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Netherlands -- Description and travel.

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Netherlands -- Description and travel.

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Netherlands -- Description and travel.

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W.H. Smith diary of Raymond Garlick for the year 1992, with one week to view, giving an account of his daily life, interests, work and comments on the news (ff. 4 verso-42 verso, 44-57).
There are no entries for 23 July-23 August (ff. 33 verso-38). The volume includes references to Jacques Wirz (ff. 4 verso-5 verso, 15, 27, 32), Jon Dressel (ff. 7 verso-30 passim, 42-51 passim), Tony Conran (f. 12 verso), Roland Mathias (f. 13 verso, 20-21, 31 verso, 38 verso, 42 verso), Gwyn Jones (f. 23) and R. S. Thomas (ff. 55 verso-56). He also describes visits to Switzerland, 2-7 January (ff. 4 verso-5 verso), and the Netherlands, 6-12 April (ff. 18 verso-19).


Diary of Raymond Garlick for the year 1987, with one day to a page, giving an account of his daily life and interests, reminiscences and comments on the news (ff. 3-186).
The volume includes references to Andrew Sachs (ff. 4 recto-verso, 55, 56 verso-57, 71 verso, 152 verso, 162 verso, 167-168), Gwynfor Evans (ff. 4 verso, 103), R. S. Thomas (ff. 7 verso, 46, 181), Tony Bianchi (f. 46 verso), Tom Paulin (ff. 45 verso, 46 verso), John Petts (f. 55 verso), Glyn Jones (f. 106), Brenda Chamberlain (ff. 106, 116, 117 verso), Jon Dressel (ff. 22-157 passim), Elwyn Davies (f. 124), Belinda Humfrey (ff. 144, 179 verso-180), Tony Conran (f. 165 verso), Jacques Wirz (ff. 13, 146 verso-149) and Roland Mathias (ff. 7 verso, 22, 34, 91, 104, 144). He also describes visits to the Netherlands (ff. 123-125) and Switzerland (ff. 146 verso-149). Also included are a few notes and cash accounts (ff. 188-189 verso, 195) while a few cuttings have been pasted into the volume.


Help Desk Diary of Raymond Garlick for the year 1993, with one week to view, giving an account of his daily life, interests, work and comments on the news, 28 December 1992-31 December 1993 (ff. 2 verso-55).
There are no entries for 15-21 March (ff. 13 verso-14). The volume includes references to R. S. Thomas (ff. 4 verso, 12 verso, 46, 53 verso, 55), Seamus Heaney (f. 5 verso), Jon Dressel (ff. 7-12 verso passim, 24 verso-28 verso passim, 40 verso-44), Roland Mathias (ff. 7 verso, 10 verso-11), Jacques Wirz (ff. 27 verso-37 verso passim, 52) and the Dock Leaves Group (f. 7 verso). He also describes visits to Malta, 29 December 1992-5 January 1993 (ff. 2 verso-3 verso, with additional notes on ff. 1 verso-2), Tenerife, 16-26 April 1993 (ff. 18-19 verso), and the Netherlands, 15-18 October 1993 (ff. 44 recto-verso). Ephemera found loose inside the volume have been tipped in at the end (ff. 62 verso-64 verso).

George Ormerod: Journal of tours

  • NLW MS 5844B
  • File
  • Mid 19th cent.

Notes by George Ormerod (1785-1873), Sedbury Park, Gloucestershire, author of The History of the County Palatine and City of Chester ... (London, 1819), of a tour along the former Marches of Wales following the line of Offa's Dyke from Ledbury to Chirk Castle, 8-12 July 1845, also of a tour of North Wales, ending at Chester, 26 July 1845; notes, also by Ormerod, of a tour of the Low Countries and Normandy, 1840.

Ormerod, George, 1785-1873 Notes of tours (1840, 1845), NLW MS 5844B


Notebook of Berta Ruck, 1906, containing jottings in English and German, and pencil, ink and charcoal sketches, many made during a visit to Holland.
Notes, May 1906, relating to Holland are on ff. 34 verso-36 verso (inverted text).

Tour on the continent,

A folio volume lettered on the spine 'Pennant's Tour on the Continent . . . 1764', and containing an account of a tour in France, Savoy, Switzerland, Germany, Holland, and the Netherlands, undertaken by Thomas Pennant, February - August 1765, followed by a table of the 'Itinerary' and an index. The title-page is inscribed 'Tour on the Continent by Thomas Pennant, Esqr.', and, like the spine, bears the date 1764, although the actual tour was undertaken in 1765. An engraved portrait (inlaid) of Thomas Pennant (published post 1793) serves as frontispiece. The volume, as in the case of the preceding and following manuscripts, NLW MSS 12706E and 12708E, may have been transcribed by Thomas Pennant's secretary - copyist, Thomas Jones. Subsequent to its acquisition by the National Library of Wales in 1938, the text of the present work was edited and published, with an introduction and foot-notes, as vol. 132 of the publications of the Ray Society [G[avin] R[ylands] de Beer (ed.): Tour on the Continent 1765, by Thomas Pennant, Esqr. (London, 1948)]. In his introduction the editor states, 'It is clear that the body of the text rests on daily notes made by Pennant during the actual course of his tour', and adds that 'Pennant went over his text afterwards, for many of the elaborations of his narrative refer to books published, or events which occurred, subsequently to 1765'. References, such as those to Voltaire in 1768 (p. 184), to the reported discontinuance of the custom of producing the album or visitors' book at the Carthusian monastery of La Grande Chartreuse 'a few years after the time I was there' (p. 127), and to 'the late subversion of all things, wrong as well as right, in the Kingdom of France', and its effects on the monastery of La Grande Chartreuse (pp. 128- 9), are obviously later insertions. So, too, would appear to be the references to works by M. Bourrit (pp. 175, 178) [probably Marc Théodore Bourrit: A Relation of a Journey to the Glaciers in the Dutchy of Savoy. Translated from the French by Charles and Frederick Davy (Norwich, 1775)], and by the Reverend Mr. Coxe (p. 193) [William Coxe, author of Sketches of the Natural, Civil, and Political State of Swisserland (London, 1779), and Travels in Switzerland (London, 1789)].

Thomas Pennant.