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Manuscripts, Medieval -- England

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Manuscripts, Medieval -- England

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Manuscripts, Medieval -- England

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Abbey of Burton-on-Trent,

A classified collection of ecclesiastical letters, including compilations by Master Bernard; a version of the treatise De legibus et consuetudinibus Anglie which was long attributed to Ranulf de Glanville, chief justiciar of England (the treatise ...

Biblia Ecclesie Cathedralis Norwicensis,

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  • [mid 13 cent.].

A Bible, from Norwich Cathedral Priory, the Books in the usual order of thirteenth-century Bibles (see N. R. Ker and A. J. Piper, Medieval manuscripts in British libraries (Oxford, 1969- ), I, 96-7) except that it lacks the Prayer of Manasses and ...


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  • [13 cent., second ½].

A pocket Bible, the books in the usual order and with the usual prologues of thirteenth century French Bibles (see N. R. Ker and A. J. Piper, Medieval manuscripts in British libraries (Oxford, 1969- ), I, 96-7) except that a prologue to the Book o...


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  • [mid 15 cent.].

A breviary, use of Sarum, from Lanteglos by Fowey, Cornwall, mid 15 cent. Comprises temporale (ff. 1-182), dedication of a church (ff. 182-8 verso), benedictions (f. 189 recto-verso), calendar (ff. 190-5 verso), psalter (ff. 197-281 verso, four le...

Chronicle of the Brute,

A mid 15th century manuscript in English prose entitled Here begynneth a booke which is called Brute, the Cronycles of Englonde. There is an introductory paragraph (as in Harley MSS 1337, 2182 and 6251 and Stowe MS 71) beginning 'This booke t...

Explanatio in Psalmos

The Explanatio in Psalmos attributed to Haimo of Halberstadt (ff. 1-68 verso), here imperfect by the loss of a quire at the beginning: ']ipse semper est rex iudeorum ... et corpore spirituali et subtili'. The text, corresponding to Migne...

Historia de gestis regalibus regum Britannie,

[A transcript of] Alfred of Beverley's Historia de gestis regalibus regum Britannie videlicet a Bruto Britonum rege primo usque ad Normanorum tempora .There are two slips of parchment either end of the manuscript: the first is part of a 16th ...

Horae (use of Sarum),

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  • [c. 1380x1500].

A Book of Hours of the use of Sarum, [c. 1380x1400], in original binding but wanting many leaves. Contains: Kalendar (ff. 5-9 verso), Hours of BVM (ff. 10-39 verso), Penitential Psalms, Gradual Psalms and Litany (ff. 40-54 verso), Office of the De...

Officium mortuorum,

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  • [15 cent.].

The office of the dead, substantially as in F. Procter & C. Wordsworth, Breviarum ad usum insignis ecclesiae Sarum (Cambridge, 1879-1886), II, 271-82 (ff. 1-50, one leaf wanting before f. 1 and one after f. 46); antiphons, responses and versic...

Pedigree-chronicle from Adam to Edward IV,

A pedigree chronicle of biblical and British history from Adam to Edward IV, written not before 1461 and probably not after 1466 (none of Edward IV's children are shown), evidently in the same London or Westminster workshop as that postulated...

The Hengwrt Chaucer,

A late fourteenth-, or early fifteenth-century manuscript of Geoffrey Chaucer’s Canterbury Tales, lacking VIII(G)554-1481 (i.e., the Canon’s Yeoman’s Prologue and Tale); X(I)1180-end lost).Doyle and Parkes’s ‘Scribe B’, the scribe of the Hengwrt C...

Chaucer, Geoffrey, d. 1400