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Adoption of Jennifer Stevenson,

A letter, 17 May 1938, from John Morris, solicitor, Fleet Street, London, to Frances Stevenson relating to the proposed Adoption Order for her daughter Jennifer. Is planning to make an appointment to see the Official Solicitor immediately. Will attempt to persuade him that a domiciliary visit is unnecessary in this case. ('Strictly Personal').

Augustus John letters to Tristan de Vere Cole

Forty-five letters and cards, [1947]-1961, from Augustus John to Tristan de Vere Cole containing personal and family news, career advice and news of his mother Mavis.
Also included is a leaflet for an anti-nuclear rally, 1961 (f. 46). A single letter (f. 31 recto-verso) contains comments in the hand of Mavis Wheeler.

Augustus John.

Blackfriars of Rhuddlan,

A transcript, with explanatory note, by J. S. W. Gumbley, O.P., of C. F. R. Palmer: 'The Friar-Preachers, or Blackfriars of Rhuddlan' in The Reliquary, January 1886; and 'The Dominicans in England' in the same hand.

J. S. W. Gumbley.


  • NLW MS 22423A.
  • File
  • [14/15 cent.].

A breviary, use of Sarum, [14/15 cent.], comprising the sanctorale, ending imperfectly in the office of St Martin at the end of quire 12. Includes the translation of St Leonard, with nine lessons. The festa nova of Saint Chad, Saint David and Saint Winifred are not included. Memoranda of the offices of Saint John of Beverley, Saint Osmund, Saint Ethelreda and Saint Frideswyde are added in the margin. Gathered in twelves. Text defective by loss of one leaf after f. 50, three after f. 53, two after f. 63, one after f. 65 and two after f. 73.

Concert programmes,

Programmes of concerts at which Madame Barbier performed, or which were organised by her, in France, England and Wales, 1886-1921.

D. R. Davies Collection of Drama Scrap Books,

  • GB 0210 DRDIES
  • Fonds
  • 1900-1982 (accumulated [c.1920]-1982) /

Scrapbooks containing press cuttings etc., 1900-1982, relating largely to Welsh drama, theatrical activities and popular entertainment in Wales and amongst Welsh communities in English cities, including material on dramatists of Wales, 1932-1953; drama in Wales, 1922-1982; Welsh actors, 1932-1946; theatre cuttings, 1931-1953; fairs, folklore and folk-dancing in Wales, 1936-1938; children's theatre, 1959-1967; Welsh National Theatre, 1900-1978; and information on theatre in Ireland, Scotland, France, Spain, Germany, Italy, Greece, Russia, America, and other countries.

Davies, D. R., (of Aberdare), 1919-1978

Descriptio Angliae et Genealogiae Regum Angliae

Two tracts - (a) a description of England, in fifteen chapters, compiled in 1445, beginning 'tractatus iste compendiose extractus de diversorum historiographorum diversis ... describit Angliam ... '; (b) a genealogical chronicle in the same hand projected from Adam to Brutus and from Brutus to Henry VI, but in execution brought only to Edward I, with a continuation in a sixteenth century hand to Henry VIII (1518). The pattern of this genealogical chronicle is that of the Promptuarium Bibliae attributed to Petrus Pictaviensis. The text begins 'Adam in agro damasceno ...' (cf. Thomas Jones, Y Bibyl Ynghymraeg (Cardiff, 1940), p. xiii) and has lines added for the Saxons, kings of Britain, princes of Wales, the different divisions of Saxon England, kings of England, princes of Demetia, princes of Venedotia, &c.

Douglas B. Hague Research Papers,

  • GB 0210 DOUGUE
  • Fonds
  • 1960-1988 /

Research papers of Douglas B. Hague, including general correspondence relating to research work on lighthouses, 1960-1988; typescript drafts, correspondence, 1967-1975, and notes relating to the publication of Lighthouses: their Architecture, History and Archaeology; notes relating to the publication of Lighthouses of Wales; and miscellaneous papers, 1965-1987.

Hague, Douglas Bland

Edward Jones letter, national airs,

A copy of Edward Jones, Musical and Poetical Relicks of the Welsh Bards ... (London, 1794), with a few annotations by John Dovaston. Among items tipped in are transcripts by Edward Jones of Welsh, English and Irish airs (ff. 1, 73, 106) and a letter from him to Dovaston, 16 January 1817, concerning Welsh folk-tunes and other national airs (ff. 74-75). The letter is in answer to Dovaston's letter of 25 December 1816, which is part of Cardiff MS 4.130.

Edward Jones and John Dovaston.

F.C. Carter Collection of Deeds,

  • GB 0210 FCCARTER
  • Fonds
  • [early 14th century]-1820 (accumulated [early 20th century]) /

Deeds and other documents, [early 14th cent.]-1820, relating to properties in Wales and England; and other material, including miscellaneous wills and a remembrance roll for Monmouthshire Assizes, 1586.

Carter, F. C.

Fragmenta Liturgica,

  • NLW MS 22857E.
  • File
  • [13 cent.]-[15 cent.].

Leaves from five English manuscripts: two consecutive leaves from the sanctorale of a large missal including the proper for St Credan, presumably from Evesham Abbey, [15 cent.] (ff. 1-2); a leaf from a gradual containing alleluiatic verses and tract for the feast of an apostle, [14 cent.] (f. 3); a leaf from a collection of Latin motets, [13/14 cent.] (f. 4); two conjugate leaves from the temporale of a noted missal, [14 cent.] (ff. 5-6); and a fragment of a leaf from a large antiphonal, [14/15 cent.].

Inscriptions including 'ogham diaries',

Forty three notebooks, 1873-1915, the majority of which are numbered and labelled with a list of contents, recording inscribed stones examined by John Rhŷs mostly in Wales, the Isle of Man, Scotland, and Ireland. They contain descriptions of his journeys, of stones and inscriptions, folklore and other related notes. Also included are unbound diaries of 'ogham hunts', 1883-1899.

Le Livre des Assises : abridged

A volume containing an abridgement of Le Livre des Assises (first published as Tabula libri assisarum et placitorum corone, ed. by John Rastell ([London], [1514?], ESTC S121691); see, for instance, Le livre des assises et pleas del' corone…, ed. by John Rastell (London, 1679, ESTC R40449)), written by five contempory hands of the early fifteenth century. Scribe A (ff. iv-vii verso, x verso (the calendar of contents), 73 verso-74, 76-88 verso, 96 verso-108 verso) is seemingly the controlling hand, and is responsible for the foliation and most of the additions and annotations. The other hands are B (ff. 1-42 verso), C (ff. 42 verso-75 verso, except for brief interruptions by A and D), D (ff. 51 verso-53 passim, 62, 65) and E (ff. 88 verso-96 verso). Running titles; no rubrication.

Llewellin-Taylour Deeds and Documents,

  • GB 0210 LLEWTAYL
  • Fonds
  • 1237-1898 (predominantly 14th-16th century) /

Deeds and documents, 1237-1898 (predominantly 14-16 century), collected by A. R. Llewellin-Taylour, mostly relating to England.

Llewellin-Taylour, Alfred R. (Alfred Robert), 1877-

Peniston Lamb (Lincoln's Inn) Deeds,

  • GB 0210 PENLAMB
  • Fonds
  • 1573-1811 /

The collection consists of the Goodwyn of Dorking deeds, 1573-1754; Coke of Holkham deeds, 1671-1786; Montagu, duke of Montagu deeds, 1690-1735; Berenger of Iver deeds, 1693; Macro family deeds, 1711-1739; Boucherett of Lincolnshire deeds, 1720-1738; Brancaster Great Malthouse deeds, 1722-1729; Hooper of London deeds, 1723-1747; Spencer, duke of Marlborough deeds, 1735; Lamb of Lincoln's Inn deeds, 1737-1815; Southampton Street deeds, 1760; Waldo of Clapham deeds, 1769-1796; Edmunds of Grays Inn deeds, 1776-1788; miscellaneous deeds: Cardiganshire, 1672-1810; and miscellaneous deeds: England, 1699-1811.

Lamb, Peniston, d. 1735.


  • NLW MS 22251B.
  • File
  • [XV cent., first ½].

A processional, use of Sarum, [15 cent., first ½]. Temporale (ff. 1-127); dedication of a church (ff. 127-9); proses for St Andrew, St Nicholas, Purification of BVM, Invention of the Holy Cross and St Katherine, Salve Regina and Regina celi (ff. 129 verso-135); sanctorale, including Saints Edward the Confessor, Edmund the king and Edmund of Abingdon (ff. 136-166); commune, comprising introits (ff. 166-171), votive masses (ff. 171-183) and litanies of the saints (ff. 183-188 verso). Staves and rubrics in red, initials of noted text are calligraphic, in ink, embodying grotesque profiles, etc.; initials of unnoted text in blue with red penwork. A few medieval additions of text and music.

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