Welsh language -- Glossaries, vocabularies, etc. -- Hebrew



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Welsh language -- Glossaries, vocabularies, etc. -- Hebrew

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Welsh language -- Glossaries, vocabularies, etc. -- Hebrew

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Welsh language -- Glossaries, vocabularies, etc. -- Hebrew

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A composite volume of miscellaneous material lettered on the spine 'Amrywion'. The contents are: p. 1, sketch of a medal design bearing the legend 'Hu Gadarn yn arwain y Cymry i Ynys Prydain. C. y Gwynezigion - 1772'; p. 4, an engraving of a miniature portrait of David Samwell (cf. The Transactions of the Honourable Society of Cymmrodorion, 1926-7, facing p. 70; pp. 5-10), 'Ode, Written on a long and uncommonly tempestuous cruise with a squadron of Men of War in about 63° North Latitude. Decr. 24, 1794' by David Samwell, in the hand of Edward Williams, 'Iolo Morganwg', with two verses in the hand of David Samwell (cf. The Transactions of the Honourable Society of Cymmrodorion, 1926-1927, pp. 91-3, 133); pp. 13-31, a Greek-English-Welsh vocabulary; pp. 32-8, English and Greek versions of the Gospel according to John, ch. 1, vv. 1-15; p. 41, lines of verse beginning 'Pan oleua (anvona) tirion wawr . . .'; p. 43, three stanzas beginning 'Arisel ye spirits of the storm . . .'; pp. 45-53 'Catalogue of Mr. Jones's Welsh MSS. The property of the Earl of Macclesfield. Mai 29d. 1803', i.e. a catalogue of Welsh MSS at [Shirburn]; pp. 65-71, lists of words showing similarities between languages: Welsh-Hebrew-English (p. 65), Welsh-Latin (p. 66), Welsh-Greek (p. 67), Welsh-Latin (p. 68), Welsh-Arabic (p. 69), Welsh-Hebrew-English (p. 70), and Welsh-Latin (p. 71), all in the hand of William Owen [-Pughe]; and pp. 73-128, 'Geirieu Manaweg', an English-Manx vocabulary in the hand of William Jones, an assistant to Edward Lhuyd.

'Iolo Morganwg', William Owen-Pughe, David Samwell and William Jones.

Miscellaneous prose and poetry,

A composite volume containing miscellaneous material, chiefly in the hand of William Owen [-Pughe]. The volume is lettered on the spine, 'M.S.S. Vol. II'. The contents include: pp. 1-84, a list of English words, A-B, with definitions and a few suggested Welsh equivalents; pp. 85-87, 'A Copy of Verses said to be found in the Priory of Cardigan, supposed to have been wrote by one of the Monks - Ymgomio rhwng Van. a Sion o'r Cae Crin, a'r Brenhin, a Walter o'r Coed Mawr', with accompanying note; pp. 88-107, 'Cardigan Weddings', a transcript of Lewis Morris's description of wedding customs in Cardiganshire (cf. pp. 313-26 below); pp. 108-773, 'Cywydd Marwnad y Parchedig Mr. William Wynn, A. M. Person Llangynhafal, a Mynafon - 1760', by 'Rhys Jones o'r Blaenau ym Meirion', beginning: 'Dwys arwyl, Duw a sorrodd . . . '; pp. 173-76, 'Mr. Paynter's Copy of a Welsh Inscription upon the Monument of Morgan Herbert Esqr. in the Chapel of Eglwys Newydd: with a Translation thereof into Latin and English'; pp. 117-23, 'Copy of a Letter from L. Morris to Wm. Vaughan Esqr ., dated 26 Jan. 1757' (letter published, see Hugh Owen (ed.), Additional Letters of the Morrises of Anglesey (1735-1786), Part I, (London, 1947), pp. 296-99); pp. 127-29, Proposals for printing . . . a Welsh and English Dictionary by William Owen, dated 2 March 1789; p. 131, part of a Welsh vocabulary with Hebrew equivalents, similar portions are found on pp. 168, 278 and 298; p. 133, printed proposals, dated September 1807, for printing certain essays by Edward Davies, curate of Olveston, Gloucestershire, being: 'I. An Essay on the first Introduction of the Art of Writing into the West of Europe . . . II. On the Nature and Origin of the Celtic Dialects . . . III. . . . An Introductory Discourse, containing a general View of the state of Knowledge and Opinion . . .'; p. 135, part of an English-Welsh vocabulary, attempting to correlate similar-sounding words in the two languages; p. 137, draft observations on orthography; pp. 139- 42, 'Priv Gyvarç Taliesin', beginning: 'Priv gyvarç gelvyz pan rylëad . . . '; pp. 143-50, notes relating to the estate of a certain John Phillips, deceased, and to the Wogan family of Pembrokeshire; pp. 151-52, draft proposals for printing 'The first part of the Welsh and English Dictionary', by William Owen [-Pughe], 1793; p. 754, a draft letter from 'Owain O Veirion', [William Owen-Pughe], to Mr. Urban [Sylvanus Urban, pseud. of the editor of the Gentleman's Magazine], referring to [?Joseph Allen]'s proposed History of the County of Pembroke; pp. 155, 157, & 159- 60, notes on the etymology of place and personal names with references to [William Jones], 'G. Cadvan'; p. 161, a draft title-page for an edition of 'Barddoniaeth Dafydd ab Gwilym' by Owen Jones, 1788, together with a note: 'Went to live in No. 12 Pratt Place Camden Town in June 1794'; p. 162, 'englynion', one apparently to Angharad Law-arian, the mother of Ifor Hael, and others entitled 'Tymp Gwragedd' and 'Dychymyg'; p. 163, printed handbill advertising 'Edward Williams, jun., Marble-Mason, at Flimston, near Cowbridge', dated 1779; p. 165, a list of composite Welsh words; p. 167, an English translation of a portion of 'Y Gododdin' by Aneirin, beginning: 'Men went to Cattraeth drunk with sipping Mead . . .'; pp. 169- 80, 'Marwnad Rhisiart Morys yswain Llywydd Cymdeithas anrhydeddus y Cymmrodorion yn Llundain', by [Edward Williams], 'lorwerth Morganwg', 1780, of 'Llanfair ym morganwg', beginning: 'Cwynaw ag accen cannoch . . . '; (continued)

pp. 185-88, 'A Palmyrene Inscription brought from Teive, with Remarks'; pp. 189-90, a translation of a poem, beginning: 'There is a man in the tower of the long visits. . .' (see 'Gwr yssyt yn twr yn hir westi . . .' in The Myvyrian Archaiology of Wales . . . (Denbigh, 1870), p. 267); p. 193, a further passage from 'Y Gododdin' in translation, beginning: 'Many renowned warriors hied . . .'; p. 194, notes on place-names; p. 195, the number of books, chapters, verses, words and letters in the Bible, etc.; pp. 197-98, fragment of a Welsh pedigree, beginning: 'Tudur Trevor iarll Henffordd ab Ynyr ab Cadfarch . . .'; pp. 199-200, a list of Welsh place- names, A to H; pp. 201-03, part of a Welsh-English vocabulary, A-B with additions; pp. 205-08, 'Câd Gozau', being a transcript of part of the poem usually attributed to Taliesin; pp. 209-12, a list of words relating to rivers and waters, mountains, etc.; pp. 213-14, lexicographical notes, ' Gail' to 'Gâl'; pp. 217-20, a Welsh-Latin vocabulary arranged under various headings, in the hand of William Jones, Llangadfan; p. 221, a resolution passed by the Ovatian Meeting of Bards, dated 'Full Moon 8th. Day of Mis Du', and signed by Edward Williams, Edmund Gill, Wm. Owen and Dav. Samwell (copy); p. 224, lines attributed to Siôn Cent, in the hand of Edward Williams, 'Iolo Morganwg'; pp. 225-31, vocabularies, linguistic material, etc.; pp. 233-34, an address from 'Y Dryw' [Edward Hughes], to the Gwyneddigion Society, dated 26 April 1791, concerning his 'awdl' on the subject 'Gwirionedd'; pp. 235-38, fragments of an 'awdl' entitled ['Ystyriaeth ar Oes Dyn'], by, and in the hand of, [David Thomas, 'Dafydd Ddu Eryri'], published in Dafydd Ddu o'r Eryri, Awdlau ar destynau Cymdeithas y Gwyneddigion . . . (Llundain, 1791), tt. [5]-16; p. 239, two rough sketches of a child by [William Owen-Pughe]; pp. 245-50, fragments of an 'awdl' entitled ['Rhyddid'], by, and in the hand of, [David Thomas, 'Dafydd Ddu Eryri'], published in op. cit., pp. 16-32; p. 253, an epigram based on Jeremiah XVIII, 4, beginning: 'Of late some Celestials, Archangels I ween . . .', by [Edward Williams], 'Iolo Morganwg'; p. 255, notes on the population of Wales by county; pp. 257-59, 'Cywydd Marwnad Syr Rhys Wgawn a las ym Mrwydr Cressi yn Ffrainc', by Iolo Goch, beginning : 'Llyma oerchwedl cenhedlawr . . .'; pp. 260-62, 'Llyma Awdl i Esgob Bangor am esgeuluso prydydd a mawrhau Cerddor Tant', by either Iorwerth Beli or Iolo Goch, beginning: 'Arglwydd Grist Culwydd calon-gyflawnvad . . .'; pages 257-63 are in the hand of 'Iolo Morganwg'; p. 263, 'Awdl arall ar yr yn [sic] Testun, sef Dosparth ymryson, y Beirdd a'r Telynorion A gant Iorwerth Beli. (Llyfr laco ab Dewi)', by Iorwerth Beli or Iolo Goch, beginning: 'Pan aeth Caswallawn Hir i Dir Mab Dôn . . .'; p. 265, draft of a letter concerning symbols; pp. 267-68, a portion of a Latin translation of the work of Diodorus Siculus, 'page 354: paragraph 31. Westling's Amsterdam Edition: fol. 1746', beginning: Ipsi terribili sunt aspectu . . . [and ending] . . . una Gallorum appellatione comprehendunt', the passage containing references to bards and druids; pp. 269-70, draft of a letter, n.d., to the Rev. John Whitaker from [William Owen-Pughe]; p. 273, a list of classical and mythological personages; pp. 275-77, ancient alphabets; p. 279, a further translation of part of 'Y Gododdln', beginning: 'Men went to Cattraeth who were a gallant army . . .'; p. 281, a list of place-names beginning with 'Caer-'; p. 283, 'englynion' (2) on a slate at Llanfrothen church; p. 285, verses beginning: 'Tra dedwydd dy ran, pwy bynnag wyt . . .'; p. 287, 'Pennillion [sic] I annerch Gwilym Owen', beginning: 'Ti fuost mor weddol a Ilunio'n allanol . . .'; pp. 289--90, a short list of MSS housed in the British Museum; p. 291, early Merioneth pedigrees, beginning: 'Gwyn ab Gr. ab Beli ab Selyf ab Brochfael ab Aeddan . . .'; p. 293, a list of bards, singers, etc., who attended the eisteddfod at Bala, [? 29-30 September, 1789]; pp. 295-96, 'Cywydd i Arglwydd Rodney', beginning: 'Yr Iôr mawr! ar warr Moroedd . . .' by R[hys] Jones; p. 297, dates of birth of members of the Owen family; p. 299, a panegyric on the sea by [? William Owen-Pughe], beginning: 'Hawddamor ! ti annispyddadwy ffynnon o ryfeddod a myfyrdod ! . . .'; pp. 301-05, 'Llyma Araith Iolo Gôch', beginning 'Nid amgen Mackwy serchawgddeddf, Cystuddliw' (text published, see D. Gwenallt Jones, Yr Areithiau Pros (Caerdydd, 1934) tt. 12-17); pp. 305-07, 'Araith i Ddafydd ap Bleddyn ap Ithel Llwyd ap Ithel Gam Esgob. Llan Elwy', by Iolo Gôch, beginning: 'Da iawn fu Fordaf Naf nifeiriawg . . .'; pp. 307-08, 'Araith arall o Fendith ar Lys Howel Kyffin Deon Llan Elwy' by Iolo Goch, beginning: 'Da yw Bendith Bardd a Duw Bendig . . .'; p. 308, 'Yr 8 sillaf Bhogalawc', an eight line stanza by Willm. Middleton alias Gwilym Ganoldref, beginning: 'Hwlyn goeg ae hel yn gâs . . .'; p. 309, 'Arwydd o barch gan Gymdeithas y Gwyneddigion i Robert William o Lys Padrig yn Eifionydd, am ei Awdl ar y Testyn i Eisteddfod Dinbych B.A. 1792: sef Cyflafan y Beirdd', being three ' englynion', beginning: 'Llyma ddu odfa adfyd, o wewyr . . .'; p. 311, copy of a letter, dated 25 December 1794, from R[obert] Davies, 'Coviadur' [ Cymdeithas y Gwyneddigion], to Owen Jones; pp. 313-26, a text in the hand of Lewis Morris, entitled 'The Manner of their solemnizing their Marriages among the Mechanics, Farmers & Common people in Cardiganshire, peculiar I think to this Country and its borders'; pp. 329- 31, a copy of pp. 321-23 above; pp. 333-36 a copy of pp. 313-26 above, omitting the verses; pp. 338-40, notes in the hand of Edward Williams, 'Iolo Morganwg', on the Bards of the Island of Britain and their opposition to slavery; pp. 341-50, 'General Hints addressed to Newly admitted Bards, in the London Gorsez'; pp. 353-65, 'English words derived from Welsh', and 'a list of Welsh & Cornish words from whence English one[s] are derived'; and pp. 367-68, 'Welsh radixes used in Composition of Names of Places'.

William Owen-Pughe, 'Iolo Morganwg', 'Dafydd Ddu Eryri', Lewis Morris and others.