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Cliff Bere Papers,

  • GB 0210 CLIERE
  • Fonds
  • 1933-1998 /

Welsh Republican Movement and Plaid Cymru papers collected by Cliff Bere, 1940-1973, including correspondence, [c. 1947]-1965; membership forms and subscriptions, [c. 1948]-1957; constitution, meetings and reports, 1949-1952; newspaper cuttings, 1949-1991; political and personal correspondence, 1933-1997; papers relating to Plaid Cymru, [c. 1949]-1996, including the Parliament for Wales Campaign, Cymdeithas yr Iaith (Welsh Language Society) campaign for bilingual road signs, 1971; 'Cofiwn', the National Commemoration Association, 1976-1987; the Welsh Socialist Republican Movement (Mudiad Gweriniaethol Sosialaidd Cymru) 1975-1985; Cymdeithas Cyfamod y Cymry Rhydd (the Society of the Covenant of the Free Welsh) 1986-1994; Cardiff City Planning Department, 1965-1982; Harri Webb papers, 1949-1996; Eurig ap Gwilym [d. 1988], 1976-1988; papers relating to holiday homes arson campaign and Bere's arrest, 1980-1982; Yr Undeb Celtaidd /The Celtic League, 1988-1993; the Free Wales Army, 1993-1998; unpublished drafts of articles, 1934-1996; various journals and pamphlets, [c. 1946]-1976; newspapers cuttings, 1946-1997; undated translations of pamphlets published by the National Museum of Wales; papers, 1984-1998, relating to his publications, and other printed ephemera, 1935-1956.

Bere, Cliff, 1915-1997

Edward Owen Papers,

  • GB 0210 EDWWEN
  • Fonds
  • 1463-1943 /

Manuscripts comprising drafts of the hitherto-unpublished portions of Edward Owen's Catalogue of manuscripts relating to Wales in the British Museum, with draft indexes; reports prepared by Edward Owen on Liverpool Town Dues and related papers, 1931; essays written by him for the London Eisteddfod, 1887, and the National Eisteddfod at Caernarfon, 1894; notes, pedigrees, transcripts and letters relating to Welsh history, antiquities, county history, families and individuals such as John Edwards of Chirk, and historical figures including Owain Glyndwr [some items published 1893-1935]; transcripts and extracts relating to the history of Wales taken from public records by Edward Owen, E.A. Lewis and others, including several land surveys, at least one of which was used as evidence before the Royal Commission on Land in Wales, 1895; transcripts of papers by or relating to Alfred Neobard Palmer, Wrexham, 1885-1922; facsimiles and original documents including Privy Purse Accounts of Queen Anne, 1702-1710, and a holograph letter from Queen Anne to Sarah, duchess of Marlborough, 1710; letters mainly addressed to William Edwards of Chirk Hall, 1675-1677; autograph letters, mostly addressed to Edward Owen, 1886-1943; and deeds, 1463-1769, the majority of which relate to the estates of the families of Edwards of Plas Newydd and Puleston of Emrall in cos. Denbigh and Flint.

Owen, Edward, 1853-1943.

L. Eirlys Williams Papers,

  • GB 0210 LERAMS
  • Fonds
  • 1905-1978 (accumulated [1949]-1978) /

Papers of Mrs L. Eirlys Williams, 1905-1978, relating to her work for the Baptist Union of Wales and other Baptist causes, including letters to the Rev. and Mrs E. J. Williams [L. Eirlys Williams], 1949-1964; letters from various correspondents addressed to Mrs M. Christy Davies, secretary of the Welsh Baptist Ministers' and Missionaries' Wives Prayer Union, 1950-1953; Baptist Union of Great Britain and Ireland papers and printed material, 1930-1978; Baptist Union of Wales papers and printed material, including copies of The Inset, 1941-1978; and Baptist Missionary Society papers and printed material, 1905-1974, including English and Welsh copies of Prayer Partners, 1933-1974.

Williams, L. Eirlys.

National Museum of Wales Records,

  • GB 0210 NATEUMES
  • Fonds
  • 1967-1986 /

Minutes of the Council of the National Museum of Wales and of committees connected with the Museum, 1967-77, 1980-6, draft annual report, 1982-3, and papers relating to the Welsh Folk Museum for the period 1967-86, with a copy of a substantial draft discussion paper entitled 'Tape Recording and Welsh Folk Life' (April 1983).

National Museum of Wales.

Wynford Vaughan-Thomas Papers,

  • GB 0210 WYNMAS
  • Fonds
  • 1850-1986 (accumulated [1908]-1986) /

Papers of Wynford Vaughan Thomas, 1850-1986, including war despatches, 1943-1945; papers realting to India independence, 1947; scripts of radio programmes on the Middle East, 1956; papers relating to state occasions, 1950-1956; notes for a proposed book on the river Niger, 1961-1963; manuscript and typescript copies of stories, articles, lectures, etc., 1947-1964; scripts of radio and TV programmes and proposed programmes, 1946-[1980s]; notes for proposed works on autobiography, 'Journeys', the River Niger, and Welsh history, [1950s]-1984; manuscripts, notes and typescripts for the published works Anzio, Madly in all directions, Shell Guide to Wales, Portrait of Gower, and Trust to talk, 1958-1980; travel journals, 1947-1964, recording visits to India, West Indies, Europe, Middle East, Africa and Hong Kong and Singapore; notebooks contining notes, drawings and miscellenea, [1947]-[1960s]; financial papers, 1945-1973; correspondence, 1936-1986; papers relating to wine, 1980-1984; papers relating to Dylan Thomas and his literary estate, 1955-1974; family papers, 1895-1950; press cuttings relating to his broadcasting career, 1937-1978; papers relating to Botticelli's painting, 'Primavera', 1945-1988; and miscellaneous papers, mainly printed, 1850-1974.

Vaughan-Thomas, Wynford, 1908-1987


Holograph manuscripts of essays, articles and addresses by Samuel Roberts ('S.R.'):- 'Address on behalf of Sabbath Schools'; 'Adgofion Cymru, y Gymraeg, a'r Cymry'; 'Rhai o'r siomedigaethau a'r Trallodion a welsom yn Tennessee'; 'Cynghorion i Athrawon yr Ysgol Sabbothol'; and 'Cynghorion i gyfansoddwyr ieuanc'.

Samuel Roberts.

Papurau'r Parch. J. Dyfnallt Owen

  • GB 0210 JDYFWEN
  • Fonds
  • 1863-1956

Papurau o eiddo J. Dyfnallt Owen neu a grynhowyd ganddo, 1863-1956, yn cynnwys pregethau; nodiadau bywgraffyddol ar weinidogion anghydffurfiol; llythyrau a phapurau eraill yn ymwneud ag achos yr Annibynwyr, 1863-1953; llythyrau amrywiol pellach, 1878-1956, rhai ohonynt yn cyfeirio at yr Orsedd yn Llydaw a Chernyw; dyddiaduron, 1897-1956; cyfraniadau ar gyfer eu cyhoeddi yn Y Tyst, etc., 1923-[1953]; sgriptiau radio, 1931-1955; pregethau, 1919; torion o'r wasg, [1872]-1954; dyddlyfrau taith, a nodiadau ar bynciau hanesyddol a llenyddol, 1901-1953. = Papers of and accumulated by J. Dyfnallt Owen, 1863-1956, including sermons; biographical notes on nonconformist ministers; letters and other papers concerning the Independent cause, 1863-1953; further miscellaneous letters, 1878-1956, some of which refer to the Gorsedd in Brittany and Cornwall; diaries, 1897-1956; contributions for publication in Y Tyst, etc., 1923-[1953]; radio scripts, 1931-1955; sermons, 1919; press cuttings, [1872]-1954; travel journals, and notes on historical and literary subjects, 1901-1953.

Dyfnallt, 1873-1956.