Welsh poetry -- 18th century.



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Welsh poetry -- 18th century.

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Welsh poetry -- 18th century.

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Welsh poetry -- 18th century.

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A commonplace book,

Copies of Welsh and English poetry and miscellaneous extracts, including poems by William Philip, Robert Hughes, Goronwy Owen, 1741, Rice Jones, Evan Evans ('Ieuan Brydydd Hir'), Thomas Jones, and anonymous poems ('Pan oedd Bess yn teyrnasu' and 'Cerdd Bett o Lansanffraid'); English poems- 'Arise and see the Building', 'Guardian Angels', and 'The Young Man's Wish'; a copy of a letter from Snoden Hill to Lord Penn, and forms of letters on various occasions; 'Select sentences, collected at diffrent times by I.E.'; triads; and 'Cyfarwyddyd i wneuthur Methodist'.

A notebook,

A notebook containing copies of poems by Goronwy Owen and others, and notes on religious and other subjects, all written [c. 1843]-1858, by D. E. Davies [?Blaenaugwent].

Davies, D. E., fl. 1841-1860.

Barddoniaeth a llofnodion,

Miscellaneous papers, [c. 1804]-1918, including holograph poetry in Welsh by Robert Davies (Bardd Nantglyn), Griffith Edwards (Gutyn Padarn) and Thomas Edwards (Twm o'r Nant) (ff. 1-4); a short autobiographical account, 1837, and verse in Latin, Greek, Hebrew and English in the hand of Richard Robert Jones (Dic Aberdaron), including an Hebrew translation by him of a poem by Edward Roberts (Iorwerth Glan Aled) (ff. 6-8); autographs of Thomas Charles, Bala, and Thomas Edwards (Twm o'r Nant), 1804, and William Owen-Pughe (f. 14); and a musical Christmas greeting, 1918, to Philip Thomas from Daniel Protheroe, Chicago (f. 15).

Barddoniaeth a rhyddiaith,

  • Brogyntyn MS II.55 [RESTRICTED ACCESS].
  • File
  • [late 16 cent.]-[18 cent., first ½].
  • Part of Brogyntyn manuscripts

A composite manuscript of loose papers and fragments of manuscript volumes. It contains poetry and prose, mostly in Welsh, much of the poetry being addressed to the Owen family of Brogyntyn and Clenennau and other related families. Apart from a late-sixteenth century awdl by Wiliam Llŷn (ff. 57-58), the other items all belong between the first half of the seventeenth century and the first half of the eighteenth century.
Fragments apparently once part of books, some of which perhaps were never bound, are: a narrow folio of cywyddau and englynion by Mathew Owen, in the hand of Nathanael Jones (ff. 20-26), written not before 1656 (see ff. 24 verso-25), with autograph englynion added by Harri Howel (f. 20 verso) and by Nathanael Jones (f. 20 verso, 23); a folio manuscript containing cywyddau to Lewis Anwyl of Parc and his family, dated 1627-1636 (ff. 38-55), written by two good hands of the first half of the seventeenth century, one responsible for ff. 38-50 verso, the other ff. 51-55; a quarto manuscript with transcripts of poetry of the Gogynfeirdd (ff. 113-122; paginated 1-20), by a seventeenth-century hand similar to that of Morris Evans (cf. ff. 93-94, 123-141); pedigrees of Welsh royal lines, the Maurices of Clenennau, etc., in English (ff. 123-141; original foliation 1-12 survives), in the hand of Morris Evans (ff. 123-127 verso, 129-134 verso) and a second hand (ff. 128 recto-verso, 135-141); a narrow folio of canu brud attributed to Myrddin, Taliesin, etc. (ff. 178-186), written by Nathanael Jones, not before 1651 (ff. 182 verso, 183 verso 'aetatis suae a 21o Feb: 1650 27'); a folio manuscript of canu brud, mainly cywyddau, by Dafydd Llwyd and others (ff. 189-207), in a poor hand of the mid seventeenth century, probably that of Thomas Edwards to judge by pentrials on f. 196 verso, who refers to Tregeiriog (f. 199 verso) and 'Llanfylling fairings' (f. 207 verso); an octavo manuscript containing poems by Robin Clidro, etc., in a seventeenth or eighteenth century hand (ff. 210-219); and a folio manuscript of autograph cywyddau and englynion by Huw Morys, some addressed to William Owen and Sir Robert Owen (ff. 222-226 verso). Poetry written on loose papers includes autograph poems by Huw Morys (ff. 12-18), John Owens (ff. 59-71; f. 69 recto-verso may be his italic hand), Harri Howel (ff. 75-76 verso, 90 recto-verso), Owen Gruffydd (ff. 84-89, 230-231), William Phylip (ff. 97-98 verso), John Morgan, later vicar of Conwy (f. 101 recto-verso, the poem incomplete and anonymous, dated 1688, the hand his), Siôn Rhydderch, 1732 (ff. 104-105, 227-228), and Edward Lloyd, Brewis (f. 221 recto-verso). There are probable autograph poems by Edward Rowlant (ff. 72-74 verso, 79-80) and John Richard (f. 81), and possible autograph poems by 'J. Ll.' (f. 26 verso), Mathew Owen (ff. 77-78, 232 recto-verso), Siôn Roberts (ff. 91-92), Huw Cadwaladr (ff. 106-108) and 'R.C.' (f. 163). Other poetry is in the hands of Morris Evans (ff. 93-94) and 'Theo: Ro:' (ff. 152-154 verso). Also included is a letter, 1652, from the antiquary Meredith Lloyd to Thomas Vaughan, the alchemist and poet (ff. 1-3 verso), followed by a copy of Hanes Taliesin (ff. 5-10 verso). The 'Cywydd Marwnad i Mr William Owen o Borkynton' by Huw Morys, beginning 'Mae gwaedd oer lem Gweddw [yw'r wlad]', discussed in E. D. Jones, 'The Brogyntyn Welsh Manuscripts', National Library of Wales Journal, 7 (1951-2), 165-198 (pp. 186-189, 196-197), has not been found.

Barddoniaeth 'Dafydd Ddu Eryri',

  • NLW MS 10869B.
  • File
  • 1782-1808 /

An incomplete volume of free- and strict-metre poetry in the hand of, and largely by, David Thomas ('Dafydd Ddu Eryri') of Waunfawr, Caernarvonshire. The dated poems belong to the years 1782-1785, 1800, and 1808. Among the titles are: 'Can a gyfansoddwyd yn Niwedd y Gauaf 1783 Sef Gwahoddiad ir Prydyddion ddyfod ir Bettws bach Noswyl Fair'; 'Penill i Ferch Iefangc' and 'Y Ferch yn Atteb' by J. Parry, 1783; 'Cyngor i Ddafydd Thomas Waen fawr Briodi 1783' by John Jones, Cae Dronw, and 'Atteb, ir Gan flaenorol'; 'Cywydd Annerch ir Godidog Fardd Jonathan Hughes', with a reply, 1782 (incomplete); 'Englynion, a gyfansoddwyd 20 o Chwefr. 1784. Yn amser yr Eira mawr'; 'Englynion i Mary Thomas (Chwaer Daf. Thomas)' by Jonathan Hughes, 23 June, 1785, with a reply; 'Atteb i Englynion E[dward] Barnes', 1784; 'Englynion a luniwyd yn nhŷ Mr Robert William, Bettws fawr ['Robert ap Gwilym Ddu'] ('The above I receiv'd from Edmd. Francis, which he had it [sic] in Carnarvon. R. Solomon. Amluch April 26th. 1800'); 'Englynion i Rug, & Glyn Dyfrdwy'; 'An Address to the Visitors of Snowdon To be presented by the Miners - 1808'; and 'Englynion cof am Mr. W. Llwyd, o Gaio ... 1808. Pregethwr Methodistaidd'.

Thomas, David, 1759-1822

Barddoniaeth (fac.)

  • NLW MS 11115B.
  • File
  • [?1959]

A negative photostat facsimile of Welsh MS. 2 in the John Rylands Library, Manchester, being an incomplete early eighteenth century collection of poetry, largely in the form of 'cywyddau', by Sion Philip, Rhisiart Philip, Edmund Price [sic], William Cynwal, Evan Bry[dy]dd hir, Lewis Môn, Sion Cent, Tudyr Aled, David ap Gwillim [sic], David Nanmor [sic] and others. On p. 76 is a text of 'Brenin dlysau ynys Brydai[n]'. Later eighteenth century additions include a certificate of a declaration of an oath by Edd. Vaughan of Lanymowddy, Merioneth, 2 November, 1750, that a red heifer sold at Dinnas Mowddy and the herd from which it is taken are free from the infection now raging among horned cattle in the Kingdom.


Transcripts by Nathan Dyfed of copies by Thomas John Jones ('Cynonwyson') of poems by Sion Llewelyn (Coed y Cymmer), Rhys Hywel Rhys (Blaen y Glais), Edward Williams ('Iolo Morganwg'), Thomas Llywelyn (Ystrad y Fodwg), Evan Bevan, Thomas Evans ('Tomos Glyn Cothi'), Thomas Morgan (Blaengwrach), William Harri ('Gwehydd Garwdyle'), Edward Harri ('gwehydd Cefn Coed y Cymmer'), etc., together with original poems and translations.


  • NLW MSS 2139A-2140E
  • File
  • [19 cent.].

Transcripts by Thomas Thomas, Cefnpennar, Aberdare, of poetry in free metre by himself and by Edward Williams ('Iolo Morganwg'), Thomas Taylor, David Edwards (Gurnos), Robert Leyshon, Edward Evans (Toncoch), William Evans ('Cawr Cynon'), Howell Rees, 'William Tomos Shôn o Gilsanws Vaenor Yr hen Galchwr', and Roger Edwards; English poems; prose extracts; etc.

Thomas, Thomas, Cefnpennar, Aberdâr.


An imperfect volume containing transcripts of miscellaneous Welsh and two English poems. The Welsh poems include free- metre verse by Henry Humphreys (Llansilin), John Williams (o Ddymbych), John Cain alias Siôn Ceiriog, Ellis Roberts (o Landdoged), Thomas Edwards ( o'r Nant), David Thomas ['Dafydd Ddu Eryri'] (o sir Gaernarfon), Jonathan Hughes (Pengwern, Llangollen), Walter Davies, Will[ia]m Jones (Llannerchrigog), Daniel Owens (Llannerchrigog), and Humphrey Jones; and 'englymon' by D[avid] Thomas ['Dafydd Ddu Eryri'] and Rob[er]t Williams ['Robert ap Gwilym Ddu'] (Bettws Fawr). The titles include 'Cerdd I annerch Mr. Edward Bennion, Meddyg a Physygwr', 'Pennill a wnaid i Rich[ar]d Midllton Iengaf o Gastell y Wain dyfod i Dref Dinbech, Medi 9, 1776', and 'Cerdd o fawl I Gwn Hela Perchedig Esqr. Mytton o'r Garth'. There is a table of contents at the beginning of the volume (p. i), and this indicates that the 'englynion' by David Thomas and Robert Williams are later insertions.


An imperfect volume containing transcripts in various hands of Welsh poems in free metres ('cerddi', 'carolau', etc.) and a few 'englynion'. The free-metre verse includes poems (some incomplete) by ? Arthur Jones, Tho[ma]s Edwards ('Twm o'r Nant'), John Rhees, Huw Jones (Llangwn) (sic), Walter Davies [?'Gwallter Mechain'], Daniel Jones (o Rywabon), Rob[er]t Evans (Myvod), ?Humphrey Jones (o Benybont, Llanychy[m] rys), John Gryffudd y Masiwn, and Jonathan Huges (sic). The titles include 'Cerdd o hanes un Ambros Gwinet . . .', 'Cerdd . . . I ofyn côt Dros Robert Moris o Blwy Llansilin gan Mr. Sam[ue]l Deverox o Barc Llwydiarth', 'Cerdd . . . i ofun Clos Gan Ddavudd Richerts o Bentre Beirth Dros Ddavudd Jones o Llanvechen', and 'Cerdd o Ganmoliaeth i Walter Davies o Lanvechen am garol Plygen a wnaeth . . . 1787 . . . a ddadcaned gan Humphrey Jones o Benybont, Llanychy[m]rys, ddydd Nadolig mewn Tair o Eglwyswydd'.


A book of Robert Davies ('Telynor Llansilin') containing poems, mainly in free metre, by Huw Mor[y]s, William Pierce Dafydd, Mathew Owen, Morus Richard, Ellis Cadwaladr, [Edward] Samuel, Richard Sion Siencyn, Richard Abram [Abraham], Robert Davies, Morus ap Robert, John [Sion] Cadwaladr, Robert Jones (Llanuwchllyn), Lewis Jones, Thomas Edwards ['Twm o'r Nant'], Lewis Morris, Arthur Jones, Rowland Vaughan and Huw Llwyd (Cynfal).

Davies, Robert, Telynor Llansilin


'Carolau' and 'cywyddau' by Siôn Tudur, Doctor Powel, Ellis [ab] Ellis, Edward Wynn, Owen Gruffydd, Huw Mor[y]s, Margaret Davies, William Pierce Dafydd, Mrs Morgans, Dafydd Manuel, Robert Humphreys, William Jones, Mathew Owen, Arthur Jones, Ellis Cadwaladr, William Wynn ('o Ragad'), David Vaughan, John [Sion] Cadwaladr, Ellis Roberts and Hugh Jones ('o Langwm'); 'englynion'. Part of the volume is in the autograph of Margaret Davies, Coedcaedu, Llanfachreth, Merioneth.


'Cywydd Marwnad y parchedig Mr. Evan Llwyd or Fron'; 'cerddi' and 'englynion' by Ellis ap Ellis, Arthur Jones, Thomas Edwards ('Twm o'r Nant'), Huw Morus, John Prichard Prys, and John Davies ('Sion Dafydd Las'); poems submitted for competition at a Llanrhaiadr ym Mochnant eisteddfod; triads; a list of subscriptions 'to alleviate the present distressed Situation of the Widow and Five Children of the late John Humphreys Parry ...'; and notes and memoranda by Walter Davies and D. Silvan Evans.


  • NLW MS 3487E.
  • File
  • [18 cent.].

'Cywyddau' by William Sion Evan, Gruffudd ab Ieuan ap Llywelyn Fychan, Evan Tudyr Owen, Dafydd ap Gwilym, Wiliam Llyn, Morys Dwyfech, Huw Lewis, Gruffudd Gryg, Sion Ceri, Ieuan Brydydd Hir, Thomas Prys, Sion Roger, Ieuan Dew Brydydd, Sion ap Wiliam Gruffudd, Guto'r Glyn, Gwerful Mechain, Richard Phylip, Edmwnd Prys, Sion Cent, Edwart ap Raff, William Prichard, Gruffudd ap Dafydd ap Hywel, Sion Tudur, Sion Phylip, Dafydd ab Edmwnd, Edward Morus, Syr Owain ap Gwilym, Edwart ap Rhys, Margaret Davies, Syr Roland Wiliam, Sion Brwynog, Dafydd Nanmor, Dafydd ab Ieuan ab Owain, Dafydd Manuel, Ellis Ellis ('gweinidog Llanrhos a Llandudno'), Rhys Morgan, Dafydd Brydydd Hir ('o Lanfair'), Wiliam Cynwal, Dafydd Epynt, Gruffudd Hiraethog, Rhys Jones, Tudur Penllyn, and William Evans.


'Cywyddau', 'carolau', 'awdlau' and other poems by Rowland Hughes, Morris Roberts (d. c. 1723), Richard Parry (1710-1763) and Evan Griffith, 'englynion' by Huw Mor[y]s (1622-1709) and Mathew Owen (1631-1679), transcripts by D. R., 1737, of 'Ymddiddan Adrain ag Epig ...' and '... llythyr ... a gafwyd tann gareg', etc.


'Englynion' and miscellaneous verses, some in the autograph of the authors and some of them relating to the Wynn Williams family of Menaifron, Dwyran, Anglesey and Bronwylfa, Llandderfel. They include 'englynion' by Robert Williams ('Robert ap Gwilym Ddu') (1766-1850), E[van] Breeze ('Ieuan Cadfan') (1799-1855), R. Lloyd Foulkes and Rowland Huw (1714-1802); verses by G. B. Lewis, Ebenezer Thomas ('Eben Fardd') (1802-1863), R. A. Pierce ('Cystenyn'), Richard Roberts (1818-1876), E. Jones, R[obert] [Mona] Williamson (1807-1852) and David Lewis; an English translation [?by and] in the autograph of William Owen [-Pughe] (1759-1835); 'Marwnad ... am y Farddones glodwiw Mrs. Hemans' [Felicia Dorothea Browne Hemans (1793-1835)] by 'Trallodus'.

Barddoniaeth, &c.

  • NLW MS 3089C.
  • File
  • [?early 20 cent.].

A photostat facsimile, [?early 20 cent.], of a manuscript of the 1780s (now NLW MS 14402B), mostly in the autograph of Humphrey Jones ('o Gastell Caereinion'). It contains poems in free metre by John Thomas ('o bentre'r Fidog'), Sion Abel, Robert Evan ('o Feifod'), David Evans ('o'r Coed Bychan ymhlwy Llanfair ynghaereinion'), Morus ap Robert, and Huw Llwyd Cynfal; a transcript of 'Histori Nicodemus'; 'Ymddiddanion a fu Rhwng Adrian Ymerodor Rhufain ag Epig ddoeth'; a remedy for 'the King's Evil'; etc.

Jones, Humphrey, 1719-1810

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