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A Cornish Dictionary,

A Cornish dictionary in the hand of Edward Lhuyd containing Cornish-English vocabulary and phrases, with some translations into Latin.
This is evidently the work referred to by Edward Lhuyd on p. 253 of the Archæologica Britannica: 'Looking over these Sheets of the Cornish Grammar; I find 1st. that I must recal the promise made of a Cornish-English Vocabulary. I have one by me, written about six years since, and have lately improv'd it with what Additions I could; But there being no room for it in this Volume ... it must be deferred to the next.'

Edward Lhuyd.

Lives of saints,

A manuscript containing for the most part the lives of saints.
Pp. 1-389 were written by Roger Morys of Coed y Talwrn, Llanfair Dyffryn Clwyd (see p. 93) towards the close of the sixteenth century, while pp. 390-403 were written by Thomas Evans (Thomas ab Ifan), Hendreforfydd (see pp. 93, 389, 390-403 (pp. 390-403 dated 5 March 1628)). P. 404 contains an index in the hand of Moses Williams.

Roger Morys and Thomas ab Ifan.

Llyvyr Jams Dwnn,

A manuscript containing poetry by Siâms Dwnn, Huw Arwystli, Gruffydd Phylip, Dafydd Nanmor, Dafydd ap Gwilym, Guto'r Glyn and others Pp. 1-498 are in the hand of Siâms Dwnn (see p. 457); pp. 499-521 are in the hand of 'Tho: P.' [Thomas Prys]; and pp. 521, ll. 10-542 are in a hand resembling that of Siôn Cain. At p. 238 some lines are given in fragments only, the scribe's original being imperfect. Prophecies, including those attributed to Merlin and Taliesin, are listed on pp. 507-520. At p. 521 is a copy of a letter from Thomas Prys to his 'cosin Lewis Evans'.

Siâms Dwnn, Thomas Prys and ?Siôn Cain.


A manuscript containing Welsh poetry, the poets including Iolo Goch, Edmwnd Prys, Gutun Owain, Tudur Aled, Guto'r Glyn and Sion Phylip.
This forms one of the series of manuscripts of Welsh poetry copied under the superintendence of Dr John Davies, Mallwyd, and bears the reference B. 4°. Wherever the copyist failed to read the original he left blanks which Dr Davies filled in throughout the volume. Dr Davies also added an index, alphabetically arranged, to first lines of poetry (p. 567); added to this is an index to the authors of the poems, also alphabetically arranged, which bears the inscription 'Rhisiard Morys ai Sgrifennodd i Wm: Jones R.S.S. 1747' (pp. 577-588).

Rhisiart Morys and unknown scribe.


A manuscript containing poetry mainly of the sixteenth and seventeeth centuries, the poets cited including Siôn Brwynog, Lewis Menai, Gruffudd Hiraethog, Wiliam Cynwal and Siôn and Rhisiart Phylip, but also including earlier poets such as Iolo Goch, Dafydd Nanmor and Guto'r Glyn. An index, with the poets' names arranged alphabetically, has been added at pp. 793-806 by Richard Morris in 1746.
Several of the poems have lines wanting at beginning and/or end or within the body of the works, have imperfect lines, or are left unfinished (e.g. those works beginning at pp. 68, 139, 206, 308, 361, 372, 414, 426, 429, 437, 439, 441, 444, 447, 451, 455, 571, 621, 746, 749).

Richard Morris (index) and another.

Poetry, biblical history, &c.,

A manuscript containing poetry by Dafydd Benwyn, Lewys Morganwg, Rhisiart ap Rhys and others (pp. 15-202, 207-210, 241-243); prophecies of Merlin and of St David (pp. 205-206); biblical history (pp. 211-240); &c. There is a table of contents on p. 204.
Pp. 15-107 are in the autograph of Dafydd Benwyn (see pp. 25, 78, 81); pp. 110-203 were written c. 1624 (see p. 110); and pp. 211-240 are in the same hand as that in Llanstephan MS 134. The remaining pages are in various hands: pp. 108-109 and four lines of p. 209 may be in the autograph of Siôn Mawddwy, and pp. 241-243 may be in that of Edward Dafydd. For other copies of the text at pp. 211-240 (which is defective) see Peniarth MSS 20 and 253, and British Museum MS Cleopatra B. v.

Dafydd Benwyn and others.

The poetrical works of Lewis Glyn Cothi, Ieuan Brechfa and others

A manuscript containing poetry of Lewis Glyn Cothi, Ieuan Brechfa and other poets, written in several hands of the early and mid sixteenth century.
Hands A (pp. 1-40, 351-2), B (pp. 41-102, 151-8, 297-332), and Bb (pp. 271-96, 333-50, 353-64) belong to the first quarter of the sixteenth century, while Hand C (pp. 103-50, 159-247, 250-59, 262-70) belongs, apparently, to the second quarter. Other folios contain other somewhat later hands. Hand B uses 'ρ' for 'dd' throughout, while hand Bb uses 'dd' mostly (cf Peniarth MS 70). Pp. 351-2 are in a different hand and misplaced in the manuscript. The ends of some lines of text are wanting, though some of them have been completed by a later hand. Neither the beginning nor the end of the cywydd on p. 158 is legible and its lines were evidently never all complete.

Theology, cerdd dafod, &c.

A manuscript which includes theological passages (pp. 1-9); a treatise on Cerdd Dafod (pp. 10-16); Cyfrinach y Beirdd (pp. 33-68); Bonedd y Saint (pp. 69-79); pedigrees (pp. 80-84); Cynghorau Catwn Ddoeth (pp. 98-99); medical recipes (112); astronomy (pp. 123-124); Daniel's interpretation of dreams (pp. 126-133); the Book of Fate (pp. 186-212); the Lives of Saints Margaret (p. 145-167, 177-178, 183-184) and Catherine (pp. 167-176, 179-182); etc. The manuscript was written by Gutun Owain (fl. 1450-1498) (see p. 33) in two styles: pp. 33-101, l. 9 and p. 125, ll. 1-6 are in a formal book hand, and the remainder of the text is in cursive writing; however, a combination of both hands occurs on p. 142. The text on p. 94 is imperfect.
For pp. 98-99 (Kynghorav kadw ddoeth ...) cf. Peniarth MS 27, p. 16; for pp. 101-111, 134-135 (Si deus est animus nobilis ...) cf. ibid., p. 17. For the missing folio before p. 213 see Peniarth MS 86, p. 187. For p. 222 (Llyma vrrevddwyd Grono ddv ...) see Mostyn MS 110, p. 215, which has a transcript of this manuscript.

Gutun Owain.