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BBC radio plays

The file comprises the following plays, mainly adapted, 1944-1970, from works by Rhys Davies: 'Jenny Jones', adapted from stories by Rhys Davies, 1944, together with a programme of the production staged at the London Hippodrome directed by George Black; 'The old house', a dramatic feature by Rhys Davies, 1945; an adaptation, 1948, by Ross Cockrill of Rhys Davies, The dark daughters [London, 1947]; 'A bed of roses', adapted in 1949 from the novel Under the rose [London, 1940]; 'Honey and bread', 1970, based on the novel published in 1935 and adapted by Julia Jones; its sequel 'A time to laugh', adapted by Julia Jones, 1970, based on the novel published in 1937, and a manuscript note by Rhys Davies on the background of the two novels; together with an adaptation, 1953, of his novel Marianne [London, 1951] by P. H. Burton and typescript remarks by [?the author] on the script.

Burton, Philip, 1904-1995

BBC scripts

The series consists of scripts for the BBC radio programmes 'Cadw'r Mis', 1962-1963, which David Lloyd presented and 'Music in Wales', January [?1953], in which David Lloyd featured; together with holograph autobiographical notes relating to his childhood.


The series includes two broadcast scripts of In Parenthesis which was adapted for radio and produced by Douglas Cleverdon. It was broadcast four times on the BBC Third Progamme, together with specially composed music by Elizabeth Poston. The first broadcast script is for 1942 and the second [1946]. The series also includes a manuscript and typescript copy of David Jones' introduction to the broadcast, [1946] and [1964]. Also there is a script of a programme about Welsh poetry, 1943, in which a selection of In Parenthesis was read. There are cover notes by Harman Grisewood in each file. See also David Blamires, David Jones: Artist and Writer, 1971 p. 112.

Cleverdon, Douglas

Radio and television scripts

The series comprises typed scripts for radio and television programmes on a variety of subjects connected with plant and animal life, the seasons, history, topography and the work of early naturalists, with occasional letters from producers, who include Jeffery Boswall.

Boswall, Jeffery, 1931-

Radio scripts

The file includes radio scripts, 1937-1939, which were co-written by Dr B. G. Charles and his colleagues Francis Jones and B. G. Owens, comprising 'Pebidiog Paradwys Penfro', 1937, 'Cwrs clera', 1937, 'Glaniad y Ffrancod yn Abergwaun', 1938, 'Cemais', 1939, 'Morladron Cymru', 1939; together with notes relating to a programme 'A manner of speaking', 1952; notes about farm names for a BBC radio broadcast; a script 'Pynciau'r Tir', 1965, which Dr B. G. Charles took part in and enquiries received by him as a result of this broadcast relating to farm names; a letter, 1972, relating to a farm called 'Ty Bôl' in Edeyrn, Caernarfonshire, which was featured on the programme 'Pynciau'r Tir'; and notes, [1937-1972], for an unidentified programme on place-names.

Jones, Francis, 1908-1993

Radio scripts

The series comprises typescripts of radio lecture-recitals and talks by W. S. Gwynn Williams, entitled 'The Spirit of Welsh Music', 1925 and 1927, 'Nationality in Music', 1927, 'The Making of Music', 1927, 'The Music of Wales and the Eisteddfod', 1929, and a few related typescript programmes. Some of these were broadcast during the period he was in charge of Welsh programmes from the Irish stations at Dublin and Cork, 1928-1930.

Radio scripts

Radio scripts, 1935-[?1971], of programmes prepared and broadcast by Wyn Griffith. They relate to the literature, history and music of Wales, personal reminiscences, the Second World War, and also include short stories and a few items relating to the Civil Service. A small group of correspondence relating to his role as a broadcaster is also included.

Radio talks

The series comprises letters from the BBC and individuals relating to 'Hen Blasau Dyffryn Clwyd' broadcast, May 1936, together with handwritten and typed drafts of the script; typed scripts for other radio programmes relating to local history and gypsies, broadcast 1940-47; list of forthcoming radio features, including a talk by Gypsy Petulengro.

Radio talks

This series consists of a number of radio scripts of talks given by Menna Gallie, [c.1958]-[c.1969], on subjects such as her experiences of living in Northern Ireland, of writing her first novel, of being a guide in an old house in Ulster, of her experience of going down a coal mine, various memories of childhood, the writing of Mary Lavin, of her trip to Yugoslavia and experiences of her time spent in America.


The series mainly comprises scripts, 1945-1982 (with gaps), including manuscript drafts, most of which appear to be radio programmes written by Glyn Jones, including some in which he participated.

TV and radio scripts, &c.,

Autograph and typescript drafts of scripts by Dannie Abse for BBC television and radio programmes, 'Dylan Thomas lived here', 1975, 'Words', 1976, 'The Light of Experience', 1977, and 'Finding a voice', 1978; a draft of an essay, 'The Charisma of Quacks'; and untitled fragments.

Dannie Abse.


Mae'r uned yn cynnwys drafftiau llawysgrif a theipysgrif o sgriptiau radio a baratowyd gan Ambrose Bebb.

Papurau'r Parch. John Roberts, Llanfwrog

  • GB 0210 JOHROG
  • Fonds
  • 1812-1985 (crynhowyd 1928-1985)

Papurau, 1925-1985, y Parch. John Roberts, Llanfwrog, yn cynnwys llythyrau, yn bennaf at y Parch. a Mrs John Roberts, 1928-1985, y gohebwyr yn cynnwys R. Williams Parry, 1946-1953; cerddi llawysgrif, teipysgrif a phrintiedig, [1930]-1984; carolau ac emynau, 1962-1968; traethodau, darlithoedd ac anerchiadau crefyddol, 1949-1977, a gyflwynwyd mewn cystadlaethau eisteddfodol; darlithoedd, anerchiadau a nodiadau ar lenyddiaeth Gymraeg a phynciau crefyddol, 1957-1987; pregethau, [1929]-1979; sgriptiau radio ar gyfer gwasanaethau crefyddol, 1943-1978; sgetsys, dramâu byrion a rhaglenni nodwedd, 1964-1979; llyfrau nodiadau, 1932-1978; deunydd yn ymwneud ag R. Williams Parry, 1925-1969; a deunydd hanesyddol yn ymwneud â Chapel Moriah, Caernarfon, 1812-1979, Capel Tegid, Y Bala, 1885-1968, a Chapel y Garth, Porthmadog, 1945-1949. = Papers, 1925-1985, of the Rev. John Roberts, Llanfwrog, including: letters, mostly to Rev. and Mrs John Roberts, 1928-1985, the correspondents including R. Williams Parry, 1946-1953; manuscript, typescript and printed poems, [1930]-1984; carols and hymns, 1962-1968; essays, lectures and religious addresses, 1949-1977, entered for eisteddfod competitions; lectures, addresses and notes on Welsh literature and religious subjects, 1957-1987; sermons, [1929]-1979; radio scripts for religious services, 1943-1978; sketches, short dramas and feature programmes, 1964-1979; notebooks, 1932-1978; material relating to R. Williams Parry, 1925-1969; and historical material relating to Capel Moriah, Caernarfon, 1812-1976, Capel Tegid, Y Bala, 1885-1968, and Capel y Garth, Porthmadog, 1945-1949.

Roberts, John, 1910-1984