Abbeys -- Wales -- Glamorgan



Nodyn(nodiadau) cwmpas

Nodyn(nodiadau) ffynhonnell

Nodyn(nodiadau) darganfod

Termau hierarchaidd

Abbeys -- Wales -- Glamorgan

Termau cyfwerth

Abbeys -- Wales -- Glamorgan

Termau cysylltiedig

Abbeys -- Wales -- Glamorgan

1 Disgrifiad archifol canlyniad ar gyfer Abbeys -- Wales -- Glamorgan

1 canlyniad yn uniongyrchol gysylltiedig Eithrio termau culach

Glamorgan 'collectanea',

Biographical notes on Sir Robert Mansel and the Button family; notes on the bardic order, on Margam and on customs, notions, pastimes and diversions prevalent in Glamorgan; lists of manors, notes on abbeys and priories, and a list of bishops of Llandaff. The work is mainly that of William Davies, Cringell, but with additions by Richard Bevan and Edward Williams ('Iolo Morganwg').

William Davies, Richard Bevan and 'Iolo Morganwg'.