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GB and numbered Vols


Gogerddan estate and household administration papers


  • 1474-1950 (Creation)

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1 tabloid box, 237 vols, 295 bundles, 63 envelopes, 19 loose items

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Gogerddan estate and household administration papers, 1471-1950. They comprise surveys and valuations, 1766-1919; agency and tenancy papers, 1810-1925; main tenancy agreements and leases, 1739-1924; accounts, bills and receipts, 1474-1927 (mainly 1850s-1926); building specifications and estimates, 1766-1921; tithe, taxation and poor rate records, 1749-1929; employment and wages records, 1873-1950; timber and forestry records, 1816-1923; agricultural production records, 1796-1922; estate enclosure papers, 1743-1899; applications to land improvement loan companies, 1872-1921; sale catalogues and papers relating to sales, 1813-1923; fishing records, 1870-1943; hunting records, 1834-1935; shooting and game records, 1804-1924; insurance policies, 1847-1929; miscellaneous estate papers, (Watermark 1801)-1917; and household administration, 1668-1928, which include papers from the Loveden house in Bridge Street, Aberystwyth..
The papers strongly reflect the functions of Gogerddan as an agricultural and forestry estate, particularly from the mid-nineteenth century, when the recording of labour, production and accounts became more systematic. There is evidence of considerable outlay on improvements to buildings and land, particularly the enclosure and drainage of Cors Fochno (Borth Bog). The family’s interest in hunting, shooting and fishing is represented amply by the records they kept.

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Arranged into eighteen groups according to estate function: surveys and valuations; agency and tenancy papers; main tenancy agreements and leases; accounts, bills and receipts; building specifications and estimates; tithe, taxation and poor rate records; employment and wages records; timber and forestry records; agricultural production records; estate enclosure papers; applications to land improvement loan companies; sale catalogues and papers relating to sales; fishing records; hunting records; shooting and game records; insurance policies; miscellaneous estate papers; and household administration papers.

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For Gogerddan estate rentals see section RA. For estate and general correspondence see section GC.
Further estate administration papers are at NLW, Roberts and Evans (Cwmcynfelyn Deeds and Papers), which include the papers of George Griffith Williams, agent for Gogerddan CM5/7, CM5/16

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This section incorporates a large number of Gogerddan Vols which are noted at the relevant level of description: : Vols 229-230, 268, 271, 274-275, 277-317, 344, 350-351, 354, 356-358, 362-363, 371-375, 377-380, 382, 387-388, 393, 398-408, 413-418, 420, 422-426, 461-489, 496, 1586-1612, P73-80.


The Gogerddan estate papers apparently once included a large ledger called the 'Llyfr Gwyrdd' but this has not been identified.

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