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Dyddlyfrau cenhadwr Cymreig yn Llundain.

  • NLW MSS 24055-6B.
  • File
  • 1857-1860

Dyddlyfrau, Chwefror 1857-Gorffennaf 1858 (NLW MS 24055B, tt. 1-272) ac Awst 1858-Gorffennaf 1860 (NLW MS 24056B), y cenhadwr Methodist dinesig David Williams, yn cofnodi ei ymweliadau â Chymry yn Llundain ar ran y Genhadaeth Gymreig yn Llundain. Arwyddir y dyddlyfrau yn rheolaidd gan arolygydd Williams, y Parch. Owen Thomas, Jewin Crescent. = Journals, February 1857-July 1858 (NLW MS 24055B, pp. 1-272) and August 1858-July 1860 (NLW MS 24056B), of the Methodist city missionary David Williams, recording his visits to Welsh people in London on behalf of y Genhadaeth Gymreig yn Llundain (the Welsh Mission in London). The journals are periodically signed by Williams's superintendent, the Rev. Owen Thomas, Jewin Crescent.
Wedi'u cynnwys gyda'r cyfrolau mae ffotograff o David Williams, [?1880au], a ffotograff modern o ddarlun wedi'i fframio ohono, y ddau yn perthyn i gyfnod ei weinidogaeth yng Nhapel Peniel, Tremadog (1865-1891). Cyhoeddwyd pedwar llythyr ar ddeg oddi wrth David Williams, ynglŷn â’r genhadaeth yn Llundain, yn Y Drysorfa, cyfres newydd, 11-14 (1857-1860). = Also included are a photograph of David Williams, [?1880s], and a modern photograph of a framed portrait of him, both relating to his time as minister of Peniel Chapel, Tremadog (1865-1891). Fourteen letters from David Williams, concerning the London mission, were published in Y Drysorfa, n.s., 11-14 (1857-1860).

Williams, David, -1891

John Rees Bequest 31 : [Views in England & Scotland]

Album containing 204 postcards, a mixture of photomechanical and real photographic cards. Included are a number of cards of Royalty and royal occasions, art drawn cards from L&NWR showing the interior of the royal train, Tucks cards (series C51) showing china production, world war one patriotic and regimental cards, Tucks Oilettes of London at night (series 768) and "Bonnie Scotland"

Miscellaneous prose

Miscellaneous prose pieces by Idris Davies, [1930s]-[1940s], comprising an essay entitled 'Teify Side' (ff. 1-3); drafts of a memoir entitled 'A Schoolboy During the Great War' (ff. 4-17); 'Portrait of an Old Welsh Miner' (ff. 18-29); fragment of a novel or short story (ff. 30-4) and draft of the beginning of a novel (ff. 35-9); five brief, surrealistic prose pieces (ff. 40-51); letter to the News Chronicle about a Fascist demonstration in Trafalgar Square, 1937 (ff. 52-7); Holiday in a Mining Valley (ff. 58-73); a Welsh version of 'A Schoolboy During the Great War' (ff. 74-84); and copies of two prose pieces published in Comment, 19 September 1936 and 23 January 1937 (ff. 85-6).


Transcripts of writs, pleadings, and other legal instruments, taken mainly from records of cases in Devon, Cornwall and London.
Other than headings, many pages are blank.

Religious societies,

The printers' copy (typescript, with manuscript emendations) of D[avid] E[ rwyd] Jenkins (ed.): Religious Societies (Dr. Woodward's 'Account') . . . ( Liverpool, 1935), in which sections of Josiah Woodward: An Account of the Religious Societies in the City of London, &c., and of their Endeavours for Reformation of Manners (4th ed., enlarged, London, 1712), were reprinted, with a historical introduction by D. E. Jenkins, dealing more specifically with Wales.

D. E. Jenkins.

Sermon notes,

A pocket book containing sermon notes in Welsh ? by, and in the hand of, [the Reverend] Lewis Williams, Wesleyan minister, London, whose name, with the date 27 September 1842, appears on a fly-leaf at the beginning of the volume. The last page bears the date 1 July 1846. Miscellaneous memoranda in English have been inserted on a few pages.

Reverend Lewis Williams.

T. D. Jones, London (Solicitors) Records

  • GB 0210 TDJONS
  • Fonds
  • 1864-1973 (predominantly 1923-1973)(accumulated 1903-1973)

The fonds comprises case papers, 1903-1973, dealing with interested parties within Wales and/or the London area who had some sort of Welsh connection. Included are papers dealing with land and property transfer, receivership and company liquidation, defamation and compensation, opposition to parliamentary bills, the settlement of personal estate, contempt of court and general legal matters. Not all of the issues addressed in the files actually resulted in court cases. The majority of the files consist of legal papers such as instructions and notes to counsel, briefs to counsel, opinions of counsel, affidavits, statements, declarations, summonses, claims and orders, often in draft form or as official copies, and solicitors' charges and bills. These are usually accompanied by correspondence made up of original letters and copy letters, both office copies and carbon copies, as well as handwritten notes and occasional telegrams, bills and receipts. Frequently, the files also contain associated documents such as copies of leases, agreements and deeds, plans and maps, accounts, reports and transcriptions of evidence, together with relevant printed material such as sale particulars, parliamentary bills and published reports.

T. D. Jones & Co.

Welsh chapels in London

The file comprises a MS list of Welsh chapels in London, arranged by denomination; a similar list with the addition of names and addresses of persons who will look after posting bills; a MS list of names and addresses of parties concerned with Welsh chapels in London; a letter from John Owens to C. W. Jones concering the lists, 1876; a similar letter from C. W. Jones to John Owens, 1880; and two notes on Welsh chapels