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'A Country Diary'

The file comprises newspaper cuttings of 'A Country Diary' articles from The Guardian, 1957-1991, pasted onto index cards. The articles each have a descriptive title, which would seem to indicate that they were intended for the book A Welsh Country Diary, which was published in 1993.

Condry, William, 1918-1998

`A Welsh Causerie'

The series comprises press cuttings relating to Welsh culture, nationalism and language, politics, eminent figures, literature, history, rural crafts, folklore and legends, customs, natural history, scenery, preachers, eisteddfodau and music.

Berta Ruck manuscripts

Manuscripts of Berta Ruck, [c. 1890]-[1974x1978], including notebooks, 1906-1946; manuscripts and typescripts of literary and autobiographical works, 1955-[1974x1978]; letters, [c. 1890]-1971; poetry, [1920s]-[1930s]; and sketches, [1900x1920].
The notebooks typically contain notes and ideas for fiction, drawings and sketches, pasted in letters and ephemera, and journal entries. These detail her home life and travels and give news of her sons Arthur and Bill Oliver, husband Oliver Onions and other family and friends.

Cardiff City Council Labour Group

The file contains correspondence, circulars, conference papers, agenda and minutes of meetings, memoranda and press cuttings concerning the role and activities of the Labour group on the Cardiff City Council.

Cardiff (Wales). City Council

Contemporary articles

The file comprises offprints, press and magazine articles published during Condry's lifetime, describing his early years, upbringing, education, professional career, literary activities, services to conservation and attitude to natural history.


The file comprises newspaper and magazine cuttings on the subjects of wildlife persecution and the need for preservation, the impact of industrial developments on the environment, natural history and special sightings of particular birds, plants, reptiles, mammals and insects, agricultural methods, traditional crafts, land management and conservation issues.

Cuttings of reviews

This series consists mainly of various cuttings comprising reviews on Strike for a Kingdom, You're Welcome to Ulster, and The Small Mine, [c.1959]-1992. The series also includes an invitation to an exhibition at the Leigh Gallery, Cambridge; a letter with the reviews and another from a friend in America, praising one of her books; two miscellaneous articles; and a radio script for the programme 'The Arts in Ulster' on which The Small Mine was reviewed.

Edward Thomas letters to Jesse Berridge

  • NLW MS 23695E
  • File
  • 1901-1985

Seventy-six letters, 1901-1917, from the poet Edward Thomas to his friend, the Rev. Jesse Berridge, containing personal and family news and references to the progress of his work (ff. 1-102; see The Letters of Edward Thomas to Jesse Berridge, ed. by Anthony Berridge (London, 1983); for letter no. 63 in the series see NLW MS 10617B).
Also included are transcripts of two letters from the poet to Mrs Edna Berridge, 1912 (ff. 103-104); one letter, [1940s], to Jesse Berridge from Helen Thomas, the poet's widow (f. 123), and two letters, 1957-1961, and a card, [?1950s], from Eleanor Farjeon (ff. 125, 127-128 verso), together with related papers, notably Berridge's draft of his short memoir of Edward Thomas, 1947 (ff. 106-111; see Letters, pp. 84-90), a typescript address, 1985, by R. George Thomas (ff. 131-134) and press cuttings, 1907-1978 (ff. 135-144), including articles by Helen Thomas, 1962-1963 (ff. 139-142). The collection also contains sketches by Edward Thomas, 1902 (f. 24 recto-verso), and references to W. H. Davies, 1905 (f. 52 recto-verso), Gordon Bottomley, 1907 (ff. 56, 58), Robert Frost, 1957 (f. 127), and to the First World War, 1915-1917 (ff. 92-102), together with a copy of a letter, 1947, to Rowland L. Watson, secretary of the Edward Thomas Memorial Committee (f. 105).

Thomas, Edward, 1878-1917

European Election, 1994

The file contains papers, 1993-1994, deriving from the Labour Party campaign in the European election of May 1994. It includes a group of letters, press releases, election literature and press cuttings.

Excelsior gan Saunders Lewis

  • NLW MS 23785E.
  • File
  • [1962]-1980

A typescript copy, [1962]-1979, of Saunders Lewis's Welsh play 'Excelsior', first published Swansea, 1980, with corrections in the author's hand (ff. 1-56); together with correspondence, 1980, in English and Welsh, of the publisher Christopher Davies, regarding its publication in view of the allegation, when broadcast in 1962, that it libelled the Rev. Llywelyn Williams, MP (ff. 57-81).
The typescript consists of pages from the original script, [1962], transmitted on BBC TV on St David's Day 1962 (ff. 5-16, 20-21, 42-51), interspersed with revised sections, [1979], for an abortive stage version (ff. 17-19, 22-41, 52-56), and the new Preface for the published volume, April 1980 (ff. 2-4). The correspondence consists of nineteen letters, April-October 1980, including copies and drafts, mostly between Saunders Lewis, Christopher Davies, Sir Alun Talfan Davies and Glyndwr Williams, brother of Llywelyn Williams. A cutting of Clive Betts' article, 'Saunders Lewis publishes play BBC abandoned' (Western Mail, 1 December 1980, p. 9), is on f. 82. The 1962 and 1980 versions of the play both appear in Dramâu Saunders Lewis: Y Casgliad Cyflawn, Cyfrol 2, ed. by Ioan M. Williams (Cardiff, 2000), pp. 273-414.

Lewis, Saunders, 1893-1985

Gregynog Papers

The group comprises correspondence, papers, press cuttings and releases, and circulars, 1996-2001, concerning the preparation and publication of the series of Gregynog Papers by the Institute of Welsh Affairs.

Ivor Novello letters,

  • NLW MS 23696E.
  • File
  • 1908-1955 (mostly 1938-1955) /

Seven letters and two telegrams, 1939-1950, from the composer, actor and playwright, Ivor Novello, to Dorothy and Evelyn Wright, containing mainly personal news (ff. 1-13); together with additional personal papers, 1908-1955, compiled by the Wrights, including twelve letters to them from Lloyd Williams, Novello's secretary, [?1940]-[?1944] (ff. 5, 14-19 verso), actors Peter Graves, 1951-1955 (ff. 22-24 verso), Leslie Henson, 1942 (f. 25), and Barry Sinclair, 1943 (f. 26), and Neville Chamberlain, 1938 (ff. 20-21); also included are a memorial tribute to Ivor Novello, 1951 (ff. 27-28 verso), photographs of him and his associates, [1910s]-[1940s] (ff. 29-34), and press cuttings, 1939-1951 (ff. 39-46).
The collection contains references to theatrical productions at Johannesburg, 1947 (f. 8), the Pavilion Theatre, Bournemouth, [1940] (f. 14), the Palace Theatre, Manchester, [?1941] (f. 15), and the Adelphi Theatre, London, 1943 (f. 18).

Novello, Ivor, 1893-1951.

Local Government Elections

The group comprises miscellaneous papers, 1987-1998, among them circulars, reports and press cuttings, relating to Labour Party policies and campaigns and the performance of Labour Party candidates in Welsh local government elections, the results and the resultant composition of district councils. They include many press cuttings.

Meibion Glyndŵr

The file contains correspondence and press cuttings, 1989-1990, concerning the fire-bomb campaign of Meibion Glyndŵr and the attitude adopted by the Labour Party towards it.

Meibion Glyndŵr (Political group)

Miscellaneous newspaper cuttings.

  • NLW ex 2201
  • File
  • 1986-1989

Llungopïau o dorion papur newydd, 1986-1989, ar wahanol bynciau megis yr enwadau crefyddol, cyfieithu'r Beibl i'r Gymraeg, llyfrgelloedd a llyfrgellyddiaeth yn gyffredinol a hanesion a digwyddiadau am yr Amgueddfa a'r Llyfrgell Genedlaethol; ac wedi eu rhwymo yn saith cyfrol.

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