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Devices (Heraldry) -- Wales

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Devices (Heraldry) -- Wales

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Devices (Heraldry) -- Wales

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A biographical and heraldic dictionary,

  • NLW MS 12522C.
  • File
  • [1876x1940] /

A volume described on the title page as 'The Heraldic Arms of the Welsh Princes Compiled by N[icholas] Bennett, Glanyrafon [Trefeglwys, co. Montgomery]. Copied & Emblazoned by his Nephew Breese Bennett Owen at Glanyrafon during . . . 1876'. The work is in the form of a biographical dictionary of eminent Welshmen from the earliest times to the nineteenth century, with, whenever ascertainable, descriptions and copies (emblazoned) of their coats of arms. Included as insets are a holograph letter from J[ ohn] Deffett Francis, Swansea, to Captain Thomas [of Swansea, 18]78, thanking the recipient for the opportunity to peruse the manuscript; and a family pedigree tracing the descent from the Bennett family of Glanyrafon of Mrs. E. I. Wynne-Jones of Rudgwick, Sussex, who donated the volume to the National Library. A list of manuscripts and books consulted in compiling the work is given at the beginning.

Owen, Breese Bennett

A pedigree roll,

A genealogical chart showing the descent of Rhys ap Dafydd ab Ithel from Idnerth Benfras and others, with heraldic shields.

A pedigree roll,

A genealogical chart, 1622, showing the descent of John Salusbury, 'one of the poore Knights of Windesore' from Adam Salusbury and others.

William Segar Garter.

A pedigree roll,

A genealogical chart by John [Siôn] Cain showing the descent of John Cole from Bleddyn ap Cynfyn and others, with heraldic shields.

Siôn Cain, approximately 1575-approximately 1650

A pedigree roll,

The concluding section of Peniarth MS 474, being a pedigree roll of the descent of John Salusbury, with heraldic shields.

[William Segar Garter].

A pedigree roll,

A genealogical chart showing the descent of Thomas ap Rys ap David ap Ithel from Idnerth Benfras and others, with heraldic shields.

Arms and pedigrees,

A Welsh armorial, with indexes of family names and of ordinaries, extracted by C. F. Egerton Allen from Percy Enderbie, Cambria Trivmphans (London, 1661), together with Welsh pedigrees and arms from manuscript and printed sources, e.g., a manuscript among the papers of Dean Allen (i.e., James Allen, dean of St. Davids), a manuscript in the Pentypark Collection, a letter from Theophilus Jones, Brecon, to John Lloyd, dale and Mabws, 1809, etc.


  • NLW MSS 10366-10367D.
  • File
  • [1768x1799].

Two volumes containing printed accounts of baronetcies created between 1611 and 1768 with cuttings of coats of arms pasted in the margins. The accounts are arranged in the chronological order of creation and there is a manuscript index of names in each volume.

Genealogical and heraldic material,

A volume of heraldic and genealogical material in the hand of Edward Williams ('Iolo Morganwg'). P. xvii, which appears to be a 'title-page' to the section containing pp. 1- 84, is inscribed 'Achau ac Arfau Prif Fonedd y Cymry. Dadyscrif o Lyfr Du Pant Lliwydd Eiddo'r diweddar Mr. Thomas Truman, 1806' (see also the note on p. xix dated 7 October 1806 and addressed to the reader by [Edward Williams] 'Iolo Morganwg'). Pp. 1-61 contain a transcript of the genealogical and heraldic material to be found in pp. 73-204 of the aforementioned manuscript generally known as 'Llyfr Du Pantlliwydd' (now N.LW MS 13165), whilst pp. 62-84 contain a transcript of similar material to be found in pp. 13-72 of the same manuscript (i.e. N.L.W. MS. 13165B). Pp. 103-08 and 113-54 appear to contain a transcript of pp. 1-74 of the aforementioned 'Llyfr Du Pantlliwydd' with additions and / or variations. The remainder of the volume contains miscellaneous historical, genealogical, and heraldic material, etc., including sections with the following superscriptions or incipits - 'Llyma Bymthegllwyth Gwynedd' (pp. 155-7, ? extracted from NLW MS 13165B, pp. 142-5); 'Llyma son am natur a rhinweddau y meini gwerthfawr fal ai dangoswyd gan yr Ednywed ab Ednyw yn Llys Gruffudd ap Cynan . . . ac y fal ai dangoswyd gan y brawd leuan Goch ab Ithel hir gar bron y Brenin Edward yng Nghonwy' (pp. 161-4, allegedly 'O Lyfr Mr. Cob o Gaerdydd'); 'Llyma draethu am fonedd ag anfonedd . . .' (pp. 165-71, allegedly 'O Lyfr Thomas Hopkin o Langrallo'); 'Ach Bleddyn ap Cynfyn' (p. 180); '[Extracts] From a MS. Book of Genealogies, No. 51, W[elsh] Ch[arity] school' (i.e. British Museum Additional MS 14915) (pp. 181-6); 'Arfay swrn o Fonheddigion Cymru' (pp. 187-96; cf. NLW MS 13165B, pp. 74-82, 105, 168-9, 187-9, 202-04); 'Llyma Arfau y Pendefigion a ddifeddianwyd o'u Tiroedd a'u Da Gan Syr Robert ab Amon a'i Farchogion' (pp. 197-9); 'Gwehelyth y Matheuaid' (pp. 200-06); 'Ach Rhodri Mawr' (pp. 212-113); 'Llyma Wehelyth Syr Siôn Carn Farchog o Forganwg' (pp. 218-21); 'Llyma arfau y Cwncwerwyr a ddaethant ar Anrhaith i Forganwg' (p. 222); 'Ach Matho Herbert o Abertawe a Chogan Pyl' allegedly 'o Lyfr Thomas Hopkin o Langrallo' (pp. 229-30); 'Llyma enwau y pedwar brenin ar hugain o Frenhinoedd Ynys Prydain a farnwyd yn gadarnaf ag yn wrolaf i orchfygu a gorynnill ag i adeiliadu ag i roddi rhoddion ardderchawc . .' (pp. 255-65, cf. NLW MS. 13165B, pp.87-105); and 'Llyma enwau y Prif Ddinasoedd y rhai a wnaethant y Brutaniaid a Llyma eu henwau yn Gymraeg ac yn Saesonec' (pp. 267-8).

Heraldic dictionary,

  • NLW MS 12690C.
  • File
  • [1807x1848] /

A volume [in the hand of Sir Samuel Rush Meyrick], the first part of which ( pp. 1-322) consists of an incomplete, heraldic dictionary, purporting to contain descriptions of 'The Arms of the gentry of Wales, and some others of the English gentry who match'd in Wales, alphabetically layd down'. Some of the descriptions are illustrated with pencil sketches of armorial shields, and a few of these have been coloured. A holograph note by S. R. Meyrick, on a fly-leaf at the beginning of the volume, reads 'The following Manuscript was copied from another, written about the latter end of the 16th, or beginning of the 17th century; and is an authentic heraldic compilation. The coats of Arms were not added to the original'. The second part of the volume (pp. 323- ) appears to have been intended as a biographical dictionary of the persons and families included in the first part ('Annotations on the foregoing heraldic Manuscript'). An incomplete list (A-L) of the said families and persons was compiled, but only in a comparatively few instances have notes been added.

Meyrick, Samuel Rush, Sir, 1783-1848

Herald's Armorial, Vol. I

  • NLW MS 13697D
  • File
  • 1640-1660

A manuscript armorial of English and Welsh families entitled The nomenclature or Heralds Alphabett of Surnames, A-K (vol. I), with additional notes by Peter Le Neve (1661-1729), Norroy King at Arms. Painted coat-of-arms have been affixed to the manuscript at relevant points throughout the work.

Le Neve, Peter, 1661-1729

Herald's Armorial, Vol. II

  • NLW MS 13698D
  • File
  • 1640-1660

A manuscript armorial of English and Welsh families entitled The nomenclature or Heralds Alphabett of Surnames, L-Z (vol. II), with additional notes by Peter Le Neve (1661-1729), Norroy King at Arms. Painted coats-of-arms have been affixed to the manuscript at relevant points throughout the work.

Le Neve, Peter, 1661-1729

Historical notes,

  • NLW MS 23278B
  • File
  • [1584x1592], [1750x1799] /

An imperfect copy of David Powel, The historie of Cambria, now called Wales ... (London, 1584), containing many notes and comments on the text, including collation with other chronicles (Roger de Hoveden, Stow, Matthew Paris, Giraldus Cambrensis and Brut y Tywysogion, e.g. p. 333). Most of the notes are probably in the hand of George Owen Harry (c. 1553-c. 1614), rector of Whitechurch and Llanfihangel Penbedw, co. Pembroke (see signature on pp. 1 and 15 (first sequence) and notes on pp. xvi, 115, 193); included are a brief pedigree of Llywelyn ab Iorwerth (p. 63) and coats of arms, mostly in trick (pp. 28, 103, 115, 131-7, 193, 246, 392). An englyn on the death in 1569 of William Herbert, 1st earl of Pembroke, is written, probably by the same scribe, on p. viii. According to a note on p. 402, the scribe read the volume in 1584 and 1592. Several leaves are missing and the deficiency in the printed text is supplied on inserted leaves in a mid or late XVIII cent. hand.

George Owen Harry and others.


A transcript made by Evan Williams, Caernarfon for Owen of a collection of pedigrees and coats of arms compiled by Edward Jones, brother of John Jones, Llanllyfni.

The Cycle of the White Rose

  • NLW MSS 23301-2C, 23303B.
  • File
  • 1935

'A History of the Cycle 1710-1869' compiled in 1935 by Nest Lloyd and Susan Mainwaring, recounts the history of 'The Cycle of the White Rose', originally a Welsh Jacobite Club, which was established at Wrexham in 1710 to serve north-east Wales and part of Cheshire. The volumes consist mainly of extracts from the extant minute-books, now designated NLW MSS 14941-2C, supplemented by additional material from other sources. NLW MS 23301C includes a chapter on the Jacobite links of the Williams Wynn family of Wynnstay and an appendix containing details for Cycle meetings kept at Overton, co. Flint, during the period 1760-74 (see NLW MS 14943D); NLW MS 23302C consists of lists of, and notes on, members, illustrated with armorial bearings and engravings of 'Cycle' houses; and NLW MS 23303B includes notes on the Wynnstay Theatre, comprising lists of performances and casts, 1773-87.

Lloyd, Nest, fl. 1935

The Fifteen Tribes, &c.

Two accounts of the Fifteen Tribes of North Wales; the arms and pedigrees of Welsh families; and a letter, 1819, from Richard Llwyd (Bard of Snowdon) to Paul Panton the Younger (p. 49a).

Llwyd, Richard, 1752-1835

The Royal Tribes of Wales,

A specially bound copy of Philip Yorke: The Royal Tribes of Wales ... (Wrexham, 1799), with emblazoned armorial shields added in the margins throughout the book.