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Cerddi, &c.

Miscellanea, 1835-1866 (watermark 1807), including poems by David Davis, Castell Hywel, William Moses, Edward Williams (Iolo Morganwg), William Walters, Daniel Evans (Daniel Ddu o Geredigion), Eliazar Lefi, Rhys Elis (o'r Wayn), William Ellis Jones (Gwilym Cawrdaf), etc., a Welsh version of the words of 'La Marseillaise', 'Llythur at benllywydd y Cy[m]rydorion', 'Trioedd gweddus eu bod ar wraig ...', recipes, notes from sermons, etc.

Davis, David, 1745-1827.

Lloffion Cymreig,

'Englynion' and other poems, some of them holograph, composed for the most part at informal meetings of bards in the house of John Jenkins, the writers including David Rowland ('Dewi o Brefi'), 'Cedewain', John Jenkins, Walter Davies, David Davies ('Dewi Fardd o Geri'), William Moses ('Gwilym Tew Glan Taf'), John Howell ('Ioan ab Hywel', alias 'Eos Glandyfroedd'), Robert Davies ('Bardd Nantglyn'), David Richards ('Dewi Silin'), Aneurin Owen, Evan Evans ('Ieuan Glan Geirionydd'), Elizabeth Jenkins ('Eos y Bele'), William Ellis Jones ('Gwilym Cawrdaf'), John Jones ('wyr Dafydd Jones o Drefriw'), Hugh Jones ('Huw Erfyl'), John Hughes (author of Horae Britannicae), William Edwards ('Gwilym Padarn'), Thomas Jones ('Thomas Gwynedd', alias 'Tydain'), Daniel Evans ('Daniel Ddu o Geredigion'), Robert Parry ('Robin Ddu Eryri'), Thomas Ellis ('Eos Tegeingl'), Edward Williams ('Iolo Morganwg'), William Owen ('Gwilym Glan Hafren'), John Blackwell ('Alun'), Peter Jones ('Pedr Fardd'), John Jones ('Collwyn'), and David Harris ('Kerry').

Llyfr gweddi gyffredin,

A copy of Llyfr Gweddi Gyffredin . . . (Llundain: S. Dover, tros Edward Ffowks a Phetr Bodvel, 1664). A fly-leaf carries the following notes which are in the hand of Moses Williams: 'Chweugain'; 'Memorandum that Peter Bodvel the Undertaker of this Book was a Presbyterian Book- seller at Chester & often bragg'd of comparing the King to an Owl the Royal Family to Cranes & the Clergy & their Followers to Apes, by the Capitals in the Morning & Evening service at the Beginning of those Prayers. And that Llwyd Bodvell of Carnarvonshire is his Grandson'. Within the volume is an autograph letter from W[illiam] Hone, dated at Newington Green, Islington, 22 April 1829, to Dr. [William] Owen Pughe, returning the volume.

Williams, Moses, 1685-1742

Cywyddau Dafydd ap Gwilym

A manuscript mainly containing cywyddau of Dafydd ap Gwilym (pp. 1-240). Pp. i-xviii are in the autograph of Moses Williams (1685-1742) and the remainder of the text in that of his brother Samuel Williams. P. i is headed 'Welsh names of Men & Women' and p. xviii is headed 'Librorum MSS. Catalogus'. Pp. 241-250 contain a table of contents.
The one hundred and sixty three poems contained in the text have been numbered by Moses Williams's friend William Jones (1675-1749), who once owned the Shirburn collection of manuscripts.

Williams, Moses, 1685-1742

Brut y Brenhinedd,

A manuscript containing Brut y Brenhinedd, after 'Ifan Llwyd ap Dafydd o Nantmynach o fewn Sir Feirioydd [sic], Esquier'. Pp. 1-9 are in the hand of the Reverend Moses Williams.

Williams, Moses, 1685-1742

'The Croesor File': research material relating to the Croesor Slate Quarry,

  • NLW ex 1583.
  • Ffeil
  • 2002-2003 /

A copy of 'The Croesor file', comprising Adrian Barrell's and others' research material relating to the Croesor Slate Quarry, Llanfrothen, Merionethshire, from the 1860s onwards (1994 donation). A supplement copy to 'The Croesor file', also including extensive extracts from the Minute Book of the Park & Croesor Slate Co., and a section dealing with the research note books of Moses Kellow, the company's manager and engineer, together with a CD which contains the full autobiography of Moses Kellow (2003 donation).

Barrell, Adrian.

'Bywgraffiaeth Cerddorion Cymreig',

  • NLW MS 9138C.
  • Ffeil
  • [1890s] /

A copy of M. O. Jones, Bywgraffiaeth Cerddorion Cymreig (1890) with additional notes by J. Ellis Evans (Gwest-Fil-Feddyg).

Evans, J. Ellis, Gwest-Fil-Feddyg.

M. O. Jones Manuscripts

  • Fonds
  • 1883-1905

A collection, mainly of essays, 1883-1905, written for the National Eisteddfod of Wales by Moses Owen Jones.

Jones, M. O. (Moses Owen), 1842-1908

Meddygon Myddfai,

A manuscript, mainly in the hand of James Davies ('Iaco ab Dewi') of 'Trerhedyn yn Llan Llawddoc' and completed 15 July 1713 (see p. 30), containing 'Meddygon Myddfai', being a transcript from the Red Book of Hergest, Col. 928. The manuscript is interleaved throughout, and passages of the text are translated here and there on the interleaves by Moses Williams.

Davies, James, Iaco ab Dewi, 1648-1722

Welsh Laws and 'Elucidations'

A manuscript containing Welsh laws (pp. 1-96) and the 'Elucidations' (pp. 97-535), written in the hand of John Jones, Gellilyfdy prior to 25 September 1619 (see pp. 67, 535). Where the text is imperfect Moses Williams has written its contents in the margins.
The text of pp. 1-96 of this manuscript corresponds with that of Peniarth MS 29, pp. 1-51, while the remainder may be a copy of Peniarth MS 278. The original of pp. 97-535 was either imperfect or frequently illegible as dots indicating lacunae are frequent. Much of the matter of this second part is the same as the 'Elucidations' in Ancient Laws and Institutes of Wales, Vol. ii, Book XIV. The text ends abruptly at the beginning of the sixth line on p. 535.

Jones, John, Gellilyfdy, ca. 1585-1657/8

'Moesen' [Moses Griffith], Cynghorydd Amaethyddol, Tŷ Coch, Caernarfon

'Moesen', [Moses Griffith], Cynghorydd Amaethyddol, Tŷ Coch, Caernarfon. Has greatly enjoyed spending last Sunday reading Tros y Tresi. Huw T. Edwards should proceed to write a second volume about his work after he has retired. The Welsh nation needs to know more about administration and local government. Welsh.

Layers in the Landscape Archive

  • GB 0210 LITL
  • Fonds
  • 2015-2020

Manuscript, typescript and traditional printed material created as part of the interdisciplinary Layers in the Landscape project, which applied the concept of deep mapping to the submerged landscape of Cardigan Bay, and in particular the submerged forest at Borth. The papers relate especially to the theoretical side of the project (notably the geomythology of Cardigan Bay and the relationship between poetry and archaeology in the 'King of the Sea Trees' poem), as well as the 'Borth's lost legends' exhibition at Borth Station Museum.

Kavanagh, Erin


  • NLW MS 12290D.
  • Ffeil
  • 1889-1934

Thirty-two holograph letters largely to Peter Williams and/or his wife [Elizabeth] Williams, Brenig View, Tregaron, from D. Davies, Ton, Ystrad, etc., 1901-1913 (biographies of the writer's grandfather, 'Sasiwn' [C.M. Association meetings] at Llangeitho), L. Rhystyd Davies, Brynamman, 1924 (the health of the recipient [Peter Williams], personal), Evan Evans, Laura Place, Aberystwyth, 1926 (the death of Peter Williams), James D. Evans, Y Tabernacl, Aberystwyth, 1934 (thanks for a parcel), J. Ceredig Evans, Welsh Mission, Shillong, Assam, etc., 1907-1929 (the schooling of the writer's son at New Quay, news from the mission field, the death of Peter Williams, etc.), Morgan [James], Maesycwmmer, [19]37 (personal, reference to Thomas Jones's Rhymney Memories), Joseph Jenkins, Llandovery, [19]26 (the death of Peter Williams), D. and E. Jones, Patagonia, 1911 (personal), David Jones, Glanyrafonisaf [Tregaron], 1926 (the death of Peter Williams), Evan Jones, Pont l'Abbé, Finistère, 1906-1910 (the success of the writer's mission, subscriptions towards a new meeting-house at Lescouil), W. Jenkyn Jones, Quimper, 1923 (personal), John G[wynfil] Jones, Columbus, Ohio, to his brother and sister, 1889 (personal), M. H. Jones, Penllwyn, 1926 (the death of Peter Williams), Stephen Jones, Bridgend, 1926 (the death of Peter Williams), 'Winnie' [Winifred Jones, Neuaddlas, Tregaron], S. S. City of Venice, at Colombo, 1928 (personal, the writer's voyage to the mission field at Lushai in India), Abraham Morris, Llantarnam, 1926 (the death of Peter Williams), [Sarah Jane Rees] ('Cranogwen'), Llangranog, [19]09 (meetings of ['Undeb Dirwestol Merched y De']), John Rowland, Cardiff, 1926 (the death of Peter Williams), Annie Williams, Milwaukee, Wis., 1891 (personal, thanks for pictures, news of the writer's family), Peter D. Williams, Blaendyffry[n], Sparta, Monroe Co., Wis., 1889-1892 (personal, news of family and friends, accounts of religious services, the writer's farm), [Henry Jones Williams] ('Plenydd'), Chwilog, [19]23 (personal, the writer's health, etc.) (on the dorse of a circular advertising leaflets compiled by the writer on behalf of the temperance movement), and Robert [Williams], The Vicarage, Llandilo, 1914-1926 (the writer's appointment to the archdeaconry of Carmarthen, the death of Peter Williams).

Edwardes, Barons Kensington, Family Papers

  • GB 0210 EDWDES
  • Fonds
  • 1791-1914 (predominantly 1844-1914)

Family papers, mainly letters and military commissions, 1791-1914.

Edwardes family, Barons Kensington

Palm Leaves,

Palm leaves from the Millingchamp collection [of NLW MSS 4391-4412]: (i) An Oriya metrical version of the Vaisakha-mahatmya, an account of the legends and ritual connected with the month of Vaisakha, from the Skanda-purana, probably eighteenth century; (ii) A vocabulary, Sanskrit, in Telugu characters, eighteenth-nineteenth century / school primer, Sinhalese; (iii) Tamil script.

O. T. Jones Manuscripts,

  • GB 0210 OTJNES
  • Fonds
  • [c. 1871]-1966 /

Student notes on petrology, 1903; university lectures and notes for lectures given at Aberystwyth and Manchester, 1919-[1930], and at Cambridge, 1931-1938; other lectures and addresses on geological subjects, 1925-1939; material relating to academic and consultative research, undertaken mainy in Wales, 1884-[1942], including material relating to the mineral mining industries and river drainage in Mid Wales; files of personal papers and correspondence, 1913-1943; copies of letters to his wife, 1909-1966; pocket notebooks, [1920s]-[1930s]; theses and papers by other individuals, 1931-1943; photographs and slides, [c. 1903]-[1949]; portfolios containing plans, sections, maps and graphs relating to mines, collieries and power stations in Wales and England, [c. 1871]-1935; miscellaneous papers and research notes, 1904-1966.

Jones, O. T. (Owen Thomas), 1878-1967.

Trewern (Welshpool) Deeds and Papers

  • GB 0210 TREWERN
  • Fonds
  • 1728-2017 (with gaps)

Deeds and documents, 1728-1988, relating to the Trewern Hall estate, including the Plough and Harrow Inn. They include documents relating to proposed improvements to cottages, 1937-1938, and the restoration of Trewern Hall, 1983-1988; farm and household accounts, with miscellaneous financial papers and vouchers, 1952-1986; correspondence and papers concerning agricultural improvements and grant applications, 1977-1985; correspondence concerning the tenancy of Plas Newydd, Trewern, 1982-1984; personal and family papers, 1949-1984, relating to William Herbert Chapman (1955-1982) and to Murray Lloyd Chapman, including the latter's research notes and papers, on the history of Trewern and Montgomeryshire families and his work in civil engineering, 1973-1986. Plans of the estate and proposed improvements to the farm buildings accompanied some of the papers. Papers relating to Phase 2 Restoration of Trewern Hall, 1990-1993; were received in 2007, including a diary of events in two volumes; papers relating to Ivor William Lloyd Chapman and Margaret Eleanor Chapman; and Gregory-Allen papers. This group remains uncatalogued. Four further collections received August 2014, 2017, September 2018 and September 2019 remain uncatalogued.

Trewern Hall Estate (Wales)

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