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Welsh language -- Comparison -- Latin

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Welsh language -- Comparison -- Latin

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Welsh language -- Comparison -- Latin

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A composite volume of miscellaneous material lettered on the spine 'Amrywion'. The contents are: p. 1, sketch of a medal design bearing the legend 'Hu Gadarn yn arwain y Cymry i Ynys Prydain. C. y Gwynezigion - 1772'; p. 4, an engraving of a miniature portrait of David Samwell (cf. The Transactions of the Honourable Society of Cymmrodorion, 1926-7, facing p. 70; pp. 5-10), 'Ode, Written on a long and uncommonly tempestuous cruise with a squadron of Men of War in about 63° North Latitude. Decr. 24, 1794' by David Samwell, in the hand of Edward Williams, 'Iolo Morganwg', with two verses in the hand of David Samwell (cf. The Transactions of the Honourable Society of Cymmrodorion, 1926-1927, pp. 91-3, 133); pp. 13-31, a Greek-English-Welsh vocabulary; pp. 32-8, English and Greek versions of the Gospel according to John, ch. 1, vv. 1-15; p. 41, lines of verse beginning 'Pan oleua (anvona) tirion wawr . . .'; p. 43, three stanzas beginning 'Arisel ye spirits of the storm . . .'; pp. 45-53 'Catalogue of Mr. Jones's Welsh MSS. The property of the Earl of Macclesfield. Mai 29d. 1803', i.e. a catalogue of Welsh MSS at [Shirburn]; pp. 65-71, lists of words showing similarities between languages: Welsh-Hebrew-English (p. 65), Welsh-Latin (p. 66), Welsh-Greek (p. 67), Welsh-Latin (p. 68), Welsh-Arabic (p. 69), Welsh-Hebrew-English (p. 70), and Welsh-Latin (p. 71), all in the hand of William Owen [-Pughe]; and pp. 73-128, 'Geirieu Manaweg', an English-Manx vocabulary in the hand of William Jones, an assistant to Edward Lhuyd.

'Iolo Morganwg', William Owen-Pughe, David Samwell and William Jones.

Llywarch Hên; Cynddelw; vocabularies

A manuscript in the hand of Ieuan Fardd containing translations of the songs of Llywarch Hên, with accompanying notes (pp. 5-19); notes on Welsh and Shropshire place-names, some taken from the work of Robert Vaughan, Hengwrt (pp. 19-36); 'Extracts apparently from the English Chronicle' (pp. 37-44); parallel quotations from Llywarch Hen and Shakespeare (pp. 45-46); a translation of Cynddelw's 'Song of Eva daughter of Madawc the son of Maredudd' (pp. 55-56); an index to the Red Book of Hergest (pp. 57-74); a Welsh-English vocabulary, dating from 1542 (pp. 75-128); and a list of Welsh words compared with allied forms in Latin, Gothic, etc. (pp. 129-133).

Miscellanea of Thomas Richards,

Miscellaneous documents of Thomas Richards, vicar of Darowen, including a draft notice in his hand to the inhabitants of Darowen, 1825, in support of a raffle (refers to 'shooting or discharging a musket at a target at the distance of a hundred yards') for an oak drag ('commonly called Cartincar pencar') made by Evan Jones, carpenter, of the village of Darowen; four letters to Thomas Richards from the Chamberlain's Office, Council House, Bristol, 1821-32, enclosing certificates of annuities payable to residents of the parish of Darowen; an invoice, 1816, for search of, and certificate of baptism from, the parish register of Llanwrin, 1816; lists of 'Sentences the same sound and sense in Lat[in] and Welsh' and 'Sentences in Greek of like sound and sense as 'W[elsh]', 'Memoria Technica', being mnemonic verses on English kings and queens; a printed prospectus of The Literary and Translation Society of Wales (Owen, Printer, Pool); Latin exercises; etc.