 1911-1919, Megan Lloyd George (3) 1948-1951, Richard Hughes (6) 1923-1935, Augustus John (7) [1918]-1950, Daniel Jones (2) 1972-1981, David Jones (1) 1966 (discussing some of his paintings), Jack Jones (2) 1938-1939, Saunders Lewis (5) 1951-1965, Wallis Simpson, later Duchess of Windsor (1) 1937, Edward Thomas (1) 1901, and Ralph Vaughan Williams (1) [1940].

Miscellaneous letters from artists,

  • NLW MS 23874C.
  • File
  • 1904-1988

Eighty-four letters, 1904-1988, from various artists, addressed to various recipients, and seemingly brought together as examples of autographs.
Among the correspondents are Edward Bawden, 1967 (f. 12), Clive Bell, [?1920s] (f. 85), George Bissill, 1956-1961 (ff. 14-56), Mark Gertler, 1916 (f. 86), Duncan Grant, 1942 (f. 87), Augustus John, 1953-1958 (ff. 4-7, 88), Gwen John, [?1904] (ff. 89-90), Clare Leighton, 1934 (ff. 9-11), Lord Methuen, 1972-1973 (ff. 67-70), Henry Moore, 1950-1951, 1961 (ff. 1-2, 91), John Nash, 1967 (f. 71), Paul Nash, [early 1940s] (f. 92), Sir William Nicholson, 1904-1906 (ff. 93-94), John Piper, 1941-1943 (ff. 72-75), Sir William Rothenstein, 1932 (ff. 96-97), Kenneth Rowntree, 1957 (ff. 78-82), and Sir Matthew Smith, 1950, 1957 (ff. 3, 99). The main recipients are Daniel George, 1953-1962 (ff. 4-8), Cyril Lakin, 1934 (ff. 9-11), Peter Rhodes (ff. 12-56, 58, 65-71, 83-84) and his wife Felicity Rhodes (ff. 57, 59-64, 72-82). The letters include references to the sale of pictures by Peter De Wint (ff. 16, 22-29, 37-40, 44-47) and comments by Augustus John on Caitlin Thomas’s autobiography (f. 6).

Personal correspondence,

Letters mainly of a personal nature, including a letter concerning the Presentation Goblet to the Queen and Prince Phillip, 1972; a letter from the Royal Institute of British Architects, concerning Sir Clough Williams-Ellis's election as an honorary member; a letter from the University of Wales offering an honorary degree; and letters from the following: Sir Frederick Gibberd; Sir Frederick Osborn; Jonah Jones; James Morris; Earl Lloyd George of Dwyfor; Charles, Lord Aberconwy; Francois Spoerry; Christabel, Lady Aberconway; Augustus John; the Rt Hon. Richard Crossman, MP; Sir Dingle Foot; Henry, Marquis of Anglesey, and other politicians, artists and members of the gentry and the aristocracy, 1930-1976; together with thirteen letters from Lewis Mumford, 1957-1975, and a copy of an article by him, 1930, 'The Wavy Line Versus the Cube', and a photograph of Sir Clough Williams Ellis and Mumford.

Printed material,

Printed material, 1953-1998, comprising mostly press cuttings of articles and obituaries about Caitlin Thomas, together with a postcard of Augustus John's portrait of her, and a copy of her funeral brochure, 1994.

Romilly John letters to Sara John

One hundred and forty letters, 1968-1986, from Romilly John to his niece Sara John.
The letters contain references to the John family, in particular Augustus, Gwen and Edwin John, with many discussing the settlement of the estate of Dorelia McNeill.

John, Romilly.

The Fire and the Fountain

  • NLW MS 23713E.
  • File
  • 1974-1975

Scripts, letters and photographs, 1974-1975, relating to the production of 'Augustus and Gwen: The Fire and the Fountain', a television documentary film about Augustus John and Gwen John, written by Eric Rowan and first transmitted, 19 March 1975, on BBC2.
The papers comprise a location list, [1974] (ff. 1-3), dubbing script, 25 February 1975 (ff. 4-31), and post-shoot script, [January 1975] (ff. 32-63); letters to Eric Rowan from Michael Holroyd, 1974 (ff. 64-66), Caspar John, [5] August 1974 (f. 67, postcard), Edwin John, 1974-1975 (ff. 68-70, 73), Poppet Pol, 4 October 1974 (f. 75), Romilly John, 1974-1975 (ff. 76-77 verso), and Mary Taubman, 9 October 1974 (ff. 78-79, incomplete); draft and copy letters of Eric Rowan to Edwin John, [December 1974], 19 February 1975 (ff. 71-72, 74); and five photographs taken during the filming in Provence of Poppet Pol's contribution, [Summer 1974] (ff. 80-84).

Rowan, Eric, 1931-

W. H. Davies letters and papers

  • NLW MS 23937D.
  • File
  • 1908-1960

Letters and other papers of, or relating to, W. H. Davies, 1908-1960, accumulated by his biographer Lawrence Hockey of Newport.
The collection includes twenty-six letters and postcards from W. H. Davies to his literary agent C. F. Cazenove, concerning his literary activities, 1908-1910 (ff. 1, 3-29), and six, mainly personal, letters from Davies to Lawrence Hockey, 1930-1938 (ff. 30-35), as well as letters to Hockey, mainly concerning Davies, from Augustus John, 1941, 1942 (ff. 36-37), Bertram Rota, 22 October 1947 (ff. 38-39), Louis Blake Duff, 1 January 1949 (ff. 40-43), John Gawsworth, 1949 (ff. 44-45), and Huw Menai, 10 February 1955 (f. 51), and a letter from C[harlotte] F[rances] Shaw (wife of G. B. Shaw) to Cazenove, 1 August 1908 (f. 2). Also included are miscellaneous papers relating to W. H. Davies, including typescript copies for publication of three poems, 'The White Horse', [1927] (published in The London Mercury, 15 (1926-27), 344) and 'The Little Devil', [1930], and 'Love Lights his Fire', [1930] (both published in The London Mercury, 23 (1930-31), 105) (ff. 52-54); a photostat copy, [1946], of his will (f. 56); three photographs (ff. 57-59); and newspaper cuttings, [?1930s] (f. 60), 1960 (ff. 62-63); as well as an unpublished letter, 1 February 1955, from Hockey to the Western Mail, in defence of Huw Menai and criticising Dylan Thomas (ff. 47-50).

Davies, W. H. (William Henry), 1871-1940