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Tribes -- Wales, North

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Tribes -- Wales, North

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Tribes -- Wales, North

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Achau, barddoniaeth, etc.

An early seventeenth century manuscript, fragile, written c. 1611-1621 and possibly earlier by Roger Williams, clerk, rector of the parish of St. Nicholas, co. Glamorgan [the scribe of parts of Llanstephan MS 41] and containing pedigrees, Welsh po...

Roger Williams, 'Iolo Morganwg' and Taliesin Williams.

Barddoniaeth, &c.,

  • File
  • [16-17 cents].

A volume of transcripts of Welsh poetry. The first fifty-one folios contain copies, in a 16th-century hand, of 'cywyddau' by Siôn Cent, Iolo Goch, Dafydd ap Gwilym, Madog Benfras, Gruffudd Gryg, Dafyddd ab Edmwnd, Iorwerth Fynglwyd, Tudu...

Brut Ieuan Brechfa; Brut Aberpergwm; triads, etc.

A composite volume containing miscellaneous historical and literary material in the hand of Edward Williams ('Iolo Morganwg'). Pp. 24-36 contain a transcript of a version of the medieval Welsh Chronicle of the Princes associated with the...

'Iolo Morganwg'.

Cyfreithiau Hywel Dda, etc.,

A volume containing (pp. 1-131) an eighteenth century copy of a Welsh text of the laws of Hywel Dda corresponding to the text of the 'Dimetian' version or that published as Cyfreithiau Hywel Dda yn ôl Llyfr Blegywryd (Dull Dyfed) (Caerdy...

Edward Whittington and [?David Wynne].

Genealogical and heraldic material,

A volume of heraldic and genealogical material in the hand of Edward Williams ('Iolo Morganwg'). P. xvii, which appears to be a 'title-page' to the section containing pp. 1- 84, is inscribed 'Achau ac Arfau Prif Fonedd y C...

'Iolo Morganwg'.

Kywyddau, Achau, Compot Manuel

A manuscript in the hand of Rowland Lewis of Mallwyd [d. 1652 or 1653] containing 'cywyddau', some 'englynion' and an 'awdl' by Dafydd Nanmor, Lewes Mon, Sion Tuddur, Dafydd Lloyd ap Lle'n ap Gruff[udd], Gytto or...

Llyfr Roger Morris (Llanwrin 1),

A manuscript in the autograph of Roger Morris, Coed-y-talwrn containing anecdotes, extracts from the Black Book of Carmarthen ('Amravael bethau a gopiuyd or lyfyr du o gaer Vyrdin'), 'Credo Taliessin o lyvyr aral', proverbial s...

Llyfr du Pantlliwydd,

An imperfect quarto manuscript inscribed in gilt on the spine 'Llyfr Du Pantlliwydd'. The name 'Llyfr Du Pantlliwydd' is probably derived from the colour of the previous binding (see binding note) and from the fact that sometim...

Anthony Powel and 'Iolo Morganwg' and others.

Llyvyr y Llwythau Cymreig ...,

A volume written largely in the autograph of Ebenezer Thomas, ('Eben Fardd') and described on the title-page as 'Llyvyr y Llwythau Cymreig yn cynwys Taflenau Achol o'r Pum Llwyth Breninol a Phymtheg Llwyth Gwynedd ynghyd a Byrd...

MSS. collections relative to Wales, II

  • NLW MS 13215E.
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  • [late 16 cent.]-[late 17 cent.]

A composite manuscript volume lettered on the spine 'MSS. Collections Relative to Wales, II', being a companion volume to, and a continuation of, NLW MS 6209E, which is also a composite manuscript (sections numbered I-XIII) bound in a si...


Miscellaneous papers and home-made booklets containing transcripts, notes, lists, jottings, etc., in the hand of Edward Williams ('Iolo Morganwg') bound together in one volume. The contents are extremely varied. Prose items include items...

'Iolo Morganwg'.

Pedigrees, genealogical notes, etc.,

Miscellaneous papers including genealogical notes on the descendants of [the Rev.] Hugh Williams, D.D. [father of Sir William Williams ('Speaker Williams') and founder of the family of Wynn of Wynnstay]; a pedigree tracing the descent of...

Peisarfau ac amrywiol,

A composite volume belonging to John Jones ('Myrddin Fardd') containing notes and press cuttings concerning heraldry, etc. At the beginning in another hand are accounts of 'Gibbet Hill' [Llanfair Caereinion] subscribed 'Mr...

The Fifteen Tribes, &c.

Two accounts of the Fifteen Tribes of North Wales; the arms and pedigrees of Welsh families; and a letter, 1819, from Richard Llwyd (Bard of Snowdon) to Paul Panton the Younger (p. 49a).

Llwyd, Richard, 1752-1835

The fifteen tribes of North Wales, etc.,

A manuscript (watermark 1838) in a parchment cover made out of an affidavit sworn at Swansea, 1821, containing transcripts from a manuscript or manuscripts of Peter Vaughan, A.M., vicar of Llangerniw [Llangernyw, co. Denbigh] as follows: two '...

Transcripts of chronicles, etc. (in seven parts),

Itinerarium Cambriae and Topographia Cambriae [sic] by Giraldus Cambrensis. Historia Anglorum of Henry of Huntingdon with 'Epistola missa henrico regi secundo anglorum super lamentatione David regis', 'Historia de vita et moribus et...