Tywyn (Gwynedd, Wales) -- Antiquities.



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Tywyn (Gwynedd, Wales) -- Antiquities.

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Tywyn (Gwynedd, Wales) -- Antiquities.

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Tywyn (Gwynedd, Wales) -- Antiquities.

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Miscellaneous correspondence,

Ninety-nine miscellaneous holograph and other letters:- Daines Barrington, London, to John Strange in Venice [late 18th cent.] (introducing Mr. [John] Lloyd of Hafodunos, F.R.S., stones at Towen and on top of Caderydris, Lloyd's knowledge of North Wales as a fossilist); Godfrey Bingley to Lady Jackson, London, undated (two bonds for £50 apiece); [George Booth, 2nd earl of] Warrington, Dunham [Massey, co. Chester], to . . ., 1700-1708/9 (2) (a request for certain deeds, comments relating to the king of France, a deed relating to the advowson of [the church of] Thornton [co. ]); R. [Byerley] to Lady Jackson, London, undated (financial and legal matters); John Calvert, London, to ? Tho[ma]s Kyffin, 1774 (instruments ordered by squire Jones, an account for the same, a request for specimens of ? moths from the Snowdon area, recipient's possible election to ? the Aurelian Society); Walt[er] Clopton, [ ]nant, to . . ., 1686/7 (points concerning a lease); Joseph Duke, Chester, to John Lloyd, Havedunos [sic], 1767 (an account for goods bought) (endorsed with receipts); Will[ia]m Eccles, Manchester, to Hugh Roberts, Mold, [18]22 (legal matters) (copy); R. Edwards, London, to . . ., 1748-1750 (3) (business and financial transactions, mention of ships from India and of the African Company); Samuel Edwards, Newport, to Mr. Warne, 1682 (financial matters); [Sir] G[eorge] Shuckburgh Evelyn [6th bart.], Shuckburgh Park [co. Warwick], to Nath[anie]l Jones, Wygfair, 1795 (enquiries about J[ohn] Lloyd of Wygfair who had gone to Ireland to see newly discovered gold mines); J[oh]n Foulkes, Wrexham, to the Rev[eren]d B. C. Conway, Lower Soughton, Northop, 1832 (enclosing a copy of an opinion by John Jervis of the Middle Temple dated 1832, and of a letter by the present writer to the Rev[eren]d Dr. Howard relating to a case ?concerning an obstruction on Soughton highway); T[homas] Gaisford, [dean of] Ch[rist] Ch[urch, Oxford], to the Rev[eren]d Archdeacon Jones, 1832 (the examination of Mr. Howard ? for admission to Christ Church) (addressed to Reverend Dr. Howard, Mold); John Garnons, Rhiwgoch, to Miss Gwynne [the writer's grand-daughter] at Havodunos, 1780 ( personal); Rob[er]t F[ ] Greville, Great Cumberland Street [ ], to . . ., 1803 (the work being done by Sir R[ichar]d [Colt] Hoare [2nd bart.] on a translation of Giraldus Cambrensis [The Itinerary of Archbishop Baldwin Through Wales . . . by Giraldus de Barri. Trans . . . by Sir Richard Colt Hoare, London, 1806], attempts to identify places such as Hilcuria, Castrum Isabelis, etc., mentioned by Giraldus, queries re copper works near the summit of Snowdon, news of acquaintances); Ralph Griffith, Chester, to Charles Owen, Toke's Court, London, 1760-1762 (2) (legal matters including the Grosvenor v. Swymmer case [See NLW MSS 12438-12439E above]), and to Mr. Pardoe, 1767 (bills relating to the Mold cause) (draft); Will[ ia]m Griffith to the Rev[eren]d Mr. Rich[ar]d Griffith, Carnarvon, 1751-1752 (3) (financial matters in connection with a legacy to the writer from his mother); J. Haggersten, Berwick, to Edward Burdet, Holborne, London, [ ] 82 (personal and financial matters); Mr. Hay, St. Asaph, to Mr. Lloyd [ early 19th cent.] (a list of tokens the writer wished to collect) (in third person); J. Holland to . . ., 1810 (recommending a tenant for Havodynnos); R. W. Howard, Eton College, to his mother, undated (the writer's activities at Eton); Richard Howard, Llanrhaiadr, to Arthur Roberts, Mold, solicitor, 1847 (legal matters) (copy); Ow[en] Hughes, Bewmares, to Dr. Andrew Birch at Gwyder, 1679 (purchasers for lands in Merionythshire, Penmachno and Treflan); John Humffreys to Mrs. Vaughan of Caergay at Havodynnos, 1706/7 (financial matters); John Humffreys, Llanvyllin, to Mrs. Vaughan of Caergai at Eyarth, near Llanver, 1737/8 (an interview with Mr. Mainwaring concerning Caergai); Dauid Jones, Sallop, to . . ., 1637/8 (personal); Jos. Jones, Mold, to Mr. Griffiths, 1761 ( losses suffered owing to the [Mold mountain] dispute) (copy); Richard Jones, Carnarvon, to . . ., 1758 (business affairs); S[amuel] Jones, Kilken, to Watkin Williams, Penbedw, 1770 (a protest concerning the toll gate at the west end of the town of Mold) (endorsed with a reply from Will[iam] Lloyd, Maesmynan) (?both copies); W[illia]m Jones, Llan-fihangel, to Mr. Goodman, attorney, Anglesea, 1779-1784 (2) (a dispute with Mr. Howard concerning lands and rents, land at Trefriw); J[oh]n Langley, junior, London, to Jns. Williams, attorney, Mould, 1680 (queries concerning the estate of Sir Richard Langley, deceased, in Mould), and to Thomas Williams, Mould, 1680 (queries concerning ?the same estate as in the previous letter ); C. Lloyd, Wellow [near Bath], to the Rev[eren]d Ben[jamin] Conway Potter, Soughton, Northop, 1819 (the death of Dr. Griffith, news of acquaintances, activities in Frome); Dauid Lloyd, Southwark, to John Lloyd of Wickwer, 1673 (a journey by Sir Euan Lloyd, the captain of the writer's company, into Wales, to recruit forty men, a projected crossing into Holland with 15,000 foot men) (endorsed with a note by J. Ll. who had opened the letter by mistake); Eliza. Lloyd, Rhu . . ., to . . ., undated (enquiries concerning the Vaughan family); Ellis Lloyd, Pen Lan, to. . ., 1687/8 (legal affairs); Robert Lloyd to [Richard Nanney], 1609 (arrangements for a meeting and the delivery of a letter from Captain Salisbury) (endorsed with recipient's reply); M. Lockhart to . . ., undated (recommending Mr. Pauling); Geo[rge] Lowe, Chester, to Mr. Howard, 1756 (legal matters); H. M., to . . ., 1737 (personal); [Kenneth Mackenzie, 1st earl of] Seaforth [Ireland], Calais, to [Daniel Charles Solander], 1777 (a request that Mr. Lloyd should have any of the writer's books which were in recipient's custody); Edw[ard] Mainwaring, Wrexham, to John Edwards at Pen y Lan, 1680/1 (financial matters); M. Mainwaring, Whitmore, to Mrs. Vaughan at Eyarth, 1737 (the ? secret marriage of recipient's daughter); W. Manley, Temple, to Messrs. Phillips and Ellis, attorneys, Ruthin, 1796 (legal matters); T. Trevor Mather, Pentreholn [? Pentre-hobin ], to Mr. Richards, Holywell, 1803 (the fencing of an allotment on Mold mountain) (continued)

J. Montagu to . . ., 1706 (the taxing of vaults taken out of streets); Arth[ur] Newcomen to Tho[mas] Williams, Bronkoed, near Mould, [16]99 and undated (2) (dilapidations at Argitt, orders from Lord Derby [? William George Richard Stanley, 18th earl of Derby] re letting Argit, a request for a rent roll); C. Owen, Took's (Toke's) Court [London], to Tho[ma]s Owen, attorney, Mold, 1754 (legal matters), to Ralp[h] Griffith, attorney, Chester, 1756 (enclosing a copy of an order for viewing the area in dispute in the Grosvenor v. Swymmer suit [See NLW MSS 12438-12439E above ]), to Mrs. Trevor in Berkeley Square [ ], 1761 (arranging a meeting, non-payment of a bill by Ralph Griffith), and to . . ., 1762 (legal matters relating ?to the Grosvenor v. Vincent suit) (copy); Robert Pardoe, Lincoln's Inn, to Mr. Boydell, 1763 (the expenses in the [Grosvenor v. Vincent suit]); Tho[ma]s W. Partington to Mr. Griffith, 1756 (notification that the Grosvenor v. Swymmer case would be tried in Michaelmas term ); [ ] Paynter, Chelsea, to . . ., 1744 (the death of Cad[walad]r W[ illia]ms, who had served on board the ships Shrewsbury and Suffolk, in 1743, and pay due to him); Thomas Pennant, Downing [co. Flint], to the Hon. Daines Barrington, 1773 (the measuring ? of mountains in Snowdonia by ? [Jean André] De Luc, whom Pennant had met in Geneva, a request for goatskins, a letter from [ ] Forster, Pennant's intention of writing to [Charles] Linnaeus, a proposed journey) (endorsed with a note from D[aines] Barrington forwarding the letter to ?John Lloyd with a request for the Gwyder pedigree); Henry Perkins, Chester, to Mrs. Eliz. Jones at Trecastell, 1750 (financial); Prof[essor] M[arc] A[uguste] Pictet, professor of nat[ural] phil[osophy] at Geneva, to [Sir Joseph Banks], 1805 (the application of [John] Hadley's sextant for observing the meridian transit of the celestial bodies); W[illiam] Pitt, Downing Street [London], to. . ., 1799 (the decision to assemble parliament in order to propose a bill re the militia volunteers); John Price to . . ., undated (personal); M. Price, London, to Mr. Ing . . .y, senior, at Fearn, near Holywell, to . . ., and to Mr. Jones of Mold Mountain, 1763 (requests for payment of bills due in respect of the Mold cause); J[oh]n Roberts, Denbigh, to . . ., undated (legal matters); Domingos Rodrigues, Tellichery [India], to . . ., 1743 (commercial matters); Robert Roper to Robert Foulks, Chester, [1]703 (the letting of ? Argoed on behalf of the representatives of the late earl of Derby [William George Richard Stanley, 18th earl]); [Hew Sempill, 12th baron] Sempill, Lyons, to Mons[ieu]r Vaughan at Montpellier, 1736/7 (personal); Rob[er]t Sherbrooke to Lady Jackson, Lincoln Inn feilds, London , [16]93 (personal); Rich[ar]d R. Short, Lichf[iel]d, to Mrs. Margarett Griffith of Caraglwydd, at Carnarvon, 1774 (personal); Arch[ibald] Spark, London, to Mrs. Kathrine Lewys at her house near Northop, 1683/4 (personal ); John Tho[ma]s Stanley, Penrhos, to . . ., 1816 (the death of the writer's mother, Lady Stanley); Henry Swymmer, Bristol, to Mrs. Margit Owen, Mold, 1761 (arrangements in connection with a court leet); Henry Swymmer and Edw[ ar]d Lloyd, Mold, to Sir Rich[ar]d Grosvenor [7th bart., created baron Grosvenor of Eaton, co. Chester, 1761, and viscount Belgrave, co. Chester, and earl Grosvenor, 1784] at Eaton, 1756 (informing recipient that Mr. Swymmer (not the writer) would not take advantage of his privilege if the case [Grosvenor v. Swymmer] proceeded to trial); H. T. to . . ., 1683/4 (personal); Rob[er]t Tamberlain, Flint, to John Williams, Lincoln's Inn, London, 1763 (? legal matters); Maurice Trygarn, London, to . . ., 1669 (legal points relating to the outlawry of John Foulkes and others); H. Ussher to the Rev[eren]d Dr. W. Richardson, Portrush, near Coleraine [late 18th cent.] (introducing Mr. [John] Loyd of the Royal Society who was 'going to the Causeway in pursuit of natural history, thence to Ila and Staffa'); A. Vaughan to Miss Vaughan at Kensington, 1736 (personal); Evan Vaughan to John Vaughan, high sheriff of the county of Merioneth, 1670 ( legal); [? M.] Vaughan to [? Lady Mainwaring], undated (? the secret marriage of the writer's daughter); L. W., to Henry Lloyd near Bedford Row, London, 1745/6 (personal, soldiers quartered in the village and at Bromley ); W. Wake and John Spencer, Bombay [India], to Richard Edwards and Robert Nanny, 1747 (2) (the death of Hugh Howard and matters relating to the settling of his estate in India); John Wilkin, Office of Woods and Forests [London], to T. T. Mathew [? Mather], Pentrehobbin, Mold, 1830 (the purchase by Mr. Conway of encroachments on Soughton common, the sale of the tolls of Northop and the crown rents on the Wigfair estate); E. Bulk[ eley] Will[ia]ms, Baronhill [Anglesey], to Miss Griffiths at Carnarvon, undated (personal); [Sir] Wat[kin] W[illia]ms Wynn [3rd bart. after 1740], Downing Street [ ], to Hedd Lloyd at Havod ynos, 1738 (the loan of a chair to recipient who was suffering from gout), and to John Lloyd at Havodynos, 1743/4 (an approach to [Peregrine Bertie, 3rd] duke of Ancaster , ? on behalf of recipient, strained relations between the writer and the Ancaster family owing to his having inherited Wynnstay, concern about recipient's brother How[ar]d, the possibility of purchasing a commission ? for Howard, the writer's lack of influence with people in power since the success of the Denbigh petition, the advisability of deferring [the question of the commission] until they saw which of the competitors Lord [John] Carteret [2nd baron Carteret of Hawnes, co. Bedford, and later 2nd viscount Carteret and earl Granville] or Mr. [Henry] Pelham prevailed); [Sir] Wat[kin] W[illia]ms Wynn [4th bart.], Wynnstay, to . . ., 1774 (the writer's inability to visit the Vale owing to the dissolution of parliament, the decision of Sir Lynch [Salusbury] Cotton [4th bart. of Combermere, co. Chester, and Llewenny, co. Denbigh] not to offer himself for election [as member of parliament for the county of Denbigh] in the forthcoming election, the writer's hopes of securing 'the voice of this county', a request for support on election day 19 October); [Sir] W[atkin] W[illia]ms Wynn [? 5th bart.], to . . ., undated (2) (news of acquaintances, expectations of an heir at Coed Coch, hopes that Garthewin would follow suit, visits with Lord Darnley [? John Bligh, 4th earl of Darnley, co. Meath] to the tower on Cyrn y Brain, angles taken and observations made by ? Col[onel] [ ] Madge from the site of the tower, mention of Sir J[oseph] Banks, a report of a water spout above Rhiwedog); and Robert] Wynne, St. Asaph, to Hedd Lloyd at Havodunos [late 17th cent.] (enclosing a copy of the will of Catherine Vaughan of Hirdrevaig, co. Anglisey, dated 23 November 1691).