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A catalogue of all the Earls of Pembroke

  • NLW MS 24076B
  • File
  • [?1624]

'A catalogue of all the Earles of Penbroke that have been sythence the Conquest in order as they succeeded…', a volume of genealogy compiled, [?1624], in the hand of the herald George Owen the younger (1595-1665), based on the work of his father George Owen of Henllys (1552-1613), and presented to their kinsman William Herbert, 3rd Earl of Pembroke.
George Owen the elder's original intention was to catalogue the earls 'with their proper coat armour' and his son's stated aim (f. 9 recto-verso) was to complete his father's work. The main text (ff. 11-15 and 16-44 rectos only) is mostly that of George Owen of Henllys's 'Catalogue of all the Earles of Penbroke' (1601x1603) (later incorporated by him into chapter 2 of the Description of Pembrokeshire: see George Owen of Henllys, The Description of Penbrokshire, ed. by Henry Owen, 4 vols (London, 1892-1936), I (1892), 14-33; and B. G. Charles, George Owen of Henllys: A Welsh Elizabethan (Aberystwyth, 1973), pp. 160-1). The final two paragraphs (ff. 42, 43, 44), relating to the second and third earls, continue the narrative to about 1624 and were presumably written by George Owen the younger. Each section begins with a decorated initial of varying height. The pedigree, by George Owen the younger (ff. 15 verso-43 verso, versos only), runs in parallel with the main text and traces the descent of William Herbert, in relation to the Earls of Pembroke of the various previous creations only. It is arranged in two columns, with the earls represented in the left hand column and other family shown on the right, and includes fifty-eight coats of arms, fully emblazoned and painted. Also included is the full armorial achievement of William Herbert (f. 8 verso) and the scribe's dedicatory address to Herbert (ff. 9-10). There are marginal notes in pencil, [?19 cent.], on ff. 8 verso and 9 verso (erased). For George Owen the younger see H. Stanford Owen, 'George Owen, York Herald 1633-1663', Transactions of the Honourable Society of Cymmrodorion, 1943 and 1944 [1946], 78-107.

Owen, George, 1595-1665

Llenorion Lleyn ac Eifionydd,

A composite volume lettered on the spine 'Llenorion Lleyn ac Eifionydd' and described in the old typewritten handlist of Cwrtmawr Manuscripts as 'Llyfr Cywyddau etc. R. Llys Padrig. etc. fol.' The first part is in an early nineteenth century hand or hands (watermarks 1803 and 1804) and contains a list of sheriffs for Caernarvonshire to 1796; a list of arms; and 'cywyddau', etc. by Rhisiart Cynwal, Gruffydd Phylip, Sion Dafydd Las o Nanau, Owen Gruffydd, Lewis Menai, Ieuan Tew, Sion Tudur, Sion Phylip, Edmwnd Prys, Ieuan Llwyd, Gruffydd Hafren and Watcin Clywedog. The remainder of the manuscript (from p. 56 to the end) is almost entirely of later date and is written in the autograph of John Jones ('Myrddin Fardd') and others; this section includes 'cywyddau', 'englynion', etc. by some of the poets already mentioned and by Ffoulk Wyn 'yn enw Owen Madryn y Crwner', Owain Waed Da, W[illiam] Llyn, Evan ap Tudur Penllyn, Howel ap Feinallt, Morys ap Ifan ap Einion o Lyn, Owain ap Llewelyn ap y Moel, Gruffydd Grug, Dafydd Llwyd ap Llywelyn ap Gruffydd o Fathafarn, Robin y prydydd bach, Huw Pennant, Sion Cain, Iolo Goch, Sion Brwynog (incomplete), Huw Llyn, Syr Dafydd Trefor, Ieuan ap Madog ap Dafydd, Tudur Penllyn, [Lewis Môn] (beginning only), Hugh ap Risiart ap Dd, Morys Dwyfech, Cadwaladr Gruffydd, Gruffydd Bodwrdda, Rowland Hugh, Lewis Glynn, Dafydd Namor [sic] o blwy Beddgelert, Howel Ceiriog, Wiliam Cynwal, D. Ellis, Cricketh, Huw ap [Rhisiart ap Dafydd], Gruffydd ap Tudur ap Howel and Huw kau Llwyd. There are also 'englynion' by [William Edwards] 'Wil Ysceifiog', [William Edwards] 'Gwilym Padarn', Owen Roberts, Harri Parri o Graig y Gath, Walter Davies ('Gwallter Mechain'), Hugh Evans ('Hywel o Eryri') and J. Robert [sic] 'Sion Lleyn'. Inset are 'Cywydd i Ddafydd Owain o'r Gaerwen ymhlwyf Llanystumdwy yn Eifionydd, swydd Gaernarfon, (Bardd ieuangc yr hwn a ddychanodd D. Ddu o Eryri am iddo esgeuluso dyfod i ymweled ag ef pan fu yn rhoddi tro yn Eifionydd yn 1801 - y rhan gyntaf o'r Co. gan Wm. Jones. Bardd ieuangc o Bentraeth yn Môn, y rhan olaf gan fardd o Arfon', dated 'Llanddeiniolen near Caernarvon Septr. 4th. 1802' and addressed to 'Mr. O. Jones, No. 148 Upper Thames Street, London' [? in the autograph of David Thomas ('Dafydd Ddu Eryri')] and an extract from [Yr Eurgrawn Wesleyaidd, 1824], pp. 341-6 ('Hanes Cantref y Gwaelod', etc.). Some of the poems are said to be copied from the manuscript of Rhys Jones 'o'r Blaenau' and William Elias, Plas y Glyn, Anglesey.

'Llyfr Gwallter Demapys'; genealogies of the saints; etc.,

A composite volume consisting of a number of home-made booklets containing miscellaneous items in the hand of Edward Williams ('Iolo Morganwg') bound together. P. 31 is inscribed 'Gwallter Dymapys ar Drin Tir'. Pp. 37-52 contain a short treatise in Welsh on agricultural husbandry with the superscription 'Llyma Lyfr Gwallter Demapys [Walter Map or Mapes, the medieval author, fl. late twelfth century] sef cynghorion hen wr megis y dysgai ac y cynghorai ei ab ynghylch llafuriaw Tir a threfnu ysgrublaid fal hynn'. According to an end note (p. 52) the treatise was copied 'O Lyfr Mr. Richards o Langrallo', but for the opinion that it was compiled by Edward Williams himself and attributed to Walter Map see TLLM, t. 3. P. 53 contains a note, allegedly taken from Thomas Truman of Pant Lliwydd's book of pedigrees, linking Walter Map and his family with the village of Trewallter and parish of Llancarfan, co. Glamorgan, but for the falsity of this claim which is probably an Edward Williams forgery see again TLLM, t. 3. Pp. 54-68 contain a further treatise in Welsh on agricultural husbandry with the superscription 'Cyngor yr Hen Gyrys Megis yr oedd ynteu yn cynghori ei fab fal hynn'. This, according to a note on p. 68, was copied from a volume in the possession of the Reverend Thomas Evans of Brechfa in 1800. For the connection between this and the treatise on agriculture which is to be found in the 'Red Book of Hergest' and which was published in The Bulletin of the Board of Celtic Studies, vol. II, pp. 8-16, see TLLM, t. 3. Pp. 69-196 (previously a separate booklet paginated 1-126) contain (pp. 69-116) genealogical and historical data relating to the saints of the island of Britain described (p. 69) as 'Achau Saint Ynys Prydain o Lyfr Thomas Hopcin o Langrallo a hwnnw yn un o Lyfrau Thomas ab Ifan o Dre Brynn yn yr un Plwyf a ysgrifenwyd gantho ynghylch y flwyddyn 1670', and (pp. 117-82) further genealogical and historical data relating to the said saints described (p. 117) as 'Achau a Gwelygorddau Saint Ynys Prydain o Lyfr Hir Thomas Truman o Bant Lliwydd Plwyf Llansannwr yin Morganwg' and with a concluding note (p. 182) 'O Lyfr hir Tomas Truman o Bant Lliwydd a fuassai yn un o Lyfrau Thomas ab Ifan o Dre Brynn'. Pp. 197-232 contain miscellaneous items including notes relating to 'Cadair Tir Iarll', aspects of Welsh bardism, 'cerddi arwest', the revision by Benwyll arwyddfardd of rules relating to rank and armorial bearings, etc., a few triads, references to 'Cadair Llanfihangel Glynn Afan', 'Cadair Llangynwyd Tir Iarll', 'Cadair y Wennarth', and 'Cadair Cefn Gorwydd', and anecdotes relating to Antoni Pywel and Ieuan Deulwyn. Pp. 233-300 form a booklet inscribed on the outer, upper cover (p. 233) '1808 Prydyddiaeth Cymmysg Iolo Morganwg' and containing (pp. 235-57) free- and strict-metre Welsh poems by [Edward Williams] 'Iolo Morganwg' himself. Pp. 301-32 form another booklet with a 'title-page' inscribed 'Anreg Beirdd Ynys Prydain I blant bychain Cymru . . . Argrafwyd (sic) yn Llundain, 1794. Pris 2d', and with the contents consisting of a list of Welsh proverbs or popular sayings headed 'Glam[organ] proverbs'.

The Boke of Saint Albans ... (facsimile)

  • NLW MS 7992D
  • File
  • [1881] x [1904]

A copy of The Boke of Saint Albans by Dame Juliana Berners containing Treatises on Hawking, Hunting, and Cote Armour: printed at Saint Albans by the Schoolmaster-Printer in 1486 reproduced in facsimile with an introduction by William Blades ... (London, 1881), with all the capitals, marginalia, coats of arms and fly-leaves of the original Kyre Park copy facsimiled by Cyril Davenport; and correspondence relating to the same of the original Kyre Park copy and to the preparation of the facsimile, between the owner and Bernard Quaritch, William Blades, Cyril Davenport, Lord Amherst and Sir F. Gore Ouseley, 1882-1904.