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A book of hours,

A fragment of a Book of Hours, containing the Office of the Dead (imperfect), 'commemoratio animarum', and a rubric and prayer before the Psalter of St Jerome.

A passional

'La passion de nostre seigneur Jhesucrist translatee de latin en francois'; and a religious poem. Illuminated.
Also included is an envelope of notes by J. A. Herbert.

Brogyntyn manuscripts

  • GB 0210 MSBROG
  • Fonds
  • [12 cent, first ½]-[1960s]

Important mediæval manuscripts and later literary and historical manuscripts, [12 cent, first ½]-[late 19 cent.], reflecting the collecting interests of the Maurice and Owen families of Clenennau and Brogyntyn.
They include an important mid-fifteenth century miscellany of prose and verse in Middle English (Brogyntyn MS II.1); English and Welsh poetry; plays; astrology and prophecies; chronicles of the history of Britain, one of which is a thirteenth century version of Historia Regum Britanniæ of Geoffrey of Monmouth (Brogyntyn MS I.7); a lute book, [c. 1595] (Brogyntyn MS I.27); a copy of the laws of Hywel Dda [1625x1632] (Brogyntyn MS I.12); legal precedents and other papers of legal interest in Latin and English; pedigrees, genealogy and heraldry of North and South Wales families; religious treatises, prayers, devotions and sermons; a seventeenth-century Latin-Welsh dictionary and other manuscripts of linguistic interest; extracts from classical literature; commonplace books; academic notes; copies of significant historical letters and documents; political tracts; moralistic and philosophical works; memoranda, journals and private papers of members of the Anwyl and Owen families; a few Brogyntyn estate and trust papers, 1727-1792; and notes on public offices and official papers deriving from the administration of Oswestry Corporation, 1660, 1673. Some ancilliary materials, [19 cent, second ½]-[1960s], mostly correspondence and notes relating to individual manuscripts, are also included (MSS I.27a, II.1a, II.10a, II.22a, II.42a, II.54(h), II.56a).


Chronicles d'Engleterre,

'Chronicles d'Engleterre', ending at the battle of Halidon Hill, 1332, a prose version of 'Evangile de Nichodemus', with an addition giving an account of Tiberius, Volusien, and Veronica, and a 'First Redaction' version of 'Romanz del ymage deu monde'.


A manuscript containing four folios from a fourteenth-century illuminated manuscript relating to scriptural and other eastern genealogies; the emblazoned pedigree of Thomas Williams by Griffith Hughes, 1638; and fragments of pedigree tables of the Salusbury, Grosvenor, Davenport, Egerton and other families.

Hughes, Griffith, active 1630-1665

Jourdain de Blaues,

'L'histoire ou Romans de Jourdain de Blaues', being an abridged prose version of the thirteenth century 'chanson de geste' of Jourdain de Blaues.

Le Roman de Gallehault,

A late 15th century manuscript containing part of the romance of Lancelot du Lac, which agrees closely with the 1513 Paris edition, vol. i, f. cxlv, vo-vol. ii, f. xxi, vo and corresponds as to substance with H. O. Sommer's edition of Le Livre de Lancelot del Lac, pt ii (Washington, Carnegie Institution, 1911), pp. 5-222, though differing widely in text from the latter. When complete, the text must have begun, like Harley MS 6341 (see H. L. D. Ward, Catalogue of Romances, vol. i, 1883, p. 355), with the departure of Lancelot and 'Gallehoz' [Gallehault] from King Arthur's court (Paris ed., i, f. cxliiii; Sommer's ed., ii, p. 1). The given title of the manuscript is taken from the colophon ('Cy fine Gallehoz') but the death of Gallehault occurs on p. 254. The contents of the manuscript, including the inappropriate colophon, are practically identical with those of the first part (ff. 1-142b) of Harley MS 6341 (late 15 cent., paper), for description of which see Ward, op. cit., p. 355.

Legenda Aurea,

  • NLW MS 11330D
  • File
  • [14 cent., second ½].

A group of eleven parchment bifolia written in the same hand, and which form about one fourth part of a manuscript of the second half of the fourteenth century, containing a version of the Legenda Aurea of Jacobus de Voragine (ca. 1230-ca. 1298), archbishop of Genoa.

Li Livres des Estoires,

An incomplete manuscript of 'Li Livres des Estoires dou Comencement dou monde', belonging to the 'Premiere Redaction', but not followed by the 'Faits des Romaine'.

Medical texts,

A Latin translation of the Arabic Almansor by Abu Bakr Muhammad ibn Zakariya el-Razi Rhaeses. ('Albubecri arazi filii zacarie liber incipit qui ab eo vocatus est almasor' [sic]).

Miscellaneous tracts

A manuscript containing scholastic tracts including disputations on Aristotle's 'De Anima' said to have been collected by Master Benedict and pronounced by the Master Regent of 'Fragfordie' [sic] in 1418; treatises on 'ars algoristica', physiology, and astronomy; 'liber de causis', probably the work of David Iudaeus [David ben Yom Tov]; 'comptus norembergensis'; and fragments of other texts, including a sheet containing verses beginning 'lumina lauas surgens gelida manus vnda' (cf. Schola Salerni).

Ben Yom Tov, David, active 14th century

Peniarth Manuscripts Collection

  • Fonds
  • [12 cent.]-[1957]

A collection of manuscripts, [12 cent.]-1909, from the library of Peniarth, Merionethshire, the core of the historic collection being that of the library accumulated at Hengwrt, Merionethshire, by Robert Vaughan during the seventeenth century. The collection includes many of the most important Welsh language manuscripts, including the Black Book of Carmarthen (Peniarth MS 1), the Book of Taliesin (Peniarth MS 2), the White Book of Rhydderch (Peniarth MSS 4-5) and Brut y Tywysogion (the Chronicle of the Princes) (Peniarth MS 20), as well as important manuscripts in other languages such as the Hengwrt Chaucer (Peniarth MS 392), the Law of Hywel Dda (Peniarth MS 28), Beunans Meriasek (Peniarth MS 105) and Bede's De natura rerum (Peniarth MS 540B).

Piers Plowman,

A version of Piers Plowman which appears to be a composite text connected with the groups called 'A' and 'C'.

Roman de la Rose,

A manuscript copy, with illumination, of the 'Roman de la Rose' of Guillaume de Lorris and Jean de Meung.

Roman de la Rose,

A manuscript copy, with some illumination, of the 'Roman de la Rose' of Guillaume de Lorris and Jean de Meung.

Roman de la Rose,

A manuscript copy, with illumination, of the 'Roman de la Rose' of Guillaume de Lorris and Jean de Meung.

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