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Jenkins, Nigel, 1949-
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2 Plus 2 archive,

Some two hundred and eighty letters and cards, 1968-1992, to Dedwydd Jones from various correspondents, mainly relating to the literary periodical 2 Plus 2, of which he was executive editor, 1983-1985; together with a number of poems and short stories submitted for publication by writers from Britain, Ireland, Australia, North America and India. The correspondents and contributors include Dannie Abse (8, with two poems) 1968-1992, Samuel Beckett (1) 1983, Tony Curtis (4, with one poem) 1983-1984, Brian Friel (1) 1991, Nigel Jenkins (2) 1987, Jan Morris (17) 1975-1991, Peter Redgrove (6, with four poems) 1983-1984, and Iain Crichton Smith (one short story, [c. 1984]).

Contributions to the journal,

Various papers, 1988-2002, relating to contributions to the New Welsh Review and items published in the journal. Included are images, poems and short stories submitted to the Review; poetry reports; the Reviews Editor's file; papers relating to an article on Shakespeare's Welsh connection; the campaign supporting R. S. Thomas's nomination for the Nobel Prize for Literature 1996; a poem by Nigel Jenkins on George Thomas, Viscount Tonypandy; and a series of articles entitled 'Welsh greats of the century'.

Correspondence : 1970

Includes letters from Neville Masterman (12); Glyn Jones (13); Jeremy Hooker (8); Sam Adams (13); Elwyn Davies (3); Kyffin Williams (5, including a card with an original print of Patagonian rider, signed by him); Cecil Price (10); John Idris Jones (8); Alun Llewellyn (12); Gwynfor Evans (2); Tom Earley; Andrew McNeillie (2); Moira Dearnley (4); Saunders Lewis; Randal Jenkins (5); L. Alun Page (6); Roy Thomas (3); Jane McCormick (3); R. George Thomas (2); Dannie Abse (2); Dora Polk (6); H. P. Collins (4); John Stuart Williams (5); Annemarie Ewing (2); Raymond Garlick (7); Alun Talfan Davies; Ray Howard-Jones (4); Stephen L. I. Pettit (4); Alan Perry; Leslie Norris (7); A. G. Prys-Jones; John Petts (4); R. S. Thomas; John Ackerman (2); Nigel Jenkins (2); Alison Bileski (2); Robert Morgan (3); and Peter Finch (2).

Masterman, Neville

Correspondence : 1974

Includes letters from Gillian Clarke (19); Tony Curtis (5); Sally Roberts Jones (5); John Tripp (7); Raymond Garlick (8); Peter Elfed Lewis (9); A. G. Prys-Jones (3); John Ormond; Belinda Humfrey; Judith Maro; J. P. Ward (2); Nigel Jenkins; Ray Howard-Jones (11); Ruth Pryor (9); Dora Polk; Robert Morgan (3); John Stuart Williams; John Rowlands (6); Alison Bielski (4); Ruth Bidgood (4); Alun Llewellyn; Graham Allen; Ieuan Gwynedd Jones; David [Dai] Smith (5); Sam Adams (2); Neville Masterman (2); Leslie Norris (3); L. Alun Page; Glyn Jones (4); John Ackerman; and Patrick Thomas.

Clarke, Gillian, 1937-

Correspondence : 1981

Includes letters from John Pikoulis; Raymond Garlick (4); Gillian Clarke (2); Cary Archard (3); Meic Stephens (8); Ronald Lowe; Jeremy Hooker (4); A. G. Prys-Jones (4); Glyn Jones (4); J. P. Ward; John Davies (3); Ruth Bidgood (9); Nigel Jenkins; Jon Dressel; Ray Howard-Jones (2); and Sally Roberts Jones.

Pikoulis, John, 1941-

Correspondence : 1982

Includes letters from Sally Roberts Jones (5); John Davies (5); Ruth Bidgood (9); G. O. Jones; Glyn Jones (5); A. G. Prys-Jones (3); Meic Stephens (18, including a copy of a letter to R. Geraint Gruffydd); Tony Curtis (3); Douglas Bassett (5); Prys Morgan; Gerard Casey (4); Emyr Humphreys (2); Raymond Garlick (4); J. P. Ward (2); John Osmond (2); Walford Davies (5); Greg Hill (3); Peter Finch; Leslie Norris (2); Joseph Clancy; Sam Adams (3); Dora Polk; Nigel Jenkins (4); Gwyn Jones (2); Gillian Clarke (2); Kay Harris; and Dai Smith (2).

Jones, Sally Roberts

Correspondence : 1983

Includes letters from Anthony Conran; Meic Stephens (13); Gillian Clarke (2); A. G. Prys-Jones (6); Gwyn Jones (4); Nigel Jenkins (8); Cary Archard; Emyr Humphreys (2); Raymond Garlick (13); Glyn Jones (3); Dai Smith (3); Jeremy Hooker; Hamish M. Brown; Peter Finch (3); Duncan Bush (2); Deian Hopkin (2); Ray Howard-Jones; Alan Perry (2); Brian Howells; John Davies; Wynn Thomas; and Leslie Norris (addressed to Meic Stephens, containing amendments to the entry on Leslie Norris for the Companion to the literature of Wales).

Conran, Anthony

Correspondence : 1984

Includes letters from A. G. Prys-Jones (7); Meic Stephens (25); Alun Llewellyn (3); Robert Minhinnick (2); Ruth Bidgood (6); David Harries; Sally Roberts Jones (4); Nigel Jenkins (2); Dannie Abse (2); Joseph Clancy (3); Glyn Jones (3); Leslie Norris; Elwyn Davies (2); Gillian Clarke (3); Greg Hill (4); Raymond Garlick (2); Cary Archard (2); John Davies; and Tony Bianchi (2).

Prys-Jones, A. G. (Arthur Glyn)

Correspondence : 1986

Includes letters from John Davies (5); R. Gerallt Jones; Raymond Garlick (6); Meic Stephens (12, including copies of letters from Meic Stephens to Ceri George and R. Brinley Jones); Anthony Conran (3); Jeremy Hooker (3); Robert Minhinnick; Bruce J. James (6); Ruth Bidgood (5); Nigel Jenkins (3); Gerard Casey; Jon Dressel; Kay Harris (3); Leslie Norris (including a copy of the poem 'The dark months'); Glyn Jones (5); Elwyn Davies; Emyr Humphreys; Brian Keeble; Sam Adams (2); A. G. Prys-Jones; and Cecil Price.

Davies, John, 1944-

Correspondence : 1990

Includes letters from Leslie Norris (2); Ruth Bidgood (3); Meic Stephens (3); Raymond Garlick (5); Dora Polk (2); Gillian Clarke; Gwyn O. Jones; Nigel Jenkins; Jeremy Hooker (2); and John Davies (2).

Norris, Leslie, 1921-2006

Correspondence : 1996

Includes letters from Ruth Bidgood (4); Sam Adams (6); Marion Löffler (2); Robert Steel; Meic Stephens (2); Nigel Jenkins (including a typescript copy of his poem 'Porth Cwyfan (for Roland Mathias)'); Gerald Clifton; John Davies (2); Raymond Garlick (2); Jeremy Hooker; Leslie Norris (2); John Pikoulis; and Gillian Clarke (2).

Bidgood, Ruth

Correspondence : 1997

Includes letters from Leslie Norris; Nigel Jenkins; Raymond Garlick (5); Sam Adams (7); Belinda Humfrey; John Trice (2); Jon Dressel; Robert Steel (2); Ruth Bidgood (3); Jeremy Hooker (2); and John Davies.

Norris, Leslie, 1921-2006

Correspondence : I-J,

Includes letters from Siân James (6); Mike Jenkins (25); Nigel Jenkins (25); Dafydd Johnston (3); G. O. Jones (8); Gwyn Jones (4); John Idris Jones (29); Jonah Jones (7); Marian Henry Jones (3); Phyllis M. Jones (5); and Sally Roberts Jones (8).

Correspondence : J,

Includes letters from Mike Jenkins (14), Nigel Jenkins (15), Alun R. Jones (8), A. G. Prys-Jones (88), Bobi Jones, D. Gwenallt Jones, David Jones (2), Dedwydd Jones (15), Don Dale-Jones (7), E. H. Jones (2), Emrys Maldwyn Jones (6), Gwyn Jones (92; with an additional note amongst the letters of Alice Jones), Harri Pritchard Jones (4), Jack Jones (4), Jonah Jones, Phyllis M. Jones (2), Ray Howard-Jones (4), Sally Roberts Jones (7), T. Gwynn Jones, and William Glynne-Jones (27).

Correspondence: 1991-1996,

Includes letters from Lesley Grant-Adamson (2, including a poem); Irene E. Thomas (2); Mavis Carter (6); Dennis Carter; Gwyn Parry (4); Tony Bianchi; Peter Weevers; Sally Roberts Jones (2); Judith Thwaite (11, including a poem); David Harries; Michael Rosen; Candyce Clayton; Nigel Jenkins (2); Kate Foley (4); Anne Stevenson; Christine Evans (2); Chris Kinsey; Maura Dooley (4); Menna Elfyn; Roger Garfitt (3); Joseph Clancy (including poem); Beryl Hamilton (Berenice Moore); Linda Martin; Julia Griffiths Jones (3); Maurice Rutherford (3); Ruth Bidgood; Dannie Abse (3); Enid Luff; and Mary Oldham.

Correspondence: poetry,

Correspondence, mostly concerning poems submitted for The Anglo-Welsh Review, including letters from Chris Bendon; Ivor C. Treby (4); Ruth Bidgood (7); Mike Jenkins (3); Roland Mathias (2); Tom Earley (3); John Davies; Tony Curtis; Joyce Herbert (3); Sheenagh Pugh (2); Alison Bielski (3); Nigel Jenkins; Bridget Joseph; John Tripp (3); Rosamund Stanhope; Michael Farley; D. S. Savage; Susanne M. Dumbleton; Tom Rawling; Margaret Toms (4); Jon Dressel (7); J. P. Ward; Pete Morgan (4); David T. Lloyd (3); John Barnie (2); Gerald Dawe (4); Jane McLaughlin; Gerard Casey (12); Leslie Norris (2); David Constantine (2); Philip Owens (3); Moelwyn Merchant; Wes Magee (2); Steve Griffiths (2); Sam Adams (2); Jack Clemo (6); Ted Hughes; Anthony Conran; Paul Wilkins (4); I. P. Taylor (3); Phyllis M. Jones; R. S. Thomas; Ian Hughes (3); Dudley G. Davies; Mary Casey; Charles Kohler; A. G. Prys-Jones (3); Leonard Clark; Andrew McNeillie; Lynn M. Trowbridge; Huw Jones; Brian Martin Davies (addressed to Huw Jones); Richard Poole; and Chris O'Neill. Some letters are addressed to Roland Mathias.

Cyfieithiadau o farddoniaeth Menna Elfyn gan eraill

Deunydd yn ymwneud â chyfieithu gwaith barddonol Menna Elfyn i ystod eang o ieithoedd, gan gynnwys Tsieinëeg, Lithwaneg, Swedeg, Wcreineg, Groeg, Hindi a Slofeneg. Ymysg y cyfieithwyr i'r Saesneg mae Robert Minhinnick, R. S. Thomas, Gwyneth Lewis, Tony Conran, Nigel Jenkins, Joseph Clancy, Elin ap Hywel a Gillian Clarke. Ynghyd â gohebiaeth yn ymdrin â'r gwaith cyfieithu rhwng Menna Elfyn, Nigel Jenkins, Gillian Clarke, Tony Conran a Joseph Clancy.

Gohebiaeth gyffredinol/General correspondence

Yn cynnwys llythyrau oddi wrth/Includes letters from: Meg Dafydd; Hywel Teifi Edwards; Meredydd Evans; Peter Hughes Griffiths (2); Robat Gruffudd; Marie James; Emyr Jenkins; Nigel Jenkins; Ralph Maud; Geraint Morgan AS/MP (3); Dr Dylan Morris; Jan Morris; Dewi Watkin Powell (2); Dafydd Elis Thomas (2); Dr Roger Thomas AS/MP; David Thorne (2); Angharad Tomos; Dafydd Wigley.

Dafydd, Marged

Letters: I-J,

Includes letters from Ray Howard-Jones; Bobi Jones (2); Sian James (enclosing poem); Glyn Jones (2); Bridget Joseph (2); Gwyn O. Jones (4); Rosemary Jackson; A. G. Prys-Jones (4); Nigel Jenkins (4); and Sally Roberts Jones.

Howard-Jones, Ray

Letters to Sam Adams,

The file includes seventy-eight letters to Sam Adams, 1970-1975 and undated, from Peter Abbs (6), Cary Archard (1), John Barnie (3), D. A. Callard (1), Elwyn Davies (6), Tom Earley (1), Christine Furnival (2), David Greene (2), Steve Griffiths (6), Peter Gruffydd (2), Robert Havard (3), Cyril Hodges (2), Daniel Huws (1), Nigel Jenkins (1), John Ackerman Jones (3), Peter Levi (1), Peter Elfed Lewis (6), Robert Minhinnick (5), John Montague (1), C. B. O'Neill (1), Dora Polk (2), John Pook (3), Richard Poole (1), Peter Preece (1), Sheenagh Pugh (2), Sally Roberts Jones (2), Meg Seaton (1), R. George Thomas (3), Chris Torrance (3), J. P. Ward (6), and Herbert Williams (1). The letters mainly relate to Poetry Wales, and include copies of poems by John Barnie and Peter Elved Lewis, and biographical details provided by Elwyn Davies, Sheenagh Pugh, and Meg Seaton.

Archard, Cary

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