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A. J. Humphreys pedigree chart

Pedigree chart, dated 15 October 1973, of Arthur Jones-Humphreys, compiled by, and in the hand of, the donor.
Also included are typescript notes on the donor's family and on the 'Fifteen Noble Tribes of Gwynedd' (ff. 2-3).

Humphreys, A. J. (Arthur Jones)


  • NLW MS 11610D.
  • File
  • [1585x1685]

An incomplete folio manuscript containing genealogies, mainly of North Wales families, written towards the end of the sixteenth century, together with extensive additions, revisions, and critical observations in a number of hands (including 'H.R.' amd 'E.Ll.') of approximately the period 1633-1685. The volume is a compilation from various sources, of which some are specified, e.g. the hands of books of Lewys ap Edward, H[umphrey] L[lwyd], Simwnt Vychan, Lewys Dwnn (based in one instance on 'llyfr koch o bowys' - 'Pechod na losgid y llyfr hwnnw'), Ievan Llwyd Jeffrey, Geo[rge] Owen, Gruff[ydd] Hiraethoc, W[illia]m Llyn, William Kynwal, John 'vn llawioc', 'Mr. Puleston o Drefalyn', Guttyn Owen, 'y llyfr dv o gaer vyrddin', etc.

Achau a barddoniaeth

Pedigrees of North Wales families copied by Jonathan Jones, Caernarfon and others from collections made by Owen Gruffydd, Llanystumdwy, together with cywyddau and englynion by Owen Gruffydd, Robert ap Rhys Wyn, Thomas Prys and Wiliam Llyn.

Achau, arfau, &c.

A volume containing mainly pedigrees of North and South Wales families written by two principal scribes of the circle of George Owen of Henllys, Pembrokeshire.
(a) Pages 1, 7-209, 223-232, 239-256 and possibly 372-373 are written by a scribe who, although experienced in penning a good secretary hand and in executing ornate headings, is often inaccurate in his transcription of Welsh personal and place-names; he also wrote the line 'Owain ap Gruffith /i/ gelwid Gwinn ap Gr: yn jawn' on p. 41, in italic (examples of the same italic hand are found in the margins of pp. 19, 66, 113, 355, 356, 361 and elsewhere). This section comprises a collection of pedigrees mostly of North Wales families, including 'Bonedd y Saint' (pp. 84-90); the prose text 'Pedwar Marchog ar Higen oedd yn llys Arthur' (end wanting) (pp. 37-38); the dates of battles in the 'Wars of the Roses' (pp. 31, 208); five englynion, including one by Richard Davies, bishop of St Davids (p. 1), and other englynion dispersed among the pedigrees (pp. 57, 78, 92, 114-115, 170), together with the series of forty englynion entitled 'Campod Manuwel' (pp. 223-232); and the prose piece 'Disgrifiad Arfau', a Welsh translation of the heraldic treatise 'Tractatus de Armis', attributed to John Trevor, bishop of St Asaph (pp. 239-256). The ultimate source of this section is the collection of pedigrees and other texts written, [c. 1510], by 'Syr' Tomas ab Ieuan ap Deicws in Peniarth MS 127 (see p. 53); however, internal evidence suggests that the scribe was copying from the transcript of Peniarth MS 127 in NLW MS 17112D rather than directly from the original (see p. 104, where he begins copying the note 'Darfu examinatio y llyfrev newydd hyd yma' which occurs on f. 66 verso of NLW MS 17112D, before he realized his mistake). Both Brogyntyn MS I.15 and NLW MS 17112D preserve the original order of the text of Peniarth MS 127, which has been subsequently disarranged in binding. (b) Pages 211-212, 269-371, 374-411 are written by another experienced scribe whose display script is almost indistinguishable from that of the first scribe. These pages contain pedigrees mostly of South Wales families and include two copies of 'Llyma enway Kwnkwerwyr y rhai a vyant yngwlad Vorgannwg ay harfay' (pp. 280, 361-362), a third containing merely a short list of the conquerors' names (p. 310), and two copies of 'Llyma achoed Saint ynys Brydain' [= 'Bonedd y Saint'] (pp. 363-365, 385-386). The text on pp. 211-212, as indicated by a note in the hand of George Owen of Henllys at the head of p. 211, was copied in 1596 from the manuscript of 'Hyw Lewis Sr morgan' of Hafodwen, Carmarthenshire, which 'D'd ap Ienkin m'edd o Vachynlleth' wrote in 1586; the original is now NLW MS 3055D (Mostyn MS 159), pp. 232-233. The text on pp. 271-343 is partly derived from a manuscript written in 1513 by the Carmarthenshire poet and genealogist Ieuan Brechfa for 'Mastr John ap Henry ap Rees', with some of the pedigrees brought down to the second half of the sixteenth century; Ieuan Brechfa's manuscript does not seem to have survived; it is not Peniarth MS 131, pp. 199-308, which is thought to be in his hand. The source of pp. 345-411 is unknown, although the text on pp. 347-365 follows very closely that in Peniarth MS 143, pp. [?1-3], 4, 47-48, 7-19, 33-46, 49-52, written by the same mid-sixteenth century scribe who wrote many of the religious texts in Cardiff Central Library Havod MS 22. A leaf containing a prophecy in English verse, written in a late-sixteenth century hand, has been tipped in after the main text (pp. 413-414).

Achau, barddoniaeth, etc.

A volume of Crogen Iddon (Pontfadog, Denbighshire) provenance, written mainly during the second half of the seventeenth century. It contains pedigrees of North Wales families (including Owen of Crogen Iddon); 'cywyddau', etc., by Guto['r] Glyn, William Llyn, Davydd Llwyd ab Ll'n ab Gr., Euan Llafar, Lewis Mon, Thomas Price (Plas Iolyn), Gryffydd Phylib, Watkin Klywedog, Rees Kain, Ivan Clowedog, Sion Tvdyr, Ifan brydydd da, Sion Philip, Lewis Morganwc, David ap Rees, Edmund Prys, Sion Glyn ap Digan, Doctor Sion Cent, Morgan ap Hugh Lewis, Robt. Lewis, Richard Gele, John Clywedog, Ivan Gethin ap Ivan, Robyn Dyfi, William Phillip ('o ddyffrun y dudwu'), William Cynwal, Gryffydd Hiraethog, Mredydd ap Rys, Howel ap D'd ap Ie'nn ap Rys, Iolo Goch, Hugh Lloyd Cunwal, ?Jon. Hughes (Crogen Ithon), Hugh Moris, Rob. Cylidro, Sion Tudur, Ro[bert] Mydd[elton], Lewis Glyn Cothi, Mathew Owen, John Moris, Moris Becwn, Roger Kyffin, Wiliam Puw Llafar, Ffowlke Prys, and Tudur Aled; 'A sacred Mystery of ye Jesuits delivered in french to a Louer of ye reformed Religon, shortly After ye Murder of Henry ye 4th King of France'; 'Arfav twysogion Kymry ag arglwyddi'; and a list of contents of the pedigrees and poetry. Some of the later additions are in the hand of John Davies, Rhiwlas, Llansilin. The copious arithmetical calculations recorded in the margins are probably by John Edwards of Crogen Iddon, etc. (1755). Bound in at the end are six pages of notes on the volume in the hand of John Ceiriog Hughes ('Ceiriog'), 1880, together with an undated holograph letter from 'Ceiriog', Van Railway, Caersws to Nicholas Bennett [at Glanrafon, Trefeglwys].

Achau, etc.

A composite volume, originally owned by Owen Williams ('Owain Gwyrfai'), Waun-fawr, with copious insets, containing a folio (pp. [655]-656) from Baner Cymru, October 20 1858; a section ('Ordevices', cols 777-840) from William Camden: Britannia (? 1722 edition) with a map of North Wales by Robt. Norden (? from the 1695 edition); two keys to 'Coelbren y Beirdd', the one undoubtedly and the other probably in the hand of Edward Williams ('Iolo Morganwg'); extensive transcripts of Caernarfonshire and other North Wales pedigrees, mainly in the hands of Owen Williams and John Jones ('Myrddin Fardd'); and imperfect notes relating to the history and endowments of the Free School, Dolgellau.

Barddoniaeth, &c.,

  • File
  • [16-17 cents].

A volume of transcripts of Welsh poetry. The first fifty-one folios contain copies, in a 16th-century hand, of 'cywyddau' by Siôn Cent, Iolo Goch, Dafydd ap Gwilym, Madog Benfras, Gruffudd Gryg, Dafyddd ab Edmwnd, Iorwerth Fynglwyd, Tudur Aled, Dafydd Nanmor and others. The remainder of the volume (ff. 52-147) is in several hands of the end of the 17th century. At the head of f. 52 is the following note:- 'Haec sequens Collectio facta fuit Opera P.V.A.M. ...', the initials probably representing the name of Peter Vaughan, M.A., who was vicar of Llangernyw from 1682 to 1689. This part of the manuscript contains the names and arms of the fifteen tribes of Gwynedd; pedigrees of some Abergele families (among them that of Peter Vaughan himself) taken from the books of Sion Tudur and Rhys Cain; an account of the five residences of Sir Roger Mostyn in 1682; poetry in strict and free metres by Sion Tudur, Morus Dwyfech, Richard Phylip, Gryffydd Phylip, Guto'r Glyn, Maredudd ap Rhys, Edmwnd Prys, Lewis Glyn Cothi and others; etc.

Barddoniaeth, etc.

A composite volume containing poetry by John Roberts ('Sion Lleyn'), 1768-71, Dafydd ap Gwilym, Owen Ellis (Nant), Will. Jones y gwydd, Mathew Owen, Huw Rober[t]s, John Dafydd, Syr Rhys yr offeiriad (llanfair), Owen Gruffydd, J. Rhydderch, Wm Elias, Edward Moris, Ifan Gruffydd leiaf, G[utto'r] Glyn, Einian ap Gwalchmai, D[afydd] Nanmor, William Phylip, Huw ab Ifan, Edmund Prys, Gruffydd Phylip, [Robert Prichard] 'Robin Raber', Dafydd Owain o'r Gaerwen ('Marwnad Robert Roberts Pregethwr enwog yn mhlith y Methodistiaid ...') and Gronwy Owen, followed by a collection of the poems of the Reverend Mr Gronwy Owen ('Casgliad o waith y Parch. Mr Gronwy Owen, a Alwei ei hun Gronwy Ddu o Fôn'), with items by [Evan Evans] 'Ieuan Brydydd hir', Huw Huws Alias y Bardd Coch o Fôn, Lewis Morys (poetry and a letter) and Rhobert Huws o Benmynydd ('Robin ddu o Fon'). The contents also include some pedigrees (Achau Penyberth, Richard Llwyd o Griciaith, Bach y Saint, Penllech., Wern Penmorfa, Mostyn, Cors-y-Gedol, Castell-march, Cefn-Llanfair, Wern fawr, Penarth. etc.), 'Ychydig o hanesion' ('Am feibion Noa', etc.), miscellaneous notes, weaving patterns etc. The volume is written in several hands: pp. 1-84 are probably in the autograph of John Roberts ('Siôn Lleyn'); pp. 117-124 are in the autograph of Robert Prichard ('Robin 'Raber') and most of the remainder, if the lettering on the spine is correct, could be in the autograph of John Thomas ('Siôn Wyn o Eifion').

Barddoniaeth, etc.,

A folio volume, the contents of which consists mainly of transcripts, in a variety of hands, of Welsh verse in strict metre, including 'cywyddau' and 'englynion' by Tho[mas] lloyd Ienga, Cad[wala]dr Thomas, W[illia]m Phillip, Huw Lloyd Cynfel, John Davies, Owain Griffith, Robert Humphrey (y prydydd bach), John Richart, Davydd lloyd llewelyn ap Gruffyth (o fathafarn), Gutto'r Glynn, Davyd Nanmor, Lewis Môn, Theodor (Tydur) Aled, Robin ddu ap sianckin Bledrydd, Hugh Machno, John Phylyp, Gruffyth Phylip, Richard Kynwal, Ievan llwyd, John Owenes, Philip Jo[h]n Philip, Rys Cain, Jo[h]n V[ augha]n (Caergai), David Davies, Edm[wnd] Prys, and D[avi]d Lloyd ap Will[ ia]m. There is also some Welsh verse in free metre by Rowland Vaughan (Caer Gai). Other items include copies of a rental of chief rents issuing to the crown out of the hundred of Ardydwy ywch artro, and out of Isartro [co. Merioneth], 1623, and of a rental of assize rents in the vill of Llanaber [co. Merioneth], 1637; pedigrees of the families of Anwyll [of Park, parish of Llanfrothen, co. Merioneth], Wynn [of Gwydir, co. Caernarvon], and Wynn [of Maesyneuadd, parish of Llandecwyn, co. Merioneth ]; maternal pedigrees of several North Wales families; a copy of 'The message of king Hen[ry] the seventh, as he was on his march to Bosworth field, to John ap Meredith, as it is in Edward Puleston's Bk.'; a memorandum, 1676, by Robert Wynne, of a lease of lands called Moel y Glo to Gruff Owen; and a few lines of English and Latin verse.

British Remains ..., with additions

British Remains ... to which are added Memoirs of Edward Llwyd ... By the Rev. N[icholas] Owen Jun A.M. (London, 1777), with nineteen pages giving the arms, drawn and coloured by hand, of the families mentioned in that portion of the manuscript called The Names and Arms of the Ancient Nobility of North Wales ..., followed by a pedigree of the Ruthven family.

Brut y Tywysogion

An incomplete transcript by Robert Vaughan of the Peniarth 20 version of Brut y Tywysogion with interpolations in the same hand from Brenhinedd y Saeson, followed by brief Latin annals: the death of Llewelyn, 1282, the rising of Owain Glyndwr, 1401, the death of Walter Barlee, master of Halston, 1442, the battle of Shrewsbury, 1403, the death of Owain Glyndwr on the feast of St. Matthew, 1415, the death of the Duke of York, the battle of St. Albans, the accession of Edward IV, the death of Alson Gwyn, 1429, the death of Robert Trevor, 1452, an eclipse of the sun, 1433, the death of Henry V, 1422, the famine of 1439, with price of corn at Shrewsbury, the death of Thomas Earl of Arundel, 1415, the death of Robert, bishop of St. Asaph, 1433, the death of Edward ap Dd., 1448, and the death of Ieuan ap Adda ap Ierwerth, 1448, [1612x1667] (pp. 1-16); together with a list of the barons of Dinmael in the hand of Robert Lloyd, surveyor, [17 cent., ?second ¼] (pp. 17-22); and extracts from the pedigrees of Gwynedd families copied out of the collections of Lewis Dwnn, [1699] (pp. 1-24).

Vaughan, Robert, 1592-1667

Flintshire pedigrees,

A small group of Flintshire and other North Wales pedigrees, largely from printed sources, including the families of Conwy of Bodrhyddan, Morgan of Gwylgrev (Golden Grove), Davies of Gop (in the hand of T. Allen Glenn, Meliden), Salisbury of Llewenni, Wynne of Ceunant, etc.

T. Allen Glenn and others.

Geiriadur Wiliam Llŷn, barddoniaeth ac achau

'Geirlyfr William Lleyn'; 'Bardhoniaeth ... William Middelton'; pedigrees and arms, mainly of North Wales families; 'cywyddau', 'awdlau', etc. by Adda Fras, Iolo Goch, Maredudd ap Rhys, Robin Ddu, Rhys Nanmor, Gwilym ab Ieuan Hen, Dafydd Gorlech, Tudur Aled, Gruffudd ab Ieuan ab Llywelyn Fychan, Wiliam Llŷn, Sion Cent, Sion Tudur, Thomas Prys, Lewis Menai, Gruffudd Phylip, Richard Cynwal, Edmwnd Prys, Wmffre Dafydd ab Ifan, Wiliam Phylip, Sion Bryncir, Siôn Phylip, Richard Phylip, Sion Dafydd Lâs [John Davies], Watcyn Clywedog, Mor[u]s Dwyfech [Morus ap Dafydd ab Ifan ab Einion], Huw Lewis, Dafydd ap Hwlcyn ap Madog, Rhisiart Brych, Dafydd Jones ('Ficer Llanfair-Dyffryn-Clwyd'), Owen Gruffydd, Sion Lleyn [John Roberts], Taliesin, Rhys Goch Eryri, Dafydd Llwyd ap Llywelyn ap Gruffudd, Sion Roger, Sypyn Cyfeiliog [Dafydd Bach ap Madog Wladaidd], Bedo Brwynllys, Mathew Owen, Edward Morus, Huw Mor[y]s, Ieuan Dew Brydydd, Huw ab Ifan, Robert Davies (Nantglyn), Robin ab Iorwerth, Rolant Huw (Graienyn), Dewi Wyn [o Eifion] [David Owen], Griffith William (Braichtalog), Goronwy Owen, John Thomas (Pentrefeidiog) [i.e. Pentrefoelas], M[organ] D[avies], Griffith Puw, Dafydd Jones ('Tailiwr'), William ab Edward ('o'r Bennar'), Thomas Edwards ['Twm o'r Nant'], Lewis Morris, Ieuan Llwyd [Brydydd], Rhys Llwyd [Pant-y-piod], Rolant [Rowland] Jones (Pandy) [Roli Penllyn], Hugh Jones (Llangwm), John Jones [Jac] (Glan y Gors) and W[illiam] Jones [Bardd Môn]; 'englynion' by several authors; material relating to persons and places in Merioneth.


A fragment of a manuscript giving pedigrees of Anglesey, Caernarvonshire, Denbighshire, Merioneth and March families. The manuscript can be compared with Sotheby MS C3 for arrangement, the maternal bias, and the size of the leaves.

Genealogies, etc.,

A composite volume containing genealogical, heraldic, and historical.or pseudo-historical material in the hand of Edward Williams ('Iolo Morganwg'). P. vii bears the transcribed inscription 'Llyma Lyfr achau a Bonedd amrafaelion o Bendefigion a Bonheddigion Cenedl y Cymry ag eraill o bethau Cyfarwyddwyd a gasglwyd o Lyfrau Ieuan ap Hywel Swrdwal o Dir Iarll ag o Lyfrau Ieuan Deulwyn o Gydweli gennyf fi Antoni Pywel o Lwydarth yn Nhir Iarll', with an added note 'A myfi Iolo Morganwg a'u tynnais o Lyfrau yr Achwr celfyddgar a'm cyfaill caredig Thomas Truman, wr Bonheddig o Bant Lliwydd ym Morganwg'. Following on pp. 1-113 is genealogical, heraldic, and historical or pseudo-historical material extracted [by Edward Williams] from the manuscript generally known as 'Llyfr Du Pant Lliwydd' (Llanover MS E. 3., now NLW MS 13165B; see notes on pp. 1, 6, 37, 54, 68, 79, 103 of present volume), and also from a source referred to as 'Llyfr Coch Pant Lliwydd' (see pp. 105, 113 of present volume). Included are sections with the superscriptions 'Llyma Arfau y Brytaniaid o Ynys Prydain', 'Llyma arfay y Cwngcwerwyr a fyont ym Morganwc', 'Llyma Bymthegllwyth Gwynedd', 'Llyma enway y Brenhinoedd', 'Llyma Enway y Prifddinesydd a wnaeth y Brytaniaid . . .', 'Llyma enway y Pedwar Brenin ar hugain o Frenhinoedd Ynys Prydain a farnwyd yn gydarnaf ac yn wrolaf . . .', etc. P. 129 is inscribed 'Achoedd Saint Ynys Prydain o amrafaelion Lyfrau', and, according to notes on the same page, the section following was intended to contain genealogies of British or Welsh saints extracted from three sources, viz. (1) 'Achoedd Saint Ynys Prydain o Lyfr Du Pantlliwydd sef eiddo Mr. Thomas Truman', (2) 'Achoedd Saint Cenedl y Cymry o Lyfr Dafydd Morgan o Aberdar', and (3) 'Achau Saint Ynys Prydain o Lyfr Siencyn Morgan o Benn Rhiw Ferr'. Of these three genealogical lists, however, only the first was actually copied or transcribed (see pp. 131-8). The superscription only of the second list appears on p. 139, and there is no further mention of the third list. Pp. 149-53, under the superscription 'Anecdotes of Beaupre Castle (as it is always called in old MSS.) in Glamorganshire', contain notes on the careers of Llywelyn ap Seisyll, prince of South Wales, 1015-21, and his son Gruffith, prince of South Wales and North Wales, 1021-60, and pp. 165-80 notes on Welsh history based on the narrative in Percy E[n]derbie [: Cambria Triumphans . . . (London, 1661)]. P. 181 is inscribed 'Genealogical Extracts, Historical, relating to The Principality of Wales and more especially to the County of Glamorgan, Collected by Edward Williams', and is followed (pp. 183-208) by genealogical data relating to the Butler and Vaughan families of Dunraven [co. Glamorgan], and the Bassett family mainly of Beaupre [also co. Glamorgan]. Pp. 229-40 contain genealogical data relating to the fifteen (recte I-XVI) tribes of Gwynedd ('Llyma Wehelyth Pymtheg Llwyth Gwynedd . . . ') with annotations relating thereto, and notes referring to the activities of Robert Fychan of Hengwrt as a collector of manuscripts. P. 257 bears the inscription Tigion Hanesiawl allan o hen Lyfrau Achoedd Pendefigion a Bonheddigion Cenedl y Cymry a Chwiliwyd allan gan Iolo Morganwg, B.B.D., Rhann II, 1812’, and is followed (pp. 259-end, previously paginated 1-134) by a miscellany containing miscellaneous genealogical data relating to the ancestors or descendants of, inter alias, lestyn ab Gwrgan, lord of Morgannwg, Ednyved Vychan, Dafydd ap Gwilym, Rhys Brydydd 'o Lanharan', King Arthur, Taliesin Ben Beirdd, Asser Ddoeth, Dafydd Ddu gynllwynwr, and Rhodri Mawr, and to the family of Gawntlo of Tre Gawntlo and associated families; some heraldic material including sections with the superscriptions 'Llyma Arfau y Gwyr anrhaith a ddaethant gyd (sic) Syr Rhobert ab Amon i Forganwg', and 'Llyma Arfau y Pendefigion a ddifeddianwyd o'u Tiroedd a'u Da gan Syr Rhobert ab Amon a'i Farchogion anrhaith'; occasional historical or pseudo-historical data or anecdotes relating to, inter alias, Ieuan ap Lleision and Owain Glyndyfrdwy, Madawc Min, bishop of Bangor, and the betrayal of Llywelyn ap Seisyllt and Gruffudd, his son, Taliesin ab Henwg or Taliesin Ben Beirdd and Elphin, and Rhodri Mawr; and other miscellaneous items.

'Iolo Morganwg'.

Goronwy Owen letters

  • NLW MS 24047C.
  • File
  • 1855-1858

A volume, 1855 (watermark 1845), in the hand of John Hughes, Llanerchymedd, Anglesey, containing transcripts of letters and poetry, and other texts.
The volume contains items apparently copied from an untraced manuscript of John William Prichard (ff. 1 verso-25 verso), including transcripts of seven letters, 1751-1757, from Goronwy Owen to William Morris (ff. 2-20 verso, Welsh, English), and one, 1741, from Goronwy Owen to Owen Meyrick (ff. 21-22 verso, Latin, English), all of which appear in The Letters of Goronwy Owen (1723-1769), ed. by J. H. Davies (Cardiff, 1924); a transcript of a letter, 1806, from William Owen-Pughe to Prichard (f. 25 recto-verso); Goronwy Owen's Latin poem 'On Captain Thomas Ffoulkes' Escape…' (ff. 23-24); and englyns in Latin, English and Welsh by Edward Morris (f. 24). The volume also contains a copy of a poem ascribed to Robert Duke of Normandy but probably written by Iolo Morganwg (see The Gentleman's Magazine, 76 (1794), 981) (ff. 26 verso-27); a translation into English [by John Hughes] of the poem 'Y Gorwynion' (ff. 27 verso-31); a list describing the parish churches of Anglesey and their founders (ff. 68-74 verso); and descriptions of the Fifteen Tribes of North Wales (and a few others), with the blazons of their arms (ff. 76-81 verso). Items found loose within the volume (7 ff.) have been tipped in on blank leaves (ff. 32-34, 83), with the exception of a copy, 1799, by John William Prichard, of the poem 'Yr Eneth o'r Bryn', said to have been translated from English by Goronwy Owen (see Alan Llwyd, Gronwy Ddiafael, Gronwy Ddu: Cofiant Goronwy Owen 1723-1769 (1997), p. 58), which is loose at the end of the volume (f. 137).

Hughes, John, active 1855-1858.

Hanes y Brenin Arthur; Barddoniaeth Gymraeg, etc.,

A composite volume of notebooks in the hand of J. H. Davies containing a transcript of 'Hanes Arthur brenin y Brython' from Peniarth MS 215, with an incomplete transcript from NLW MS 1 and a covering letter in the hand of Egerton Phillimore, Corris, 1923 (see J. H. Davies, 'A Welsh Version of the Birth of Arthur', Y Cymmrodor, Vol XXIV, 247-64); lists of contents of some manuscripts of Welsh poetry in the British Museum and the National Library of Wales; lists from manuscripts in the British Museum of first lines of poetry by Dafydd Nanmor, Dafydd Alaw, Dafydd ap Edmwnd, Rhys Nanmor, Huw Cae Llwyd, Deio ap Ieuan Ddu, Rhys Goch Eryri, Robin Clidro, Huw Llwyd, Huw Machno and Dafydd Llwyd Mathew; transcripts from manuscripts in the British Museum of poetry by D[afydd] ap Ed[mwnd], Hoell Reinalld, Rhys Goch Eryri, D[afydd N[anmor], Wiliam Mathew, Huw Dafydd Llwyd, Dafydd Llwyd Mathew, etc.; a few Cardiganshire and North Wales pedigrees; and some miscellanea. There is a classified index at the end of the volume.

Lloyd of Clochfaen and Plas Madog pedigrees

  • NLW MS 24066F
  • File
  • [c. 1850]-[early 20 cent.]

A volume, [c. 1850]-[early 20 cent.] (watermark 1847), containing pedigrees of the Lloyds of Clochfaen, Llangurig, Montgomeryshire, and Plas Madog, Ruabon, Denbighshire, compiled mostly by J. Y. W. Lloyd of Clochfaen from about 1850, with parts continued in another hand to at least 1911 (f. 19 recto-verso).
Folios 4, 5, 7 and all even numbered leaves from 10 to 64 are interleaves. The volume contains a pedigree of the Lloyd families of Clochfaen and Plas Madog beginning with Beli Mawr (see f. 3), continuing with two separate branches descended from the sons of 'Tudyr Trefor, King of Gloucester' and Angharad, daughter of Hywel Dda (see f. 8), and reuniting with Jenkyn Lloyd of Clochfaen and Elizabeth Lloyd of Plas Madog (f. 19) and their descendants (ff. 3, 6, 8-9, 11, 13, 15, 17, 19 recto-verso); the pedigree of Margaret of Eyton (see also f. 11), from whom the Plas Madog branch was descended (ff. 21, 23, 25, 27); a pedigree showing the descent of the Plas Madog family in the female line, specifically through the wife of Ednyfed Lloyd (see also f. 11), and including the descent of Thomas Youde of Ruthin (see also f. 19) (ff. 29, 31, 33, 35, 37, 39, 41, 43, 45, 47, 49, 51); and the pedigree of Catherine, wife of Jenkyn Goch of Clochfaen (see also f. 13), descended from Elystan Glodrudd (ff. 53, 55). The first pedigree is incomplete, with gaps between ff. 3 and 6, 8 verso and 9, and 17 and 19, and f. 9 being little more than a stub; however at least part of the second missing section is supplied in a later copy on f. 8 verso. The pedigrees include over fifty coats of arms in various states of completion (ff. 8-43 passim); many are fully or partly drawn in black ink (ff. 8-27 passim), others merely sketched in pencil (ff. 37, 39, 41, 43); a few are partially painted (ff. 11, 13, 15).

Lloyd, J. Y. W. (Jacob Youde William), 1816-1887.

Llyfr Ebenezer Thomas ('Eben Fardd'),

A composite volume largely in the autograph of Ebenezer Thomas ('Eben Fardd') containing pedigrees (John Jones ('Myrddin Fardd') has marked some items, e.g. Llwynhelyg, Cwningaer, Robert ab Gwilym Ddu, John Wynn Morris of Wmwlch & Tyddyn Mawr); lines of verse (?incomplete) beginning 'My friend and I, on one autumnal morn ...' containing a reference to visiting John Thomas ('Siôn Wyn o Eifion'); the beginning of a translation of 'Awdl Elusengarwch' (Dewi Wyn [o Eifion]) under the title 'Charity'; a copy of a letter, 1854, from Ebenezer Thomas to the Reverend M. Rice Morgan, Pengwern, near Swansea (a claim for postage expenses in connection with the Treforys Eisteddfod); 'Englynion Wrth ganfod Eben Fardd. Awst 20 1853' by 'Maccwy' [?Robert Roberts, 'Macwy Môn']; diary entries, 2 May - 10 September 1858, relating to the illness and death of Elizabeth, youngest daughter of 'Eben Fardd'; a letter, 1852, from William Evans, Llandwrog to Ebenezer Thomas, sending a copy of some lines of verse by the writer entitled 'Hail, Clynnog Fawr'; a note concerning Goronwy Owen and his descendants in America based on letters in Yr Herald Cymraeg, 10 July 1858; accounts in connection with 'Y Seat Ganu', 1859-62; notes for essays or addresses (e.g. 'Ystyriaethau ar ddydd diolchgarwch am y cynhauaf yn 1856 (Medi 30)'); notes on temperance; a transcript by E. Vardd [sic] of the comments in the Carnarvon & Denbigh Herald, 12 January 1856, on his lecture at the Hope Hall, Liverpool on January 2; observations on, 'Church Discipline' and a note concerning a [C.M.] Mo[nthly] Meeting at Brynaera, 7 September 1845; an adjudication (beginning wanting) of the poetical compositions submitted for competition at a [Merthyr] Eisteddfod, [Christmas Day, 1850] (see Seren Gomer, 1851, p. 45); and an adjudication of the poetical compositions at the Denbigh Eisteddfod, 1860. Interpersed are items of poetry by Eben Fardd, some in the form of press-cuttings, together with some loose papers (e.g. a copy of a letter to the editor of the Carnarvon and Denbigh Herald, [1849], and a list of 'Friends and correspondents') and printed matter (e.g. circulars relating to a proposed testimonial to [David Williams] 'Alaw Goch', and to the Aberffraw Eisteddfod of 1849). The volume also contains one or two entries in the hand of John Jones ('Myrddin Fardd').

Llyfr Pant Phillip,

Pedigrees, mainly of North Wales families; a list of uncommon Welsh words taken from John Davies, Mallwyd: Dictionarium ... (London, 1632); a vocabulary of some 'hard' Latin words; 'cywyddau' and other poems by Rowland Williams, Rhys Meigen, Dafydd ap Gwilym, Rowland Vaughan, Siôn Cent, Dafydd ab Edmwnd, Wiliam Phylip, Owen Gruffydd, Edmwnd Prys, Robin Ddu, Siôn Phylip, Sion Tudur, Gruffudd Phylip, Maredudd ap Rhys, Gutun Owain, Iolo Goch, Morus Berwyn, Ffowc Prys, Owain Gwynedd, Roger [C]yffin, Siôn Brwynog, Syr Owain ap Gwilym, Wiliam Llŷn, Huw Arwystli, Richard Phylip, Dafydd Nanmor, [If]an Llwyd ('o wain Eingian'), Hywel Cilan, Edwart Urien, Lewis Glyn Cothi, Rhys Cain, Lewis Trefnant, Matthew Brwmffild, James Dwnn, Ieuan Dew Brydydd, Heilyn Fardd, Huw Machno, Guto'r Glyn, etc. ; a description of Britain based on the early chronicles; the triads of Dyfnwal Moelmud; etc.

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