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Illumination of books and manuscripts -- France

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Illumination of books and manuscripts -- France

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Illumination of books and manuscripts -- France

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Biblia Abbatie de Tinternie,

  • File
  • [mid 13 cent.].

A Bible, from Tintern Abbey, the Books in the usual order of 13 cent. French Bibles (see N. R. Ker and A. J. Piper, Medieval Manuscripts in British Libraries (Oxford, 1969- ), I, 96-7) except that it lacks the Prayer of Manasses and includes after Ecclesiasticus the Prayer of Solomon. Compared with the usual set of prologues there are many omissions and divergencies. Written by two scribes. Good decorated initials. Substantial glossing by hands of 13 cent.

Jean de Rovroy: Le Livre des Stratagèmes

  • File
  • [late 15 cent.]

A late fifteenth-century illuminated manuscript of Les Stratagèmes, the French version of the Latin Stratagemata of Julius Sextus Frontinus, translated, [1439x1460], for Charles VII, king of France, by Jean de Rovroy (fl. 1388-1460), dean of the faculty of theology at the University of Paris, who has added extracts, in French, from the Epitoma Rei Militaris of Vegetius (see R. Bossuat, 'Jean de Rovroy, traducteur des Stratagèmes de Frontin', Bibliothèque d'Humanisme et Renaissance, 22 (1960), 273-86, 469-89). Written by one scribe, 'H. G.', in France (f. 70 verso). Decorated initials with burnished gold for all books and chapters; other initials and paragraph marks in alternate red and blue. Four polychrome miniatures, one representing the translator presenting his book to Charles VII, probably the work of Robinet Testard (fl. 1484-1523), miniaturist to count Charles d'Angoulême (1459 or 1460-1496), later to his wife, Louise de Savoie (1476-1531); retouched in XIX cent.

Lancelot du lac,

An illuminated version of the second part of the story of 'Lancelot du Lac'.

Le Livre du Chastel de Labour,

Two volumes of letters, notes, a transcript of a part of the text, and other material relating to the preparation, by F. W. Bourdillon, of Notes on an illuminated manuscript 'Le Livre du Chastel de Labour' in the posession of George C. Thomas of Philadelphia with some account of the poem, and a corrected page-proof of the Notes.

Les Aventures de Tristran,

  • File
  • [14 cent.].

A manuscript of the French prose romance of Tristran, Chevalier de la Table Ronde, illuminated on vellum.