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C. E. S. (Economic and Social Council of Brittany) Records,


  • 1971-1980 / (Creation)

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Brittany (French Bretagne, Breton Breizh), is an administrative region in the northwest of France, comprising four Departments: Ile-et-Vilaine, Côtes-d'Armor, Finistère and Morbihan. The 'Comite Economique et Social de Bretagne' (the Economic and Social Council of Brittany) is an advisory assembly of representatives from economic and social sectors of the Region. It advises the Conseil Régional de Bretagne (Britanny Regional Council) on projects submitted for approval, and deliberates on issues falling under the competence and powers of the Regional Council. The C. E. S. also carries out research, and issues proposals for action. It is now known as Le Conseil économique et social régional. In 1980, France declared "l'annee du patrimoine" (heritage year), and CES was involved in events in Brittany.

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Donated by a former member of the Committee, Dr Per Denez, Universite de Haute Bretagne, Rennes, in April, June and August 1983 and August 1984

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Planning documents and reports relating to four-year development plans: Sixth Plan, 1971-1975; Seventh Plan, 1976-1980; Eighth Plan, 1980-1984; reports on administration of the Loire, Brittany and Ile et Vilaine region, 1974-1979; minutes of C E S and sub-committees, 1974-1979; miscellaneous pamphlets and publicity material on nuclear power, 1974-1979; printed and official reports, 1971-1980; correspondence and related papers of the Amoco Cadiz disaster, 1978-1979, the 'Plan medico-hospitalier breton', 1973-1975, and protests by medical students at Rennes, 1973, C E L I B (Comite d'etude et de liaison des interets bretons) [Breton studies committee]), 1972-1978, the Institut Culturel Breton, 1972-1979; the Charte Culturelle de Bretagne, 1975-1979; the Conseil Culturel de Bretagne, 1978-1979; and 'L'annee du patrimoine', 1979-1980.

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English, French, Scots, Gaelic, Breton, Welsh, Irish, Cornish, Manx; mainly English, French and Breton.

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A hard copy of the catalogue is available in Minor Lists and Summaries 1984, pp. 7-10, at the National Library of Wales. The catalogue can be accessed online.

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April 2003


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Compiled by Seri Crawley for the ANW Project. The following sources were used for the preparation of the description: National Library of Wales, Minor Lists and Summaries 1984; Brittany website (; Brittany Regional Council website (, viewed April and November 2003.

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  • Text: C. E. S. (Economic and Social Council of Brittany) Records.