Ffeil Brogyntyn MS I.5 [RESTRICTED ACCESS]. - Barddoniaeth a rhyddiaith,

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Barddoniaeth a rhyddiaith,


  • [c. 1683]-[c. 1713]. (Creation)

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Maint a chyfrwng

316 ff. (paginated i-xxii, 1-611; pp. ix-xvi, 477-83, 486-8 and 511 to end blank) ; 320 x 200 mm.

Rebound, [early 19 cent.], in blind-tooled pigskin, on five raised bands with 'BRITISH POETRIE MS.' and 'PORKINGTON MANUSCRIPT No 2' in gilt on spine; inlaid into each cover is a blind-stamped panel, c. 290 x c. 165 mm., on a darker brown calf, in Oxford style, incorporating a saltire of a narrow diaper roll of quatrefoils in lozenges, probably Oldham no. 595, framed with a roll dated 1537 (Oldham no. 888) and a medallion roll identifiable as Oldham 770: Oldham records these being used together, [1520x1550], by binder 'G.F.'; both inlays show worm damage predating re-use. A section of the upper edge of both covers and the upper corners of both inlaid panels have been repaired, [20 cent.], with lighter pig-skin. Watermark in end-papers dated 1804.

Ardal cyd-destun

Enw'r crëwr

Hanes archifol

'Porkington Library Shelf 1 Case 4 No 3' (label pasted inside front cover).


Ardal cynnwys a strwythur

Natur a chynnwys

A volume containing Welsh poetry, mostly in strict metre (pp. 1-433), together with some prose items, including recipes for making inks and baits for catching trout (pp. xvii-xviii), a short Welsh vocabulary (pp. xix-xxii), descriptions of the coats of arms of Welsh families (pp. 444-454) and the names of the Fifteen Tribes of Gwynedd (pp. 454-456), written in a late-seventeenth century hand.
Many of the sixteenth- and seventeenth-century poems are addressed to members of the families of Owen of Clenennau and Brogyntyn and Wynn of Glyn and Ystumcegid: the manuscript was probably compiled for Elizabeth Wynn of Glyn and Ystumcegid or for her daughter Margaret Wynn shortly after the latter's marriage in 1683 to Sir Robert Owen of Clenennau and Brogyntyn (see pp. 23-25). An index to the poems is supplied by the scribe on pp. 434-443. Poetry in more than one hand has been added between c. 1691 and c. 1713 on pp. vii, 457-476, 484-485, 489-510, including elegies to Sir Robert Owen by Huw Morys (pp. 468-471) and to his sister-in-law Mrs Catherine Pennant by David Davies (p. 473), and a poem in free metre, dated 1713, probably by Dafydd Williams, Rhuthun (p. vii).

Gwerthuso, dinistrio ac amserlennu

Item: 1.1 Manuscript Volume (Brogyntyn MS I.5). Action: Condition reviewed. Action identifier: 4584679. Date: 20030207. Authorization: Selected for conservation. Authorizing institution: NLW. Action agent: J. Thomas. Status: Manuscript Volume (Brogyntyn MS I.5) : Some surface dust, mould and water staining, paper weak and broken with pH4 readings, both boards detached from book block, slight wear to leather, wear to corners of caps, enband loose, tight back spine has delaminated from book. Institution: WlAbNL.

Item: 1.2 Manuscript Volume (Brogyntyn MS I.5). Action: Conserved. Action identifier: 4584679. Date: 20031114. Authorizing institution: NLW. Action agent: J. Jenkins. Status: Manuscript Volume (Brogyntyn MS I.5) : Damaged pages repaired, book block secured to covers. Institution: WlAbNL.


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Cyflwr ac anghenion technegol

Leaf excised between pp. 487 and 488.

Cymhorthion chwilio

A detailed list of the contents is available at http://www.llgc.org.uk/catpdf/brogi05.pdf

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Available on microfilm at the Library.

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E. D. Jones, 'The Brogyntyn Welsh Manuscripts', National Library of Wales Journal, 5 (1947-48), 233-264 (pp. 237-264).

Ardal nodiadau


Formerly Porkington MS 2.


Title based on contents.


Preferred citation: Brogyntyn MS I.5 [RESTRICTED ACCESS].

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Llyfrgell Genedlaethol Cymru = The National Library of Wales

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  • Microform: $h - MEICRO BROGYNTYN MS I.5.
  • Text: Brogyntyn MS I.5 [RESTRICTED ACCESS]; $q - Leaf excised between pp. 487 and 488.; $z - Access to the original manuscript by authorised permission only. Readers are directed to use surrogate copies..