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Draft screenplays by Jeff Rees, Martin Kurzik and Joe Mahon titled Barricades, the narrative addressing the religiopolitical conflict in Ireland; together with scene breakdowns, plot synopses, critical evaluations, printed flyer and correspondence.

Extracts from the Book of Leinster, &c.

The text of Broccan's 'Laoidh na leacht' with an English translation, dinnsenchas, and other extracts from the Book of Leinster, and pedigrees, etc., from the Book of Lecan, copied by W. M. Hennessy.


Transcripts by Charles Watkin Williams Wynn of the King's minute to his Cabinet, 17 March, 1807, with a covering letter, and of the Cabinet's reply, touching legislation for the Catholics of Ireland.

Irish estate administration papers,

Records deriving from administration of the estates of William Gore, Owen Ormsby, Mary Jane and William Ormsby-Gore in the counties of Westmeath, Leitrim, Sligo, Mayo and Roscommon. They comprise rentals, 1775-1858, accounts, 1789-1859, and correspondence, 1793-1887; and they constitute a good source of information on the impoverished state of Irish agriculture, land reclamation through drainage, other attempted improvements and the effects of the Potato Famine.

John Wee[v]er: Ancient Funeral Monuments ..., with additions

  • NLW MS 7002C
  • File
  • [17-18 cents]

One of two volumes containing a copy of John Wee[v]er: Ancient Funerall Monuments with in the vnited Monarchie of Great Britaine, Ireland ... (London, 1631), interleaved, with manuscript additions.

John Wee[v]er: Ancient Funerall Monuments ..., with additions

  • NLW MS 7001C
  • File
  • [17-18 cents]

One of two volumes containing a copy of John Wee[v]er: Ancient Funerall Monuments with in the vnited Monarchie of Great Britaine, Ireland ... (London, 1631), interleaved, with manuscript additions.

Weever, John, 1575/6-1632


Journals of Henry Richard's visit to Ireland, August 1872, and to Bremen to attend the Conference for the Reform and Codification of the Law of Nations, September-October 1876.

Henry Richard.

Letter book of H.M.S.S. Geyser

  • NLW MS 16176D.
  • File

Letter book, 1846-1850, of H[er] M[ajesty's] S[team] S[loop] 'Geyser' containing copies of letters, Nov. 1846-May 1850 (ff. 1 verso-131), and memoranda, June-Dec. 1847 (ff. 179-180), sent by her commander, F[rancis] T[homas] Brown, mainly to his superiors.
The 'Geyser' was employed in famine relief in Western Ireland, Jan.-Apr. 1847 (ff. 6-34), and at the port of Setubal and elsewhere in Portugal during the Patuleia Revolt, June-July 1847 (ff. 43-52). She was subsequently stationed in the Cape Colony (South Africa) and Mauritius, Nov. 1847-May 1850 (ff. 63-131), and was sent on diplomatic missions, meeting with local chiefs and rulers in Madagascar and the Comoros Islands (ff. 81-102). The letters range from brief memoranda to lengthy reports and letters of proceedings; they include references to routine ship business and disciplinary matters, intelligence reports and accounts of diplomacy and treaty negotiations. Two additional copy letters have been pasted into the volume (ff. 119a, 122a).

Brown, F. T. (Francis Thomas), 1806-1870.

R. G. Avent: Drove Roads Research Papers

  • GB 0210 AVDROV
  • Fonds
  • [c. 1920]-[c. 1990]

The fonds comprises research material relating to drovers and drove roads in Wales, and in other parts of Britain and Ireland, reflecting R. G. Avent's interest in the subject. The papers include manuscript notes, notebooks and offprints from journals and magazines, together with some related publications. Also included is a card index containing references to relevant printed sources, some of which are cross-referenced with the notes.

Avent, R.G. (Ronald G.)

Reports on education,

  • NLW MS 12133D.
  • File
  • [c. 1764-1767].

A composite volume of the period c. 1764-1765 containing transcripts and drafts of reports on education in England, Wales, and Ireland, and of other papers on education, collected by a Russian commissioner with a view to establishing an educational system in Russia. The titles of the reports include 'Des Ecoles dans le Roiaume d'Irlande connues sous le Nom de Charter-Schools', 'Etat des Ecoles de Charité de la Grande Brétagne et de l'Irlande, l'année dernière, 1764', 'Ecoles ambulantes de Charite, dans la Principauté de Galles, en Angleterre', 'Etudes de l'École des Humanités', ‘'Reflexions sur l'utilité de deux Sociétés de Traducteurs, établies à St. Petersbourg & à Moscou', 'Utilités de l'Étude de la Langue Latine & de la Grecque, pour l'avancement des Connoissances', 'Supplement à la pétite Dissertation sur l'utilité de deux Sociétés de Traducteurs . . .', 'Doutes & Rémarques détachées, sur le Mémoire de Mr. le Conseiller Müller', 'Touchant le Protecteur général des Grandes Écoles & les Conseillers', 'Doutes touchant le Projet pour avoir 4 différentes sortes de Grandes Ecoles', 'Memoire Touchant les Grandes Ecoles d'Humanités en Angleterre, presenté au Mois de Novembre, 1764', 'Idée superficielle des deux Universites de l'Angleterre', 'Méthode d'enseigner les Humanités', 'Refléxions générales sur les principales Branches des Connoissances sur- tout en ce qui regarde La Prémière Education, & les Genres d'Études qui y conviennent', 'Projet de deux Grandes Ecoles, ou Séminaires Séculiers, l'un à St. Petersbourg, & l'autre à Moscou', etc.

The Irish question,

Letters and memoranda, 1916-17, proposing possible solutions to the problem of home rule for Ireland and produced in anticipation of the Irish Convention summoned by D. Lloyd George in 1917-18. Most of the contributions are by individuals not directly involved in politics; they include a 'Memorandum Concerning the Present and Future Relations of Great Britain and Ireland in the Empire', drawn up by the poet and mystic, George William Russell ('A. E.') and several others (ff. 41-62).

Tour in Wales and Ireland

  • NLW MS 23064iD.
  • File
  • 1848-1891

Journal of a tour through Wales and part of Ireland in August 1848 by Charles Lucey of Clapham and later of Henley, shipwright, with a map showing his itinerary and further notes added by him, 1856-1891.

Lucey, Charles (Shipwright)

Welsh Harp, Harpists, &c.

  • NLW MS 1464D
  • File
  • 19 cent.

Notes, letters, illustrations, press cuttings, broadsides, circulars, etc., relating to Welsh harps, harposts, and Welsh and Irish music, collected by Thomas Price (Carnhuanawc).

Price, Thomas, 1787-1848 MSS collected by, NLW MS 1464D